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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tooawkwardtolive,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IcEuYMikey  WayAdult (m)8,6451,0455
M4s6F(M4s6F)Adult (f)5,5339520
yrjme(yrjme)Adult (f)5,4619400
zO3wR(zO3wR)Adult (m)3,7187771
uXu1x(uXu1x)Adult (f)3,4175965
vuKopVuKopAdult (f)3,8837622
CwHcm(CwHcm)Adult (f)5,2639451
Y35yo(Y35yo)Adult (m)5,3799230
ozrBq(ozrBq)Adult (f)5,0709031
eb14rGerard   WayAdult (f)10,4211,28421
5R5ZtWhen U See BaeAdult (f)2,7167591
uRQj0(uRQj0)Adult (f)2,8237911
9mT54(9mT54)Adult (f)3,9047952
P5VGq(P5VGq)Adult (f)3,2847733
SPYB1(SPYB1)Adult (m)4,5168832
xyliF(xyliF)Adult (m)4,5538962
O8l9nRep-tarAdult (m)3,2857022
HdOSJwhen she hits u wit that rawr DxAdult (f)3,2017162
UlgMB(UlgMB)Adult (f)2,59250511
y1irM(y1irM)Adult (f)2,55952010
g2cXDFRONK LEROAdult (f)3,6547040
JbpQTrejected leviathanAdult (m)3,6087100
zorduZorduAdult (f)3,5858102
LXMX0xXEdgyXxAdult (f)3,1686710
UMkDXum k DxAdult (m)3,1406360
iPLoGThe All New iPlogAdult (f)3,2996790
1oNqdRun  To  The  HillsAdult (m)4,8637504
h3HpYEarly  SunsetsAdult (f)2,7905943
MxNAsOver MonroevilleAdult (m)2,5485655
EOOYjEmo Skype EmojiAdult (f)4,7888342
U6EvD(U6EvD)Adult (f)3,6588123
yURmHMemories  Where'd You GoAdult (m)2,9697982
d3goe(d3goe)Adult (m)2,6666413
tjTtyThanks  PeteAdult (m)2,8437732
Uy9qN(Uy9qN)Adult (f)2,1546863
OcO8j(OcO8j)Adult (f)2,2786662
8JphM(8JphM)Adult (f)3,6248002
c3EYE(c3EYE)Adult (f)3,6898113
j7IIsj's 711Adult (f)3,8826173
MGUSvBeat Of The Rising SunAdult (f)3,3795782
Ca6MBHolly Crap It's ChristmasAdult (m)2,3665272
fPnluHolly I Shrunk The KidsAdult (m)3,5706192
pe3kBYulebuck Will Shoot Your Eye OutAdult (m)2,3957151
iucbd(iucbd)Adult (m)2,3696941
lDAwQQuil Ceda CasinoAdult (m)2,0836342
aUqzm(aUqzm)Adult (m)2,8726651
RWjuMThere's  A  StarmanAdult (f)2,1986422
Saii7Paint Tool SaiiAdult (f)3,8109193
4yhpg(4yhpg)Adult (m)2,3746921
6jlHw(6jlHw)Adult (m)2,4366811
jyhQu(jyhQu)Adult (m)2,4715561
ae0lnCrowds have won and lost and wonAdult (m)2,5195551
eqWJrFix me in 45Adult (m)2,2905301
66LCfLong live the car crashed heartsAdult (m)2,2725343
VzxZaPETEKEY IS DEADAdult (f)2,2745271
6S1dQwhy am i laughing so hard at thaAdult (f)2,6426540
HETghit's not even that funny xDAdult (m)2,6446260
ibllICovered in rustAdult (m)3,1387421
Mavni(Mavni)Adult (f)3,1586764
s0oA4how many mcr jokes can i makeAdult (f)5,2666932
31fvk31  flavorsAdult (m)3,1678523
6gHNrHe's A CowardAdult (m)4,5117992
zwgrTI Cant Breathe With The Radio OnAdult (f)4,5468071
DJryhfronk oreoAdult (f)2,5315912
lDStythings are shaping up to beAdult (f)2,6966042
sl4w0Pretty  OddAdult (m)2,7846250
OsCfI(OsCfI)Adult (f)2,3276001
tuUGYThat  Green  GentlemanAdult (f)4,5575916
DffJwShot  Through  The  HeartAdult (f)4,99871510
1gWtUMagma-TronAdult (m)2,2917541
6HsMUUnder Stars and StripesAdult (f)2,3355214
0m1EHIt's So It's So It's SoAdult (f)2,1866512
6mLndLeviathan LeviathanAdult (f)2,8607621
ug4lDListen To Me When I SayAdult (m)4,0601,0021
npn4KTell Me Im A Bad ManAdult (f)4,2898862
AxNyKKick Me Like A StrayAdult (m)2,8126950
jOo0ejOo0eAdult (f)2,3795472
vLzYtLime Shrine DineAdult (m)3,6327151
Fy5Dzvine shrine lime dineAdult (m)4,6908780
dbqv0rhin-oAdult (f)5,4696573
r44Uz1m n0t kr34tyv3Adult (m)4,7989803
QalrBDESTR0YAAdult (f)6,4331,19710
QKTQYblehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAdult (f)6,5061,2546
Tl38qEnter a name for your  dragonAdult (f)2,2325821
iTncqI kiIIed mufasaAdult (m)6,3611,2613
qo6GeHoly--DiverAdult (m)6,1771,2254
Dl8feBang Your Head - Wake The DeadAdult (f)1,9996332
BwiKHThe Soldiers On The ScreenAdult (m)5,5731,1415
2RLgxStrong BasslineAdult (f)1,9205692
2IlFIThe Ghost  Of YouAdult (f)2,3647053
6GcxRme after mcrAdult (f)2,5025772
jlp3dQuiet  RiotAdult (f)2,2156965
2oKXsInsert spook name hereAdult (m)2,3495432
hlRqRI got the boyzAdult (f)2,3497402
s8wY8To make the noizeAdult (m)2,3397532
jtX6GBang  Your  HeadAdult (f)2,2967232
gnTTYMetal Health Will Drive You MadAdult (m)2,2117041
f5xPWGet Your Straitjacket On TonightAdult (m)2,2945512
yq0rJthese dang piranha plantsAdult (m)3,5576882
UwsQii cannot think of any names ripAdult (m)4,4967663
1gOakRat -A- TatAdult (m)8,1631,05512
GcR9M(GcR9M)Adult (f)3,6248283
M0w6VThis Is Comedy GoldAdult (m)6,4521,1577
kdh2b(kdh2b)Adult (f)3,3437182
2f3DSSo Give Them BloodAdult (m)6,1591,0598
d1G3iAll The  Small ThingsAdult (f)6,0821,0514
pUvQY4 XOX 575Adult (m)4,3137034
b7h0HNa Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na NaAdult (m)3,8787052
1QxddMy Weeping AngelAdult (m)4,8087834
kFsF2WKIL 109 FMAdult (m)5,3558755
0ZFLpGoodwill is YesAdult (f)2,9855964
5UVMFDeath Of  A  BachelorAdult (m)5,1371,0006
pLRHoAin't No DJ Gonna Save My SoulAdult (f)4,9848894
LBe99I Wish It Was 2007Adult (f)5,8221,1176
0oF44Ryan Was KneelingAdult (f)3,6987011
dEhcmYoung--BloodAdult (m)6,6111,1706
xX03XLittle DeathsAdult (m)8,0491,24113
K38YvBear-toothAdult (f)4,1618005
klnU7Infinity On  HighAdult (m)5,3809527
EAUwgSmaug The Great And  PowerfulAdult (f)6,0201,1038
xwSByAmerican  IdiotAdult (f)9,0171,32214
l7kviLiving With GhostsAdult (f)4,3039968
ubx4wTeh Rawrest PepeAdult (m)6,9371,13711
Vu7meAmerican Beauty--American PsychoAdult (f)6,8091,12913
mrtKEThe Five Of  Us  Are DyingAdult (f)4,7171,0448
OUpWzTwo--Headed MadnessAdult (f)5,4646614
WRdh2Danger  DaysAdult (f)6,0071,0673
W8dgHThree Cheers  For  Sweet RevengeAdult (f)6,5061,10814
5ladaSongs Of The DisturbedAdult (f)8,7421,31015
JyAsKParty' PoisonAdult (m)10,0491,44618
CeXTQFun  GhoulAdult (m)11,1281,29113
tL1NeJet  StarAdult (m)12,7661,37219
2eMrCKobra  KidAdult (f)10,4621,43710
tc3BSBetter Living IndustriesAdult (m)5,5001,04713
bZZX1Angsty Red EmoAdult (m)14,2121,40031
1ea12Keep  RunningAdult (m)9,0841,21512
mqMFUOperation No ControlAdult (f)3,8298822
02tahMy Love's BulletproofAdult (m)9,8111,11311
53DD0Cherry Bombs and GasolineAdult (m)12,3121,46922
7IQI7Debutantes In SurgeryAdult (f)4,5218657
KXYM2Semi-Automatic Lonely BoyAdult (f)6,8861,0017
zJjJkSatan  PickleAdult (m)7,18595011
zip0aBulletproof  HeartAdult (f)7,9331,0365
SVXrCsc3n3 qu33nAdult (f)13,4971,16934
m5FRXProjekt RevolutionAdult (m)15,1041,40135
LzSAItooawkwardtolive's LightningAdult (f)14,5011,38930
HRlKBspooky scary skeltonAdult (f)10,3331,31715
Ovi51Bill  HaleyAdult (m)5,7181,0478
pArFVCity of  EmberAdult (m)9,5921,3987
8xcDXFrosty  the SnowdragonAdult (m)3,8456882
w9IyeEmo  EmuAdult (f)10,1891,22610
lVNQ4Brendon  UrieAdult (m)8,6411,17118
zX8cLAndy  BlackAdult (m)13,8911,42131
PjmyDEndless Nighttime SkyAdult (f)7,8431,13020
CIkE6Go Boy Go Boy Run For Your LifeAdult (m)6,6981,1462
ffh5pg noteAdult (f)2,2657591
I7eRrThe  Black  ParadeAdult (m)5,6476232
QQBiY(QQBiY)Adult (f)3,7917421
zGS1LZ'TakurrahAdult (m)2,8296612
yemesold fashioned fascismAdult (f)2,4426081
Raz5Aaggressively dancing to fobAdult (m)2,4105460
2lXYKmcr trashcanAdult (f)3,5736871
4oKQmBlackie  LawlessAdult (m)12,5061,61220
ifFTgRyan  RossAdult (f)10,3891,43219
WOryBCheez  WhizAdult (f)6,0661,0937
wTaMuI'm a stitch away from making itAdult (m)3,1507422
h8YI7(h8YI7)Adult (f)4,1368263
oO3Zqa scar away from falling  apartAdult (f)3,3485902
s44NPAvoider of AttacksAdult (f)3,5366091
72WPU(72WPU)Adult (m)3,4766102
7aRpE(7aRpE)Adult (m)3,2846842
QLgUYRevolution RadioAdult (m)10,0891,16513
ZfRl5What  A  CatchAdult (f)2,6315793
knJ1BAndy  HurleyAdult (f)8,2411,31211
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