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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tnoelemaK,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4P2DN(4P2DN)Adult (f)4,2057891
1Qhiu(1Qhiu)Adult (f)5,0048511
3F2If(3F2If)Adult (m)4,7188511
18Ued(18Ued)Adult (f)4,9248730
B70at(B70at)Adult (f)5,0958880
YqNHS(YqNHS)Adult (f)5,0258480
7KmxM(7KmxM)Adult (m)4,8278610
FZ4qR(FZ4qR)Adult (m)4,8858650
VUiYf(VUiYf)Adult (f)4,8918531
VKYG2(VKYG2)Adult (m)6,2829551
XF8BP(XF8BP)Adult (m)6,1959302
4ArCu(4ArCu)Adult (f)6,0669471
aops3Lightning II NordHatchling (f, F)5,0637732
CMw45(CMw45)Adult (m)6,7359834
8Crln(8Crln)Adult (m)6,6989991
lHj0M(lHj0M)Adult (f)6,7561,0011
xbrJT(xbrJT)Adult (m)6,8321,0171
GZLg1(GZLg1)Adult (f)4,9189001
QygBF(QygBF)Adult (f)4,9679121
952Xf(952Xf)Adult (f)4,7538711
7udUe(7udUe)Adult (f)4,9169221
rk6zr(rk6zr)Adult (f)4,8598981
wk5nv(wk5nv)Adult (m)4,9009261
zY4nG(zY4nG)Adult (m)4,8589131
2mzvE(2mzvE)Adult (m)4,8868901
UZxx4(UZxx4)Adult (f)5,9698460
uCUlj(uCUlj)Adult (m)7,4499181
5hpde(5hpde)Adult (f)5,8698350
AD7fG(AD7fG)Adult (f)7,0349091
fffNs(fffNs)Adult (m)7,0609260
LHlmE(LHlmE)Adult (m)6,9238871
NdmyZ(NdmyZ)Adult (f)5,6087670
YycMq(YycMq)Adult (m)5,4627540
zAQ5T(zAQ5T)Adult (f)5,9757671
4flRV(4flRV)Adult (m)5,9767512
wFmCm(wFmCm)Adult (f)5,9917461
yQEsq(yQEsq)Adult (f)5,9917332
xElB8(xElB8)Adult (m)5,9867341
A8Dlz(A8Dlz)Adult (f)6,0037531
b2hmm(b2hmm)Adult (m)5,2317511
Ma4Ws(Ma4Ws)Adult (m)6,4888511
ciEl4(ciEl4)Adult (f)6,5908681
LnJLx(LnJLx)Adult (m)6,5178561
NBtZZ(NBtZZ)Adult (m)6,5638711
n8pNw(n8pNw)Adult (f)6,5698371
5k9Y4(5k9Y4)Hatchling (f)5,4517222
5nJtE(5nJtE)Hatchling (f)5,5057631
nOs7x(nOs7x)Adult (f)4,3878501
pzZDn(pzZDn)Adult (f)4,1888221
H5wHo(H5wHo)Adult (m)4,5598563
1JkpG(1JkpG)Adult (f)4,0847921
0efpP(0efpP)Adult (f)4,2078141
Hr6sl(Hr6sl)Adult (m)4,1997911
CdroG(CdroG)Adult (m)4,3358331
PNihiPnihi NordAdult (f)5,0487981
qy8dsQyeds NordAdult (m)4,9688081
kmhmDKmhmd NordAdult (f)4,9907971
3f78dTfsed NordAdult (m)5,1738352
268BeTsebe NordAdult (m)5,1278001
rHgr1Rhgri NordAdult (f)5,3578311
nsAWYNsawy NordAdult (f)5,1237702
OsBv2Osbvt NordAdult (m)4,0698691
ksPFk(ksPFk)Hatchling (m, F)4,4027032
aw8hgAwehg NordAdult (m)4,1618932
zjTVdZjtvd NordAdult (f)4,0639332
10ch3Iocht NordAdult (f)3,9927761
jwLkWJwlkw NordAdult (f)8,1321,3181
2WznQTwznq NordAdult (f)8,0201,3911
EHsHfEhshf NordAdult (f)3,5418541
nyBUM(nyBUM)Adult (f)3,8339581
AZ4PeAzfpe NordAdult (f)3,8969344
C0dbTCodbt NordAdult (f)3,6358811
tgNxrThundersnow II NordHatchling (f, F)3,6898082
PuUL7Thundersnow I NordHatchling (F)1,6474802
UDKoyThundersnow III NordHatchling (m, F)3,6417913
6tQ5bStqfb NordAdult (m)6,3489843
Jj9c4Jjncf NordAdult (m)5,8568402
CxQ8MCxqem NordAdult (m)4,0999131
rJjBwRjjbw NordAdult (m)3,6038141
CyUGuCyugu NordAdult (m)4,4549203
EdUFfEduff NordAdult (m)7,5331,3374
cvC5ACvcfa NordAdult (m)4,2758371
hIjhmHljhm NordAdult (m)3,6448452
MFNerMfner NordAdult (m)3,4698933
V5DsSVfdss NordAdult (m)3,8529433
dRW29Drwtn NordAdult (f)3,6008422
sa5rLSafrl NordAdult (f)5,6031,1771
ke2mBKetmb NordAdult (f)3,8639191
02qUiNtqui NordAdult (f)3,9348691
yu9djYundj NordAdult (f)4,1978231
94F5vNfffv NordAdult (f)3,9948831
ikKRkIkkrk NordAdult (f)3,9298462
c0FmvCofmv NordAdult (f)6,5801,3332
75qEPSfqep NordAdult (f)4,1997912
2Br2XTbrtx NordAdult (f)4,2087961
o5AKZOfakz NordAdult (f)3,6887641
KrZTbKrztb NordAdult (f)3,9798812
F76gpHooded Murkling II NordHatchling (f, F)3,6188062
j4b3lHooded Murkling I NordHatchling (F)2,0764842
4peyEHooded Murkling III NordHatchling (m, F)3,3897761
17mMBIsmmb NordAdult (m)5,8258481
XIoECXloec NordAdult (m)6,0458962
QQJ6MQqjsm NordAdult (m)4,0597941
kVFgeKvfge NordAdult (m)3,5017571
HnnDIHnndl NordAdult (m)3,6558381
IsZs4Lszsf NordAdult (m)3,9629052
fOpwkFopwk NordAdult (m)3,8228422
ZvNZgZvnzg NordAdult (m)3,9668822
TbSfMTbsfm NordAdult (m)3,5298941
lWRpaLwrpa NordAdult (m)5,2971,1941
wwXc6Wwxcs NordAdult (m)3,7939132
jG1X1Jgixi NordAdult (f)5,9541,2111
vYMRoVymro NordAdult (f)3,7109592
4wx11Fwxii NordAdult (f)3,6418581
9EbOJNeboj NordAdult (f)4,9798321
n5G8HNfgeh NordAdult (f)7,9391,3502
9YFNLNyfnl NordAdult (f)8,0851,3662
ZkhCeZkhce NordAdult (f)7,7231,3501
gKNDuGkndu NordAdult (f)4,2568211
o87TAOesta NordAdult (f)4,0738071
MubAcMubac NordAdult (f)4,1869071
Zq26lZqtsl NordAdult (f)5,4078231
PWLMtPwlmt NordAdult (f)5,4798112
NFZP7Furor II NordHatchling (f, F)3,5027871
N9JGXFuror I NordHatchling (F)1,5944661
wJYy4Furor III NordHatchling (m, F)3,5227941
Yo6JBYosjb NordAdult (m)4,3479281
UKV9SUkvns NordAdult (m)4,6108662
Y5XVRYfxvr NordAdult (m)4,1228473
O1aBoOiabo NordAdult (m)8,0921,3532
U6HXTUshxt NordAdult (m)7,9901,3462
n7apvNsapv NordAdult (m)7,6961,3492
nybR7Nybrs NordAdult (m)4,9098112
AKZk6Akzks NordAdult (m)3,6038532
cDh9ECdhne NordAdult (m)5,7671,1962
z6kRlZskrl NordAdult (m)3,6268732
ztOb0Ztobo NordAdult (f)5,2681,1912
YFfPaYffpa NordAdult (f)3,9769912
yJmjFYjmjf NordAdult (f)6,7271,4002
d1xlfDixlf NordAdult (f)6,8991,4141
OPjDPOpjdp NordAdult (f)3,7168131
Mb8VBMbevb NordAdult (f)4,9057401
9SHxhNshxh NordAdult (f)4,3028162
W3c1cWtcic NordAdult (f)4,3477911
6G5qfSgfqf NordAdult (f)3,6097411
VV5iYVvfiy NordAdult (f)4,8848515
5bNHXFbnhx NordAdult (f)4,1029052
ghBnnAstralophyne II NordHatchling (f, F)4,4759221
lSGshAstralophyne I NordHatchling (F)2,2174051
Z1wGEAstralophyne III NordHatchling (m, F)4,5909081
pKqHmPkqhm NordAdult (m)5,0759072
FH33XFheex NordAdult (m)3,6407722
F3b5lFtbfl NordAdult (m)4,4638102
36HT6Tshts NordAdult (m)3,8248241
mOEE1Moeei NordAdult (m)3,6387892
HmcfxHmcfx NordAdult (m)3,5898432
YXe56Yxefs NordAdult (m)3,5808961
BQpYKBqpyk NordAdult (m)5,5101,2021
aicZNAiczn NordAdult (m)3,5588904
UTPT8Utpte NordAdult (f)6,8441,3942
XmhylXmhyl NordAdult (f)5,5651,1631
wgJJMWgjjm NordAdult (f)3,6199531
F1tktFitkt NordAdult (f)4,1877742
a3Lx8Atlxe NordAdult (f)3,8668181
v9DCbVndcb NordAdult (f)8,1171,3661
g5El8Gfele NordAdult (f)4,5268521
kUqUAKuqua NordAdult (f)4,6678671
SmdZdFanalea II NordHatchling (f, F)3,1687431
yN2rAFanalea I NordHatchling (F)2,0705002
RmPFkFanalea III NordHatchling (m, F)2,7406721
DOY5xDoyfx NordAdult (m)4,7808344
aTaPzAtapz NordAdult (m)4,6808491
Ie73DLestd NordAdult (m)4,6148973
drdvGDrdvg NordAdult (m)4,4638981
SF3O1Sftoi NordAdult (m)4,0487603
P2PtZPtptz NordAdult (m)8,3451,3311
vFvWuVfvwu NordAdult (m)3,9268501
U8VEvUnvev NordAdult (m)5,0078192
yM3nSYmtns NordAdult (m)3,6088632
aJvBYAjvby NordAdult (m)5,2431,1862
bokTABokta NordAdult (m)3,8229213
2k41aTkfia NordAdult (f)3,5618371
4iuGpFiugp NordAdult (f)3,6559621
onpjROnpjr NordAdult (f)3,6509451
y1cjvYicjv NordAdult (f)6,5951,4021
3TGtwTtgtw NordAdult (f)3,8719021
BjU1PBjuip NordAdult (f)4,9228381
bMM4WBmmfw NordAdult (f)7,6841,3322
fWsYCFwsyc NordAdult (f)4,5409232
QGJ9kQgjnk NordAdult (f)5,9268481
YvVVhPyrrhichios II NordHatchling (f, F)2,6896872
3HaSJPyrrhichios I NordHatchling (F)2,0144863
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