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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tnoelemaK,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4cJl0(4cJl0)Adult (f)3,5188551
ks2eE(ks2eE)Adult (f)3,4937751
8EEWA(8EEWA)Adult (f)3,5608023
V1l72(V1l72)Adult (f)3,8408471
ZwxZz(ZwxZz)Adult (f)3,4177901
lC2qD(lC2qD)Adult (m)3,8048133
Q0Qa3(Q0Qa3)Adult (m)3,5228682
odFOO(odFOO)Adult (f)3,4949032
3n37L(3n37L)Adult (m)3,3748331
PXc2y(PXc2y)Adult (f)4,4708643
S2BW2(S2BW2)Adult (f)4,1908601
YlAcj(YlAcj)Adult (m)4,1888681
TpON0(TpON0)Adult (m)6,9411,0571
3kLxw(3kLxw)Adult (m)4,3308332
8ytv1(8ytv1)Adult (f)5,5771,0821
Pwqot(Pwqot)Adult (m)5,3761,0461
gmgRv(gmgRv)Adult (m)5,3301,0441
Hv9fW(Hv9fW)Adult (f)7,6171,2584
QHFym(QHFym)Adult (m)7,6111,2382
YBPRU(YBPRU)Adult (f)7,3681,2244
ZkPAK(ZkPAK)Adult (m)7,5321,2513
7EnRJ(7EnRJ)Adult (f)7,6091,3851
VtYfR(VtYfR)Adult (m)7,4291,3631
3WZEv(3WZEv)Adult (f)5,7991,1201
VtAFH(VtAFH)Adult (f)5,8211,1071
DvYVJ(DvYVJ)Adult (m)3,5488501
CKzJl(CKzJl)Adult (f)3,6338371
I1S8E(I1S8E)Adult (m)3,7408791
aEr2m(aEr2m)Adult (f)3,9148691
9ePH7(9ePH7)Adult (m)4,3869322
gaWEg(gaWEg)Adult (m)4,1328972
yeFFU(yeFFU)Adult (f)4,0089331
t4WQx(t4WQx)Hatchling (F)1,7505382
NEA3Z(NEA3Z)Hatchling (F)1,6835052
zwffoZwffo NordAdult (f)9,4851,3721
r1nDxRindx NordAdult (f)4,2439301
kntg0Kntgo NordAdult (f)4,5429031
ME0jhMeojh NordAdult (f)7,2381,3872
jVoVHJvovh NordAdult (f)7,2701,3683
UsWoQUswoq NordAdult (f)3,1938251
JpZFtJpzft NordAdult (f)8,1691,3413
3nM5MEnmfm NordAdult (f)5,1861,1443
pCrCTPcrct NordAdult (f)4,7587681
5cJelFcjel NordAdult (f)5,0977901
44OtBFfotb NordAdult (f)5,6091,2221
1qIfyIqlfy NordAdult (f)3,5448492
iXJYpIxjyp NordAdult (f)3,9269532
lTKrsItkrs NordAdult (f)3,4018481
xWCZx(xWCZx)Adult (f)3,4348411
9amaZBlazeback II NordHatchling (f, F)2,7426902
cEGA7Blazeback III NordHatchling (m, F)2,5646752
bYtoQ(bYtoQ)Adult (m)3,3438132
BQiaYBqiay NordAdult (m)7,0991,2094
QrrR9Qrrrn NordAdult (m)3,4608511
SmSxQSmsxq NordAdult (m)3,4128801
ReTLcRetlc NordAdult (m)4,8597631
XnuqBXnuqb NordAdult (m)4,7037571
jPkfTJpkft NordAdult (m)5,9311,2421
ZA9MhZanmh NordAdult (m)5,8231,2502
5V8ULFveul NordAdult (m)6,2391,2551
Nq3diNqtdi NordAdult (m)7,3941,3762
H18WeHiewe NordAdult (m)3,2428631
aTQiNAtqin NordAdult (m)3,2648431
0BfLOObflo NordAdult (m)4,2339101
zeao9Zeaon NordAdult (m)3,5768821
igqYxIgqyx NordAdult (f)4,5719183
xJ5HWXjfhw NordAdult (f)3,5149031
0v4D4Ovfdf NordAdult (f)4,0159312
75D8fSfdef NordAdult (f)3,7169222
PjajMPjajm NordAdult (f)3,7169421
HdqzoHdqzo NordAdult (f)3,8459212
GTJ13(GTJ13)Adult (f)3,5658732
TcQWn(TcQWn)Adult (f)3,4488631
3AYyeTayye NordAdult (f)7,0801,2203
gWlkiGwlki NordAdult (f)7,2561,2082
EGmZbHydrophidius II NordHatchling (f, F)2,9567142
FQ8nWHydrophidius III NordHatchling (m, F)2,7287131
NQbENNqben NordAdult (m)7,3671,2173
QAtOxQatox NordAdult (m)7,1601,2093
o5PzrOfpzr NordAdult (m)7,1981,2374
MiNBc(MiNBc)Adult (m)3,3568481
1Vd89(1Vd89)Adult (m)3,4118171
Jw5aKJwfak NordAdult (m)4,1289571
H0qDQHoqdq NordAdult (m)3,9209131
83nlvEtnlv NordAdult (m)3,7789311
wFPLIWfpli NordAdult (m)3,5949031
qcmbtQcmbt NordAdult (m)3,5988831
GRz6rGrzsr NordAdult (m)6,2779903
v2i9QVtinq NordEgg (F)
7ktz3Sktzt NordHatchling (F)3,4773113
WM6TPNinja BelowHatchling (m, F)6,3861,03013
GKEofGkeof NordHatchling (m, F)2,3776653
it4teItfte NordHatchling (m, F)2,1776794
MO42mMoftm NordHatchling (f, F)2,3426713
VADLmVadlm NordHatchling (m, F)1,9016501
1MlRUImiru NordHatchling (f, F)2,2126112
m4R28Mfrte NordHatchling (f, F)2,7256183
QGm1DQgmid NordAdult (f)4,5841,2014
ezqjFEzqjf NordAdult (f)8,9041,4164
R3n7GRtnsg NordAdult (f)7,4781,2387
6YYwcItus II NordHatchling (f, F)4,9688243
AA6wMItus I NordHatchling (F)2,7436322
JpWyzItus III NordHatchling (m, F)4,9731,0304
QpOi1Qpoii NordAdult (m)5,7381,1319
vnHcsVnhcs NordAdult (m)9,8551,5586
YzFFwYzffw NordAdult (m)4,5541,2203
xmMhlXmmhl NordAdult (f)3,6479073
v1oi0Iratus II NordHatchling (f, F)3,3498816
k6XYiIratus I NordHatchling (F)1,5154374
R4ScOIratus III NordHatchling (m, F)6,0178914
ELEERELEER NordAdult (m)5,0359295
1ZeTbIzetb NordAdult (f)3,5597801
xYhtWXyhtw NordAdult (f)10,2001,5384
5dMm0Mundus II NordHatchling (f, F)5,1809275
Kw4WoMundus I NordHatchling (F)1,4232212
Ch33jMundus III NordHatchling (m, F)3,7887893
iZrOFIzrof NordAdult (m)5,8031,2361
M8VVYMevvy NordAdult (m)3,6847966
4cSEdFcsed NordAdult (f)5,5261,1202
toIOESophos II NordHatchling (f, F)5,2191,0482
ZRSyzSophos I NordHatchling (F)1,5134453
Fc6sXSophos III NordHatchling (m, F)5,3851,0471
mwiQJMwiqj NordAdult (m)9,0741,3142
BtOU4Btouf NordAdult (f)4,4479752
R6ZCkRszck NordAdult (f)4,5759742
0GoBvOgobv NordAdult (f)4,4689652
afU4kAfufk NordAdult (f)5,0441,0613
PyglLPygll NordAdult (f)6,6731,1513
DZQsADzqsa NordAdult (f)3,1728352
6ZnWuMistra II NordHatchling (f, F)4,2165804
XBFqcMistra I NordHatchling (F)3,1462542
XvkfNMistra III NordHatchling (m, F)5,4368146
ItZ8wItzew NordAdult (m)3,2348181
23D00Ttdoo NordAdult (m)3,3708503
HIYsoHiyso NordAdult (m)6,0921,0323
YXXuJYxxuj NordAdult (m)5,6681,1414
UuRMrUurmr NordAdult (m)4,6699363
2KKXhTkkxh NordAdult (m)7,8181,1215
rXyliRxyli NordAdult (m)6,2201,0803
bFIW6Bflws NordAdult (m)6,8741,2292
D7vhBDsvhb NordAdult (m)4,5909642
WTd49Wtdfn NordAdult (m)4,5169583
RycscRycsc NordAdult (f)5,7681,1873
xdFz1Xdfzi NordAdult (f)5,5561,1863
JTdQYJtdqy NordAdult (f)5,0771,0417
SyTDoSytdo NordAdult (f)6,4271,0875
ABi9vAbinv NordAdult (f)6,9141,2383
zxilXZxilx NordAdult (f)7,1841,1374
87YlNEsyin NordAdult (f)8,3071,2433
rcpUyRcpuy NordAdult (f)7,5221,3111
Nj5IpAstaarus II NordHatchling (f, F)3,8415602
oJ3SmAstaarus I NordHatchling (F)1,0181923
q8TncAstaarus III NordHatchling (m, F)4,7386226
BHQHYBhqhy NordAdult (m)2,6538062
zUP9BZupnb NordAdult (m)3,5259163
GEZXyGezxy NordAdult (m)5,8081,1324
EyCyYEycyy NordAdult (m)7,4791,1975
9zrdPNzrdp NordAdult (m)6,6951,2073
X8A9rXeanr NordAdult (m)5,5999742
XKV0lXkvoi NordAdult (m)6,3781,2745
WObGvWobgv NordAdult (m)7,2581,1534
eZJXQEzjxq NordAdult (m)5,4711,1713
22VW3Ttvwt NordAdult (f)5,4301,1771
M6V65Msvsf NordAdult (f)5,2811,1403
yg7pjYgspj NordAdult (f)5,5211,0245
xe2tcXettc NordAdult (f)5,3861,0024
3plJMTpljm NordAdult (f)6,9751,1304
qHuJyQhujy NordAdult (f)7,9361,1342
ry87VRyesv NordAdult (f)7,3091,0972
2Wdg2Twdgt NordAdult (f)5,5009934
IpWUCIpwuc NordAdult (f)5,9001,1384
8gfAJElux Lucis II NordHatchling (f, F)4,9318762
Bs73MElux Lucis I NordHatchling (F)2,5492552
ZR5oZElux Lucis III NordHatchling (m, F)4,3666356
D079gDosng NordAdult (m)8,2421,2412
oJyfuOjyfu NordAdult (m)7,5401,3043
vvvrWVvvrw NordAdult (m)6,2561,1724
Yk00aYkooa NordAdult (m)4,4469341
4lVHoFivho NordAdult (m)7,4701,1023
2YSxRTysxr NordAdult (m)8,6321,2376
vvZ75Vvzsf NordAdult (m)5,6191,0365
80mFgEomfg NordAdult (m)5,7201,0093
OVHbQOvhbq NordAdult (m)5,1071,1443
NVyKTNvykt NordAdult (m)4,9361,1683
hvfHaHvfha NordAdult (f)5,6241,0354
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