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You pick up the scroll labeled “tjch4555,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fL57(fL57)Adult (f)2,04680443
PiOu(PiOu)Adult (f)1,34960150
Ejy3(Ejy3)Adult (m)1,34361242
3Cnr(3Cnr)Adult (f)1,54565836
oE4T(oE4T)Adult (f)97549423
wcFM(wcFM)Adult (f)3,9551,91821
vMev(vMev)Adult (f)1,10171422
4Jzc(4Jzc)Adult (m)3,2471,62563
5Zmh(5Zmh)Adult (f)1,76394826
TRNz(TRNz)Adult (f)2,7341,46625
ZSxM(ZSxM)Adult (m)2,7311,46525
G1yv(G1yv)Adult (f)2,7201,46025
WOvx(WOvx)Adult (f)1,48598818
sMue(sMue)Adult (f)1,43875256
SrLx(SrLx)Adult (m)1,9511,03837
sW2q(sW2q)Adult (f)1,49670741
AiMo(AiMo)Adult (f)2,6151,54629
hKy6(hKy6)Adult (f)1,6081,16165
yRyN(yRyN)Adult (m)2,5051,39248
5WtM(5WtM)Adult (m)2,42798534
lKeK(lKeK)Adult (m)3,2981,54843
qbeN(qbeN)Adult (f)1,4191,05931
W1sT(W1sT)Adult (m)1,6581,18544
5VKp(5VKp)Adult (f)2,6251,43146
Wbrx(Wbrx)Adult (f)2,6221,42637
1way(1way)Adult (f)2,21780512
neKg(neKg)Adult (f)1,5321,07724
bjJC(bjJC)Adult (f)1,7831,0285
jME8(jME8)Adult (m)1,7511,02517
FzAu(FzAu)Adult (f)1,25888316
bOgv(bOgv)Adult (m)1,15467411
II3A(II3A)Adult (f)1,06160014
Mb8c(Mb8c)Adult (f)1,0137679
qt6b(qt6b)Adult (f)1,01176611
hX5s(hX5s)Adult (m)9767369
uvul(uvul)Adult (m)97474012
rm42(rm42)Adult (m)97573610
6RaC(6RaC)Adult (m)4,0211,60317
4TXe(4TXe)Adult (f)96469714
ePn0(ePn0)Adult (f)95469414
Kjbh(Kjbh)Adult (f)2,3031,08716
0Tkj(0Tkj)Adult (m)1,27991914
fVyc(fVyc)Hatchling (f, F)7255229
OgMM(OgMM)Adult (f)1,0027258
qSxM(qSxM)Adult (f)9987268
OIRp(OIRp)Adult (f)1,29092013
rapg(rapg)Adult (f)1,69187813
6g7g(6g7g)Adult (f)3,11293812
7bYS(7bYS)Adult (m)1,78585217
iXpr(iXpr)Adult (m)9478223
lYzF(lYzF)Adult (f)9538262
woTn(woTn)Adult (f)9498212
7cwl(7cwl)Adult (m)8086963
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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