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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “thunderclan42,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1O3CC(1O3CC)Adult (f)2,8524055
anuur(anuur)Adult (f)1,6563335
j4jeJ(j4jeJ)Adult (m)2,2122633
lBe1C(lBe1C)Adult (m)2,4422808
rxCg4(rxCg4)Adult (f)2,6822947
N0Vl9(N0Vl9)Adult (f)2,2522829
oCmHkMirror RightAdult (f)1,7822963
iqS0EMirror LeftAdult (m)2,2122883
flrwdTC42 - BloomAdult (f)1,4892732
HOujv(HOujv)Adult (m)1,5543892
TAWZa(TAWZa)Adult (f)1,5023075
BWhXl(BWhXl)Adult (f)1,9522931
REbTd(REbTd)Adult (m)1,6523055
nuySi(nuySi)Adult (f)1,9823244
ub6Wo(ub6Wo)Adult (m)1,9623290
lnNoQ(lnNoQ)Adult (m)2,2523274
ioUp6(ioUp6)Adult (f)2,3493091
wMLno(wMLno)Adult (m)2,3822994
QqHSr(QqHSr)Adult (m)1,7403001
dGDpO(dGDpO)Adult (m)1,8122990
KK2Hv(KK2Hv)Adult (m)3,1043455
CtK93(CtK93)Adult (m)2,5802911
GxTL3(GxTL3)Adult (m)1,8523262
Xg342(Xg342)Adult (f)2,1243223
PUs1CTC42 Ocean's CallAdult (m)1,8743092
xcyXe(xcyXe)Adult (f)2,2022993
VScrf(VScrf)Adult (m)1,7423953
ZR1dM(ZR1dM)Adult (f)1,3116364
Q9M8E(Q9M8E)Adult (f)1,3676503
NIMoV(NIMoV)Adult (f)2,1122983
N6N6y(N6N6y)Adult (m)1,4713493
QJLxW(QJLxW)Adult (m)2,2992972
i28aEWD's Anemoi ZephyrAdult (m)2,0513206
GuZ4S(GuZ4S)Adult (f)2,2323125
RngOh(RngOh)Adult (m)1,9123052
dOXDa(dOXDa)Adult (m)1,6323394
z4UBd(z4UBd)Adult (m)1,3553431
0GofA(0GofA)Adult (m)1,2263061
MYq6m(MYq6m)Adult (f)2,3923272
qXYjp(qXYjp)Adult (f)2,1982972
7sI90(7sI90)Adult (f)2,2123531
csrPR(csrPR)Adult (m)3,2174122
6z2Ng(6z2Ng)Adult (f)3,8744103
bwt3L(bwt3L)Adult (m)1,8623090
svSA1(svSA1)Adult (m)2,3943024
6K53P(6K53P)Adult (f)1,9173413
yfOYc(yfOYc)Adult (m)3,4944069
YQhLS(YQhLS)Adult (f)1,7533203
q5mb8(q5mb8)Adult (m)2,5232792
k7mGP(k7mGP)Adult (f)1,6423753
R7Nfe(R7Nfe)Adult (f)2,2615701
JONOI(JONOI)Adult (m)1,8823275
9aFX1(9aFX1)Adult (m)3,1028143
8mVfSTC All Hallow's EVEAdult (m)1,4624114
fht4Z(fht4Z)Adult (f)1,5923227
ihdKB(ihdKB)Adult (m)1,2823763
CJ9hO(CJ9hO)Adult (f)2,5556623
nImMk(nImMk)Adult (m)1,8723254
uFXgI(uFXgI)Adult (m)1,4123545
2ocLr(2ocLr)Adult (f)2,0023517
rOC0o(rOC0o)Adult (f)2,0003653
T0SSpTC Not a PETAdult (m)2,0323525
7qBISTC Holding You CAPtiveAdult (f)2,1175169
mKHLiTC Magician's DAUghterAdult (f)1,7023096
8FummTC Listening to SILenceAdult (f)1,9833275
22Me8TC Indefinably DIFferentAdult (m)5,44257212
kAplJTC A Thousand LIEsAdult (m)2,5286515
8JAvoTC42 Ocean's DeLightAdult (f)4,8574214
VVfK3TC Mistakes of the PAStAdult (m)1,9743545
LXTIeTC Not the SAMeAdult (m)99941110
LdOoPTC Back to the Old WAYsAdult (m)1,8223335
aFO5vHW's Wyvern KingAdult (m)5,4679704
g1To6PiD's Star GazingAdult (m)2,6795899
h7BhQMB's SoldierAdult (m)2,7346233
G7m1TED's What a FindAdult (m)2,9585845
qGnnRRD's On my OwnAdult (f)1,8122788
E3dmISD's The Hottest FireAdult (f)2,2283371
CHCvmHD's Nightmare NightAdult (m)3,0095644
WCc9CDD's Forever UnderAdult (f)1,5363307
l9FIlTD's CoincidentalAdult (f)2,8067255
YQ5VQSGD's Here I Go AgainAdult (f)2,7336595
L1ZERMB's Masquerade BallAdult (m)1,92335912
fJWguTW's Ocean's ChildAdult (m)2,27058111
i1kDOED's A Shocking DiscoveryAdult (f)4,73252118
JB227TC42 Sands of TimeAdult (m)1,9723245
Vt9XKFW's What a SightAdult (f)2,39938313
kQsrJRuonaAdult (m)1,9113089
PqWbeBael SnowAdult (f)1,5823273
FfFZlKanudrimAdult (m)2,0023362
2ucVXDaedrimAdult (f)1,93767720
B6K9IEilinarAdult (f)1,02841415
CfubrAngudrimAdult (m)1,0384118
8ZirmShamilAdult (f)1,97668023
vnM6XHareaAdult (m)1,09344011
Ag53SMyellonAdult (m)97741611
FGlpCNP's Twice ShyAdult (m)1,13835911
TPQXhSP's Miniature SeaAdult (f)2,2756164
eIhLeEP's Picture PerfectAdult (f)1,8523524
XTMuPEP's Iced TeaAdult (m)1,5442896
dfCP6WW's Wishing for RainAdult (f)4,44552018
XrFJkWW's Summer StormAdult (m)2,7547456
qdUCIGD's Gogo GirlAdult (f)1,9123321
Y8Q8WKoehmilAdult (m)2,02368530
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