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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “thejadegecko,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
axGf5CB Twoheaded Dark RulerAdult (m)6,1181,2503
omg1xPB 2G Two-Headed DarknessAdult (m)4,9021,3721
vqZRWCB Twoheaded Dark GoddessAdult (f)5,0311,4372
FAQ1HPB 2G Two-Headed Dark GoddessAdult (f)6,0831,2475
nbOqxPB 3G Double TroubleAdult (m)5,5071,2793
ws2C3CB Duel TwinsAdult (m)7,4681,1352
ghIZNCB Royal Blue Duo KingAdult (m)5,8871,2405
moxwzCB Two-Headed Purple EaterAdult (f)5,1501,4972
3k2q8CB Two-Headed Purple GoddessAdult (f)6,1211,5584
WINaWCB Purple MoonAdult (f)6,1711,1292
FHaZDPB 2G Purple DuoAdult (f)3,8917252
lMAz6CB Purple Moon PrincessAdult (f)5,5466782
VSKmBCB Violet Twinheaded DaughterHatchling (f, F)4,7359953
4Vb5oCB Two-Headed Jade RulerAdult (m)5,7571,5326
802RFCB Two-Headed Jade KingAdult (m)4,9681,3923
Wp6nCPB 2G Green DuoAdult (f)3,2231,2154
43SDLCB Two-Headed Forest KingAdult (m)5,1368641
xnC9eCB Jaded Moon NightAdult (m)3,7704111
ThqR3CB Jade QueenAdult (f)5,7421,4609
kmJq8Messy 4G White Creme of IceAdult (f)21,3762,13216
zLFUoStair 4G Bronzed CreamAdult (m)4,3638843
Lo1imCB Albino QueenAdult (f)3,7118383
vA7ReCB Albino PrinceAdult (m)3,6118132
2MAjaCB Pale QueenAdult (f)3,4934223
b4CmuStair 6G Messy BronzeHatchling (m, F)3,2889684
LP2mYPyramid 3G Rocky CreamHatchling (f, F)3,2867703
Ohc3n(Ohc3n)Adult (m)4,7208632
JcCON(JcCON)Adult (f)4,5758682
Q2GCV(Q2GCV)Adult (f)3,6269161
c0bBC(c0bBC)Adult (m)3,8658881
9eppp(9eppp)Adult (m)4,4936662
zibp8(zibp8)Adult (f)4,5836513
NrCMZ(NrCMZ)Adult (f)4,6336682
7fgvB(7fgvB)Adult (m)4,7716592
GmPdL(GmPdL)Adult (f)4,5826662
a8xJ8(a8xJ8)Adult (m)4,6636762
zFgxjCB Flower Field QueenAdult (m)4,4081,0012
OFTGzCB Flower Field PrincessAdult (m)4,4121,0283
IDWKiCB Flower Field KingAdult (f)4,8021,0334
p4EGpCB Flower Field PrinceAdult (f)4,4911,0336
Jkp71CB Flower Field GoddessAdult (m)5,0351,1424
tJMvJCB Flower Field DancerAdult (m)5,1251,1394
bnjeQCB Flower Field GodAdult (f)5,8731,2352
b4xcrCB Flower Field KnightAdult (f)5,2499232
1kqzTCB Flower Field SleeperAdult (m)5,0519372
uEjQnCB Flower Field NurseAdult (f)4,5251,0894
y3d0lCB Flower Field ProtecterAdult (m)5,5091,0422
rTWS6CB Flower Field GuardianAdult (m)5,7471,0791
nBlgiCB Flower Field ChildAdult (f)5,2567251
ojKSHCB Flower Field SovereignAdult (f)5,4617133
44Vu2CB Flower Field LoverAdult (f)6,1201,3013
YAs3GCB Flower Field CaretakerAdult (f)6,8821,1892
h5TPpCB Flower Field WarriorAdult (m)6,7821,2736
kS2K8CB Blue Flower LoverAdult (f)6,1565881
0hM5dCB Blue Flower PrincessAdult (f)7,2835131
xMzM9CB Beta Forest PrincessAdult (f)6,4185943
TQ1eoCB Red Flower LoverAdult (m)6,5735852
8kEaCCB Blue Flower QueenAdult (f)6,4496381
YOiLYPyramid 2G Guardian Crimson KingAdult (m)4,9447101
pSuYTCB Red Flower KingAdult (m)7,4771,1032
AXlFyCB Blue Flower LadyAdult (f)7,4731,0411
RRy2uPyramid 2G Silver Teal KingAdult (f)5,8549782
plzTnCB Crimson Flower GodHatchling (m, F)5,7861,0781
snUFeCB Blue Flower GoddessHatchling (f, F)5,0409832
YvzwE(YvzwE)Adult (f)6,3308392
IutA9(IutA9)Adult (m)5,1658547
1RXA3(1RXA3)Adult (m)5,1338543
Ld1jD(Ld1jD)Adult (m)5,3768761
jU81q(jU81q)Adult (m)5,2908904
d3ht0(d3ht0)Adult (m)5,3808824
wsKo3(wsKo3)Adult (f)4,5458963
ws9qS(ws9qS)Adult (f)4,3818874
HWFbc(HWFbc)Adult (f)5,1498754
eQVUj(eQVUj)Adult (m)4,6349362
4v2Ns(4v2Ns)Adult (f)3,1514211
9WKYF(9WKYF)Adult (m)3,3334281
3TmB0(3TmB0)Adult (m)3,9624631
xrhzV(xrhzV)Adult (f)3,3684381
I15LC(I15LC)Adult (f)3,6884611
OaBo3(OaBo3)Adult (m)3,8474472
UlMm5(UlMm5)Adult (f)3,5784601
lWgtu(lWgtu)Adult (m)3,4674411
oeqFX(oeqFX)Adult (m)3,6504731
wNVUl(wNVUl)Adult (m)5,5216231
x1gCL(x1gCL)Adult (m)4,5358922
D4kvB(D4kvB)Adult (m)4,6668971
ybsJj(ybsJj)Adult (f)4,7479603
tF6Fl(tF6Fl)Adult (m)4,7229831
O8w15(O8w15)Adult (m)4,4409801
z7b18(z7b18)Adult (m)3,8868391
PU5YG(PU5YG)Adult (f)4,1238431
8i1S9(8i1S9)Adult (f)3,8208652
DjNfU(DjNfU)Adult (m)3,9959852
VqJkH(VqJkH)Adult (f)3,9141,0402
AHTuv(AHTuv)Adult (m)2,6026761
VmFCN(VmFCN)Adult (m)3,2204662
UOxXs(UOxXs)Adult (m)5,6777741
t8uN2(t8uN2)Adult (f)5,5947692
JjXMT(JjXMT)Adult (m)5,3827683
OdTO2CB Hot AirAdult (f)5,1561,4004
0STnQCB Hot Air BalloonAdult (m)5,3511,4061
sgv3OStair 6G Golden BalloonAdult (f)5,5721,4074
YQExwAHF 7G Golden Copper BalloonAdult (f)5,3811,3251
mMC44PB 2G Black GoddessAdult (f)5,4531,2663
VW5rDCB Black GoddessAdult (f)5,0241,4622
VREBMPB 2G Black ThunderAdult (m)4,5229863
tky50Pyramid 3G Black ThunderAdult (m)5,5161,3511
sJx3PPyramid 5G Black GoddessAdult (f)4,0481,2112
nhMQOPB 2G Black ShadowAdult (f)5,1081,01410
rk7lTPB 5G Didn't AltAdult (m)6,1251,4903
g6D6LPyramid 4G Golden BlackAdult (m)4,4811,2371
oRUAbPyramid 2G Tuxedo MaskAdult (m)5,2501,3292
1R7mdPB 3G Black Broken MusicAdult (m)4,9581,3773
PGjcICB Black RulerAdult (m)4,8311,2641
DkjbCSS 4G Golden BlackAdult (f)5,1511,2862
GVRlqStair 3G Golden ShadowAdult (f)4,7841,2995
rUc0TPyramid 6G Red ChocolateAdult (f)4,9721,2864
pxePqPyramid 5G Golden Black WonderAdult (f)7,1526971
g16QIPyramid 2G Planted BlackAdult (f)6,9617451
8ssjcPyramid 3G Darkness Among UsAdult (m)4,2609372
PGPxePyramid 2G Lovely BlacknessAdult (m)5,6949224
szsDBStair 5G Black of GoldAdult (m)5,6721,4158
8TqJZPyramid 2G Black GuardianAdult (m)4,3101,1335
SyMLDStair 4G Bronzed BlacknessAdult (m)6,2041,2049
HETcmStair 10G Silver DarknessAdult (m)6,0091,3148
0XyS5Pyramid 3G Blackened LoveAdult (m)5,8781,2742
WKOxJCB King of the DarkAdult (m)7,0327291
KFx1GPB 2G Queen of ShadowsAdult (f)6,4611,2784
zyxRsCB King of BlacknessAdult (m)3,2661,0807
OQ1KtPyramid 2G Angel of DarknessAdult (f)4,2919821
7jaRwPyramid 2G Dark AngelAdult (f)4,7149471
4H9wkPyramid 2G Golden DarknessAdult (m)5,51468553
ddSYGPB 2G Queen of DarknessAdult (f)3,4987371
iUKT2Pyramid 3G Golden Lady KingAdult (m)6,4221,0454
EeNojPyramid 3G Weird Silver LoverAdult (m)5,8608608
XfwfzCB Blackened QueenAdult (f)5,1381,2931
AY659SS 5G Bronzed BlackAdult (f)5,4701,0784
CR0daCB Blackened PrincessAdult (f)5,5221,2421
wAMnDCB Blackened KingAdult (m)2,7424632
wjkfrPyramid 2G Heartbeat PrinceAdult (m)3,7853861
hvzGlPyramid 3G Blackened WrapperAdult (f)5,5198821
gVdDhCB Queen of BlackAdult (f)5,0518201
gLLX4Pyramid 2G Dark RosesAdult (m)4,9909894
UVPWKPyramid 3G Dark IceAdult (f)5,7588141
ehKeIPyramid 3G Dark RosesAdult (m)5,2851,0382
CaOnWPyramid 3G Lovely BlacknessAdult (m)3,7368042
SPZiwCB Black Night QueenAdult (f)4,0294631
mPtCTPyramid 4G Lovely BlacknessAdult (m)5,3979552
wvhIgPyramid 3G Golden PrincessAdult (f)5,5619131
wfHfRPyramid 4G Icy BlacknessAdult (f)4,6869106
7lXbHPB 2G Black BeautyAdult (f)4,17178128
GLPhr(GLPhr)Adult (m)5,5278962
A3yHr(A3yHr)Adult (m)4,7143155
bzFg5Messy 4G Blackened WonderHatchling (m, F)3,0197692
cPtBBMessy 5G Metalic Darkness BabeHatchling (f, F)4,4568035
KLMKBPyramid 2G Midnight Star SerpentAdult (m)5,3991,5177
h7OPICB Tea Party RulerAdult (m)5,2791,3513
KTsR7CB Tea Party KingAdult (m)5,3671,3927
XCSEiPyramid 3G Lovely TeaAdult (m)4,8551,2451
EX9ccPyramid 4G VDay TeaAdult (m)5,0589691
81xiJCB Cup of Black TeaAdult (f)3,5833982
5OUTmCB I Wish I Was Green TeaAdult (f)7,0959382
Cra4dStair 5G Silver Black TeaAdult (m)6,1871,3522
SQtp4Pyramid 2G Silver Black TeaAdult (m)6,4431,3744
QO1yNPyramid 2G Silver Blackened TeaAdult (m)6,9401,1515
75vvsPyramid 2G Silver TeaAdult (m)6,8231,1743
qVqrKPyramid 3G Silver Black TeaAdult (m)6,2941,2494
J2ZnKPyramid 2G Silver Tea KingAdult (m)6,4451,2701
0tYXhPyramid 2G Golden Black TeaAdult (m)6,2411,1152
NcHckPyramid 2G Silvered Black TeaAdult (m)3,2697112
DtNxJPyramid 2G Grave TeaAdult (m)6,0668143
skjipPyramid 3G Lurking TeaAdult (f)5,7708122
pZeyKPyramid 3G Brute TeaAdult (m)6,3446311
w7hlkPyramid 3G Silver TeaAdult (m)6,3927412
lj7wuCB Tea GoddessAdult (f)6,3795033
hvpUwPyramid 3G Silver BlackenedTeaAdult (m)5,7294531
n8Vz9Pyramid 2G Silver TeabagAdult (m)4,9059313
1XyAC(1XyAC)Adult (m)3,2984021
eXw32(eXw32)Adult (f)4,1234220
nLX5a(nLX5a)Adult (f)4,1541,4707
2WLQo(2WLQo)Adult (m)2,6676673
M2hcACB Blackwing WhitebirdAdult (f)5,9961,2882
fCwCkPB 2G Black Tipped CreamAdult (m)5,9311,3421
4b627CB Blacktipped WhitebirdAdult (f)5,4051,4358
vgBOxCB Blacktipped CreamAdult (f)5,2881,4913
IWPNKCB Coco-CreamAdult (m)4,7751,0731
xRmRwPyramid 2G Silver BlacktippedAdult (f)5,2971,1363
SQB7UCB Blood BleedsAdult (f)4,7441,4411
Fg5pLCB Blood Moon GodAdult (m)6,4861,3523
Q65hNCB Red Blood Moon GodAdult (m)5,6111,4524
oDQPKCB Red Blood Moon GoddessAdult (f)5,1021,2913
JFbO3Pyramid 2G Bloody MoonAdult (m)5,0211,2193
gQANQCB Midnight Moon WorshipperAdult (f)5,0891,4425
5Wvy8Pyramid 2G Copper MoonAdult (f)4,8931,3481
BITQoPyramid 2G Bright Moon DancerAdult (m)5,3001,2631
siLT3Pyramid 2G Moonlight BloodAdult (f)5,2631,2484
XCJ2iCB Bleeding MoonlightAdult (f)3,3204511
6D2fp(6D2fp)Adult (m)3,4964541
5p44vCB Moonlight RulerAdult (m)5,1891,3714
rFsyaCB Moonlight GoddessAdult (f)4,9751,3114
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