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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “thedragn01,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
b7ZNDeja and Vu LapseAdult (f)1,4471,0165
vfBQWitch and Doctor Walla WallaAdult (f)1,3569683
qejSMary Kate and Ashley JynxAdult (f)1,06249520
HjC7Castor and Pollux JynxAdult (m)1,85675029
m3OLFred and George Weasley JynxAdult (m)1,9667883
8KZWDubble and Mynt JynxAdult (f)2,9607614
DmqvAbra and Kadabra JynxAdult (f)2,0857775
FWJ1Dubble and Bubble JynxAdult (f)1,8256997
R65WBubble and Bobble JynxAdult (m)1,8846912
1l4JTwo Times and Intuition JynxAdult (f)2,3306271
1vLDkCake and Ice Cream JynxAdult (f)2,7456472
iDApfMaximus and Carl JynxAdult (m)2,6957145
RADQRRad and Tad JynxAdult (m)2,6677081
c3tu1Drake and Drax JynxAdult (m)7,4308334
ub8MAFrozen Identity JynxHatchling (F)4,8237192
HHcHHHushing JynxHatchling (m, F)3,1697021
J3oIEFinn and RyderAdult (m)2,6099082
kuDwvMarilyn and MonroeAdult (f)2,5959271
C61QdJohnny and DeppAdult (m)2,5849090
FeYeEBruce and WillisAdult (m)3,7141,0832
f1ZjWCB of the FallenAdult (m)2,1326862
935B2Roseanne and BarrAdult (f)2,7828971
2l3Y7Bloody and MaryAdult (f)2,4818052
MwCq8Scarlett and JohanssonAdult (f)2,7638802
g54OBJack and NicholsonAdult (m)2,8958971
RIYt5Natalie and PortmanAdult (f)2,8148682
JkK6z(JkK6z)Hatchling (F)3,1245230
aXM9wKatniss 'n' PrimAdult (f)2,8471,0121
kbLHEFour 'n' EricAdult (m)2,1478850
97hWNTris 'n' ChristinaAdult (f)2,3829480
dpCSvDyson 'n' HaleAdult (m)5,6871,2044
IUHFcUriah 'n' ZekeAdult (m)4,4491,3666
4EPTM(4EPTM)Adult (m)3,9807571
5vwzODizzy JynxAdult (f)4,8126161
BdZGy(BdZGy)Adult (m)5,7235561
xQdCb(xQdCb)Adult (f)5,3786121
TT5N0(TT5N0)Adult (m)4,7846471
XHxLRHexler JynxAdult (f)6,1644973
aqTdfAquaDaftAdult (f)6,2936241
hZBT3(hZBT3)Adult (m)5,5395291
05l7N(05l7N)Adult (f)5,0615211
6vMyS(6vMyS)Adult (m)2,1896762
zHpQo(zHpQo)Adult (f)1,8066320
S2B89(S2B89)Adult (m)2,0945390
MCW8p(MCW8p)Adult (m)2,7146091
MPto6(MPto6)Adult (f)2,4925669
cUC7R(cUC7R)Adult (f)2,2035169
rnBrDragonForce Blue IvoryAdult (f)1,89374229
0HY4OH YA JynxAdult (f)1,9837112
5WKYSqueaky JynxAdult (f)2,0846851
1FjvHer Royal Squeakyness JynxAdult (f)2,6706252
WYHEKWhy Heck JynxAdult (f)1,7166384
NXmZ1Lisbeth JynxAdult (f)1,9826181
jQrBGNakey JynxAdult (m)2,0816121
33fboSays the Blind Man JynxAdult (m)2,0136371
n559aMom Says I'm Beautiful JynxAdult (f)1,9456532
ct7V3Now You See Me JynxAdult (m)3,6967582
0rEHpBleached JynxAdult (m)6,7407851
ectFPEcto JynxAdult (m)4,7847475
nScKpRoyal Vegan JynxAdult (m)2,5306921
gUMVaGummy JynxAdult (f)2,5247121
zF90vSqueaky Toes JynxAdult (m)3,1829943
qFQRoNaked Freeze JynxHatchling (f, F)4,7026491
FPAjs(FPAjs)Adult (f)3,0346834
EnBvF(EnBvF)Adult (m)2,5406751
873Vc(873Vc)Adult (m)3,0816681
Cis7R(Cis7R)Adult (m)2,5926620
g1R9E(g1R9E)Adult (f)2,3155658
ECnOu(ECnOu)Adult (m)4,1047661
syID8(syID8)Adult (f)5,0006470
HPqJg(HPqJg)Adult (f)2,5226541
4GIoq(4GIoq)Adult (m)2,4326072
Fq02EStraws Got Me BentAdult (m)4,7247191
AiWL2(AiWL2)Adult (f)5,3425610
IU4JyTwizzle Ma NizzleAdult (m)6,1575481
IGOZP(IGOZP)Adult (f)3,9977960
5alN9(5alN9)Adult (m)5,6616020
MEAqO(MEAqO)Adult (f)5,5455790
WNCc3(WNCc3)Adult (f)5,6215820
XVKpn(XVKpn)Adult (f)2,2185615
IoD3z(IoD3z)Adult (m)4,0007161
WCpsb(WCpsb)Adult (m)3,8717110
UOQK9(UOQK9)Adult (f)3,8497100
Kxi4F(Kxi4F)Adult (m)4,0047170
LP3Yi(LP3Yi)Adult (f)4,0507150
C7htc(C7htc)Adult (f)2,2585840
Adahf(Adahf)Adult (m)2,0716150
zmlcS(zmlcS)Adult (m)2,2575411
bjC5l(bjC5l)Adult (f)2,4676182
yf08R(yf08R)Adult (f)2,2435830
c8SBD(c8SBD)Adult (m)2,2175800
VgYGGliriel MinZu MooshAdult (f)3,4781,5607
WfjNPinky JynxAdult (f)3,2721,78028
ToJXwToj JynxAdult (m)4,1166830
Ptbwx(Ptbwx)Adult (f)3,4057710
GqfIM(GqfIM)Adult (m)3,4127730
Fi9hv(Fi9hv)Adult (f)3,3927730
p9FTX(p9FTX)Adult (f)4,6706340
Yshqf(Yshqf)Adult (f)4,6566250
xPiUV(xPiUV)Adult (f)4,7136320
Ac9QU(Ac9QU)Adult (m)2,1506240
XWHeR(XWHeR)Adult (f)2,2286040
Nln7E(Nln7E)Adult (m)2,91858910
qyveG(qyveG)Adult (f)4,3827072
5cbf2(5cbf2)Adult (m)4,0607201
9AeIH(9AeIH)Adult (f)4,3295221
E4e38(E4e38)Adult (m)5,4665170
f2gDY(f2gDY)Adult (f)5,6735001
4josy(4josy)Adult (f)5,6185531
jkPK0(jkPK0)Adult (m)5,1985421
aoFZBubbles JynxAdult (f)1,9498674
lR7HSuds JynxAdult (f)2,0676671
apA6Fizzy Lifting JynxAdult (f)1,9407113
LEl6I'm Sailing Away JynxAdult (m)2,1626471
P8CqlBlue Collar Man JynxAdult (m)2,0196580
NDeFjBabe JynxAdult (f)5,1788981
E7suVHufflepuff JynxAdult (f)4,2507932
vA8XTBubbly JynxAdult (m)3,6087931
HTZ4MHotz JynxAdult (f)3,0047205
JuKEOKeo JynxAdult (m)2,6256991
eXLnT(eXLnT)Adult (m)2,7809163
rLgtMIce Bubble JynxHatchling (F)4,7547371
oNBOnBon Bon JynxHatchling (f, F)3,3157071
tORHl(tORHl)Adult (m)2,8156182
oDLTY(oDLTY)Adult (f)2,8176182
98bTCuilpantiel TepesAdult (f)8404966
GH40Black Pearl JynxAdult (f)8726742
mpmhRaven DaeninnAdult (f)1,37857337
cIl5Hades von DrakenAdult (m)6,8861,00621
S2gqSilvermoon DraconnaAdult (m)2,09298111
faD3Anubis JynxAdult (m)1,6156694
vUetSeth JynxAdult (m)1,7786992
570P5Obsidian JynxAdult (m)1,8816182
Wtoc8Onyx JynxAdult (f)1,8676162
kTO73Ebony JynxAdult (f)3,8728042
3S7seHercules JynxAdult (m)3,1717971
HlEt6Saint Patrick JynxAdult (m)2,9125810
HoLLBClouded JynxAdult (m)4,3337683
K0sRSBoudicca JynxAdult (f)5,4807741
k4JWSEnchantress JynxAdult (f)5,3836962
fA4c0Belle Star JynxAdult (f)5,6837973
bJ1ObCordelia JynxAdult (f)5,5518343
CVYFoInky JynxAdult (f)4,2135493
4pn92Starless JynxAdult (f)6,1201,1062
9tbnGPearly JynxAdult (m)4,5421,0453
8EESpAten JynxAdult (m)3,3871,0453
5qKF5Khnum JynxAdult (m)5,2161,2624
5n1vZShadows das ZweiteAdult (f)3,5861,1062
HOCSSSquire IIIAdult (m)3,3558614
nFjPRShu JynxAdult (m)4,1731,0522
nlLhHHapy JynxAdult (m)5,3438643
v5L4gHorus JynxAdult (m)5,3428861
0QsfhKhepri JynxAdult (m)3,5161,0212
vrQflMydnyte's Nectar JynxAdult (m)2,9269251
OcEj5Pink Obsidian JynxAdult (m)3,7368664
tC4S9Mother's MistressHatchling (F)1,5772752
MHEYBOnyx Blast JynxHatchling (f, F)3,7857611
18rR5Frozen Without A NameHatchling (m, F)1,8845753
SOv2NNiteria FreezeHatchling (m, F)6,0187153
vAhDOmega Tepes WoltekAdult (m)6535202
HEfIMydnyte JynxAdult (m)1,6376692
tUeZCSweet Honey Tuezday JynxAdult (m)3,3988945
Io95MEarl Grey JynxAdult (m)3,2491,2223
sN8UaI'm Naked JynxAdult (f)3,1961,1781
1hoVvEnglish Breakfast JynxAdult (m)2,6551,0403
rU3FOChamomile JynxAdult (f)3,3019111
Zo7gyZogy JynxAdult (m)3,6471,4510
8Wn7CEnglish Afternoon JynxAdult (f)3,0839091
0fnJ1Gongfu JynxAdult (m)3,0139181
OyXyzKeemun JynxAdult (m)4,2086731
jNf4BMunnar JynxAdult (m)4,9176930
cMM4tJunmei JynxAdult (f)3,6578111
kklWuAuger JynxAdult (m)2,5751,2891
ToFXACardita JynxAdult (f)2,5871,2970
ieoRVCerith JynxAdult (m)3,6431,4401
Ah7BHConch JynxAdult (m)2,9829341
Bl9IECrassatella JynxAdult (f)4,0996273
0QcgiTurrid JynxAdult (f)2,7959491
MH0W3Wentletrap JynxAdult (m)2,7599660
ruaQRRua JynxAdult (m)2,7709370
pCFqIAngelwings JynxAdult (f)3,1188191
NqJl1Trivia JynxAdult (m)2,8208761
cuJHC(cuJHC)Adult (m)2,9477093
6pAuc(6pAuc)Adult (m)2,8717031
Ym84b(Ym84b)Adult (f)2,9727062
Lr5eG(Lr5eG)Adult (f)3,2497040
TYs7J(TYs7J)Adult (m)3,1467082
HHONq(HHONq)Adult (f)2,6075790
1b3Xi(1b3Xi)Adult (m)2,3835720
K4bQZI needs a band aidAdult (f)2,2639913
NL6hdBloody Mary JynxAdult (f)2,2749710
aiHsyBlood on the Moon JynxAdult (m)2,3149770
jTfbPStabby TailAdult (m)2,2739320
xFzeGBloody LunaticAdult (m)2,0839071
MvpYBMVP JynxAdult (f)2,1859521
agMBUMooned ya' JynxAdult (m)2,3209261
OgPZHOgz Pogz JynxAdult (f)2,4358630
iMRRaTigers Eye JynxAdult (m)2,6039001
4TgiKGik JynxAdult (f)2,7379220
sXebu(sXebu)Adult (f)3,3065330
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