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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “thatwaffle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xU5HL(xU5HL)Adult (m)4,3053701
PpROn(PpROn)Adult (m)5,2164442
jsb9fTorchlight of the glowing stonesAdult (m)3,95044511
vshnsinner flame of hell's reckoningAdult (m)2,3263996
0SJy9(0SJy9)Adult (f)3,3124291
DTIxp(DTIxp)Adult (f)4,3608141
SDGUN(SDGUN)Adult (f)2,7184922
0PzIs(0PzIs)Adult (m)3,4074801
xKJjM(xKJjM)Adult (f)2,6884913
R6Cd8scavenger of deaths doorAdult (f)3,57245310
mJWpe(mJWpe)Adult (f)3,1844650
HambX(HambX)Adult (m)3,8093973
qxU82(qxU82)Adult (m)4,1105102
ANZyW(ANZyW)Adult (m)3,6544121
7d5aa(7d5aa)Adult (f)2,7234390
TD8dB(TD8dB)Adult (f)3,1945161
rfTbv(rfTbv)Adult (f)3,2024781
7Si9q(7Si9q)Adult (m)2,9245021
DEgrP(DEgrP)Adult (f)3,2694181
tRJl4(tRJl4)Adult (m)2,9524560
qJa06(qJa06)Adult (m)3,1034361
5TKtI(5TKtI)Adult (f)1,6304151
5tt53(5tt53)Adult (f)4,3894340
JUB9n(JUB9n)Adult (m)4,0343710
CU9ae(CU9ae)Adult (m)3,6785000
m6X0Qmoonlight that glows in the darkAdult (f)2,8604619
Qa9rd(Qa9rd)Adult (f)2,7474373
osuBE(osuBE)Adult (f)3,4934021
y548Q(y548Q)Adult (m)3,3234691
z3TwO(z3TwO)Adult (m)4,5428252
rr1mXstarlight that shines foreverAdult (f)2,8444219
lKctI(lKctI)Adult (f)3,0414790
MuD2dSpark of the electrocutedAdult (m)3,76749712
JVKn1(JVKn1)Adult (m)2,8944961
93Nwa(93Nwa)Adult (f)5,9254362
rGBYD(rGBYD)Adult (f)4,1623902
ALGVh(ALGVh)Adult (m)5,5256021
SIwCK(SIwCK)Adult (m)4,4328271
a7osW(a7osW)Adult (f)3,3934428
zaPVm(zaPVm)Adult (m)2,7744442
Z4a0T(Z4a0T)Adult (f)4,4278380
wfNXt(wfNXt)Adult (m)3,6164760
AmHlA(AmHlA)Adult (m)3,5793870
wUe8U(wUe8U)Adult (m)3,1505261
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