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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “terminallypisces,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YQOwlo----Unsorted Growing----oHatchling (f, F)4,9538393
2XDzk(2XDzk)Adult (f)4,6498562
Id6DE(Id6DE)Adult (f)4,6588712
put6b(put6b)Adult (f)3,9456785
zwyC9(zwyC9)Adult (f)3,5086843
qJXJ0(qJXJ0)Adult (f)2,4534777
iCWUO(iCWUO)Adult (f)2,3018521
ip9b9(ip9b9)Adult (m)2,1918422
YiIE2(YiIE2)Adult (f)2,2148341
l2iKG(l2iKG)Adult (m)2,2428191
SmOGh(SmOGh)Adult (m)2,0207861
DoOsg(DoOsg)Adult (f)2,2668743
EfAV1(EfAV1)Adult (m)2,3088532
R3LVc(R3LVc)Adult (m)6,0908203
uiQEQ(uiQEQ)Adult (m)6,4797340
TmNQF(TmNQF)Adult (m)6,5467260
F6EiA(F6EiA)Adult (m)6,5618290
GqSvW(GqSvW)Adult (f)6,5257261
od3sv(od3sv)Adult (f)6,5607271
XolRK(XolRK)Adult (f)6,5517200
TuzKN(TuzKN)Adult (f)2,9075262
rcgQt(rcgQt)Adult (f)2,9665532
OP1FD(OP1FD)Adult (f)2,8135093
hmgcQ(hmgcQ)Adult (m)3,9076003
9mFML(9mFML)Adult (f)3,7775792
GsLgW(GsLgW)Adult (m)3,9195702
xKH99(xKH99)Adult (f)3,7235753
Kwe0Y(Kwe0Y)Adult (m)3,2764391
Gzf1so----Prized Dragons----oHatchling (F)2,0371973
lElTKGuardian ThunderAdult (m)6,8159714
f1EOvSerenity PrinceAdult (m)6,7129814
OYfvvMoonsoul MirrorAdult (m)6,7489783
NX3DrLegion SoldierAdult (m)6,7079503
fpecQCommander HandsomeAdult (m)4,9575514
XCHq5Xiiao PiscesAdult (f)8,2711,12018
Y77soDeva-dhungaAdult (f)7,3021,0579
CL0CvCB Royal HenAdult (f)2,3913839
MXhjQCB Princess Chick TPHatchling (f, F)3,5289204
sTbwzCB Baby Princess Chick TPHatchling (F)1,1406931
hKjd4o-----Welcome to my Scroll-----oHatchling (m, F)3,5921,0387
KptvAo----If you like something----oHatchling (F)2,9144392
fUaupPlease PM Me On The ForumsHatchling (F)1,4271063
ykRQhIts The Same Name On The ForumsHatchling (F)9552022
KzgouAsk Me About FREE DragonsHatchling (F)1,8964035
fi6ATSorted Adults below the LeetleHatchling (f, F)2,7966232
atrAXFree Dragons For AnyoneHatchling (F)1,7783392
z0dujThese Dragons Are For TradeHatchling (F)1,2271731
K3kS2These Dragons Are For IOUsHatchling (F)5492422
YSJkvo--------freezies--------oHatchling (F)1,7501533
VudexProject Dragons HereHatchling (F)1,1012151
zPZZ0Messy Spawn Point TPAdult (m)4,1901,1083
p2CuqSpawn Point TPAdult (f)4,1541,0784
DFytFo--------For Keeps--------oHatchling (f, F)4,7198441
Q1WmBHeirophant PiscesAdult (m)2,8727865
0SDUjHoliday Wrapping PiscesAdult (m)2,9417744
tqWxJHoliday Snowfall PiscesAdult (m)2,4028172
tJSTjWhite Ribbon PiscesAdult (f)2,3818212
9PrGeSana Wrapping PiscesAdult (m)2,3328212
cV1RY(cV1RY)Adult (m)2,4299221
Ybp0C(Ybp0C)Adult (m)2,4099211
pJioT(pJioT)Adult (m)5,2138618
ZFS6R(ZFS6R)Adult (m)6,2239791
Ork6l(Ork6l)Adult (m)7,3641,0393
HgQzQ(HgQzQ)Adult (m)6,5911,0274
cSiS2(cSiS2)Adult (f)6,5221,0115
AR3iG(AR3iG)Adult (f)6,4691,0403
5tFNk(5tFNk)Adult (m)6,2829563
qpRBh(qpRBh)Adult (m)6,1559505
iOUvt(iOUvt)Adult (f)6,0739596
nJrrf(nJrrf)Adult (f)6,1241,0113
jR0lG(jR0lG)Adult (f)6,1769594
rIAR6(rIAR6)Adult (f)6,2389436
koaQW(koaQW)Adult (f)6,2849604
yixAs(yixAs)Adult (f)5,0408902
2HqoD(2HqoD)Adult (m)2,3286582
Z3oLC(Z3oLC)Adult (m)2,4377051
tK0Mg(tK0Mg)Adult (m)2,4067153
jJJFx(jJJFx)Adult (f)2,5036373
p4RJY(p4RJY)Adult (f)2,7416916
4nEZR(4nEZR)Adult (f)4,13888112
flm6R(flm6R)Adult (f)2,77660410
hMR3uCream Stripe PiscesAdult (m)2,6346096
HR3puCB Opal Fire PIscesAdult (f)2,4516603
mBRofCB Undine Flow PiscesAdult (m)2,6956784
iAnKOWinter Frost PiscesAdult (m)2,5076673
3jB1pCB Scroll PiscesAdult2,4606414
blWJk(blWJk)Egg (F)
aXwh3CB Duality's Twins PiscesAdult (m)6,3589114
DKnI1CB Twin's Duality PiscesAdult (m)5,7198665
cGRgmSpLiTTzY PiscesAdult (m)4,7608225
0S5ASCB Darling Duality PiscesAdult (f)6,7631,3424
QLbvuCB Dueling Duality PiscesAdult (f)4,5919593
1dWPHCB Split Mind PiscesAdult (f)3,7641,3803
4XDDT2 Messy 2 Care PiscesAdult (f)4,8861,1503
h5RktFrozen Twins PiscesHatchling (F)1,0242121
llxwzCB Opaldust PiscesAdult (m)5,0731,0716
XPRMPCB Opalescent Gloria PiscesAdult (m)4,7531,2012
CPk12CB Opal Darling PiscesAdult (f)5,6091,0331
LEGEECB Opalescent Lady PiscesAdult (f)4,2071,1714
1Gg2MTwo-faced Spaz PiscesAdult (f)2,7019064
qSOS8CB Emerald Opaldust PiscesAdult (m)3,4171,3962
Qsn0rCB Opalescent Emerald PiscesAdult (m)3,9831,2141
vexBwCB Opalescents Jewel PiscesAdult (f)3,5901,1211
y2z06CB Opalescent Crown PiscesAdult (f)1,6806122
acDYECB acDYE PiscesAdult (f)5,8359763
1q10QCB Emerald Opal PiscesAdult (f)2,1547209
Z0OVCShimmering Opalscale PiscesAdult (f)3,0278536
dCjI7CB Dirk Strider PiscesAdult (m)4,3321,0844
7XHzgCB White Stride PiscesAdult (m)5,1369823
jsA0QCB Prism White PiscesAdult (m)3,8041,0466
51OGNCB Dusti Striding PiscesAdult (m)5,8721,0373
CXJptCB Dusty Stride PiscesAdult (f)3,2921,22614
T1rWkCB Prism's White PiscesHatchling (f, F)1,9986751
jqL2FBurning White PiscesHatchling (F)1,1272033
ZsJAjCB Bouncy Ball TPAdult (m)5,1919516
nrYgTElements of Rainbow PiscesAdult (m)2,2848563
xE6W8Rubber Bounce PiscesAdult (m)4,6391,1772
0P6ynCB Frosted Rubber Ball PiscesHatchling (f, F)3,9441,0556
glB0oFrozen Bubble PiscesHatchling (F)9092051
PO53NCB Alchemist's Poison PiscesAdult (m)2,9159054
V06PFCB Alchemist's Nightshade PiscesAdult (m)3,5335925
vDIhDCB Alchemist's Ink PiscesAdult (m)3,4151,0552
Vci77CB Alchemist's Potion PiscesAdult (m)3,3139893
s8bh3CB Alchemist's Familiar PiscesAdult (m)3,3178994
7MqKUCB Alchemist's Spine PiscesAdult (m)2,6618482
MZ1iuCB Alchemist's Onyx PiscesAdult (m)5,7861,1542
DGLJ6CB Alchemist's Thorns PiscesAdult (m)2,7588393
Wxqs8CB Alchemist's Midnight PiscesAdult (m)6,3861,0102
CPq61Black Ivy PiscesAdult (m)2,3475313
aLbJLMidnight Gold PiscesAdult (m)2,2395633
RHz49Midnight Isfel PiscesAdult (m)2,6975725
RBwFYGong Seel PiscesAdult (m)1,9146400
B1B58Midnight De Crudelis PiscesAdult (m)3,0148756
5wF4pAlchemist's Hallow's Eve PiscesAdult (m)4,1871,3043
8OAgyAlchemist's Ash PiscesAdult (m)4,0511,2804
Zd1J1Clouded Nightmare PiscesAdult (m)5,0496644
cUjXVBlack Moon Aura PiscesAdult (m)4,1819441
fecsBFlavarik Kolby PiscesAdult (m)5,7721,1783
AmxR2Eternnal Necroda PiscesAdult (m)4,7151,1834
kG56JIndiana Jumagi PiscesAdult (m)5,9226313
wQpCEGab Dorkface PiscesAdult (m)4,9149111
Xq7GvMidnight Magic Purdos PiscesAdult (m)3,6761,0977
AbiEwRoyal Black PiscesAdult (m)5,3131,1975
O6zFpOnyx Attraction PiscesAdult (m)6,7801,0388
gBDucLord Moon PiscesAdult (m)6,2471,1460
JArUSCB Alchemist's Seal PiscesAdult (f)2,9799644
KsULTCB Alchemist's Circle PiscesAdult (f)3,9381,0715
gnDmgCB Alchemist's Star PiscesAdult (f)3,4549982
ZA0ycCB Alchemist's Metal PiscesAdult (f)3,9749993
COTsZCB Alchemist's Flame PiscesAdult (f)2,6449293
l64hHCB Alchemist's Fennel PiscesAdult (f)3,1091,0223
GaqxjCB Alchemist's Chimera PiscesAdult (f)4,4771,1217
xYDLJCB Alchemist's Pewter PiscesAdult (f)4,1508578
gVjfQCB Alchemist's Charcoal PiscesAdult (f)5,0971,0963
1kcGVCB Alchemist's Incense PiscesAdult (f)6,3309621
Q63w4CB Alchemist's Scroll PiscesAdult (f)5,5571,2613
8K74LOmicidia e le Notta PiscesAdult (f)4,4427573
6JV21Adorabloodthirsty PiscesAdult (f)1,9337323
i4TINDusky Lozanov PiscesAdult (f)4,3208462
cdCkgLong Lin Lin PiscesAdult (f)2,1706273
eVH6VMess of Ink PiscesAdult (f)2,2865403
OEoY1Alchemist's Poison Bond PiscesAdult (f)3,0098074
m5uTGAlchemist's Corrosion PiscesAdult (f)2,8857835
oe9XhSterling Black PiscesAdult (f)4,0978722
yNkKdRival Go PiscesAdult (f)5,3741,2363
D9fKIThundering Black PiscesAdult (f)5,5481,3971
RUIdbMessy Night PiscesAdult (f)4,3981,0084
3Sxx2Black Bastion PiscesAdult (f)3,1194663
q7VD3Deli Delaney PiscesAdult (f)3,8679593
tl4AuSinsong Shadow Thuwed PiscesAdult (f)4,2411,2733
KDV6rBastion Azhreia PiscesAdult (f)4,2299490
qVw2iUnholy Night PiscesAdult (f)3,4241,2681
J9dALLurking Black Copper PiscesAdult (f)5,2731,1173
9tDyUSin Candi Love PiscesAdult (f)6,3191,0344
v4oBqSinful Onyx Love PiscesAdult (f)5,9091,2621
3qNozDrago Gin Lady PiscesAdult (f)3,5311,3250
DZy8uNightshade Copper PiscesAdult (m)5,5311,0559
K7XxyNera Ombra PiscesAdult (f)2,8348565
cghx8Nightgale Hawk TPHatchling (m, F)2,4436442
njRteShadow Game TPHatchling (f, F)2,4326413
wdp4YDorky Little Midnight TPHatchling (f, F)3,8438653
3s135Golden Night of Wars TPHatchling (F)8462592
fh2LFCrystal Midnight TPHatchling (F)2,0427411
IIWQICB Oolong's TeaLeaf PiscesAdult (m)3,6627732
oFM5zCB Soothing Tea PiscesAdult (m)4,3141,3743
cCGPXIvory Tea III PiscesAdult (m)2,5106734
miEmWCB Tea LeafWing PiscesAdult (f)5,7739945
bf6AgCB Earl Tea PiscesAdult (f)3,7818663
64oqBCB Lovely Rose Tea PiscesAdult (f)1,9195645
ROlMTCB Mint Tea PiscesAdult (f)4,4681,1582
1ZrDVCB Licorice Tea PiscesAdult (f)2,7538462
sglxUCB Lady Rose Tea PiscesAdult (f)3,6391,0992
J7x2FCB Ocha The Priestess PiscesAdult (f)2,5489572
KfQc4Darling Black Earl Tea PiscesAdult (f)2,2357513
GpQeILady Tea II PiscesAdult (f)2,3457451
NmZqvNepeta Tea PiscesAdult (f)4,6241,2585
ghoqNWith Milk and HoneyAdult (f)3,5721,1169
eyvXNRazzberry Tea PiscesHatchling (F)4212631
JvLwuCB Sea salt Ice Cream PiscesAdult (m)3,4169635
QhWQSCB Sea's Salt PiscesAdult (m)3,1438906
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