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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “temsik,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9UyaRMSI - CB D BSAHatchling3,7766991
3VVdsKane - CB H 2011Adult (f)4,1689911
ViKIsReligion - BR H 2010Adult (m)2,9688162
rzZIuPoison - CB H 2013Adult (f)2,7331,1193
oomtiDelicate - CB P BSAAdult (m)4,4471,0514
v54JITinsel - CB H 2009Adult (f)3,0659270
tmJ8LUlysses - CB DAdult (m)1,60570617
uDd30Numa - CB H 2017Adult (f)3,4551,2015
fnaqtMetalocalypse - CB DAdult (m)3,2347502
1tqNsRuckus - CB DAdult (m)3,4807272
meWJhGoemon - CB D BSAAdult (f)5,8999743
n9RKRFujiko - CB D BSAAdult (f)6,3267950
PpI6bMine - CB D BSAAdult (m)6,6981,0845
lM5xNSentiment - CB DAdult (m)3,1666851
z0ef5Endless - CB DAdult (m)2,9305730
NNpw5Anyways - CB DAdult (f)3,5827971
shf4bRyu - BR H 2015Adult (f)2,7387282
FwomFHollywood - CB DAdult (f)2,7085476
szc4zUnearthly - CB H 2012Adult (m)3,5351,3062
dLW6HManifesto - BR H 2014Adult (m)2,8639095
jdGP8Knives - CB D BSAAdult (f)3,4849471
NlDPcViva Namida - CB H 2010Adult (f)2,7641,1644
QFmPfSako - CB DAdult (f)3,6357730
VBbZ9Lonely Day - CB H 2007Adult (m)3,1669291
gD1zcTienanmen - CB DAdult (m)3,7968112
vxoGeHypnotize - CB DAdult (f)3,5357351
Xdg94MCR - CB D BSAAdult (f)4,4148531
y5YpfOpponent - CB D BSAAdult (m)3,9229894
7VsFIMarrow - CB H 2016Adult (m)4,1141,0062
fVKpyTerror - CB DAdult (f)3,4958230
ZKN1AFuma - CB DAdult (m)3,6666161
yPF2qStrike - BR H 2015Adult (f)3,7319102
qvNWwVal - BR H 2009Adult (f)3,4417322
ZAJmNTrigger - CB DAdult (f)3,9947773
V4mWtTempt - BR H 2019Adult (f)3,8919203
lfQGaZygan - CB DAdult (m)3,4727520
SPyWGAvenged - CB DAdult (m)3,9158391
uS32qMeteor - CB DAdult (m)3,9568810
5Z7rqTristan - BR H 2017Adult (f)3,6897221
G2cPLPrice - BR H 2017Adult (f)3,2267902
ifs4CScotty - CB D BSAAdult (m)3,4597814
9xPWoHeartless - MB D BSAAdult (f)3,5247871
YB9DzBurning - CB D BSAAdult (f)4,6067976
nBMkwLil Nas X - CB H 2016Adult (m)3,8321,3875
sktYdChrono - CB P BSAAdult (m)5,3991,0077
ik8AODesolate - CB PAdult (m)3,6658051
A8MnBBlock - BR PAdult (m)4,3541,1104
NttjzShut Me Up - CB PAdult (m)3,7127802
on4LlKillswitch - BR PAdult (m)2,7236480
2xKzHEnsure - CB PAdult (m)3,8746253
7xwsTQwark - CB DAdult (f)3,8308061
4OfvBRajan - CB DAdult (f)3,7598291
PsYqfPanic - CB DAdult (m)4,8087782
AlhlrSmirnoff - BR PAdult (m)3,8498252
YDSy5Issues - CB PAdult (f)4,0128402
PLSZjStruggle - CB DAdult (m)3,3275831
CtVqcBorderline - CB DAdult (m)4,8788014
E8MsIAlkaline - CB H 2011Adult (f)3,4511,2801
lwJvHMugshot - CB DAdult (m)3,4627751
PVCnkTorn - CB DAdult (m)3,5527831
sSHEYVash - CB D BSAAdult (f)6,56398010
8CqJ6Mercilessly - MB DAdult (f)4,0247912
LlKOkSelfless - CB PAdult (m)3,0586780
vT9DXPill - CB DAdult (m)3,6008220
feSkJAnime - CB D BSAAdult (f)3,8447732
vHrmyEnd - CB DAdult (m)3,2477290
pGYaJRenewal - CB H 2013Adult (f)3,1038622
BvMeuDedan - CB PAdult (m)3,6779824
nYTOaJetstream - CB PAdult (f)3,5428391
PTvhEDesperation - CB DAdult (f)2,8887150
XmoMNDaisuke - CB H 2019Adult (m)3,5661,2144
KZc2QGive It All - CB DAdult (m)4,0961,0183
vBnuDUnjustifiable - CB DAdult (f)3,1837601
QcwvfWarden - CB DAdult (m)4,1017951
kafcCTessla - CB D BSAAdult (m)4,7488935
AxUQEPowerstruggle - CB DAdult (f)2,6386462
OMYCtTemsik - CB D BSAAdult (m)4,4421,0192
noWfgCuffs - CB D BSAAdult (f)3,2006742
XehxDDenial - CB H BSA 2015Adult (m)3,0608720
dlrCpTrezona - CB PAdult (m)3,9228912
nCCCWSaint Bernard - CB PAdult (f)2,9531,0313
SmLMkCredit - MB PAdult (f)2,7536581
gor26Mastermind - CB DAdult (f)2,9986792
qYi8fJohanna - CB DAdult (m)4,0817742
DeYwvMojang - HB DAdult (f)2,7646471
A6DmXDry - CB DAdult (f)3,4395821
0vzcWEye - CB DAdult (m)3,5168430
tD8VQSugar - CB PAdult (m)4,6717734
WLbA6Blackbox - CB H 2014Adult (f)3,2169461
9okDcTriassic - CB DAdult (m)3,4307720
eadEKTrio - CB H 2008Adult (m)3,3378342
Kl50IPray - CB P BSAAdult (f)3,3036562
C2FxDLine - BR DAdult (f)2,5116441
FjtCkSport - CB DAdult (m)3,0897230
2QDqlAlibi - CB H 2010Adult (f)3,2819051
OplB9Forever - CB DAdult (f)3,3877381
DgKMRLash - BR H 2009Adult (f)2,6487011
xEQiHEnoch - CB DAdult (m)4,0039132
ynv3SFeel - CB H 2011Adult (m)3,0098901
294qSLongcat - CB DAdult (m)3,5748311
9bywYIostream - CB H 2014Adult (m)4,1159730
qUYg4Old School - CB DAdult (f)3,1055800
HAvA0Fractal - CB H 2019Adult (m)2,6116811
smfUmMemo - CB DAdult (f)3,1176900
mNyL6Country - CB DAdult (f)2,9806971
BbqIHDeviate - BR H 2018Adult (f)2,7718773
cTcV9Oyasumi - CB DAdult (m)3,4207242
uILxYKorn - CB DAdult (m)4,0398642
tecKbTV - MB P BSAAdult (m)4,3498701
wwcFrANTIRICH - CB P BSAAdult (m)4,1991,0272
Cd7YdPhony - CB DAdult (m)1,67272918
lJ4W3Lost in Hollywood - BR DAdult (f)2,9117171
GtkGfZumwalt - CB DAdult (m)2,9167272
Ocvo9Vilify - CB H 2020Adult (m)2,8558052
LJrDGExile - CB H 2020Adult (m)3,5529272
MWW2oSea Plus - CB H 2018Adult (m)4,1941,0021
fCV8vSypha - BR H 2012Adult (m)3,7369104
26C8PFoil - CB H 2012Adult (m)2,7628221
4iOlZDeathwish - CB DAdult (m)4,1431,2185
9uRWYPachi - CB DAdult (f)2,7656911
o9lcDSystem - CB PAdult (f)3,8429324
Nyf5AZenigata - CB D BSAAdult (m)6,7629238
kWNINCody - CB LEgg (F)
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