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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tarotlover,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QwPnAMom's 1st Mother's Day in HeavenEgg (F)
v4AYZTiny Little InsomniacHatchling (m, F)2,1466951
TmT72o -- Welcome to my scroll -- oAdult (f)2,7158083
wm6dgCheesy Holiday MovieAdult2,7595734
MF2O6Death By A Thousand Paper CutsAdult5,6571,45427
QoAczMy Favorite YearAdult (f)3,86192427
Y4jb9My Pride and JoyfulAdult3,59667429
9YcIYSon of dIICkAdult (m)3,76065011
Kar6n(Kar6n)Adult (f)2,13857313
3rhqbMom I Will Always Love YouAdult (f)8151438
3ahkYMom I Will Remember You AlwaysAdult (f)2,76239611
vV26xMama It Is Okay To Let GoAdult (f)4,7661,0246
MNXI3We Will Miss You So Much MamaAdult (m)2,8396853
OIEWX(OIEWX)Adult (m)5,43984952
QWerK(QWerK)Adult (f)1,87035510
wAFvDShe is goneHatchling (f, F)7,5661,1875
hfGiYTo My Mama Dying I LOVE YOUAdult (m)2,7947245
5dCAYI Think Of You Every Second MamaAdult (f)4,0386836
09Xs1Mama You Were Sick So SuddenlyAdult (m)4,4795947
bzdDnMama I Am Already GrievingAdult (f)2,5488061
EoXnCMy Mama Is In Hospice DyingAdult (f)4,8287385
FYdrwMom So Much We Didn't Get To SayAdult (f)4,5446922
2Q2PgCorkscrew TransportAdult (f)4,9459717
Sci3x(Sci3x)Adult (f)4,9219121
SoE7H(SoE7H)Adult (m)5,0599120
4h1EJFritz LangAdult (f)3,8326904
fUlAp(fUlAp)Adult (f)3,7236513
fwOrM(fwOrM)Adult (f)3,2127026
Rel8R(Rel8R)Adult (f)3,8487393
Uolxp(Uolxp)Adult (f)5,1588083
qAWE7(qAWE7)Adult (m)5,2128183
blnFQ(blnFQ)Adult (m)4,3078084
ZGoyf(ZGoyf)Adult (m)4,1001,0015
e8iRK(e8iRK)Adult (f)5,71295515
E5RuB(E5RuB)Adult (m)3,5634499
1x5yx(1x5yx)Adult (f)3,7607404
fqhx8(fqhx8)Adult (f)3,7023713
C2EEp(C2EEp)Adult (m)4,1234042
JF0Rk(JF0Rk)Adult (f)4,1036237
zuQx8Magic of GryffindorAdult (m)4,1385016
5jTuT(5jTuT)Adult (f)2,9965557
DEXy6(DEXy6)Adult (m)5,1788373
HZibIViolet NoteAdult (f)7,7391,2286
2dpp1(2dpp1)Adult (m)7,5411,1875
DhNZd(DhNZd)Adult (m)3,7093842
oYZCG(oYZCG)Adult (m)2,89764911
7bFoh(7bFoh)Adult (f)3,9613963
5ncoQ(5ncoQ)Adult (f)2,8305503
znGOgA 24k WolfAdult (m)2,4585665
R95FO(R95FO)Adult (f)3,6667432
XyLu0Eighth Wonder of the W0rldAdult (m)7,74197210
BkeZe(BkeZe)Adult (f)4,8848444
J8Arg(J8Arg)Adult (f)3,09151218
FSrav(FSrav)Adult (f)4,2698712
1NHii(1NHii)Adult (f)7,2761,1093
OfIBK(OfIBK)Adult (m)6,3389292
zxmMVThe Original Code BreakerAdult (f)4,4769744
E6Q8D(E6Q8D)Adult (m)4,6118705
2o0sP(2o0sP)Adult (m)4,7574792
9Tp4C(9Tp4C)Dead Adult (f)3,9574545
IyADnAlice's Tea PartyAdult (f)4,0973563
CSXWG(CSXWG)Adult (f)4,2826656
SZBKw(SZBKw)Adult (m)1,8644993
bng4E(bng4E)Adult (m)4,2464006
5PCQY(5PCQY)Adult (m)3,9503954
4bOt4(4bOt4)Adult (f)2,5088305
S7uTs(S7uTs)Adult (f)4,7964222
qNjyc(qNjyc)Adult (m)8,0735543
4Mxep(4Mxep)Adult (f)4,1946873
mpJWjDodged MasqueradeAdult (f)4,2924406
16sVy(16sVy)Dead Adult (m)7,9966458
3iaKvFloral TaffyAdult (f)4,1855512
FcRGy(FcRGy)Adult (f)5,13281919
mIBzZThe Code Breaker's NemesisAdult (m)5,3581,0522
5KbIUThe White Rabbit Is LateAdult (m)5,9679314
jFnMr(jFnMr)Adult (f)5,5987054
Jqj7Z(Jqj7Z)Adult (m)5,6356922
xi0AILuscious FloralAdult (f)4,7297833
Mtpq3(Mtpq3)Adult (f)5,7347133
70HUe(70HUe)Adult (f)5,8991,06224
ozxFsKey'board CatAdult (f)6,8649634
nJhqxGinger HaikuAdult (f)5,38997213
2m3Y0(2m3Y0)Adult (m)7,5851,11043
AzPTVLava ParadeAdult (f)6,6971,20310
wwL83(wwL83)Adult (m)5,6401,0693
50Q6u(50Q6u)Adult (f)6,1931,0804
EZh7r(EZh7r)Adult (f)7,7769681
WEek0(WEek0)Adult (f)7,4101,16535
3vtu7(3vtu7)Adult (m)6,8921,1549
M2lUQThe Code Breaker's ConfidantAdult (f)7,4641,2284
izpvULuscious CoralAdult (m)4,6519632
FItlLCoral NoteAdult (f)2,2904850
GN6VpCoral WhimsyAdult (m)4,8889836
H2zZY(H2zZY)Adult (f)4,8099537
pnV3YCoral AdriftAdult (m)4,9889632
RqMWCOcean ConfettiAdult (f)2,4935380
jDYTYCoral RefrainAdult (m)2,4225160
Tn7W5Coral ConfettiAdult (f)3,4226640
gKyXfMossy MuseAdult (f)6,1871,00421
N8LncMossy ConfettiAdult (m)6,04499413
VauV8(VauV8)Adult (f)6,48599114
4eiKE(4eiKE)Adult (m)6,35698712
y4HO3(y4HO3)Hatchling (f, F)4,3218596
yyRFE(yyRFE)Adult (m)3,4952438
aaixdDance of TwilightAdult (m)2,90037351
EGnrq(EGnrq)Adult (f)47815739
L0V00(L0V00)Adult (m)5,0968703
cueeW(cueeW)Adult (m)5,24287910
dEoD0(dEoD0)Adult (m)6,9249082
iZdeu(iZdeu)Adult (f)7,1409062
YWQL6(YWQL6)Adult (m)4,7268954
FORkv(FORkv)Adult (f)5,1829102
8NHj0(8NHj0)Adult (m)3,3164209
I1DaGTelling Copper TalesAdult (f)4,75182711
sUDJI(sUDJI)Adult (f)2,9022689
VhGFfCloaked TravelerAdult (f)4,41172011
nt6as(nt6as)Adult (m)3,65282017
YkpuT(YkpuT)Adult (m)3,8298023
L2mlV(L2mlV)Adult (f)2,9054513
jUPH2Amethyst CrushAdult (m)3,7703673
tohHaClandestine VisionAdult (m)3,2064794
h0j1ALayla-Darling Won't You EaseAdult (f)6,8911,1123
u9J3i(u9J3i)Adult (f)8,4881,1534
Crq82(Crq82)Adult (f)2,7418101
3NNi1(3NNi1)Adult (m)3,7555163
9DuUt(9DuUt)Adult (m)4,8478842
nWjudThe Code Breaker's Ice BreakerAdult (m)5,4309232
8prKFB'lank StampAdult (m)6,3498765
QKKLE(QKKLE)Adult (f)3,7836213
akwwr(akwwr)Adult (m)3,9364051
9pfGV(9pfGV)Adult (m)2,96181213
3RaD0(3RaD0)Adult (f)6,4557854
xTMD5(xTMD5)Adult (f)3,42082111
zdN7r(zdN7r)Adult (m)3,56881411
5fcNj(5fcNj)Adult (f)4,9158807
1IlMH(1IlMH)Adult (m)3,28967919
CuzxBThe Code Breaker's ExuberanceAdult (f)4,3639428
anOaT(anOaT)Adult (f)3,0298106
xSNHx(xSNHx)Adult (f)3,0628115
USAL3(USAL3)Adult (f)7,0394853
eihsg(eihsg)Adult (f)5,2275166
VJYnL(VJYnL)Adult (m)2,71981516
yto6MPinkity McPinkersonAdult (m)3,8151,0067
14OCT(14OCT)Adult (f)4,71780530
Zhg2e(Zhg2e)Adult (f)4,5956516
44SO5The Code Breaker's Laundry DayAdult (m)3,50784115
0hfQuAncestral HoardingHatchling (f, F)4,8861,1065
4ZHlF(4ZHlF)Adult (m)4,10580516
CKEYt(CKEYt)Adult (f)2,25381911
vHcJ0Lemon TwineAdult (m)4,38434317
BFZO9(BFZO9)Adult (m)3,8484414
WKg2e(WKg2e)Adult (f)5,1017702
WChwm(WChwm)Adult (m)6,6431,1037
LrNHuPastel MuseAdult (f)2,7217515
IcoiuDandelion Puff PuffAdult (m)4,1046593
apUS0Pastel ConfettiAdult (m)3,01632617
7Yyl7(7Yyl7)Adult (f)1,6645074
nEWOU(nEWOU)Adult (m)4,28581312
TAaonThe Code Breaker's Pillow FightAdult (f)4,3809558
UWWra(UWWra)Adult (f)6,0721,00811
O84wq(O84wq)Adult (f)3,8518744
QqqnU(QqqnU)Adult (m)3,1932285
KKsf0Oops It HatchedAdult (m)3,98089614
bKo0y(bKo0y)Adult (f)3,6417905
XNoiWAmber CurlAdult (f)4,21699716
nfcqZSeashell ConfettiAdult (f)3,0062585
1Nju0(1Nju0)Adult (f)3,3844893
LeNHD(LeNHD)Adult (m)2,93882616
MzTcH(MzTcH)Adult (f)3,05182616
c3Wkr(c3Wkr)Adult (m)7,51379110
DJvz9The Code Breaker's MerrimentAdult (m)5,03891612
aSc7K(aSc7K)Adult (f)5,13683615
ulITT(ulITT)Adult (f)2,8014805
B05oD(B05oD)Adult (m)2,84581012
e2BMSAqua CurlAdult (f)2,68680817
D5rAu(D5rAu)Adult (m)3,03980316
F3bGn(F3bGn)Adult (f)3,01580918
CpaHq(CpaHq)Adult (m)3,0895608
6fKbU(6fKbU)Adult (m)5,9573985
J6oamDrama SchoolAdult (f)8,9087443
5MmeY(5MmeY)Adult (m)3,3914819
3kbOZ(3kbOZ)Adult (f)2,7065535
Zrn2jThe Code Breaker's Night OwlAdult (f)4,1969549
ETWkg(ETWkg)Adult (f)3,8654662
RUdbr(RUdbr)Adult (m)4,0874671
O2AIHGilded RompAdult (m)2,7545355
4zEx8(4zEx8)Adult (f)4,3323722
RVzhU(RVzhU)Adult (m)4,0593401
F29jg(F29jg)Hatchling (f, F)5,8878775
NkjS0Lucifer's GirlAdult (f)6,7188934
V0Ug2(V0Ug2)Adult (m)4,0654503
TsQEB(TsQEB)Hatchling (m, F)3,6342999
XdwFu(XdwFu)Adult (f)3,8163444
dEEeR(dEEeR)Adult (f)5,0538396
KIXtr(KIXtr)Adult (m)5,5008402
VpCgUAmber RefrainAdult (m)5,6288471
T0Fty(T0Fty)Adult (f)4,67187114
RPb50(RPb50)Hatchling (m, F)2,67550318
XyRaD(XyRaD)Adult (f)5,1738231
2EiuYSeashell RefrainAdult (m)3,6966659
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