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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tapeape,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YEDb4(YEDb4)Hatchling (m)2,3405103
auaraTwo headed 001Adult (m)2,9438597
BTAlLTwo headed 002Adult (f)3,0659502
oL4sQTwo headed 003Adult (f)2,6498121
fEavlTwo headed 004Adult (f)2,7418214
raHe3Two headed 005Adult (m)2,7388064
6EsYZTwo headed 006Adult (f)2,7038887
Cy2Z2(Cy2Z2)Adult (f)3,5715486
K7Nld(K7Nld)Adult (f)4,4824233
VvwAf(VvwAf)Adult (f)3,1554892
quHM0(quHM0)Adult (f)3,6094293
tc9EO(tc9EO)Adult (m)3,1645251
Kh3NzTwo-Headed Dragon FT01Hatchling (F)1,8142702
t2xTMLindwurm Alpine 001Adult (f)3,4519261
dyWXaLindwurm Alpine 002Adult (f)4,2928871
TrxirLindwurm Alpine 003Adult (m)5,7408741
BMdDhLindwurm Alpine 004Adult (m)4,6837923
qNYxaLindwurm Alpine 005Adult (f)6,8597052
zxTx0(zxTx0)Adult (m)2,6715021
3neZ1Lindwurm Forest 001Adult (f)2,6289102
ryTPnLindwurm Forest 002Adult (m)2,6168901
uz2L7Lindwurm Forest 003Adult (m)3,9131,0901
ygtVjLindwurm Forest 004Adult (f)3,7548911
qltmHLindwurm Forest 005Adult (m)4,3249822
6Ded0Lindwurm Forest 006Adult (f)2,0886082
G4buxLindwurm Forest 007Adult (m)3,9731,0571
Pr69YLindwurm Forest 008Adult (f)5,3689192
i0JRGLindwurm Forest 009Adult (m)4,6629451
WjsCtAeon Wyvern T01Adult (f)3,5328211
1w1InAeon Wyvern T02Adult (m)3,9827771
jBXlCAeon Wyvern T03Adult (f)4,3157432
vuyOBAeon Wyvern T04Adult (m)4,4697261
xRrfQ(xRrfQ)Adult (m)3,1704461
QG6cP(QG6cP)Hatchling (F)2,1902122
54lWLAeria Gloris T01Adult (f)2,4854912
d3GtMAeria Gloris T02Adult (m)2,9485222
5pSoQAeria Gloris T03Adult (m)2,7134751
guWj8(guWj8)Adult (m)2,9244644
vPauP(vPauP)Adult (m)2,6814301
Oggbp(Oggbp)Adult (m)2,6814761
SBeh0(SBeh0)Adult (f)4,5144321
EVkb5(EVkb5)Adult (f)4,3163774
1wMu6(1wMu6)Adult (f)3,2914581
gbQq4(gbQq4)Adult (f)3,0414853
PPZ4XAether T01Adult (f)2,7554841
xDG6zAether T02Adult (m)2,3904722
pU8SuAether T03Adult (m)3,0605021
Ml8kOAether T04Adult (f)3,0974991
RSSFk(RSSFk)Adult (f)2,4325021
PTLtl(PTLtl)Adult (f)2,5084691
qpdCz(qpdCz)Adult (f)3,0564854
0b5A2(0b5A2)Adult (f)3,5664281
xpB0C(xpB0C)Adult (f)3,0924182
Y8G92(Y8G92)Hatchling (F)1,2392901
VlS4DAlbino 0001Adult (m)2,4656932
NkTqZAlbino 0002Adult (m)2,3008123
E2cWYAlbino 0003Adult (f)2,6348301
NUV7tAlbino 0004Adult (f)2,2676926
gKmskAlbino 0005Adult (f)1,6936094
pMJt8Albino 0006Adult (m)5,5707431
7OO81Albino Frozen 0001Hatchling (F)1,9413572
mEQtNAlbino Frozen 0002Hatchling (F)1,9823661
rshBmAlbino Frozen 0003Hatchling (F)1,8523551
9Sx2kAlbino Frozen 0004Hatchling (F)2,1513601
YfN6QAlbino Frozen 0005Hatchling (F)1,6653371
YhnIJAlcedine Blue T01Adult (f)2,8995203
LvfA8Alcedine Blue T02Adult (f)2,7074931
w7QsMAlcedine Blue T03Adult (m)2,6424841
LXMVT(LXMVT)Adult (m)2,5255191
iygO8Alcedine Red T01Adult (m)2,5985141
s8zdXAlcedine Red T02Adult (f)2,9154971
6LDREAlmerald T01Adult (f)4,0837862
KBUxgAlmerald T02Adult (m)4,1317971
VCqPCAlmerald T03Adult (m)3,6467372
KAtqi(KAtqi)Adult (m)3,8304911
nYk6E(nYk6E)Adult (m)3,3384663
xGNrw(xGNrw)Adult (f)3,1165431
sbMuR(sbMuR)Adult (f)3,3723761
PLnmM(PLnmM)Adult (m)3,6094141
d4VAy(d4VAy)Adult (f)3,1674410
AskpJAlmerald  FT01Hatchling (F)2,1633002
wPKZ2Amalthean T01Adult (f)3,0034703
qVTrgAmalthean T02Adult (m)2,5064522
ZYPcGAnagallis Jungle T001Adult (m)4,5608101
uFFHSAnagallis Jungle T002Adult (f)4,7428071
L93VpAnagallis Forest T001Adult (m)4,7608081
uyvGTAnagallis Forest T002Adult (f)4,4968121
SnbTEAnagallis Desert T001Adult (m)4,2978151
F7KvwAnagallis Desert T002Adult (f)4,4178082
OkPDGAnagallis Desert T003Adult (m)5,1018171
wSTJ0Anagallis Desert T004Adult (f)5,5958681
04YER(04YER)Adult (f)3,4524202
kmUOJ(kmUOJ)Adult (f)3,0655111
W6I1V(W6I1V)Adult (f)2,8874773
fZp7d(fZp7d)Adult (f)3,2364842
ug3LO(ug3LO)Adult (m)2,5944611
8c4vZ(8c4vZ)Adult (f)3,5474573
X8PPj(X8PPj)Adult (m)2,9594282
ift0BAnagallis FrozenHatchling (F)3,0756461
amI3KAntarean T001Adult (f)4,5367561
pTFNlAntarean T002Adult (f)4,5307622
lKDVHAntarean T003Adult (m)4,8707581
tF1oQAntarean T004Adult (m)4,5337681
lMEicAntarean T005Adult (m)4,8267722
eArcFAntarean T006Adult (f)5,4666351
oeu97(oeu97)Adult (f)3,1524161
EbnKC(EbnKC)Adult (f)3,3894991
XX05Y(XX05Y)Adult (m)3,7264571
0Tbly(0Tbly)Adult (m)3,0204531
298Ii(298Ii)Adult (m)3,1004042
x6kxOAntarean FT01Hatchling (F)1,8661903
18EL9Aqualis T01Adult (f)2,5514401
SgzhSAqualis T02Adult (m)2,8684741
yUYEwAqualis T03Adult (m)2,6254741
2Ry0JAqualis T04Adult (f)2,6764591
0hgxn(0hgxn)Adult (m)3,2085151
ePq33(ePq33)Adult (m)2,9014201
CnYPj(CnYPj)Adult (m)3,2664521
XEDCP(XEDCP)Adult (m)2,9694491
xl3OzAranoa J T01Adult (f)4,3984301
jlyc1Aranoa C T01Adult (f)3,6203912
qNYNMAranoa C T02Adult (m)3,1364062
hE1tKAranoa J T02Adult (m)3,3403981
uZUJwAranoa J T03Adult (f)3,7804081
wBt5FAranoa C T03Adult (m)3,3244161
TPhyS(TPhyS)Adult (f)3,8154582
1Ep3w(1Ep3w)Adult (f)3,2624610
IYeQz(IYeQz)Adult (m)4,3854401
nztnu(nztnu)Adult (m)4,3654051
HtOpSAria T01Adult (f)3,0728221
bl8yMAria T02Adult (m)3,2398352
68AuOAria T03Adult (m)4,7757031
n4em3Aria T04Adult (f)4,8576940
pVtj1Aria T05Adult (f)4,3787111
RETRK(RETRK)Adult (m)5,2106522
uJzPE(uJzPE)Adult (f)2,5774741
8nyLt(8nyLt)Adult (f)3,3035562
YFs78(YFs78)Adult (f)2,8014302
4tlGY(4tlGY)Adult (m)3,6894993
RT4er(RT4er)Adult (f)3,5443851
M0GiF(M0GiF)Adult (m)3,1984614
3Ec4q(3Ec4q)Adult (f)3,7584701
4ZwFz(4ZwFz)Adult (f)3,9944391
6LXXu(6LXXu)Adult (m)3,5405151
kA8er(kA8er)Hatchling (F)1,2022581
G2SApAsh forest T01Adult (f)2,6254644
VFYwSAsh Volcano T01Adult (f)3,4085021
uIfqDAsh forest T03Adult (m)4,3124661
UkpvBAsh Volcano T02Adult (m)3,3444633
290bzAsh forest T02Adult (f)2,9764732
MP6kdAsh Volcano T03Adult (m)2,7214582
YVHhl(YVHhl)Adult (m)2,8564361
YHt9u(YHt9u)Adult (f)3,8514831
U1Fm0(U1Fm0)Adult (f)2,8884673
PCmGq(PCmGq)Adult (m)2,8996091
rdXcx(rdXcx)Adult (m)3,3594671
AhcIE(AhcIE)Adult (f)4,1314502
vxEkF(vxEkF)Adult (f)4,4507324
MsAqyAzure Glacewing T01Adult (f)3,4007172
1eYcIAzure Glacewing T02Adult (m)3,4567171
RD8chAzure Glacewing T03Adult (m)4,0516822
f7r3v(f7r3v)Adult (m)3,3174931
u2HsV(u2HsV)Adult (f)3,4485093
O0opf(O0opf)Adult (m)4,3204321
CQ4qZ(CQ4qZ)Adult (f)3,5134711
98j0oAzure Glacewing FT01Hatchling (F)2,3782792
8ggMsBaikala T01Adult (m)5,1786811
usM1bBaikala T02Adult (f)5,1616751
7ycdR(7ycdR)Adult (f)6,2026251
FJqf6(FJqf6)Adult (m)5,6546262
5Ygar(5Ygar)Adult (m)3,4345024
7XTtnBaikala T03Adult (f)5,3436191
1o6jNBaikala T04Adult (m)6,2206021
UQ4Ao(UQ4Ao)Adult (f)6,2706231
RA4vu(RA4vu)Adult (m)2,5624891
2Jma9Balloon 0001Adult (f)2,2046972
tkoDpBalloon 0002Adult (m)2,5458152
Regh2Balloon 0003Adult (f)2,1506775
C6SuoBalloon 0004Adult (f)1,9676275
q1kKlBalloon 0005Adult (f)1,8656164
97qgLBauta T01Adult (m)4,1326951
8mCNbBauta T02Adult (f)4,2126901
DOYkn(DOYkn)Adult (m)5,8786972
bIaJy(bIaJy)Adult (f)8,2317591
n7gsR(n7gsR)Adult (f)4,3774333
7j0lBBauta T06Adult (m)3,1934642
VUmVy(VUmVy)Adult (m)3,5464942
hUFbb(hUFbb)Adult (f)4,4024322
Usjkn(Usjkn)Adult (m)3,1504151
NgOSo(NgOSo)Adult (m)2,8534432
NT0sdBlack 0001Adult (m)2,9559733
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