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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tallyra,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PpeQU(PpeQU)Adult (f)1,9716662
qC8e3(qC8e3)Adult (m)2,4796593
vb2GzPerfectly ReflectedAdult (f)2,6076633
MOVFQ(MOVFQ)Adult (m)3,3419682
cAOoqDamn The ConsequencesAdult (f)3,6146416
rDhVjLook Out KidAdult (m)3,6359681
kXadN(kXadN)Adult (f)2,6137983
iL8RaA Fire Without A SparkAdult (m)2,9266821
WUi0g(WUi0g)Adult (f)2,5058145
5OSIe(5OSIe)Adult (m)2,7169142
uIztAA Fine SkylarkAdult (f)2,3036562
FbRUg(FbRUg)Adult (m)4,6709823
R7NsVShadows Like The DaysAdult (f)2,3658155
IEapbTook The Midnight TrainAdult (m)11,1981,9464
49EhB(49EhB)Adult (f)4,0097682
J8PW3(J8PW3)Adult (m)3,4207945
pvMcH(pvMcH)Adult (f)3,0019442
2hogl(2hogl)Adult (m)3,5927823
k8LyI(k8LyI)Adult (f)3,8719310
adl8x(adl8x)Adult (m)3,8008982
17v7H(17v7H)Adult (f)2,9947281
STDXj(STDXj)Adult (m)3,0207562
JIQCI(JIQCI)Adult (f)2,4257054
i58nE(i58nE)Adult (m)2,4226954
XDsVZ(XDsVZ)Adult (f)4,7841,2863
w4nLT(w4nLT)Adult (m)2,9248562
kMkTc(kMkTc)Adult (f)2,4738531
9lkLO(9lkLO)Adult (m)2,4098602
XttdF(XttdF)Adult (f)2,4351,4681
j8mmu(j8mmu)Adult (m)2,4687172
LzKpfIn Return For GraceAdult (f)6,8441,6944
STOXt(STOXt)Adult (m)2,8327971
hGGHpNo Sunsets Just SilenceAdult (f)3,5381,2389
jOKe2Jokers To The RightAdult (m)3,8839215
y7jxgLive In A Hiding-PlaceAdult (f)3,5161,18411
zB1xn(zB1xn)Adult (m)3,5531,0143
J9Qe7Scream To A SighAdult (f)2,8317541
te2erKiller Key-ChangeAdult (m)2,8527563
eGZ7L(eGZ7L)Adult (f)2,8147413
98kAT(98kAT)Adult (m)4,1731,0233
C0IVy(C0IVy)Adult (f)2,6809311
iQQ76(iQQ76)Adult (m)4,5221,1001
Ai21C(Ai21C)Adult (f)3,9671,0920
zmxuP(zmxuP)Adult (m)4,9639592
Tv47d(Tv47d)Adult (m)4,2408644
tpK4t(tpK4t)Adult (f)3,5078052
g6lIN(g6lIN)Adult (m)2,7867065
bUyIB(bUyIB)Adult (f)2,8417852
fTGkU(fTGkU)Adult (m)2,7217951
zODcb(zODcb)Adult (m)2,4011,4482
4kh4pHonesty Or MysteryAdult (f)3,2961,1159
IfeJPLogic and ProportionAdult (m)2,7389293
UCPWROf The Good And TrueAdult (f)2,6566684
yVwmj(yVwmj)Adult (m)4,1441,0043
xbNlXTo Dream And DifferAdult (f)9,1671,7266
zKljW(zKljW)Adult (m)3,2207102
5jFTRBattle-Cries and ChampagneAdult (f)2,9591,0436
9oHyxFeel Stupid And ContagiousAdult (m)4,4269343
3rxDdSilver Splits The BlueAdult (f)3,3711,1815
CU0y2(CU0y2)Adult (m)2,9749224
0aDxrSoda-Pop and RitalinAdult (f)2,5869001
cDDRxTramps and ThievesAdult (m)3,3159101
W4aQi(W4aQi)Adult (f)3,0898792
DtqSB(DtqSB)Adult (m)4,4599911
LC1X5(LC1X5)Adult (f)4,3001,1473
qFmjY(qFmjY)Adult (m)4,7971,0543
ZXUVZ(ZXUVZ)Adult (f)5,1759653
3mWtz(3mWtz)Adult (m)2,8427265
Z6gqB(Z6gqB)Adult (f)3,9837022
u8uI9(u8uI9)Adult (m)4,1991,1393
PpKED(PpKED)Adult (f)3,3128851
ebMjC(ebMjC)Adult (m)3,6389200
nysHB(nysHB)Adult (f)2,4191,4571
IYLOf(IYLOf)Adult (m)2,3907262
7oHR6High As The SunAdult (f)5,2711,1573
TUqimDon't Need To Be ForgivenAdult (m)2,1695622
fJnQE(fJnQE)Adult (f)2,5257185
laFRv(laFRv)Adult (m)4,6559933
4Qse6Sunlight Through A Dusty WindowAdult (f)2,5897747
wYTaJDays In The Desert SunAdult (m)2,3596543
u2lzY(u2lzY)Adult (f)2,8459042
Ca5b7(Ca5b7)Adult (m)3,3118144
wIJua(wIJua)Hatchling (m, F)2,2138642
6bhAqLion-Hearted GirlAdult (f)2,0327691
kZswXGold And Silver ShineAdult (m)4,3404155
gt5gKSky Within Your EyesAdult (f)6,5591,2713
r8PjsNeon LonelinessAdult (m)2,2829026
Pbd3wSymbolic MythsAdult (f)4,0351,0535
AtvlHWake GalileoAdult (m)2,6426925
y0TTGFollowing The Heart-LinesAdult (f)3,9157793
WKpAl(WKpAl)Adult (m)4,0519082
SczRo(SczRo)Adult (f)3,6078183
M05pg(M05pg)Adult (m)4,0669543
axVvsShe's A Crueller MistressAdult (f)2,9427933
k4NS8But Now UnforgivenAdult (m)2,4397346
gFRhdBlue Blue Waves They CrashAdult (f)4,1379882
HTUegI Will Have The SpiesAdult (m)4,4111,1124
sZvU3(sZvU3)Adult (f)4,0907912
v920E(v920E)Adult (m)3,8479954
66Wnp(66Wnp)Adult (f)4,4269946
1uelk(1uelk)Adult (m)4,0231,1723
rTicx(rTicx)Adult (f)3,9011,0952
L7ACa(L7ACa)Adult (m)3,4631,0143
Vspvh(Vspvh)Adult (f)3,7941,0281
2qT1e(2qT1e)Adult (m)4,2299934
bBSS9(bBSS9)Adult (f)3,9831,0132
APgaJ(APgaJ)Adult (f)2,5147114
YwJiZ(YwJiZ)Adult (m)2,4077185
B5ZD0(B5ZD0)Adult (f)2,4121,4231
lMGsZ(lMGsZ)Adult (f)3,8468873
7lvax(7lvax)Adult (m)4,1081,0306
qQRvKDon't Tell Me Not To FlyAdult (f)2,6547304
hyUx9From Better DaysAdult (m)3,6846764
eXLmbCatastrophic HymnsAdult (f)5,1829365
N79XhGotta Have My Bite SirAdult (m)2,9288893
YlaTDYeah SapphireAdult (f)3,2435903
ndrpl(ndrpl)Adult (m)4,1601,0043
VS4PS(VS4PS)Adult (f)5,68990516
knZqCCaught In The DryerAdult (m)5,4389294
7dLSq(7dLSq)Adult (f)5,5528788
oMDwW(oMDwW)Adult (m)4,2759976
ofOqgIf I ShiverAdult (f)3,0029324
059JePreacher Liked The ColdAdult (m)4,3498243
R1EJv(R1EJv)Hatchling (f, F)3,5106333
e3RPnBattlegrounds For FiredancersAdult (f)3,7921,25415
0eX6lNuclear ErrorAdult (m)2,7897547
csntTKept Awake DreamingAdult (f)2,9819966
7g5ErHeld The World In Your ArmsAdult (f)5,35993710
JY3jP(JY3jP)Adult (m)5,1871,0507
0DWgf(0DWgf)Adult (m)6,6691,1535
686l9(686l9)Adult (m)4,9848892
qX7ep(qX7ep)Adult (f)3,9921,0791
EwaEY(EwaEY)Adult (f)2,9545931
IZtlz(IZtlz)Adult (m)3,1988453
iS9tx(iS9tx)Adult (f)2,5367693
RD6Jm(RD6Jm)Adult (m)3,7168113
1nqf3(1nqf3)Adult (f)3,0098822
WUCys(WUCys)Adult (m)3,7429233
in4cn(in4cn)Adult (f)2,6597591
zSLIq(zSLIq)Adult (m)3,0169422
x2Yuq(x2Yuq)Adult (m)4,3781,0723
fHfvMCrystal Lake ThuwedAdult (f)2,6437666
LYjW9(LYjW9)Adult (m)2,8427225
4bLcD(4bLcD)Adult (f)4,1721,1301
iaWN8(iaWN8)Adult (m)4,0499233
zq97iKarma Chameleon ThuwedAdult (f)2,8981,0105
IfyKgThe Suit And The FaceAdult (m)5,6551,0538
TGiJlSunny Afternoon ThuwedAdult (f)3,0676354
PwBcaGimme Coffee And TVAdult (m)5,5641,3404
HTehOOne Kind WordAdult (f)2,1506512
U8rYQ(U8rYQ)Adult (m)2,9748624
npPuWLittle StreamersAdult (f)4,2401,3158
z0zVV(z0zVV)Adult (m)4,0861,0906
VdmHI(VdmHI)Hatchling (m, F)3,0558712
SL3Q6Shines Like DestructionAdult (f)3,1499502
XCqEfMars In FlamesAdult (m)2,6788495
EOCS1Penny Racer GoneAdult (f)3,1809793
KZCLe(KZCLe)Adult (m)3,8187821
MJeHXElephant Up The StairsAdult (f)2,6207215
DglXz(DglXz)Adult (m)4,1567961
BGIh6Dixie Double Four TimeAdult (f)3,0939186
duQx4Tumble Through The SkyAdult (m)4,6151,4169
hT8hmAlong The Light Of DayAdult (f)6,0611,43915
G78QtFell For Your JiveAdult (m)4,3321,06912
HybdiSee You Up In ParadiseAdult (f)3,9759275
rqIBPToward The Milky WayAdult (m)4,1039003
RTANsTake On The World SomedayAdult (f)9,2341,7174
VpzEK(VpzEK)Adult (m)3,2577834
3Ez6yRotterdam Or AnywhereAdult (f)3,1289621
gKvEdFreak In The CornerAdult (m)3,9699057
9HNhyNational MythAdult (f)9,2271,7379
XY47J(XY47J)Adult (m)3,5279461
5zx5N(5zx5N)Adult (f)4,0818691
LuxQ2(LuxQ2)Adult (m)5,9781,1983
WmgDn(WmgDn)Adult (f)4,3548941
BeEWx(BeEWx)Adult (m)4,2861,0092
nma6x(nma6x)Adult (f)2,9398552
3vTEFStole The SunAdult (m)8,1901,5365
oI6S0As You Are SweetheartAdult (f)3,0979213
v9AZT(v9AZT)Adult (m)3,0209194
k0qw4(k0qw4)Adult (f)6,1241,0012
oYE5zCheap Tarnished GlitterAdult (m)4,1861,1047
tYzOOWinston Churchill In DragAdult (m)6,9631,1899
yGoH9Alone Amongst The WeedsAdult (f)2,3467864
xXXhB(xXXhB)Adult (m)3,5148272
1edWQLucky Day In HellAdult (f)3,7859125
0W9PrIf Black Were Truly BlackAdult (f)2,4337276
XPKauFar From This OperaAdult (m)2,6227112
sSYl0(sSYl0)Adult (f)3,2998833
K0Nb1Towards The ChantingAdult (m)2,3157285
68fqBFlower With A FlameAdult (f)2,2666751
WbGPWIn The Way Of The SunAdult (m)2,9339772
YK0gwShade Of The Morning SunAdult (f)2,1147712
dbk3Y(dbk3Y)Adult (m)3,4947744
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