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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “taintedtamer,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FSo3X(FSo3X)Adult (f)3,1086303
Cckqx(Cckqx)Adult (f)3,1206293
wH7DU(wH7DU)Adult (f)3,8156833
p2pKh(p2pKh)Adult (f)3,1506484
oBHkY(oBHkY)Adult (m)3,0756463
PkrtF(PkrtF)Adult (f)3,2016483
FydgQ(FydgQ)Adult (f)3,1596562
8r9It(8r9It)Adult (f)4,0986842
RIYbS(RIYbS)Adult (f)4,0406822
PzwzQ(PzwzQ)Adult (f)4,3936852
IIsLF(IIsLF)Adult (m)3,8686390
XEz5V(XEz5V)Adult (m)3,8426831
gcANK(gcANK)Adult (m)4,0976991
WXELx(WXELx)Adult (m)2,6325922
Ym0aC(Ym0aC)Adult (m)2,6216111
IVI1t(IVI1t)Adult (m)2,8007321
rBvUS(rBvUS)Adult (m)3,0287240
S0N1G(S0N1G)Adult (m)3,3285571
gCSmA(gCSmA)Adult (m)3,1975960
9rN9P(9rN9P)Adult (f)3,0775690
ebYAS(ebYAS)Adult (f)3,1885991
4fB0I(4fB0I)Adult (m)3,1415770
CjrXC(CjrXC)Adult (m)3,1575820
Foawx(Foawx)Adult (m)3,1245800
WPxdd(WPxdd)Adult (m)3,4065710
wC1VM(wC1VM)Adult (f)2,8797311
DkYfx(DkYfx)Adult (f)2,8607381
qS1Z5(qS1Z5)Adult (f)2,8447171
Zn2NP(Zn2NP)Adult (f)3,1647360
0yBJO(0yBJO)Adult (m)2,9197051
v4Wxh(v4Wxh)Adult (m)3,1997240
3WxJw(3WxJw)Adult (m)3,1037281
LiOZ7(LiOZ7)Adult (m)3,0077470
N8dJPThats right I heard the storyAdult (f)3,4726153
GqflzWhat did she say about meeAdult (f)3,4566251
cyD27Who am I Who am IAdult (f)4,0366901
WSwmJSwell to beat her other friendsAdult (f)4,1986962
pWL7DOver-and Over againAdult (m)3,3776491
gGd6OWhat did you do without meeAdult (m)3,2066351
CTCoxWhat are you even-sayingAdult (m)4,2017352
3hmsaOther other FriendsAdult (m)4,1367232
Hl7fxHere in the GardenAdult (f)3,5966243
o3ExKA smile in her eyesAdult (f)3,4066612
gPjbfYou keep on turning pagesAdult (f)3,9256702
4lRU1Happily listened Happy to StayAdult (f)4,0747003
pXKToLets Play a GameAdult (m)3,3916402
yAl5uThe sound of her laughterAdult (m)3,2196271
aUvrNFor people who don't careAdult (m)3,7526591
sHlNNHappily watching her drift awayAdult (m)3,7726750
dZdHsSuddenly hot I'mAdult (f)2,6726770
hwmvrSuddenly a genius I'mAdult (f)2,5456551
qiKoBSuddenly fact but I feelAdult (f)2,1535561
w8TcZDoesn't this have a nameAdult (f)2,5956552
WFSsmSuddenly cool I'mAdult (m)2,5996591
yWijMSuddenly a fool I'mAdult (m)2,6276711
wRH3kStranger than fiction I'm newAdult (m)2,6176571
EGHdMAnd isn't it loveAdult (m)2,7826531
MH916Nothing is holding you back nowAdult (f)4,4826351
Pcxo5What do you wanna doAdult (f)2,8066732
hdVzjAnd isn't the thought enoughAdult (f)2,2635630
WW0uiWe could beAdult (f)1,9125430
ZP48PNo one can push you aroundAdult (m)2,4526731
BnTMHYou're the master of youAdult (m)2,3746820
Zo9SdTo lift you off of the groundAdult (m)4,2496381
A94QbIndependent TogetherAdult (m)2,0525602
0k9hGItty Bitty PawsAdult (f)3,6186961
6CgPHItty Bitty CurlAdult (f)3,4186530
yEZYzItty Bitty SmileAdult (f)4,9597061
rnm7lItty Bitty FlightAdult (f)5,3657041
OhH1iItty Bitty HornAdult (m)3,7196690
61umcItty Bitty ClawsAdult (m)3,5036581
92H26Itty Bitty TailAdult (m)4,4976831
dFR9CItty Bitty WingAdult (m)4,6976814
2wEz7Lets Go DownAdult (f)3,6406522
O6QzNLets Go RightAdult (f)3,5136490
1CVHaLets Go SaneAdult (f)5,3146773
DcPonLets Go OutsideAdult (f)4,7276772
agrd1Lets Go LeftAdult (m)3,8486810
GpLAqLets Go UpAdult (m)3,6446651
nfrLLLets Go InsaneAdult (m)4,7516832
3XNEqLets Go InsideAdult (m)5,0186872
uyfLR(uyfLR)Adult (f)3,1266002
VuREL(VuREL)Adult (f)3,3046411
iMazm(iMazm)Adult (f)3,5046890
otlsW(otlsW)Adult (f)3,4296581
4EemW(4EemW)Adult (m)3,4476390
DQVIW(DQVIW)Adult (m)3,3996851
Hunz4(Hunz4)Adult (m)3,7366700
DykeC(DykeC)Adult (m)3,4466713
KUvA3(KUvA3)Egg (F)
UM0LQGefrorenes TerpentinHatchling (F)1,2962603
xIthpTainted TurpentineAdult (f)2,8998052
BOWgRAutobot RewindAdult (f)2,5785515
Jgd61Skinny Little FriendAdult (f)3,1654725
0Cc0qI Love You 'DomeyAdult (f)3,8135233
6DNhdEvery Shapes Serves a PurposeAdult (f)2,1766171
Qu1yyHC2H3O2Adult (f)2,6958466
RLn80You Displease MeAdult (f)2,3306092
2qu1FCarbonic AcidAdult (f)3,1524306
IC083Acidum BoricumAdult (f)4,7081,3170
S6IvqDihydrogen CarbonateAdult (f)3,1609432
OFjxbBoric Acid TurpentinAdult (f)4,7661,3051
aHUdxSchwarz und Gold TerpentinAdult (f)2,0806204
VXVFoTodliche TerpentinAdult (f)4,0696211
PElhLPeihl TerpentinAdult (f)4,8588731
IN9RWAcid Burns TerpentinAdult (f)3,2381,1043
KWfhEPrance of the TerpentinAdult (f)1,7205175
YNY4gCrackle TerpentinAdult (f)6,1151,1181
NjkB1Popping TerpentinAdult (f)3,7897011
wHS5fGreedy TerpentinAdult (f)2,7308294
3sLwgLusting TerpentinAdult (f)3,7724075
6i6FjEnvious TerpentinAdult (f)3,8138307
2xhOySand Sinks InAdult (f)2,0116815
kclc0Desert YellowAdult (f)1,8516612
2bRqCBrennende TerpentinAdult (f)3,4594653
IzvOzFebruary TerpentinAdult (f)2,4957700
kg1lnSizzle PopAdult (f)2,2475883
JKQmRScalding SandsAdult (f)2,7816532
nWuuxFunf TerpentinAdult (f)2,8467804
kM4MDSieben TerpentinAdult (f)2,4708332
YQPo4Acht TerpentinAdult (f)1,7306980
trJX4Zehn TerpentinAdult (f)4,5189782
jVOO6Elf TerpentinAdult (f)3,2078130
5dK52Zwolf TerpentinAdult (f)3,5829282
rOXzvVierzehn TerpentinAdult (f)2,4916933
RE4crFunfzehn TerpentinAdult (f)2,5317412
W48R4Achtzehn TerpentinAdult (f)2,6677262
ewAt2Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,9108330
hJqKNDrei und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,3777633
d1pRzVier und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,3207142
6SDg6Funf und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,2647240
5p92RSechs und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,2887010
nsBukSieben und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,2517511
JHgYXAcht und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,1497151
cEuGtSieben und Dreizig TerpentinAdult (f)3,6866503
j6fDQZwei und Vierzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,3207702
AiFIYDrei und Vierzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,4328112
uoErGAcht und Vierzig TerpentinAdult (f)2,4856944
EMxsXI'm Sorry Things Didn't Work OutAdult (f)2,7976436
ngMkmReines Terpentin-2GAdult (f)3,8799632
ah8fMGrave Burns-2GAdult (f)2,8535914
m84AIGold Terpentin-2GAdult (f)3,6405682
HeT78Luminescent Turpentine-2GAdult (f)2,7917703
ZPkQfDonner Terpentin-2GAdult (f)4,1089733
LEnD9Proxy Terpentin-2GAdult (f)4,1056301
vwicrLumina Dancer-2GAdult (f)2,3696886
M9xKrKira Terpentin-2GAdult (f)2,7747662
yNZrTGold in my Wings-2GAdult (f)2,6067023
swc1bGold in my Lines-2GAdult (f)2,5827333
QMobBFloods of Filth-2GAdult (f)2,7877295
HxZk8Sel of Rock-3GAdult (f)2,2286203
DKyIJCalkaan Terpentin-3GAdult (f)2,8398521
QkHuWSilber Terpentin-3GAdult (f)4,9909383
6pae5Weiche Terpentin-3GAdult (f)2,3467371
ejlWWMongan of War-3GAdult (f)2,7127862
Oq61nCold Acid Gaiane-3GAdult (f)2,4327932
WyEFDFlower Terpentin-3GAdult (f)3,8344344
wAowLWeh Owl-6GAdult (f)2,8787854
JNqQDPastel Burns-6GAdult (f)2,3646506
mzqjHLazy TerpentinAdult (m)4,4951,3136
Oy6gDCrackling TerpentinAdult (m)3,4121,1003
UqlKyVinegar TurpentinAdult (m)4,7731,3164
tNhTICH2O3Adult (m)2,4603865
OqMxsCH3COOHAdult (m)3,6064648
nC0gFKihydroxyketoneAdult (m)2,0006661
VDC7NHydrogen OrthoborateAdult (m)4,6241,3242
DJQelEthanoic Acid BurnsAdult (m)2,7128403
sU590IchneumonidaeAdult (m)2,7177935
B3E1JSpots o YellowAdult (m)2,4246471
G3HzDHymenoptera ApidaeAdult (m)2,4067018
xmzbjDance Along the SandAdult (m)2,8225857
g9x4cAcedic Acid BurnsAdult (m)2,6838476
o0EciWrathful TerpentinAdult (m)4,1888048
SMGRCSchwarzes TerpentinAdult (m)2,1896255
Cc9XRBoses TerpentinAdult (m)2,2926671
8LfE9Hissing TerpentinAdult (m)4,8008733
5VovESchnelles TerpentinAdult (m)2,3116257
IAi6WHerzog TerpentinAdult (m)3,1314423
F5LqnSizzle TerpentinAdult (m)4,8961,0002
2J2pdSchmerzhafte TerpentinAdult (m)2,1326152
OTUKDOtukd TerpentinAdult (m)4,0816541
fGk7TLaufenden TerpentinAdult (m)3,2558032
k0impK0imp TerpentinAdult (m)2,3457600
LOEvMLoevm TerpentinAdult (m)2,2416851
pqvsIDesert BlackAdult (m)3,0204993
hjaIOHjaio TerpentinAdult (m)2,3107161
qhCBTWarme TerpentinAdult (m)2,4507622
2QRN0Ein TerpentinAdult (m)3,1388984
ceUeaZwei TerpentinAdult (m)4,2966201
0FfoTDrei TerpentinAdult (m)4,3176201
0aX6bVier TerpentinAdult (m)2,7397714
k5yG0Sechs TerpentinAdult (m)2,0807091
Vjw4HNeun TerpentinAdult (m)4,4629623
2XUwpDreizehn TerpentinAdult (m)3,3928850
wUNucSechzehn TerpentinAdult (m)2,3857063
X2oSTSiebzehn TerpentinAdult (m)2,3937342
MBE6HNeunzehn TerpentinAdult (m)2,5547310
cExjwEin und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (m)4,1428853
pd2bUZwei und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (m)2,9536582
PxJIHNeun und Zwanzig TerpentinAdult (m)2,4427672
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