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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “tag0,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N2m3(N2m3)Adult (f)9665059
QfBZ(QfBZ)Adult (m)8964566
V3Dw(V3Dw)Adult (m)1,3896778
AdG2(AdG2)Adult (m)1,4536897
BG3G(BG3G)Adult (m)1,9558296
6yti(6yti)Adult (m)2,6761,0984
mXBC(mXBC)Adult (f)2,9701,2165
Y0o3(Y0o3)Adult (m)1,0975158
aaHy(aaHy)Adult (m)1,8358598
LXAp(LXAp)Adult (f)1,0965156
8auZ(8auZ)Adult (m)1,8357588
K1Ht(K1Ht)Adult (f)1,6176948
FYPO(FYPO)Adult (m)2,4271,0697
eIl6(eIl6)Adult (m)2,3661,0026
DRwY(DRwY)Adult (f)2,3521,0016
8TX0(8TX0)Adult (m)1,77696911
yq5n(yq5n)Adult (m)1,3376935
PnFT(PnFT)Adult (m)1,7829906
I0tC(I0tC)Adult (f)1,8179588
MNWb(MNWb)Adult (f)9535803
LG68(LG68)Adult (f)2,5271,0775
3lG5(3lG5)Adult (f)2,6801,0443
6S1l(6S1l)Adult (m)2,9241,1174
4m5K(4m5K)Adult (f)2,1769184
nmAJ(nmAJ)Adult (f)2,1549216
Gs4J(Gs4J)Adult (f)5,0631,5756
eJSD(eJSD)Adult (m)2,8388747
JpBG(JpBG)Adult (f)5,2031,6443
McZI(McZI)Adult (m)4,6751,5563
f2PB(f2PB)Adult (f)2,1988475
M66o(M66o)Adult (m)2,4631,1054
ZYPd(ZYPd)Adult (m)2,4601,1025
mhmg(mhmg)Adult (m)2,1959984
R3np(R3np)Adult (f)1,1845903
ioDn(ioDn)Adult (m)1,6177784
d6Lu(d6Lu)Adult (m)1,4187073
meRH(meRH)Adult (f)1,1155544
bUKv(bUKv)Adult (m)1,2916485
QZuh(QZuh)Adult (f)2,7141,2868
FUWd(FUWd)Adult (f)2,6491,1937
4sSo(4sSo)Adult (m)2,0059357
p3IJ(p3IJ)Adult (m)1,3766384
Wn5c(Wn5c)Adult (f)1,3346802
jMOH(jMOH)Adult (m)2,1358653
38uH(38uH)Adult (m)2,0198323
aLZW(aLZW)Adult (f)1,3136593
sqrR(sqrR)Adult (m)1,2417594
1qsN(1qsN)Adult (f)1,3587983
Hf5W(Hf5W)Adult (f)9446132
Bu9j(Bu9j)Adult (m)7555552
VdLV(VdLV)Adult (f)7105294
sVoO(sVoO)Adult (m)6995304
kScl(kScl)Adult (m)6234102
CSYp(CSYp)Adult (m)3,2828033
FTqj(FTqj)Adult (m)4,1068947
S9g1(S9g1)Adult (m)4,0848958
LP2X(LP2X)Adult (m)5,1821,1608
NEWp(NEWp)Adult (m)4,3451,0895
ruBH(ruBH)Adult (m)4,2571,0565
jOFv(jOFv)Adult (m)4,53398514
bt6m(bt6m)Adult (m)5,8751,23815
19Wh(19Wh)Adult (f)6,1781,26415
19JY(19JY)Adult (f)2,6229813
h3da(h3da)Adult (f)2,6239815
4qdg(4qdg)Adult (f)2,1958805
mEep(mEep)Adult (m)8534925
YabK(YabK)Adult (f)7614873
UQTD(UQTD)Adult (m)8044851
XPbG(XPbG)Adult (m)7934811
rLC9l(rLC9l)Adult (f)6304631
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