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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sweepea825,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pzQB1(pzQB1)Adult (f)4,0711,1126
sbuJt(sbuJt)Adult (f)4,1741,0454
Uxbav(Uxbav)Adult (m)4,1041,0583
q64cW(q64cW)Adult (m)4,3601,0494
8ytRn(8ytRn)Adult (f)4,0641,0793
z4GWO(z4GWO)Adult (m)4,4271,0704
didNl(didNl)Adult (m)4,8421,0644
PQu7l(PQu7l)Adult (f)4,8611,3970
d5r5l(d5r5l)Adult (f)5,1401,3650
azP4F(azP4F)Adult (f)3,7371,2180
lOTUE(lOTUE)Adult (m)3,8651,2601
LYmkFI Just Haven't Met You YetHatchling (F)2,7012681
NbuQAmphitrite CalandraAdult (f)9,0821,36421
KJGNaOdin GarthAdult (m)7,3051,3723
VagLhHolly and CandyHatchling (m, F)2,4519664
SsOgDFour's a CharmHatchling (m, F)3,3001,0431
nDv7DDiana DarkheartHatchling (f, F)5,0541,0343
DBgp3Twelve's A DreamHatchling (m, F)3,4671,0521
R59TlYou Darn ToytlesHatchling (F)1,2744972
6POgCCaught in a TimeloopHatchling (F)1,3494311
BMEpcCreepy Stalker Alt of DoomHatchling (F)2,6847521
0qmVNAnd Bingo Was His Name -oHatchling (F)2,8088870
DPa4AStare'n into yur soulHatchling (F)2,8158250
FWpn1Steal'n Yur SecertsHatchling (F)2,7718512
o5NSBEleven's a CurseHatchling (F)2,8568621
LthT8The Alts are invadingHatchling (F)1,6565212
Q0sKWHoly Dear GodHatchling (F)1,6165172
JV3NRFiftteen's A FlukeHatchling (F)1,6294781
P5QBiHey Hi How Are YouHatchling (F)1,5854831
IM42cSeventeen's a MysteryHatchling (F)1,1433862
Z5rLTZombie Alt Make You Go BuhByeHatchling (F)1,1904210
aOSALNineteen's a HabitHatchling (F)8922750
OvaW7Failing at NormalcyHatchling (F)1,1213002
0QGitHarding I stole your wordHatchling (F)1,4425401
v3ojI'm Cute and LeafyHatchling (m, F)6,7751,0748
U8lpLeaf On a TreeHatchling (f, F)2,4912979
c1nUWest Appleton Cheese BallHatchling (F)3,01477112
E4dUSummer's Freak BizzardHatchling (F)89319010
WrB4Summer's Legendary HailstormHatchling (F)1,9111905
278QDoom on a StickHatchling (F)1,1022055
14C9The Mini Monster Under The BedHatchling (f, F)3,9391,2356
YGDWPlays In PuddlesHatchling (m, F)2,31140016
j2NISpring's Last FrostHatchling (F)2,0302265
mEtrThe Twelveth Day Of ChristmasHatchling (m, F)1,65639523
vDCsSpring's Everblooming FlowerHatchling (F)8481474
o4YZThe Eleventh Day Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)3,34261729
5LMIFang EscapeeHatchling (f, F)1,30935917
qBFhThe Tenth Day Of ChristmasHatchling (m, F)3,63364231
F4cuThe Eighth Day Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)2,48859130
nLcrThe Ninth Day Of ChristmasHatchling (m, F)2,07953129
mErbThe Seventh Day Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)3,71684630
bOAoThe Sixth Day Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)3,80776628
QnehThe Fourth Day Of ChristmasHatchling (m, F)4,97478125
6hfhThe Third Day Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)4,39953618
AA4OThe Second Day Of ChristmasHatchling (m, F)4,02959525
8rrSThe First Day Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)3,37173924
dqLWAutumn's Never Ending LegacyHatchling (F)72713313
hpdcAutumn's Last  LeafHatchling (F)1,7861757
8WpgTom CoralwoodHatchling (m, F)2,56172018
BuKeSamatha CoralwoodHatchling (f, F)2,18745529
IlkjHera OnyxHatchling (f, F)1,70763717
q49ZSabrina OnyxHatchling (f, F)2,16044532
WsZSJack OnyxHatchling (m, F)1,84968010
iXFVLance OnyxHatchling (m, F)3,22592627
GeQCWednesday WestingnochAdult (m)1,40478734
4q7dLuna WestingnochAdult (f)4,03896264
s9gLMarigold WestingnochAdult (f)2,33667425
AiifHerbert WestingnochAdult (m)3,76095934
imW4Zlatan WestingnochAdult (m)6,0731,06649
lJrFSomething Golden This Way ComesAdult (m)5,8921,43023
D8BYOGold-Plated French FryAdult (f)5,7571,30113
01PXIGold Sheep of the FamilyAdult (m)3,9531,2502
cuckFQueen Cluck FAdult (f)4,0651,0951
gO5USilvera MistAdult (f)4,25161279
lcMaCallieaAdult (f)4,74073054
ooC0Shannon MistAdult (f)2,45556688
2NMfNaralayaAdult (f)2,09059832
e0ZZPhoebe Mist-DorkfaceAdult (f)4,73681740
GnfFWorld's Only Solid Silver CarrotAdult (f)9,3771,5749
eS5EqFlowers With AllergiesAdult (f)4,4971,2442
PsPstPsPst I have a secert for youAdult (f)4,0181,2523
WXARhCalling of SpringAdult (f)5,0451,2450
aEKM2Mists of the MorningAdult (f)4,1151,1382
bj7ggLovely Day Isn't ItAdult (f)4,2011,1871
IPih3Psychologically SickAdult (f)5,8479785
mWGLsSilver under the Sea of NamesAdult (f)7,7001,72811
rXfjPhoenix GlowingcandleAdult (m)2,59262074
fWhsMonday GlowingcandleAdult (m)3,84254248
WgWySunday GlowingcandleAdult (m)3,90986439
dS3KOnce in  a Blue MoonAdult (m)2,46364138
idrKdSilver Mist Under The BedAdult (m)4,4101,4032
5visQFrosty Silvery DreamsAdult (m)7,9281,0915
YXFl7Fell in a HoleAdult (m)7,1129894
rVlrpOhaiderbudAdult (m)4,5981,1746
VoRvUSilver PancakesAdult (m)5,1291,2796
QdtdbThe Ultimate Birthday PresentAdult (f)8,6261,42014
gu4D2Bronze Mists of InfinityAdult (f)7,8221,60110
OuR6QTinsel Present of BobAdult (m)6,3501,6923
CDZncRed Sun of StarsAdult (m)7,5991,5704
6rJXsLights of WaxAdult (m)8,0371,4352
dueKhWaxed TinselAdult (m)4,9641,2773
fL9dMRed Mists of Infinate StarsAdult (f)7,7301,4381
th67ZGolden Torch of the OlymicsAdult (f)10,7431,2332
EJHPmGolden Fire of HalloweenAdult (m)8,8341,5567
eatRTEat RateAdult (m)8,5391,4213
OpYCYEat Not-Good-For-You CarrotAdult (m)6,6231,4204
kGhfdGolden Fail of the MilleniumAdult (f)6,6211,3941
cG1sdCarrot of GoldAdult (f)8,3091,5370
OH9SbGolden Fail of the EonAdult (m)10,2421,3251
WKdhYCarrots in Myriads of ColorAdult (m)9,3571,2590
dOO1uMetal is TastyAdult (m)8,2281,7551
LNADTFire of Burning StuffAdult (m)8,2461,7670
OaAlSCarrot with AntlersAdult (f)6,3861,0803
NWpm2Smells Like Root BeerAdult (f)4,9611,3131
cpDcTGhostly CarrotsAdult (f)7,9071,2333
KirnkRoot Beer TinselAdult (f)6,3491,2262
98m1s9 Point 8 m per s squaredAdult (m)8,8381,0682
MLAvbVerbs in Major League BaseballAdult (m)8,3571,0273
QgVAHAnd tastes like root beer tooAdult (f)5,8701,3832
l0re8Lore EightAdult (f)4,8461,2663
eH3cqYour Foot is HotAdult (f)5,1131,3172
QQ5IUSilver Star of NoonAdult (f)6,9681,8335
70ZHiSilver Star of a DreamAdult (m)8,9321,4363
6OqvYLineage BreakerAdult (f)6,3181,6949
bBTFhSilver Dreams of SnowAdult (m)7,3051,3361
XhvEJSilver Star of ShadowsAdult (f)7,7441,3523
q0uPACrazy CrockerAdult (m)7,2251,4422
8haGlHa Ate GiJoeAdult (f)8,6041,5773
KD3ZkSilver Snow of Starry DreamsAdult (f)9,3731,2781
GqTE8Silver Painted Death StarAdult (f)8,1621,7243
i7s7cStar of Silver go BoomAdult (f)7,2951,2231
s1MhCSong of Christmas' PastAdult (m)6,7411,5153
osnP5Something Silver ElementalAdult (f)6,3041,2261
F0XapFox AppAdult (m)6,3381,2092
OSSruSilver Darth VaderAdult (f)5,6741,3292
0ZjJ0Shinning Silver SnowAdult (f)6,1011,3340
QuuRdWhat do you getAdult (m)5,0711,3392
05vPVwhen you mulitply six by nineAdult (f)4,8221,3342
hgKS34 2Adult (m)5,5261,4001
bokhSShimmery Doom BookshelfAdult (f)4,8801,2124
3w1tSCan't see me cuz' I'm hidAdult (f)7,3021,0091
HatJLeah FreestarAdult (f)2,83667195
Ao30Jared FreestarAdult (m)4,8371,16347
bbOCAdora FreestarAdult (f)2,13639660
BDiJJenna FreestarAdult (f)4,9691,29855
YAtXLillith FreestarAdult (f)2,29048464
64EtLucifer FreestarAdult (m)3,51888745
z6n4Casey FreestarAdult (f)4,35453433
D7GnKaren FreestarAdult (f)5,6461,368158
L3T2Julia FreestarAdult (f)3,89886278
wmy3David FreestarAdult (m)3,50259965
mQT8Megan FreestarAdult (f)2,34134638
7DQUPersephone FreestarAdult (f)6,0951,24292
6G4JEven FreestarAdult (m)2,87173163
dTbpArther Dent-FreestarAdult (m)9,80080089
OIVLFord PerfectAdult (m)3,87185570
cEZTHarry FreestarAdult (m)8,3581,00038
aSdEPaige FreestarAdult (f)6,9631,24325
A6NjIrish Lag RepellentAdult (f)3,42761928
9VdmDracula VamperousAdult (m)3,37993358
RVhXIncubus Vamperous DorkfaceAdult (m)2,31568634
lX7UKlark Vamperous of Hell's GateAdult (m)11,12476131
CQe0tPink ii MoroiAdult (m)4,1537160
5hHgSybil VamperousAdult (f)2,96482540
P9mgIcelandia VamperousAdult (f)3,30868946
g2VZLucia VamperousAdult (f)3,73978433
46SuXaria of the Serpent PeopleAdult (f)2,71039629
ZNXYSindri CeltaneAdult (m)5,00896139
AOcHLanie CavinousAdult (f)2,93996827
sD9Z6Johnathan StrictAdult (m)6,0141,4344
u7E8WDelilah StrictAdult (f)3,3171,0463
rYQiRRocky Man  With a BoulderAdult (m)4,4541,2251
KACRMStarry Manly BoulderAdult (f)4,1061,0901
R3mDGI know where you're livingAdult (m)3,7831,2052
9b6KdLarger than a BoulderAdult (f)4,3341,1293
XKGhXHeavier than a ton of feathersAdult (f)4,3771,1742
wmsGQMy head is hotAdult (f)3,4251,3743
Z4fcTGonna Catch DinnerAdult (m)3,1398271
LixwRGreen Tea is BetterAdult (f)3,7627940
TzTlTChai or Vanilla CaramelAdult (f)3,9289253
oRKCyPlease don't drink meAdult (f)1,7296415
nav7FCome to my caveAdult (m)3,3551,3133
ZKk5sYur goin' downAdult (m)3,3951,3321
lwbLRMy heads are better than yoursAdult (f)3,2511,2761
B288oI AM A NINJA MONKEYAdult (f)3,5921,1880
5FG6LBarium CarboNitrideAdult (m)7,0471,3022
mEMqqBecause BaCO3NAdult (m)6,1311,3600
CMtQdGet outs of my wayAdult (m)3,6631,1841
tA46UHow 'bout noAdult (m)3,6361,1632
X4mLcHow 'bout yesAdult (m)1,7065932
K5aAeHow 'bout shut upAdult (m)2,3643072
keSuzYeah shut upAdult (f)3,6971,2150
L46FJBeing Bipolar is funAdult (f)6,0381,6092
T9XjPNelson is deadAdult (m)4,1111,2310
2MPjMI'm Nelson and I'm not deadAdult (f)5,7701,2390
2pi9lEat Hot DeathAdult (f)5,8861,3551
PRtuhI  am fire  I am DEATHAdult (m)5,6981,2540
5nT0mSo you heard about my wifeAdult (f)5,8761,2470
WRf5sWell you're wrongAdult (m)4,5829833
2cwvxI don't have a wifeAdult (f)4,3491,2200
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