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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “supernaturalova,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
80h4HTF Two headed dragon FAdult (f)1,61437067
hEM5HTF Two headed dragon MAdult (m)4,5463303
ounNUHTF Two-headed Lindwurms FAdult (f)2,4848521
5F715HTF Two-headed Lindwurms MAdult (m)2,3088081
wk95fHTF Two-headed Lindwurms M greenAdult (m)2,4558082
cO0klHTF Two-headed Lindwurms F greenAdult (f)2,0697204
F4dx5(F4dx5)Adult (m)4,7006271
ZTq4HTF Albino dragon MAdult (m)3,2093104
mmICHTF allen 3Adult (m)4,3843235
HgNQHTF Albino dragon M1Adult (m)4,3073138
RIhGFHTF Albino dragon FAdult (f)2,0126195
kUNldAnagallis Dragon mAdult (m)3,2771,0453
u3FRXAnagallis Dragon fAdult (f)3,2151,0353
8BW6n(8BW6n)Adult (f)5,8175590
ZsPoHTF Balloon dragon FAdult (f)4,0032753
Si3S1HTF Balloon dragon MAdult (m)1,6365684
A6Q4HTF Black dragon FAdult (f)1,4174915
Fv7rHTF Black dragon MAdult (m)6,3438045
OpNBaHTF Black dragons MAdult (m)1,7015443
QFu56(QFu56)Adult (f)2,4103426
1GLro(1GLro)Adult (f)1,7957143
tUNye(tUNye)Adult (m)2,9516042
ydrut(ydrut)Adult (m)4,7227924
qpAdv(qpAdv)Adult (f)3,2748441
hdhus(hdhus)Hatchling (m, F)5,5627791
pAUgTHTF Black dragons ALT FAdult (f)3,2869886
9rycoHTF Black dragons ALT MAdult (m)3,12190411
hnSU3HTF Black Tea dragon F b-day 3Adult (f)2,1926671
McvnqHTF Black Tea dragon M b-day 3Adult (m)3,6007393
k3829(k3829)Adult (f)2,3918932
Wm8xxHTF Blacktip dragon F b-day 6Adult (f)2,2345922
oPQnRHTF Blacktip dragon F 2Adult (f)2,3916482
Vpig2HTF Blacktip dragon M b-day 6Adult (m)4,3558803
8cw16HTF Bleeding Moon Dragon MAdult (m)1,6586752
BoVxIHTF Bleeding Moon Dragon FAdult (f)1,6986692
wd6YN(wd6YN)Adult (f)1,7225950
03cSnHTF Gilded Bloodscale Dragons MAdult (m)2,0298241
PlqJ6HTF Gilded Bloodscale Dragons FAdult (f)2,4318274
aWpfKBlue-Banded fAdult (f)1,6876580
qyrW1Blue-Banded mAdult (m)1,5636140
g4sQD(g4sQD)Adult (f)2,1886170
22rHHTF Two-Finned Blunas MAdult (m)2,78136815
FtsoKHTF Two-Finned Blunas FAdult (f)2,9539653
di7iMHTF Blusang Lindwurms MAdult (m)5,6069122
yK4GgHTF Blusang Lindwurms FAdult (f)3,5166051
ob9OC(ob9OC)Adult (m)1,7115692
Wcs2P(Wcs2P)Adult (f)5,3436331
MMYWpHTF Bright-Breasted Wyvern MAdult (m)1,6374984
ZeVA1HTF Bright-Breasted Wyvern FAdult (f)2,4317792
Yf0Ln(Yf0Ln)Adult (f)5,2039152
8PbHVHTF Brimstone Dragon FAdult (f)5,8158781
fdu6AHTF Brimstone Dragon MAdult (m)6,3268911
uOJw1(uOJw1)Adult (f)6,2189031
YBYLo(YBYLo)Adult (m)6,3805854
87HjMHTF Brute Dragon FAdult (f)2,3808500
1sobzHTF Brute Dragon MAdult (m)2,3848462
TLRpHTF Canopy dragon FAdult (f)1,8156643
kHTDHTF Canopy dragon MAdult (m)5,2233506
0wv99(0wv99)Adult (m)1,6486470
r5vMp(r5vMp)Adult (f)1,7066610
L9Tx0(L9Tx0)Adult (f)2,5367021
v58cK(v58cK)Adult (m)2,7187492
JnITQ(JnITQ)Adult (m)6,0255750
zxXjM(zxXjM)Adult (m)1,7796702
IqGLt(IqGLt)Adult (f)1,7126751
ieJJvHTF Cheese dragonAdult2,5274956
IFoNc(IFoNc)Hatchling (F)4,0531,1568
pKJrN(pKJrN)Hatchling (F)2,0437196
tfcXVHTF holly dragon M onlyAdult (m)1,8437402
o94XHTF yulebuck male onlyAdult (m)3,91340716
10SPHTF Snow Angel female onlyAdult (f)3,1334149
5D0AHTF new years eveAdult (f)4,19044113
Hv3dcHTF new years dayAdult (f)3,5102341
qCT1HHTF Winter Magi male onlyAdult (m)1,6157683
dHtDBHTF Wrapping-Wing male onlyAdult (m)3,6911,4534
taZ6RHTF Christmas dragon F onlyAdult (f)1,9737861
4nfdQ(4nfdQ)Adult (f)2,0648131
sWW0M(sWW0M)Adult (f)2,5898740
WvIog(WvIog)Adult (f)2,5989151
aRgSD(aRgSD)Adult (m)3,4688801
rwT33(rwT33)Adult (m)3,4749011
Lc5EM(Lc5EM)Adult (m)3,0346810
Vt4xe(Vt4xe)Adult (m)3,0396780
3l2Xg(3l2Xg)Adult (m)3,4868850
3rjj3(3rjj3)Adult (f)5,2081,0890
cDABHTF metal clawAdult (m)3,9353364
9kcQqHTF Coastal Waverunners MAdult (m)3,8122563
dZtfNHTF Coastal Waverunners FAdult (f)2,2936011
qshIs(qshIs)Adult (f)3,0249622
UjlLm(UjlLm)Adult (m)2,9869211
2OYOH(2OYOH)Adult (f)5,4318901
9JDZsHTF Copper Dragons brown FAdult (f)2,7839281
qHmMiHTF Copper Dragons brown MAdult (m)3,7521,0432
EL3suHTF red copper dragon MAdult (m)2,2865543
proBzHTF red copper dragon FAdult (f)2,3977563
pELAVHTF blue Copper Dragon MAdult (m)2,3537401
J5ddqHTF blue Copper Dragon FAdult (f)2,2327800
TopSg(TopSg)Adult (m)4,2948010
ImkKHTF Dark green dragon FAdult (f)4,5643084
7PiVgHTF Dark green dragon MAdult (m)4,3873177
o0Ki3(o0Ki3)Adult (f)2,0537263
tlyLj(tlyLj)Adult (m)1,4526462
ljlK6(ljlK6)Adult (m)2,2088362
YX4b1(YX4b1)Adult (m)2,2597351
G1O1R(G1O1R)Hatchling (f, F)5,1858282
L9H20(L9H20)Adult (f)2,8079965
j5ijHTF Daydream dragon MAdult (m)1,68030642
KbgQHTF Daydream dragon FAdult (f)4,94660710
gLPm4(gLPm4)Adult (f)3,4405523
S961C(S961C)Adult (m)3,1925301
JhHvHTF Deep sea dragon MAdult (m)3,9263022
bIW3fHTF Deep sea dragon FAdult (f)5,0874523
I6GXE(I6GXE)Adult (m)5,3046311
ib0qHTF purple Dorsal dragon MAdult (m)3,4213525
jnlZHTF purple Dorsal dragon FAdult (f)1,21163915
cFFRF(cFFRF)Adult (f)3,6928983
DENXHTF red Dorsal dragon FAdult (f)4,6123237
9i8bHTF red Dorsal dragon MAdult (m)4,2182826
NAa3xHTF Duotone Dragons FAdult (f)2,1916822
PU2SIHTF Duotone Dragons MAdult (m)2,4288541
YXlwU(YXlwU)Adult (f)2,3998411
NZ7Mp(NZ7Mp)Adult (m)2,2338343
NLR2HTF Electric dragon MAdult (m)1,78533750
ClR4HTF Electric dragon FAdult (f)4,7763236
OEB1(OEB1)Adult (f)4,4573044
QOB76(QOB76)Adult (f)4,8003203
H1CV(H1CV)Adult (m)90341714
KUPG0HTF Ember dragons MAdult (m)3,0252366
H1Nc2HTF Ember dragons FAdult (f)2,2886061
i9t6G(i9t6G)Adult (m)2,1458010
aaCqi(aaCqi)Adult (f)2,0607520
NI6n9(NI6n9)Adult (m)2,1976381
7Vq3q(7Vq3q)Adult (f)5,2666310
2CMtHHTF Fever Wyvern FAdult (f)2,3888380
QXXn5HTF Fever Wyvern MAdult (m)2,4028821
TiaWz(TiaWz)Adult (f)2,3468580
3ti0HTF Flamingo wyvern MAdult (m)3,8273635
TV6SZHTF Flamingo wyvern FAdult (f)3,1332294
xy8ee(xy8ee)Adult (f)2,8456254
7UQzd(7UQzd)Hatchling (m, F)5,5527965
xpUKsHTF Imperial Fleshcrowne FAdult (f)1,7116961
lE8RxHTF Imperial Fleshcrowne MAdult (m)1,7626991
3c3Bh(3c3Bh)Adult (f)1,8827102
YpNBc(YpNBc)Adult (f)6,0515630
AzMQu(AzMQu)Adult (m)2,0627920
qvLbU(qvLbU)Adult (f)2,0397622
CR51I(CR51I)Adult (f)4,3339308
A3Daw(A3Daw)Adult (m)3,8177564
I7Oev(I7Oev)Adult (f)2,9779140
eMYKN(eMYKN)Adult (m)5,0917322
J9U7N(J9U7N)Adult (m)4,9017883
7bch8(7bch8)Adult (f)2,6765662
9Ybl(9Ybl)Adult (f)4,2962887
7NWLHTF Geode dragon FAdult (f)3,9292643
SWIKHTF Geode dragon MAdult (m)4,1452786
cS84jHTF Glaucus Drake MAdult (m)2,1768560
LQnSfHTF Glaucus Drake FAdult (f)2,1548230
DeQT(DeQT)Adult (f)4,3303101
XroMN(XroMN)Adult (f)3,0366262
GRQ0BHTF Night Glory drake FAdult (f)3,4963941
1QjN0HTF Night Glory drake MAdult (m)2,0865812
EizuzHTF Gold dragon F2Adult (f)1,96169728
WKgS6HTF Gold dragon M2Adult (m)3,5621,0242
t8Eu(t8Eu)Adult (m)2,76143015
hln8HTF Shallow Water dragon MAdult (m)4,7863204
FZuzQHTF Shallow Water dragon FAdult (f)2,5935681
ZNZoHTF Gray dragon MAdult (m)98553621
NJeUHTF Gray dragon FAdult (f)4,4903017
HHYh(HHYh)Adult (f)4,6353095
FOpJ(FOpJ)Adult (f)2,4677144
AV7W(AV7W)Adult (m)4,9803326
XRpOv(XRpOv)Adult (m)3,1198002
dVO8Z(dVO8Z)Adult (f)3,1778320
e1B3h(e1B3h)Adult (m)4,5339120
LxbQZ(LxbQZ)Adult (f)4,5729100
HNIHHTF Green dragon MAdult (m)1,5715299
5UHYHTF Green dragon FAdult (f)2,9324588
PE8OkHTF Spotted Greenwing FAdult (f)2,9682622
Gu1GlHTF Spotted Greenwing MAdult (m)3,4196591
5RqJ(5RqJ)Adult (m)1,65432950
7c4jHTF Guardian dragons MAdult (m)4,9733344
yEv1BHTF Guardian dragons FAdult (f)2,5466641
9kYIOHTF Golden Wyvern MAdult (m)4,5278823
D68tKHTF Golden Wyvern FAdult (f)2,9575892
KfuPu(KfuPu)Adult (m)2,5256313
qTAPv(qTAPv)Adult (f)2,4167967
J28CcHTF Pumpkin dragon FAdult (f)3,9635041
Bys0HHTF Pumpkin dragon MAdult (m)1,8548831
OHNWpHTF Black Marrow MAdult (m)1,7858861
WZfrvHTF Black Marrow FAdult (f)1,8418732
s4iR6HTF Shadow Walker MAdult (m)4,7395422
QXOg7HTF Shadow Walker FAdult (f)1,8128501
xxsHbHTF Cavern Lurker MAdult (m)1,3016511
K8NHbHTF Cavern Lurker FAdult (f)1,8008541
rKe6THTF Grave Dragon FAdult (f)1,4437131
hx8ECHTF Grave Dragon MAdult (m)1,4356781
5p9Vm(5p9Vm)Adult (f)2,2328460
KMZsl(KMZsl)Adult (m)2,2498302
ZUjVHTF Harvest dragon FAdult (f)4,4702994
WIBDlHTF Harvest dragon MAdult (m)2,2356362
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