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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sunshine_ley,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6q57p(6q57p)Hatchling (m)3,7597551
wS3ra(wS3ra)Hatchling (m)3,7428002
2maTh(2maTh)Hatchling (m)3,8178002
SKChP(SKChP)Hatchling (m)3,8027781
gpYzN(gpYzN)Hatchling (f)3,7998082
BBFbG(BBFbG)Hatchling (m)3,7937970
t3HDo(t3HDo)Hatchling (m)3,7478111
4xNsu(4xNsu)Hatchling (m)3,8327911
n5xnATimey Wimey Wibbly WobblyAdult (f)4,4011,0702
5jFAOLittle Ne'er-Do-WellAdult (f)5,8681,2524
dxUFvPiemaster GeneralAdult (m)4,4909042
KADpjKaddish JammasAdult (m)5,0188872
DDDvball about dat bassAdult (m)5,1159395
EiWOsPizghasAdult (f)3,2016062
qL1h1Frosty JammasAdult (m)4,87563410
phbZ0Fitchly Wibbly-WobblyAdult (f)6,2296855
040zjWibbly Heyjay DorkfaceAdult (f)2,7885853
2zhxzPizfutureAdult (f)4,8427123
GON7pjust a little too much funAdult (f)5,8159943
61WG5Atelyav RodilsyaAdult (m)6,2599782
b4pcPim too wobblyAdult (f)6,1909342
R7oQjplease no drugsAdult (m)6,7218961
C9qDjApollofiraAdult (f)3,9737992
ir2lf(ir2lf)Adult (f)1,87231815
2gN4PTimely NapHatchling (m, F)4,4327451
pz5Af(pz5Af)Adult (m)4,8061,2944
f1Lp5(f1Lp5)Adult (f)3,3811,0202
qVgKe(qVgKe)Adult (m)3,7939822
FosD6(FosD6)Adult (f)3,5309702
K0JrNKjolnirAdult (m)4,1471,0751
xNj22(xNj22)Adult (f)3,1227001
slUm2(slUm2)Adult (f)2,8426821
bHRj6(bHRj6)Adult (m)3,0326022
EFoeF(EFoeF)Adult (m)3,5448333
3HKLs(3HKLs)Adult (m)3,6999811
6mbHYI'll Never Call YouHatchling (m, F)2,8838042
rQ38zBlustery WindsdayAdult (m)2,7647321
IoI2Eoh thats just laughableAdult (f)2,7227671
G6bybHearing the Ocean SingAdult (f)2,8077891
3yZhPI got Drinks to DrinkAdult (m)2,8757791
VOM2eThrows-Up-In-TreesAdult (f)3,9178021
3SEe8(3SEe8)Adult (m)5,0337791
g5UmR(g5UmR)Adult (m)3,5078562
8XjmE(8XjmE)Adult (m)3,1158511
OeOVD(OeOVD)Adult (m)3,1968671
6rifK(6rifK)Adult (m)3,2438873
Cun2Y(Cun2Y)Adult (m)3,3898942
nGXU6(nGXU6)Adult (m)2,9916701
YqsRU(YqsRU)Adult (f)3,5598320
e8JU4(e8JU4)Adult (f)3,8309682
ee9uGyroeAdult (f)4,7289335
ZmutFavish BaqmutAdult (m)8,8331,6033
tsVADHranasui OutrageAdult (m)2,8398375
SiaIUUiriu ThuwedAdult (f)3,6278853
rM0oSRuns-With-Elephants RemoosAdult (m)2,8641,0162
EkPgPPr1nc355 AlbinoAdult (f)3,5089802
lb4BbIleenalai ThuwedAdult (f)3,6061,1822
n5totFrail   PrinceAdult (m)3,6531,3332
yZnlDSluraekAdult (f)5,1031,3270
IYoNFLight of ThuwedAdult (m)6,2681,3932
ywT7xNamirahAdult (m)5,4007375
HbLePHopes-For-SpringAdult (f)6,0791,1942
msQarFlyaway TamerAdult (f)5,8981,2403
6EBd3I'd rather have a skirtAdult (f)6,5341,2831
HqrTYSlimy LovelyAdult (m)5,5651,0671
iEHvfEasily SunburntAdult (f)7,1391,1102
cAbo3OmegaplanetAdult (f)4,7817160
dYFdwTimesensitive MelaninAdult (m)6,9431,0871
nYpXpcatching the loveAdult (f)3,6255783
RElFqReify RooAdult (m)4,1927332
Vk75lVekkasAdult (m)4,6017202
cMwHJThe-Beautiful-OneAdult (m)4,9636152
FA0npBracketeerAdult (m)4,7916342
VSZVVHung HeartAdult (f)2,7166092
0PAj9Happy Planet StapleAdult (m)4,0667032
E5vEXEx the PexAdult (f)4,6706083
Z5gggLeans-On-KeyboardAdult (m)3,6647302
mtCfA(mtCfA)Adult (m)4,3987644
LrFfr(LrFfr)Adult (f)3,5398732
48UE8BuehHatchling (m, F)4,0269672
klAGL(klAGL)Adult (f)4,5569551
Dhqdh(Dhqdh)Adult (m)4,5649681
ICA9m(ICA9m)Adult (m)4,7661,0031
4azuE(4azuE)Adult (f)4,8279943
8EHNc(8EHNc)Adult (f)2,7016930
7mo7Y(7mo7Y)Hatchling (m, F)3,1646971
f3ODP(f3ODP)Adult (f)4,0399811
fadRd(fadRd)Adult (f)3,9711,0183
QEpV6(QEpV6)Adult (m)3,8951,0051
3f9rK(3f9rK)Adult (m)4,6691,0400
9rJCo(9rJCo)Adult (m)4,7039851
Hnt3s(Hnt3s)Adult (m)4,8471,0606
n1c7v(n1c7v)Adult (m)3,5137171
aw4Jn(aw4Jn)Adult (m)3,0897352
m5q9j(m5q9j)Adult (m)4,0478912
FpqKC(FpqKC)Hatchling (F)2,2643881
uwyJPNori RollAdult (m)4,4351,0632
aua51Aura of AlgaeAdult (f)4,6001,0461
eTc16and so on and so onAdult (m)4,1129502
bwftEGreat Keeper of SecretsAdult (f)5,5656462
3XieNRazzy XienAdult (m)5,6328641
Xe9q2Parade MondayAdult (m)2,9886304
2CdeeBlinded by the messy galaxyAdult (f)3,5096617
FRfZ3too rad and so onAdult (m)9,0859081
SAsroSassy row yer boatAdult (m)6,7739231
7LNrfNARF POITAdult (m)6,0361,2541
5aMGf(5aMGf)Adult (f)3,1096891
jvOv9(jvOv9)Adult (f)3,5168371
CPksz(CPksz)Adult (f)3,1786382
dOPDl(dOPDl)Adult (f)2,9856811
9Q6UG(9Q6UG)Adult (f)2,5835743
UefTE(UefTE)Adult (m)3,2956721
QzG3X(QzG3X)Adult (m)3,3878311
7taU5Snake RiverHatchling (F)3,0665352
pKeLW(pKeLW)Adult (m)4,5649515
LDela(LDela)Adult (f)3,4529644
ZYD3W(ZYD3W)Adult (f)3,8551,0011
EnSQJ(EnSQJ)Adult (m)3,9601,0002
jQI0yAngelic OfferAdult (f)3,9901,0163
AgzR0(AgzR0)Adult (f)4,1641,1164
BObGO(BObGO)Adult (f)4,0721,1195
B2L5yLittle Rar DVIIAdult (m)4,8421,0932
0ASnQPyckleAdult (f)4,7441,0431
Yf1WSWise YissiAdult (m)4,1831,0181
dMqAzdmadoneAdult (f)4,2001,0711
4cT36Computerized TomographyAdult (m)5,7981,0892
igd80BountyhunterAdult (f)5,2221,0841
T3opaPickletopiaAdult (f)5,8141,1311
NCCfgNeccediAdult (f)5,8211,1032
jPozXFocused TomographyAdult (m)5,0751,1700
KiPBfCasessiAdult (f)4,4724691
m4cWICassicasAdult (f)7,8151,1352
8ZDJ6ToastiesAdult (f)7,6591,1011
SygUsSingular RoseAdult (m)5,6331,1323
XQ8QjBetoolate Rar DVIIriiAdult (m)6,9001,2122
OX8F6Twitter TweetyAdult (f)5,6981,0693
ss8r2I'm so GraveAdult (f)6,6701,0051
LEejfMr Romeo FreakAdult (m)3,6796963
1OOSJGross Bronze StatueAdult (f)3,3486594
g0q8EWarm TomographyAdult (m)8,5161,0893
LXP7a(LXP7a)Adult (f)9,7171,4814
Hm7KTThe Water may FallAdult (f)4,2549222
5gef6Dusty PumpkinAdult (m)5,3971,1423
XlOpzBroken PezAdult (m)5,5991,1271
TBvKtTehbombAdult (f)5,3881,1623
OChVOChews-GumAdult (f)5,5381,1174
wjht6Berlioz O'MalleyAdult (m)5,1769851
dq2fUJawful QincesAdult (m)3,8701,3663
mW98tGolden SeadragonHatchling (F)2,8834951
lTAJh(lTAJh)Adult (m)4,7611,0961
RhuAAthe ground - And while you'reAdult (f)4,7951,1122
PSst1(PSst1)Adult (m)5,3981,2072
tnMdZ(tnMdZ)Adult (m)5,6551,1086
RtEb4our voices soundAdult (f)3,5369942
1ZDp4We've taken what you'llAdult (f)3,7421,0331
CMtzK(CMtzK)Adult (f)3,7121,0032
Cvi1N(Cvi1N)Adult (f)3,9458722
iRCdt(iRCdt)Adult (m)3,2728050
2DE0NBut past an hour theAdult (f)3,8699212
f5LlP(f5LlP)Adult (f)4,5261,0081
6JHkyIf only I wasAdult (f)4,8691,0201
1CfhT(1CfhT)Adult (f)3,3987941
65oewyou'll have to look - And toAdult (f)3,4568240
ZQl4U(ZQl4U)Adult (f)4,9591,0723
vgpyCT o o  l a t eAdult (f)2,8467981
jLyYw(jLyYw)Adult (f)3,4377311
C5xTHWon't come backAdult (f)3,7381,0281
lRHLm(lRHLm)Adult (f)3,6928421
lOiYI(lOiYI)Adult (m)2,3366551
j3v2n(j3v2n)Adult (m)3,4418944
V7B8z(V7B8z)Adult (f)2,3366282
zLdqH(zLdqH)Adult (m)2,4876331
JkGH8(JkGH8)Adult (f)2,3386271
dHZnt(dHZnt)Adult (m)2,5296602
KHOh3(KHOh3)Adult (m)2,3426431
7RnC4Blazing tomatoesAdult (f)2,7616625
pxHxc(pxHxc)Adult (m)2,6296672
ewiP1(ewiP1)Adult (f)2,7726391
njve7(njve7)Adult (f)2,8456573
jmCd1(jmCd1)Adult (m)2,7816293
KaMwe(KaMwe)Adult (m)2,9796481
75RRV(75RRV)Adult (m)2,8356561
aHmcS(aHmcS)Adult (m)3,5026451
m18Hw(m18Hw)Adult (f)3,4886521
cWW06(cWW06)Adult (m)3,3808661
9MXbTWhyy So SerioussHatchling (f, F)3,2507831
hMbXC(hMbXC)Adult (m)2,9536642
6xfvX(6xfvX)Adult (m)2,7426800
WqSRX(WqSRX)Adult (f)2,7856481
47cyt(47cyt)Adult (f)2,8406500
zDMBz(zDMBz)Adult (m)3,2857531
zfvUl(zfvUl)Adult (m)4,7239751
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