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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sungya,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pLpNSecratio B CasioAdult (f)2,43771764
DziFAnathema B CasioAdult (m)4,9472,31154
PwO9Diabolus B CasioAdult (f)4,91243810
Mig0Audacia B CasioAdult (f)4,0631,00310
4VrWMultiplicitas B CasioAdult (m)1,2526577
ParxDuplicitas B CasioAdult (m)2,2838368
u9NBo(u9NBo)Adult (f)1,9656863
Jg2iAlbus B CasioAdult (m)2,03352221
4iXFW(4iXFW)Adult (f)3,0706401
S3pA6(S3pA6)Adult (f)2,2686374
FcOCm(FcOCm)Adult (m)1,2976421
YVTkx(YVTkx)Adult (f)4,5836090
iTPcK(iTPcK)Adult (f)7,0404851
qgPIe(qgPIe)Adult (m)3,0663190
WkPhAntemeridianus B CasioAdult (f)4,5651,03110
1HgcPostmeridianus B CasioAdult (f)4,2078255
GNpGRosarium H niflheimrAdult (f)2,5711,2468
DPd8Meridiana B CasioAdult (f)2,6561,26911
U7lQh(U7lQh)Adult (f)5,0585330
IHalb(IHalb)Adult (f)5,5855120
NheYU(NheYU)Adult (f)4,8845400
PoJUConscendo B CasioAdult (f)2,58383416
StMBa(StMBa)Adult (m)3,7873750
PV0m7(PV0m7)Adult (m)3,1902790
MrGRVesica B CasioHatchling (f, F)6845175
WTGTCherryrance B CasioAdult (f)2,33070665
3MOeNox illuminus B CasioAdult (m)4,7311,95313
bUppNoctis fabula B CasioAdult (m)4,3071,46411
dR7tSpirtus sbcuri B CasioAdult (m)6,6761,17440
9Pn2Fabula corvi B CasioAdult (f)9,5311,24788
hIS3Gratia B CasioAdult (m)8,20162113
5oGJMartis B CasioAdult (m)1,5108314
bAV0Corax B CasioAdult (m)3,0518059
dgABCoracinum B CasioAdult (m)3,0457615
T9cUVeneni B CasioAdult (m)3,3386237
ec9bToxici B CasioAdult (m)3,6186676
rsZdLamia B CasioAdult (f)2,99226412
X3sRInficio B CasioAdult (f)7,57350911
dXjTTristis B CasioAdult (f)3,07196020
D2W5Moestus B CasioAdult (m)11,1411,03110
oQMgTurbidus B CasioAdult (m)10,72493510
R64AFerocis B CasioAdult (m)3,5886656
IhchAgreste B CasioAdult (f)4,0548064
pC6kMitis B CasioAdult (m)1,7286397
sSQBMollior B CasioAdult (m)2,2295747
dtHqTemperare B CasioAdult (f)2,4736336
t80JBella B CasioAdult (f)2,4476377
8EqpSatis B CasioAdult (f)1,7344336
andnLevissimus B CasioAdult (f)1,9084827
9P3PImmitis B CasioAdult (m)1,9708538
EBcrAcris B CasioAdult (m)1,97470718
2dMbAter B CasioAdult (m)8,9606045
AvGLEtlann B CasioAdult (f)2,15663115
MCMOGiter B CasioAdult (m)3,8849445
AOGO(AOGO)Adult (f)1,8776015
BDev4Elznoila B CasioAdult (m)3,13247410
LkSHA(LkSHA)Adult (f)2,2207668
JeoOR(JeoOR)Adult (m)1,9597343
RtGHe(RtGHe)Adult (m)2,8586191
LR3Xn(LR3Xn)Adult (m)2,8546162
0UpbZ(0UpbZ)Adult (f)2,7616200
I5dpT(I5dpT)Adult (f)2,3826471
UPgtk(UPgtk)Adult (f)2,6505981
ltGnK(ltGnK)Adult (f)2,6506484
qsNFh(qsNFh)Adult (f)6,3231,0993
j1BXH(j1BXH)Adult (m)6,3401,0703
AWJtE(AWJtE)Adult (m)4,3398996
6fjpPDecember B CasioAdult (m)2,8515366
eSS1D(eSS1D)Adult (m)3,5517225
dy7CA(dy7CA)Adult (m)1,5477031
Kiufk(Kiufk)Adult (m)3,0236533
01v4u(01v4u)Adult (f)3,2719223
BPptp(BPptp)Adult (f)5,6955620
gsklTenebrae B CasioHatchling (m, F)6,99395185
HF5HFrigerans B CasioHatchling (f, F)3,1873914
dzNCRegina nigritiae B CasioAdult (f)4,7061,97754
RuJrSagitta B CasioAdult (m)4,18488996
py62Crudelitas B CasioAdult (f)5,33071925
5iEoUltio dia B CasioAdult (f)3,06032938
mmgiPallidus B CasioAdult (f)1,9872937
T1aoAciei B CasioAdult (m)2,1146704
du0RSagax B CasioAdult (f)1,8305881
uCW1Chaus B CasioAdult (m)1,86249616
t3gZ(t3gZ)Adult (f)3,3884713
dSgKImpenetrabilis B CasioHatchling (f, F)3,66178931
E2xYSanguinis tenebra B CasioHatchling (m, F)8,02197622
sRNgConquexi B CasioHatchling (m, F)1,35528414
FpIBGith B CasioHatchling (F)1,0642469
u6NGT(u6NGT)Adult (f)4,8494470
3aZFK(3aZFK)Adult (m)4,9353880
E4rYu(E4rYu)Adult (m)5,7535530
nVLbJ(nVLbJ)Adult (m)5,6955530
H9pB2(H9pB2)Adult (f)5,9561,6180
NS0Xz(NS0Xz)Adult (m)6,7231,8320
9JHDN(9JHDN)Adult (f)4,6197881
ZMjkv(ZMjkv)Adult (m)2,6846652
eUvse(eUvse)Adult (f)2,6516572
MJLDu(MJLDu)Adult (m)5,9035320
kfiWX(kfiWX)Adult (f)2,6675931
0P7QL(0P7QL)Adult (f)2,5505710
PmSRI(PmSRI)Adult (f)2,4855991
ZGf5N(ZGf5N)Adult (m)2,3325300
AG0yl(AG0yl)Adult (f)3,8991,3830
2ZZtz(2ZZtz)Adult (m)2,6746165
Ks1Jb(Ks1Jb)Adult (f)2,5425852
YgP1y(YgP1y)Adult (f)2,4755862
G9SKv(G9SKv)Adult (f)4,5966100
Iem3F(Iem3F)Adult (f)5,4026150
UX1kO(UX1kO)Adult (m)4,5816130
OWfO6(OWfO6)Adult (f)4,6166090
PqNwh(PqNwh)Adult (m)5,9335210
Jym3t(Jym3t)Adult (m)3,1293240
oC0hIrrigo B CasioAdult (m)3,85954620
4C1pPerfusus B CasioAdult (m)2,2354169
C1ukInundavi B CasioAdult (m)3,06952411
BQWbFluminis B CasioAdult (f)5,4991,3798
TYBWAlluvionis B CasioAdult (f)5,2821,3217
o1nYInrigavi B CasioAdult (f)2,57176234
6Z63F(6Z63F)Adult (f)1,7226394
sjrDZelus B CasioAdult (m)2,2528739
ZdNmCustodire B CasioAdult (m)1,4204323
KWuESaepire B CasioAdult (m)2,3034101
N5Ae6(N5Ae6)Adult (f)2,5717733
ukIXY(ukIXY)Adult (f)4,2771,0031
30tTP(30tTP)Adult (f)6,8735620
zedL5(zedL5)Adult (f)6,3076151
ytw5Z(ytw5Z)Adult (m)5,2878131
rMbio(rMbio)Adult (m)2,4486932
Qe8yL(Qe8yL)Adult (m)2,5005730
g6qY0(g6qY0)Adult (f)2,1576810
Q7SO6(Q7SO6)Adult (f)2,3965833
aPgYV(aPgYV)Adult (f)6,1308810
K9ImAbalieno B CasolAdult (f)3,0391,2296
TPHHFrondis B CasioAdult (f)2,2889774
X5clConopei B CasioAdult (m)8484461
Pl7YTabernaculi B CasioAdult (m)6,35874613
pj76Pomi B CasioAdult (m)6,13471216
CatACanois B CasioAdult (f)1,2484123
uyT6n(uyT6n)Adult (m)6,7335010
bqP79(bqP79)Adult (f)5,3454970
upkTArboris B CasioHatchling (f, F)1,5016881
Pkb2Arbor B CasioHatchling (F)1,1761929
bQ5yY(bQ5yY)Adult (m)4,7094410
fPWMT(fPWMT)Adult (f)6,5307500
E96LCheese Cake B CasioAdult1,79547116
VJabCheese Fondue B CasioHatchling (F)86817410
idFsCheese Gratin B CasioHatchling (F)3,4308635
n4AnPelicana B CasioAdult (f)5,30076312
TMvnThe size of BBQ CHICKEN B CasioHatchling (f, F)4,5191,48563
afQ18(afQ18)Adult (m)3,33780910
za8DK(za8DK)Adult (f)1,5023477
mjLHr(mjLHr)Adult (f)2,5787555
kt8RO(kt8RO)Adult (f)2,6087642
DsNoG(DsNoG)Adult (f)2,2886172
AeCws(AeCws)Adult (f)2,4926540
0MmIm(0MmIm)Adult (f)2,3666551
q9v0(q9v0)Adult (m)8,9362,1555
cWop(cWop)Adult (m)4,9451,2853
EB60Flava B CasioAdult (f)1,5206639
JtCJ(JtCJ)Adult (f)9,4732,30510
EWMp(EWMp)Adult (f)6,6131,7843
s54p(s54p)Adult (f)6,5781,7135
bue9G(bue9G)Adult (m)2,1616431
WZ9Ym(WZ9Ym)Adult (m)2,1036201
miiK6(miiK6)Adult (m)4,5083271
q5ZgP(q5ZgP)Adult (m)4,9883391
DW5ix(DW5ix)Adult (f)2,0713572
ZzTfB(ZzTfB)Adult (f)2,1623881
mwPoZ(mwPoZ)Adult (f)2,7196521
wan0A(wan0A)Adult (f)2,6026083
Bxypi(Bxypi)Adult (f)3,5244750
MhjOc(MhjOc)Adult (f)3,2854461
6uA9k(6uA9k)Adult (f)2,6745560
sbTrS(sbTrS)Adult (m)3,2527690
WDSfu(WDSfu)Adult (m)2,9227480
bXVL6(bXVL6)Adult (f)3,3017591
cFh7S(cFh7S)Adult (f)2,8457281
JesXo(JesXo)Adult (m)4,3577663
IX8kP(IX8kP)Adult (m)4,3777800
tKdgW(tKdgW)Adult (f)1,8136512
wMhre(wMhre)Adult (m)1,4606920
le1rI(le1rI)Adult (m)2,2066721
nr9e(nr9e)Hatchling (F)1,4401332
4z5cSanguis rosa B CasioAdult (m)5,4331,26522
wG57Venator nocturnus B CasioAdult (f)4,5881,49812
EubqHyacinthus B CasioAdult (m)5,8951,48153
aXwjArs B CasioAdult (m)6,8001,039103
dBHqInsero B CasioAdult (m)2,7796058
VsGdViride B CasioAdult (m)1,9972922
YIQCPallidum B CasioAdult (m)1,9142846
q38jCissos B CasioAdult (f)10,9951,0009
lYbQArboria B CasioAdult (f)1,2834645
H09UHedera B CasioAdult (m)3,09141015
hlIbFoli B CasioAdult (m)1,7646693
1PRLHortie B CasioAdult (f)3,4937495
s6663(s6663)Adult (f)2,3055785
vZjSN(vZjSN)Adult (f)2,8296623
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