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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “stitchstinks446,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Bo93c(Bo93c)Adult (f)5,2376533
tEPfl(tEPfl)Adult (f)2,3394561
sKDbp(sKDbp)Adult (f)4,6163922
DjW5Y(DjW5Y)Adult (m)6,4354301
JlMNq(JlMNq)Adult (m)3,7204002
CLLYo(CLLYo)Adult (f)4,8643931
t7AGQ(t7AGQ)Adult (f)2,4849953
EntGF(EntGF)Adult (m)2,8484832
2ko80(2ko80)Adult (f)3,4215402
0iAtY(0iAtY)Adult (f)2,6984802
wEU8g(wEU8g)Adult (m)2,8894681
Ygs7Q(Ygs7Q)Adult (m)3,0294791
b2M9H(b2M9H)Adult (m)3,3883122
HrEVr(HrEVr)Adult (f)2,7822760
wJmcd(wJmcd)Adult (m)3,4203242
eumaD(eumaD)Adult (f)3,2773183
kBNs3(kBNs3)Adult (m)2,7992922
2F8TN(2F8TN)Adult (m)3,0323004
9WBCl(9WBCl)Adult (f)2,9325274
3f9ou(3f9ou)Adult (m)3,0365363
GflB2(GflB2)Adult (f)2,9104961
MdvQy(MdvQy)Adult (m)5,5436806
7owf3(7owf3)Adult (f)2,5444521
wrFnyRise from the Ashes of DefeatAdult (f)6,1361,14916
IHLRRCreate a Triumphant LegacyAdult (m)7,6287596
fPXP6(fPXP6)Egg (F)
3zlRTEater of SpikesAdult2,91144110
Xu7ffBe Who You AreAdult4,5319298
0VN5EI Frown Upon KFC xAdult (f)2,0304171
7lfcoChick-Fil-A Eat Less ChickenHatchling (f, F)1,4667433
cQvRzThis is Nacho CheeseAdult2,5611,0173
DxN4NCheesy and I Know ItHatchling (F)3,0281,2928
ClKkEOrigami MasterpieceAdult3,13846811
JwUYEShimmering SerenityAdult (m)7,42088347
evv7zHopeful PeaceAdult (m)6,8581,41931
pZhvPPeaceful HopeAdult (f)5,7841,43528
LNMKBShimmer Mystery VIIIAdult (f)6,5117967
KbwBrMagical Mystical and MythicalAdult (m)5,85254714
Ghe1EMoonlight ShimmeringAdult (m)5,1341,18514
lCxy1Twilight of Silver MoonsAdult (f)7,63556419
HkRTc(HkRTc)Hatchling (f, F)4,2156088
Sn5Y9Shimmering Bronze XIAdult (f)8,7746276
XcH0ORusset Scales GlimmeringAdult (m)5,6021,30622
1LjrrDanger in the ShadowsAdult (m)6,7341,05023
Mv2UbNothing is Impossible xAdult (m)10,1747406
UeDAR(UeDAR)Adult (f)7,73751611
GUsZm(GUsZm)Adult (f)5,1126153
diFwE(diFwE)Adult (m)6,3525692
poK3X(poK3X)Adult (f)7,4285314
VrBzoTreasure of MidasAdult (m)6,75877316
GBopFLight the Light ShineAdult (f)8,07477622
EjPHuFighting 'til the EndAdult (m)9,21779918
4qivM(4qivM)Adult (f)7,1335693
RlQjnGlimmering Gold VAdult (f)7,9091,01713
wIhdEGlimmering Sun VIAdult (f)6,3226833
fNsrd2nd is the BestAdult (m)3,9041,0994
nCpN9Speak with a Silver TongueAdult (m)6,91770121
TeZQU2nd Place xAdult (f)5,4271,0155
BfnHG(BfnHG)Adult (m)4,2408396
NtULW(NtULW)Adult (f)7,39449518
9Nj14Bronze FlickerAdult (m)7,79092019
yA9CHDragons are UsAdult (f)6,5599805
fLWjcSecret of the Tinsel DragonsAdult (m)6,64068412
PrZVDMe and my TreasureAdult (m)8,4119786
Y7QsuPlated BronzeAdult (m)8,91585614
LNmE1Bronze Wonders VIIIAdult (f)7,6268806
uJcoe3rd Has a Treasure ChestAdult (m)10,0427439
ZkUrx(ZkUrx)Adult (m)6,6744453
efD1F(efD1F)Adult (m)8,5655732
gXatQ3rd is the BestHatchling (f, F)6,2121,1218
t6AEQI Thought 2nd was the BestHatchling (F)3,9322634
tyu7HxXxGold RainXxXAdult (f)3,7949866
1xHz8xXxIntegrityxXxAdult (f)7,3356916
3KLsxAt the End of the Rainbow 2gAdult (f)4,05982012
tO16gI am so ShinyAdult (f)3,9471,04617
PwrteAint Nobody Got Time For DatAdult (f)7,6351,22711
AdhQR(AdhQR)Adult (f)3,5572732
p0hPxGold Prince RomanovAdult (m)3,1065396
WVkngPerfectly MessyAdult (m)5,1461,00411
Uhmw2Rainbow of TreasureAdult (m)2,45785610
vG8x3Magic of the MoonlightAdult (m)3,5924775
GcRDeSilent Silver StormAdult (m)2,7559508
niTTq(niTTq)Adult (m)3,7563142
JmAYI(JmAYI)Adult (f)2,7188557
pFnDVSilver Silloutte 2gAdult (f)2,40868311
3hdPUIII Silver Purple IIIAdult (f)4,1274826
bIIoqFlurry of SnowflakesAdult (f)3,98885910
XBz7zThrough the Silver StormAdult (f)2,8979436
fEtXWFlying Through the MoonlinghtAdult (f)3,6801,0015
CcEJKIm a Ninja CBAdult (f)3,7051,4494
wmCaBStealth is my Middle Name CBAdult (m)2,1941,1963
ba6cfRadiant Epiphany CBAdult (f)4,2358637
Feq6w(Feq6w)Adult (f)3,8051,0834
lhpSy(lhpSy)Adult (f)3,8423141
l9dcf(l9dcf)Adult (f)2,84466214
2kWq4Magic of the Golden Touch CBAdult (m)2,8515153
D322MGolden Touch of Magic CBAdult (m)3,3565914
iP7vMVesuvius Erupts CBAdult (m)3,7191,25811
nsFBlKrakotoa Erupts CBAdult (f)4,75493510
Cre1RFuji EruptionAdult (f)3,1015745
a8c2CThunder Storm in the NightAdult (m)2,22845410
h2xlZThunder AllergiesAdult (m)3,1981,0817
XtPnGThunderclap roars CBAdult (f)3,0204797
3A5L4(3A5L4)Adult (m)2,7424431
DgnqxThunderclap in the NightHatchling (m, F)1,9894923
FWwiuThe Tip Of The Iceburg CBAdult (f)2,46946116
OSOoDWinter's IciclesAdult (f)3,6863988
HatEJThe Icicles of WinterHatchling (f, F)2,7126456
EVE5lPainted Wings 4th genAdult (f)6,4641,2599
SDzLiHeart  of JoyAdult (m)3,6381,2058
OIzUmWings of PleasureAdult (m)5,3348938
ZUyNuOcean Breeze 2nd genAdult (f)1,97497111
uPFsJWater Color PaintAdult (f)3,7244314
NPnR1Painted ScalesHatchling (f, F)3,2243976
Olm4ZWings of the Ocean MistHatchling (F)1,81734910
GPDg1Mysterious Black Pearl xAdult (f)3,8851,0294
76qRHLook at Me Im LuckyAdult (m)6,9201,1598
VGnJuDreaded Nightmare xHatchling (F)1,3235223
tAPGyLuna of the StarsAdult (f)3,3004525
XC2sIMy Eyes Glow in the DarkAdult (f)2,3167393
weOR4Nocturna's Magic CBAdult (f)2,9784326
UeRXiThieving Bandit CBAdult (m)3,9605343
ZKZdpRebel in the Night CBAdult (m)3,5224526
WpoX8Midnight in the StarsAdult (m)5,2869742
9ZmofGlowing Eyes 2gAdult (f)3,3921,0615
7k6aKWings Of GloriAdult (m)4,1063997
4SuvKMini Midnight in the StarsHatchling (F)1,4634834
LmcliA Bandit Steals at MidnightHatchling (F)2,3861602
cBHmINight Vision Without GlassesHatchling (f, F)2,0935376
48VdZTheif at MidnightHatchling (f, F)3,1155472
nxWP1Eternal GalaxiesHatchling (m, F)1,2995721
9QMSlSkies of TwilightHatchling (m, F)2,9306582
etXcqDarkest Night Right Before DawnHatchling (m, F)2,3434163
6709wSpartan Solider IHatchling (m, F)4,3225023
LBWaxSpartan Soldier IIHatchling (m, F)5,7979172
29rkxWhite Snowflakes FallingAdult (m)3,2733687
wR6RRThe Magic of HealingAdult (m)4,3217883
t9Mpb(t9Mpb)Adult (f)4,6433415
HlZqRPerfection Thuwed VAdult (f)1,8226136
0iHMQWhite like Snowflakes FallingHatchling (F)1,1221525
N1qYWAcrobat In Disguise CBAdult (m)3,1024246
oC4KZCotton Candy Wonders CBAdult (m)6,2141,0795
ZhNKDPink Painted SunsetAdult (m)4,4274028
dXysNWe Need More Cotton Candy CBAdult (m)2,9414825
AyGiUCotton Candy Everywhere CBAdult (f)2,3384873
vPogCDream of Cotton Candy CBAdult (f)6,8961,1668
skjREOMG Were Out of Cotton Candy CBAdult (f)2,9884485
psfzTCotton Candy Daydreams CBAdult (f)6,4491,0684
DrGsO(DrGsO)Adult (f)3,2956992
Js7zcDragon of CalypsoAdult (m)3,1395323
TUWtcEye of TigerAdult (f)2,9774233
9Q3tfI May Need GlassesAdult (f)2,8255493
33egdNothing Is Wrong With My EyesAdult (m)6,2589677
e8I6F(e8I6F)Adult (f)3,2035103
rzOqKFirst Place CBAdult (f)3,4973381
ZG9jpI gotta do some Magic CBAdult (m)2,2186022
T6qTuI Have Magic Do You CBAdult (f)4,8791,1724
1YxDhAmethyst's ScalesAdult (m)3,6413874
KgVURAmethyst Daydreams CBAdult (m)3,3464357
EthTiAncient AmethystAdult (m)2,8477345
EdwRjAmethyst Hope CBAdult (m)3,6855333
xkd1e(xkd1e)Adult (f)3,1174221
DveJMEnchanted Amethyst CBAdult (f)3,0124272
uaLxsAdorable AmethystHatchling (f, F)2,4937965
ZR9fKHopeful AmethystHatchling (F)1,3722033
CzSImRIptide of the OceanAdult (m)3,3183514
zcVnELegacy of the OceanAdult (f)3,09549312
JAYasMy code is JAYasAdult (f)2,9799987
Y7L4SExtremely Useless BSAHatchling (F)2,3251602
rDc4zTwo-Finned WonderAdult (f)3,0151,0032
JscwTSoaring through the CloudsAdult (m)2,9784979
8590fTwo-Finned TroubleAdult (m)3,3443915
JjNIeTwo-Finned JinxAdult (m)3,6564477
1z5L6Treasure of GeodesAdult (m)3,9794543
mGZPjTreasure on the InsideAdult (f)2,3864505
g1ZAyGeode TreasureAdult (f)4,5094475
ozQwmTreasure in Disguise 5gHatchling (F)2,5402641
8Xp66Greatest Dream xAdult (m)4,6641,3023
i7fo7Splashed Paint CBAdult (m)2,9755333
LpTuA(LpTuA)Adult (f)2,8738532
tJlYBLuck of the RidgewingsAdult (f)3,4917055
GEofTI Feel Lucky CBAdult (f)2,1579186
iX4woHopeful LegendsHatchling (m, F)4,4501,0656
AOyjLRiding the WindAdult (f)2,9086566
NdLtEVibrant Magic CBAdult (m)2,3236093
nOiJEViolet Dawn CBAdult (f)3,2249625
Tj3AQViolet Twilight CBHatchling (m, F)3,3958724
rVQg0Claws of Sympathy CBAdult (m)4,7468667
iVb2lClaws of Empathy CBAdult (f)9,4922,06913
NC69gClaws of EnvyAdult (f)3,1161,0207
I1lpQClaws of FuryAdult (m)7,4611,19911
YPHSiClaws of Jealousy 2gAdult (m)4,5611,3025
TZuikClaws of EternityHatchling (F)3,9423674
KBKGWAmethiAdult (f)1,88753225
h9yNaAmethi WindsHatchling (F)1,0292475
OPGnu(OPGnu)Adult (f)3,6343871
oJoFk(oJoFk)Adult (m)4,0874271
iOJ2tProceed With Caution CBAdult (f)2,4894613
H733dSunny-D CBAdult (m)5,2211,1966
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