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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “stikystuff,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6QiIKoXo Welcome To My Scroll oXoHatchling (m, F)2,4947392
37PCo(37PCo)Adult (m)4,0346553
2mxPC(2mxPC)Adult (f)4,5546755
IEVlV(IEVlV)Adult (m)4,1666683
imIpR(imIpR)Adult (m)4,1096602
IXXo0(IXXo0)Adult (m)4,3586431
J2jQx(J2jQx)Adult (m)4,4026591
IfTZz(IfTZz)Adult (f)4,7446720
4dREx(4dREx)Adult (f)4,3446570
7kqvV(7kqvV)Adult (f)4,3616731
nuMlW(nuMlW)Adult (m)4,6806440
7h2jx(7h2jx)Adult (f)4,2286550
n2FsZ(n2FsZ)Adult (f)4,7016881
qEKoA(qEKoA)Adult (f)4,9889491
RnETy(RnETy)Adult (m)4,9799260
WhPF1(WhPF1)Adult (f)4,9209320
KwPaG(KwPaG)Adult (f)4,9309240
TBSpv(TBSpv)Adult (m)4,9089290
Dsqk1(Dsqk1)Adult (f)4,9419470
KImy7(KImy7)Adult (m)4,8649610
YZumd(YZumd)Adult (m)4,8929311
yhSuy(yhSuy)Egg (F)
NMkob(NMkob)Adult (f)5,0586831
J4yOX(J4yOX)Adult (f)5,3467390
gDLVe(gDLVe)Adult (m)5,3877171
7PJfp(7PJfp)Adult (m)5,4717191
y1yvA(y1yvA)Adult (m)3,4186462
DnobP(DnobP)Adult (m)5,4777130
HK9Ay(HK9Ay)Adult (m)5,8697801
AhosS(AhosS)Adult (m)3,5856342
1xqBSoXo The Nursery oXoHatchling (m, F)2,9348063
dYcnQ(dYcnQ)Adult (f)4,2841,0274
bgrPtoXo Trades oXoHatchling (f, F)3,2915822
DV617(DV617)Adult (m)4,3605842
Osb9w(Osb9w)Adult (f)4,4295721
JdDOS(JdDOS)Adult (f)4,4785810
9JjrX(9JjrX)Adult (f)3,3985924
DLlIG(DLlIG)Adult (f)4,1606491
znNV1(znNV1)Adult (m)4,0526210
ab8WM(ab8WM)Adult (m)4,1636660
2UTEq(2UTEq)Adult (f)4,4436710
9gsnz(9gsnz)Adult (m)4,2926331
r3xLU(r3xLU)Adult (f)4,3816272
nfYS4oXo Lineages In Progress oXoHatchling (f, F)3,1484421
BMWP1oXo Lunar Heralds oXoHatchling (f, F)2,3654621
U0pdfGood HeraldAdult (f)4,7617293
OE1eXKauanaAdult (f)6,4429124
gN7HSKauippe DreamboatAdult (m)4,1595668
L3JCxHermippe DreamboatAdult (m)4,8776342
O2tQHDeimos DreamboatAdult (m)2,8175384
wdYuVLuna DreamboatAdult (f)3,8978092
MqySTPhobos DreamboatAdult (f)5,2911,1504
kJ9L5Good DreamboatAdult (m)5,6556093
QAC45(QAC45)Adult (f)5,3219020
94EJQ(94EJQ)Adult (m)5,9135874
en2EMFrozen Silver Lunar IIHatchling (m, F)3,4544092
y9fmVCyllene DreamboatAdult (f)4,0907784
2DMbUErinome DreamboatAdult (m)3,4617131
9ohMYEuporie DreamboatAdult (m)4,4146062
c1v49Eurydome DreamboatAdult (m)3,4505494
hFALICressida DreamboatAdult (f)3,7863792
z2CFiCordelia DreamboatAdult (f)3,7544412
LvsXVLada DreamboatAdult (f)4,9787133
B9WMCChaldene DreamboatAdult (m)3,4095083
crUUqAnanke DreamboatAdult (f)5,2648483
YjW3zCallirrhoe DreamboatAdult (f)3,6987624
ojlqCLida DreamboatAdult (f)6,2479882
LndDICarme DreamboatAdult (f)5,6179103
roqOZLeda DreamboatAdult (f)6,4831,1173
bwXWmLysithea DreamboatAdult (f)6,4698032
E7KxbThemisto DreamboatAdult (f)6,3268213
CGgYJSinope DreamboatAdult (f)4,8759128
ZcHjVErriapo DreamboatAdult (m)3,7165943
saySP(saySP)Adult (m)4,6726080
g4gqAFrozen Bronze Lunar IIHatchling (f, F)3,7855434
6UyqXLapetus DreamboatAdult (f)2,3984931
0K6F1Fine DreamboatAdult (f)3,5044932
P9WpvIcicles DreamboatAdult (m)3,3294672
SXVM2Dovahrek EmojiAdult (m)3,1204602
ITbeXHarpalyke DreamboatAdult (m)4,1345443
RTdgEShiver DreamboatAdult (m)5,4038522
I9o3KLocaste DreamboatAdult (f)3,5225903
hqDvQPraxidike DreamboatAdult (f)7,7227873
36tXjGanymede DreamboatAdult (f)4,9978874
FxokoCallisto DreamboatAdult (f)4,2507932
IIhEhEuropa DreamboatAdult (f)5,0629033
kDRG4Himalia DreamboatAdult (f)4,1088693
sbVhoAmalthea DreamboatAdult (f)3,9868741
KG4SGThebe DreamboatAdult (m)5,2291,1292
IHXkqThyone DreamboatAdult (f)2,9795343
k07vcElara DreamboatAdult (m)5,4041,1552
mkuK0Frozen Indigo Lunar IHatchling (F)3,4432765
4FksVKallichore DreamboatAdult (m)3,9133292
acK8VSad EmojiAdult (m)3,8625603
MXhL6BedizenmentAdult (f)2,9065184
3X1l4Kerberos DreamboatAdult (f)3,8924974
iUyodNo Fines PleaseAdult (m)3,3955482
vRWO1Bejeweled DreamboatAdult (f)5,1037031
LlWC2Liara DovahrekAdult (f)5,9689921
nmcZGStyx DreamboatAdult (f)3,4694203
IcwL1Charon DreamboatAdult (m)2,8904723
fhXgqKalyke DreamboatAdult (m)6,1498911
wF1kiMetis DreamboatAdult (m)6,5571,0086
sNX9lAutonoe DreamboatAdult (f)5,0175383
KNhEsPasiphae DreamboatAdult (f)3,7569202
B8egjTaygete DreamboatAdult (f)5,9905743
EG5xsAegeon DreamboatAdult (f)5,3166534
REv1cFine EmojiAdult (m)3,6043342
nxXyHoXo Celestials oXoHatchling (m, F)4,1907104
yVPDgFrozen Celestial IHatchling (F)2,1954123
jKS3BKatlan Nolin WestborneAdult (m)4,2304893
9zp7RLoyal PhaseAdult (m)5,7411,0045
7h2o7(7h2o7)Adult (m)3,9724111
AX6mW(AX6mW)Adult (m)4,5285831
QhwOdEormay IIAdult (m)4,5487434
8Qj2VScorpius DreamboatAdult (m)4,2405732
2ORyTConstelli DreamboatAdult (m)4,7306923
qdMstSaggitta DreamboatAdult (m)4,1245781
6ym4aSculptor DreamboatAdult (m)4,4644633
iKRtZOnoana DreamboatAdult (f)3,4214052
mJhvYSkill GuideAdult (f)6,3631,0256
xBB7iVisionary AnandamideAdult (f)4,4206753
tz1aGMaybe from this worldAdult (f)4,2216852
OdpfkCelestial of MonetAdult (f)4,1637045
ZxfGkCorvus DreamboatAdult (f)4,2317123
vJvPBCariana DreamboatAdult (f)4,4639962
WOwubCrux DreamboatAdult (f)4,1769971
DvrBrCelestia DreamboatAdult (f)5,0236942
U0K1o(U0K1o)Adult (f)4,5555710
B7jjx(B7jjx)Adult (f)5,0117005
0LifwoXo Arias oXoHatchling (f, F)2,9965613
76oYTFrozen Aria IHatchling (F)3,1222171
CUMgoFrozen Aria IIHatchling (f, F)5,5057313
g2UDJAria Likes BananasAdult (f)5,2858014
DdpdYIntergalactic AriaAdult (f)4,9307355
W0wBEAria ReportingAdult (f)5,9386654
YW54cCloudbreath HallowtineAdult (f)5,1439272
NU8QiGoji DreamboatAdult (f)5,0368681
nKZqDMouse DreamboatAdult (f)4,5899441
n3rdx(n3rdx)Adult (f)6,3547454
QLbgBWhen You're Not HereAdult (f)5,8818681
cSqEJCamu DreamboatAdult (f)3,9984531
TFcHy(TFcHy)Adult (f)4,0497041
SEJei(SEJei)Adult (f)3,5944132
Ft4AqVixen DreamboatAdult (f)7,8959897
oZbw2Aronia DreamboatAdult (f)3,2464471
yvuONMaqui DreamboatAdult (f)3,4774472
piVEQAcai DreamboatAdult (f)3,2006931
R2k2b(R2k2b)Adult (f)6,3316712
wKNp8Earlie PinkAdult (m)4,0884232
Q0p1ooXo Khusas oXoHatchling (m, F)4,5435124
CA2fk(CA2fk)Adult (f)3,6865326
nsMIQ(nsMIQ)Adult (m)2,9444880
o32f2(o32f2)Adult (m)3,5255081
wyGkk(wyGkk)Adult (f)3,4344990
mjHJzoXo Pillows oXoHatchling (f, F)2,6645492
agXiKFrozen Pillow IHatchling (F)1,4835654
x3wuTFrozen Pillow IIHatchling (m, F)3,1186845
GUBFRFrozen Pillow IIIHatchling (f, F)2,3288113
7NBezSugar DreamboatAdult (m)1,8563762
Roz2yShuteye DreamboatAdult (m)3,2814661
oFsnMBedcover DreamboatAdult (m)2,8794262
czZZx(czZZx)Adult (m)3,6845572
bLVA8(bLVA8)Adult (m)2,9284792
RjVS2(RjVS2)Adult (m)3,4945461
RMu05(RMu05)Adult (m)2,8615031
CCDkjNutty FluffAdult (m)3,8816382
svqKWWool DreamboatAdult (m)4,4866722
KM0TaSleeping DreamboatAdult (m)3,3014604
JNv7mSandman DreamboatAdult (m)2,8534961
8FOZ1Slumber DreamboatAdult (m)2,6244662
sRyFYRepose DreamboatAdult (m)5,9746924
l0mlUHallows PillowAdult (m)4,0924672
nyQ7sLorsh FluffehAdult (m)6,2017922
KTmoFMaster UndomielAdult (m)5,0838852
ulvxXPillow UnderlordAdult (m)3,3637224
Q0D9IMr FluffernutterAdult (m)8,1641,5734
8VqubPrince Pillow All RightAdult (m)3,3738762
cTgOMMorning RhythmAdult (m)2,7339674
rp9XqMorning of KyriakosAdult (m)5,4071,2265
SeVC7Fluffy DreamboatAdult (m)3,1499222
IHeTEFluffy ACAdult (m)2,8699822
RZSiQFluffy ZapAdult (m)7,0861,1359
HQ4DvSnuggles DreamboatAdult (m)3,5569242
23vq5Fluffy PowAdult (m)3,5118484
S2oJDMr SnugglesAdult (m)1,6437152
m6EhsMr Snuggles IIAdult (m)2,6229031
fiMjDJoe Pillow MuffinAdult (m)3,7387525
s2h8DSnuggles RemixxAdult (m)1,7255642
xwdUIVenninseth VIIAdult (m)2,0068012
csCgrObligated FluffAdult (m)5,8167704
cBbU5Grunt VenninsethAdult (m)2,1007692
Znt2NGlory RufflesAdult (m)2,5437572
V5QoTMaster SnugglesworthAdult (m)2,4619384
AvRQ3Lord Eddard Stark DBAdult (m)2,9899472
LvznhGeorge McFly DBAdult (m)3,0528542
Ky3UFRobb Stark DBAdult (m)2,5059343
LsczTOops A PillowAdult (m)2,4987811
A8aWLDelicious LithiumAdult (m)2,7947594
MRSA3MRSA CashmereAdult (m)3,1037933
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