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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “stephbexx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
49DYWMacaroni and Cheese BexxAdult (m)2,7551,15919
ms3WLMr T And Mr Rogers BexxAdult (m)4,9621,1514
p6PafPenny and AggieAdult (f)4,3691,2178
B2D7TCB Hunting by MoonlightAdult (m)4,2431,1212
HcMXvCB Moonlow AudacityAdult (m)3,0437683
du0oOCB Moonlight CavedwellerAdult (m)3,6129381
bhTQICB Opal Personality DisorderAdult (f)4,1051,1212
AG7tlCB Iridescent IrritabilityAdult (m)4,0721,20025
t10zCCB Nocturnal ShimmerwyrmAdult (f)3,5838894
OmJA2CB Darkness In WaitingAdult (m)2,9467433
yKjXv(yKjXv)Adult (f)6,1709580
pSUVHCB Green Toned TerrorAdult (f)3,6151,11817
BlfiECB Meanie Greenie ScenieAdult (m)2,0007512
wubqCCB Death Comes to us AllAdult (m)5,2871,2731
Awad8CB Double Mouth RoarAdult (m)3,1944220
AojEVCB Twin Terror TwinkleAdult (f)5,2781,1135
g4xEmCB Aeon WatcherAdult (f)3,5858442
lHiCvCB Aeon GuardianAdult (m)4,6549140
Rg58OCB Aeon WandererAdult (m)4,0497761
GYr2o(GYr2o)Adult (f)4,9429431
pKQR4(pKQR4)Adult (m)4,7776981
vLEbW(vLEbW)Adult (m)3,6871,0171
q5mfj(q5mfj)Adult (f)3,0118030
uSybb(uSybb)Adult (m)2,9477630
wNUVS(wNUVS)Adult (f)2,7476870
GowvZ(GowvZ)Adult (m)2,8077270
K63ki(K63ki)Adult (m)2,7406660
2NJR6CB I Sparkle When I Go OutsideAdult (f)7,1991,50313
Z9MYHCB Does This Look Wrong To YouAdult (m)5,2801,35810
6AO0ACB Exactly Where You Want MeAdult (m)5,2071,3245
o77eNCB Something Smells FunnyAdult (f)6,4701,5459
dk6N1CB Was It YouAdult (m)5,5421,2469
ggb69CB Well It Wasnt Me EitherAdult (f)5,5701,35411
hO31cCB My HusbandAdult (f)5,5661,40912
qWoM9CB Won't Stop PlayingAdult (f)6,1131,42716
Ep88ZCB Gears of War ThreeAdult (m)6,1961,25716
4J7dQCB And It's Driving MeAdult (m)5,2221,28312
uQXRKCB Absolutely InsaneAdult (m)5,8891,4764
J1RdbCB Somebody Please ComeAdult (f)6,1181,41513
NGdQUCB And Shut Him UpAdult (m)4,7911,35113
O6RRUCB I Can't Stop Looking UpAdult (m)6,6001,63412
tNF01CB Locked and LoadedAdult (f)5,0561,1962
smDovCB Is That HairAdult (f)4,1011,0411
vVeavCB White as a SheetAdult (f)5,8891,3782
F7UTMCB I'm Not A SparklepireAdult (f)5,2191,2950
46VkXCB Dogs Keep GrowlingAdult (m)5,3151,2901
ncsMHCB January BluesAdult (m)5,5881,3801
zpdpHCB Hubby's Breakneck BirthdayAdult (m)2,9188931
t4HgsCB White time Halloween TimeAdult (m)2,8794088
7lODC(7lODC)Adult (m)3,6549520
eJjs7(eJjs7)Adult (f)4,0229781
Mkujw(Mkujw)Adult (m)4,2479591
NusomCB Almerald GenesisAdult (m)3,4628490
bnKLbCB Almerald UnbidingAdult (m)3,3128071
flNhiCB Almerald WinstreakAdult (m)3,6117010
Htkjq(Htkjq)Adult (f)4,7691,1130
rFvfx(rFvfx)Adult (f)4,4799090
rIuYB(rIuYB)Adult (m)4,8639610
jtWGZ(jtWGZ)Adult (m)4,1001,1130
TZe9pCB Sunshine PaulyAdult (m)3,1964182
xdK0PCB Sunshine HopperAdult (f)3,2964360
tAMN4CB Sunshine DancerAdult (m)4,0773460
8DV9jCB Sunshine GlowerAdult (m)3,3514520
dCm31CB Sunshine RunnerAdult (f)3,4774801
cnfhqCB Sunshine RushAdult (m)4,2913630
kdPAuCB Sunshine PiperAdult (f)4,6633950
KLH8lCB Sunshine Wind DancerAdult (m)6,6621,0680
IqY6BCB Sunbather ShineAdult (f)5,0621,0422
BUQC9CB Sunbather SparkleAdult (m)5,0761,0691
2SXrrCB Sunbather ShimmerAdult (f)4,7861,0182
uftEmCB Mysterious BronzenAdult (f)3,8354731
fDw3rCB Sunbather DazzleAdult (m)2,5826720
TNYv2CB Sunbather DancerAdult (m)4,0117801
ufkoc(ufkoc)Adult (m)4,8707771
1CyZZ(1CyZZ)Adult (m)5,6111,0971
uWQqD(uWQqD)Adult (f)4,7279262
P47TOCB Arian RevivalAdult (m)5,6004752
C1lUACB Arian SongwriterAdult (m)5,8591,1022
DgH9fCB Arian ReverbAdult (m)4,9181,0570
oJB9KCB Arian UnrivaledAdult (f)4,5028210
s2sF2(s2sF2)Adult (m)5,3429590
wueSB(wueSB)Adult (f)3,9638950
zh1pR(zh1pR)Adult (f)4,0311,0830
4df6W(4df6W)Adult (m)6,0149590
19dRZ(19dRZ)Adult (m)5,4319390
T3guc(T3guc)Adult (f)5,5349590
XbVXU(XbVXU)Adult (f)5,5449710
cacPV(cacPV)Adult (m)3,9579810
XEuYz(XEuYz)Adult (f)3,4736561
AmwcdCB Icewing RunnerAdult (m)2,5437121
hBuKhCB Icewing GloryAdult (f)3,7686670
rvLa9CB Icewing AmazeAdult (f)3,9997281
zUdkICB Icewing PassoverAdult (m)3,6236931
UXPx8CB Icewing StasisAdult (m)4,2065313
tj8DHCB Icewing UpendedAdult (m)4,3367853
G6Wu0CB Icewing GalliantAdult (f)7,1051,0491
KjCLt(KjCLt)Adult (f)4,7516342
DpArR(DpArR)Adult (f)5,1828180
bvp1m(bvp1m)Adult (f)6,1807852
QK1JU(QK1JU)Adult (f)4,8681,1741
fqLgb(fqLgb)Adult (f)6,0899400
ATl1z(ATl1z)Adult (f)4,4969302
rEmfi(rEmfi)Adult (m)4,3748772
lpU7K(lpU7K)Adult (m)4,3338861
0qUoiCB Lighter Than AirAdult (f)8,6821,7352
OVf0NCB Whipped For Your PleasureAdult (m)6,8961,6383
2qUhFCB Drifloon the DragoonAdult (f)2,5799352
gbdkdCB Lightest Dragon EverAdult (m)3,50191313
45AXkCB Gracefully Falling DownAdult (m)3,1908669
BRgCA(BRgCA)Adult (f)4,9317070
rgDHZ(rgDHZ)Adult (m)4,8166830
6Y36y(6Y36y)Adult (f)4,5571,0371
bvKnj(bvKnj)Adult (m)3,7406425
UovFQCB Lady NightwishAdult (f)2,4927786
YCuHGCB Black Diamond JoyAdult (f)3,0441,0421
6dwTLCB Black Blacker BlackestAdult (m)3,7611,1012
9flGLCB Darkest TourmalineAdult (f)4,3431,1351
XvldvCB Soft Midnight RainAdult (m)2,0358541
0CAxgCB Daringly DarkAdult (m)4,4061,1201
hHnbTCB Pitch Black Roll OutAdult (f)4,3731,1262
1pJDOCB Darkness FallingAdult (f)3,31191914
FTOL0CB NOLO  FailureAdult (m)4,1071,19416
f2vNGCB Icecrown BurningAdult (f)5,6661,1226
YG0KeCB Confused ValKyrAdult (m)2,7901,0281
k1O5qCB Darkly BroodingAdult (f)3,7911,3270
8GuKCCB Beautiful DarklingAdult (f)2,6719461
eE4PuCB Dashing DownwardAdult (f)2,0797611
1acwMCB Listening to JourneyAdult (f)2,8598920
9FjoGCB Roy is a HuskyAdult (f)3,1385750
BqTZMCB Darkness SurrogacyAdult (m)3,8391,0490
QdhNtCB Nightime GloryAdult (f)3,9271,0532
1QGQgCB Darkness SupremacyAdult (f)3,4408402
R5m5kCB Blackened ChickenAdult (m)4,7621,1814
bFVRkCB Blackened SalmonAdult (m)3,7064041
UQ0kL(UQ0kL)Adult (f)5,4349440
N8u2USonic Reindeer's BoomHatchling (f, F)3,6559989
Aq3D9Lithe GiftAdult (m)4,4131,15413
WOgNUS O U L R E A P E RAdult (m)5,46097310
poFNiCutoff Knighted DorkfaceAdult (f)4,7551,31513
21U0tChaos EmbersAdult (m)4,7841,4251
qQJBNShimmering ThunderAdult (m)2,7021,0252
8Y1IBAvatar of DarknessAdult (f)4,4081,2913
F4AIdSometimes That's Not RightAdult (f)3,5695562
WTLXvGive Her Some SmoochiesAdult (m)4,1774361
IAcUSNopolayaAdult (f)3,0757161
rb8nsCoy Shoulder GlanceAdult (f)2,0757341
K5SQGCB English Morning TraditionAdult (f)3,9497440
ibSJtCB Best Part of Waking UpAdult (f)4,6791,0033
FX3sHCB Aromatic JoyAdult (m)4,2448371
JWRj5CB Tea Time of InfinityAdult (m)3,0399181
143epCB Chai RelaxationAdult (m)2,7919132
RZxfZCB English Breakfast No SugarAdult (m)3,28690614
Fe2TFCB Last Tea 2013Adult (m)3,3811,2301
Zpx2FCB Somewhat OreoAdult (m)4,4391,1324
mvL9WCB Played with Black PaintAdult (f)4,2151,1181
BvzNSCB Cliff DwellerAdult (f)4,1251,0962
rGHkECB Forgotten ShorelineAdult (f)3,8991,3590
uNuAu(uNuAu)Adult (f)2,6307092
f7e7r(f7e7r)Adult (m)3,9981,0830
XWm7B(XWm7B)Adult (f)4,2049562
8dRwv(8dRwv)Adult (f)4,7101,0585
mGfn5(mGfn5)Adult (f)4,5541,0243
KOIrw(KOIrw)Adult (f)4,5121,0140
1ex3Z(1ex3Z)Adult (m)3,9179051
GvFa9(GvFa9)Adult (m)5,1539060
OqOKpCB The Harvest MoonAdult (f)3,9961,1273
i0j8KCB Bleeding CheeseAdult (f)4,0801,0663
BVX5DCB Roar at the MoonAdult (m)4,2371,1450
ems0zCB Moonlit ShadowAdult (f)3,0009850
QBhznCB Moonlight WalkAdult (f)4,1689031
k1JkqCB Moonlight DeceptionAdult (m)3,0029058
2Fma6CB Nomming on the MoonAdult (m)3,03897218
VVlX3CB Holiday MoonglowAdult (m)3,1351,0016
umOerCB Moonblood AuraAdult (m)5,5901,0704
rJPN1CB Santa's Dark MoonAdult (m)5,6411,0362
qImjbCB Stubborn MoonwingAdult (f)5,4281,2133
ib06ICB Cry Amongst Us BothAdult (m)4,0247415
KVNA3CB Never Wrong or Are WeAdult (m)3,4849301
GDOOCCB King of CavesAdult (m)4,1871,1273
VBNMXCB Bloody WinterAdult (m)1,7636484
SYtGYCB New Years BloodAdult (f)3,3521,2350
emCZ7CB Blood of the SpringAdult (m)2,4588822
yuHPlCB Don't Blood Your KillAdult (m)2,7468040
PFBxyCB One LoveAdult (m)2,8244182
RAzACCB Two Hearts BurnAdult (f)2,8834551
77DJxCB Gilded LifebloodAdult (f)3,3008790
yJtj0CB Gilded Dripping IchorAdult (f)5,0671,2401
aYOIUCB Bloodied PromiseAdult (m)4,9711,2540
xICJ9CB Bloodstains on the CarpetAdult (f)3,5704151
qBCwWCB Striped Belly BandAdult (m)4,0053690
r1V8kCB Banded Starlit SkyAdult (f)4,4074100
NO40MCB Bubbling BlueboyAdult (f)3,7754340
pKkCmCB Blue Bell LullabyAdult (m)2,5906981
KMKLNCB Alternating BandedAdult (f)2,4344012
XdcNhCB Blue Band BrigadeAdult (f)3,3416571
xpChiCB Fisherman SterlingAdult (f)6,1739491
HNCq5CB Fisherman Rain RunnerAdult (m)6,0949430
GemEUCB Fisherman SkysoarAdult (m)6,1149861
yGKf7(yGKf7)Adult (f)5,3119670
1eE0S(1eE0S)Adult (m)5,5779210
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