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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
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You pick up the scroll labeled “steph1331,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kkw2X(kkw2X)Adult (m)2,7417137
xNOBO(xNOBO)Adult (m)2,8067155
yBvZ5(yBvZ5)Adult (m)2,7956856
W9890(W9890)Adult (m)2,7227387
NWicA(NWicA)Adult (m)2,7797267
NSBwD(NSBwD)Adult (f)2,6976997
El91X(El91X)Adult (m)2,7467186
8ZT6x(8ZT6x)Adult (f)3,33666111
qO9Vv(qO9Vv)Adult (f)3,7336528
px5n3(px5n3)Adult (f)3,2086128
N6uGE(N6uGE)Adult (m)3,1636005
Q1mN1(Q1mN1)Adult (m)3,2156135
ahMKz(ahMKz)Adult (f)3,1846315
2LD9Y(2LD9Y)Adult (f)3,2446305
XVunj(XVunj)Adult (m)3,7454251
s4Kwk(s4Kwk)Adult (f)4,1824543
Y2XxV(Y2XxV)Adult (f)3,4344082
LrOB1(LrOB1)Adult (m)4,3664253
Rdzp5(Rdzp5)Adult (f)4,0214553
gz57u(gz57u)Adult (m)3,7154152
6K0Ov(6K0Ov)Adult (m)4,1834502
PjGgR(PjGgR)Adult (f)4,5747152
DEkPS(DEkPS)Adult (m)4,4296882
xq5nU(xq5nU)Adult (f)4,3716780
3ie7R(3ie7R)Adult (m)4,5356851
azTMY(azTMY)Adult (m)5,2807521
rG8ck(rG8ck)Adult (m)4,3346610
yGlK6(yGlK6)Adult (f)4,4127040
kwLL1(kwLL1)Adult (f)4,4096625
0Y89M(0Y89M)Adult (f)4,9047055
P5uNg(P5uNg)Adult (f)5,2867143
loot1(loot1)Adult (m)7,6868334
giYAU(giYAU)Adult (m)5,0407134
2ClfB(2ClfB)Adult (f)4,8016932
clJym(clJym)Adult (m)5,8147703
xTEpo(xTEpo)Adult (f)3,0556793
Ftpe6(Ftpe6)Adult (f)5,5361,0663
kythv(kythv)Adult (m)7,7081,1394
pE6jc(pE6jc)Adult (m)7,7481,0944
yPudd(yPudd)Adult (f)4,8181,00713
Bj0nB(Bj0nB)Adult (f)4,8261,0259
qQJdW(qQJdW)Adult (f)3,8129491
7lmEM(7lmEM)Adult (f)4,5309613
tQSIR(tQSIR)Adult (f)4,3069671
p3CPg(p3CPg)Adult (m)4,3479551
95Yfi(95Yfi)Adult (m)4,5269811
p4hWw(p4hWw)Adult (m)4,6179881
N2JZb(N2JZb)Adult (f)5,1359763
fEx9t(fEx9t)Adult (f)3,9268181
6QdQh(6QdQh)Adult (m)3,3998072
plnKJ(plnKJ)Adult (m)2,6198701
S5wr4(S5wr4)Adult (m)4,4571,1050
Kyp0L(Kyp0L)Adult (m)4,8889433
bTSmn(bTSmn)Adult (m)2,4537001
NdpEV(NdpEV)Adult (m)2,1156421
sEwBS(sEwBS)Adult (f)3,0276782
5XsiMiny glomper CBAdult (f)3,1341,0007
vRL7Fluffy tail glomper CBAdult (m)2,6961,2136
rFRtSugar queen Glomper CBAdult (f)5,6578882
StXDGreen spotted glomper CBAdult (f)4,8191,1655
MRidMiss glomper helper 2ndAdult (f)3,5399523
HjI9Hairy Glomper CBAdult (m)5,2278497
B586fluffing up my glompers CBAdult (m)5,1171,0622
VMefmother glomper 3rd NBAdult (f)4,1679244
7S0kMtn Dew glomper 4th NBAdult (f)5,7861,6321
ZgXHSpotted cheese Glomper 2ndAdult (f)1,5717415
0T8CLittle old lady 2nd NBAdult (f)6,3831,0016
Ac1fDrunken Lush Glomper 2ndAdult (m)6,6691,41212
mFeGv8 miscolored steps NBAdult (m)7,1421,0152
VTJWcGlompersAdult (m)3,7891,1326
AIG6iHair flip glomperAdult (m)6,3481,2184
VhKpqSunstroker glomperAdult (f)7,7619865
k5iXQBoxed plans glomperAdult (f)1,8165800
GYaClPure green glomper 3rdAdult (m)2,5556614
qK2XmTickle me sideways glomperAdult (f)4,3921,0641
otTQPTail twitch glomper 2ndAdult (f)3,3009442
DfoNmMister glomper 3rdAdult (m)4,3817373
Lb0iDTail bit glomper 3rdAdult (f)5,5426723
txqTbMiss gentlewoman glomper 3rdAdult (f)4,4616592
tom0EMister green gentleman 5thAdult (m)2,3027244
eYkKIRengi glomper CBAdult (m)2,1846303
zhDxT(zhDxT)Adult (m)5,4559520
h5tbMini glomper cuffs CBHatchling (m, F)5,44086013
12h6f(12h6f)Adult (f)7,0391,2142
WTGp0(WTGp0)Adult (f)4,1756051
wue4k(wue4k)Adult (m)4,2606391
bKHQi(bKHQi)Adult (f)1,9158030
tpoZN(tpoZN)Adult (m)2,2296702
D2IQ8(D2IQ8)Adult (m)2,6248273
HGAUGreen glomper CBAdult (m)2,6771,1966
mIPvThumper The glomper CBAdult (f)4,3863815
1osGCubed Glomper CBAdult (f)2,5771,0018
1aBJMega glomper CBAdult (m)2,6301,0115
3bYbFunky glomper CBAdult (f)5,4891,3105
DTu17Glomper hairAdult (m)7,3391,0132
K5fAZEatin meh tree glomper CBAdult (f)7,4991,0131
a6BhdImma go fishin glomper CBAdult (m)7,3639841
nf9WoFrozen leaves 2nd NBAdult (m)5,7391,4024
TJsqWTjs little glomperAdult (f)7,9401,0547
CIWH6Calling all glompersAdult (m)1,9967674
4V6CVGlomper me muffins 2nd NBAdult (m)6,0518814
Xfl4oLeaf fluff glomper CBAdult (m)6,4108892
DVScdSamuel DagnirAdult (m)4,8031,3018
ahV3KCurved love glomper CBAdult (f)7,3821,4144
64oBk(64oBk)Adult (m)5,5869583
Eb9UC(Eb9UC)Adult (f)3,5461,0171
53i24(53i24)Adult (f)4,5381,0334
JOiBT(JOiBT)Hatchling (f, F)5,6881,2047
uval0(uval0)Adult (m)6,7381,2502
ndFrV(ndFrV)Adult (f)3,6207291
6Tn2V(6Tn2V)Adult (m)4,2699314
j6v1k(j6v1k)Adult (m)2,3816452
5yMe9(5yMe9)Adult (m)2,3677177
xfJ0Q(xfJ0Q)Adult (m)2,8078771
82WZa(82WZa)Adult (f)4,9749764
kd3Fs(kd3Fs)Adult (f)3,6007362
2dLAf(2dLAf)Adult (f)2,5847671
cTdcGrumpy glomper CBAdult (m)4,0031,2414
6t5rHappy glomper CBAdult (m)3,9871,2102
tc5ESummer glomper CBAdult (m)7,4801,4822
toMXScared of cheese glomper CBAdult (m)4,6121,1196
krrQGlomper shirts CBAdult (f)3,9556124
RD9uGlomper pants CBAdult (m)3,6995535
FaH1Bucky The Glomper 2ndAdult (f)5,0128403
4pTsSilly Glomper CBAdult (m)5,3101,2996
mjLAMister sun glomper 2ndAdult (m)4,4099727
pfbpCB Strong hold glomperAdult (m)4,9469192
nE7NlAsexual glomper 2nd genAdult (m)4,2829703
OT2SlGlomper of the stairs NBAdult (f)8,5721,6847
gJSivGlomper mustache CBAdult (f)4,5327205
WHKcgChristmas glomper NBAdult (f)3,7771,1105
YgTYuderp glomper CBAdult (m)3,6039187
DkX7GGlomper love CBAdult (f)2,6417073
bYeeDTail whip glomper CBAdult (m)2,0637597
ddGBFIchi-nee glomper CBAdult (f)2,1846306
sdyPD(sdyPD)Adult (f)3,8227825
YO39FMis flight glomper 2ndAdult (f)2,7989461
o1lLSora Steph1331Adult (m)1,7396766
M4TLWhitie Steph1331Adult (f)1,6206564
PhWHNoming invisibly CBAdult (m)7,4871,5143
hPPvAlbino love CBAdult (f)8,6901,1235
pF6FcDissapearing game CBAdult (f)4,9951,1682
ht4p9(ht4p9)Adult (m)4,1679431
tnWsqTween powerzHatchling (F)1,1701215
qhN9c(qhN9c)Hatchling (f, F)3,7878022
GuDt1(GuDt1)Adult (f)4,1146901
gxMil(gxMil)Adult (m)3,3338752
kgaWShineing white DorkfaceAdult (m)7,8071,43528
RP6UTwinkling Snow stormAdult (f)1,4914696
8o1AValencia snow fall glomperAdult (m)6,6231,4269
ndk0CB Snow cold cuffsAdult (m)3,2448629
sDjNCB Falling softly like snowAdult (f)5,8861,0286
U6N8Slowly falling snowAdult (f)6,8601,4838
GnMUMister snow fallAdult (m)4,3221,04010
J9IKSilently pleading snowAdult (f)4,1209913
nQuUValencias wonder world of snowAdult (f)7,6261,1679
rQI6The silent wandering of snowAdult (f)7,0781,0796
X3KGDarkness with a hint of lightAdult (m)1,9555654
ch8FLovely white darknessAdult (f)6,2591,1864
5sefSweet falling snowAdult (m)2,9694618
hITZhITZ 3rdAdult (m)4,23029913
5oFEFalling daydreams 6thAdult (m)2,6877146
OucC6Ouch C 6 CBAdult (f)5,0334059
kRVH9Curious christmas love 4thAdult (m)2,4859105
3Am26FarmsAdult (m)3,6446194
WRIRvWriting river CBAdult (f)2,6839174
HB89nSilvery white tears CBAdult (m)2,4188914
1sHzZWhite spring flowers CBAdult (m)3,7505124
SpduUWhite tulip CBAdult (m)4,7001,0852
9fyYdid i get it yetHatchling (f, F)7,0301,05722
Yu87X(Yu87X)Adult (m)2,6649711
O6HKN(O6HKN)Adult (m)2,1114005
ReAq8(ReAq8)Adult (f)1,9916592
UBxtC(UBxtC)Adult (f)3,3198653
AkrMu(AkrMu)Adult (m)4,2506310
gTybQ(gTybQ)Adult (m)3,4134421
pSlZH(pSlZH)Adult (f)2,2097141
WDEZDark night fall CBAdult (f)3,0721,04923
LGCEnutball with lineageAdult (m)3,20974518
eIpCEpic flames of the dark 2ndAdult (m)8,2331,13213
aM8ZDark dancer of the night 2ndAdult (f)11,8371,5577
AHRKPure blackness 3rdAdult (f)8,5852,0387
aAmODorking me 3rdAdult (m)2,2777077
aKSXBlack and silver 3rdAdult (f)9,3811,4875
8apBFlaming darkness 2ndAdult (f)1,9904906
heEqoProud dark dandelion CBAdult (m)4,84170622
6eFq6(6eFq6)Adult (f)2,5927137
lIup3(lIup3)Adult (f)2,2447193
lW4klSteph Heartless warrior CBAdult (m)2,8231,0637
9bTYPDarkness from the underworld 3rdAdult (m)2,1938554
DXKAZWondering around CBAdult (f)3,9826851
RZVQBKindness in the dark CBAdult (f)6,1371,4103
BUu0mTurpin smelling black 2ndAdult (m)2,5061,1445
Q9bLSValentine black love 2ndAdult (m)6,5901,6897
9n8DxBlackstar CBAdult (m)5,4691,0644
WZ70yTinyclaws CBAdult (f)4,9081,0333
SX0ohBlack warrior hunter CBAdult (m)2,2415262
UmVmI was froze on christmas ev 2009Hatchling (f, F)3,21368716
JthV3rd Misplaced black army soldierHatchling (m, F)8,7181,1745
hOQNzBlack sweetnessHatchling (F)1,6726372
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