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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “starjoint155,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6kEVUGuardian of the TriforceAdult (f)8,6578504
YXIjJ(YXIjJ)Adult (m)2,8795341
7fu5IRain the DestroyerAdult (m)7,5177004
zvdyRThe Song of CreationAdult (f)5,31578410
Ko8vvThe Symphony of ChangeAdult (f)8,4058193
wJbZhNight flowerAdult (f)7724153
isIuBSapphire of WaterAdult (f)1,80161310
t28YNPrincess NightfireAdult (f)7,7289751
B6eRMQueen NightfireAdult (f)1,9256313
XxahTKing NightfireAdult (m)2,6417033
nycxBEmerald BlacktailAdult (m)1,9166112
ESU4SRuby BlacktailAdult (m)5,8297344
ANSiqTopaz of NightfireAdult (m)4,3815770
AGdFHDiamond BlacktailHatchling (f, F)3,9746163
VfJXoCitrine BlacktailAdult (m)3,5046773
eXqEGOpal BlacktailAdult (f)4,2064226
do4mtFranklin the DazzlingAdult (m)1,9404041
yaLP6Aragorn the Storm SeekerAdult (m)4,7756192
4id7tThe Final Lightning-ThunderAdult (f)3,3168603
CCRLhAll Flame Breaks LoseAdult (m)3,3718474
K0ErKFuego PyraAdult (f)4,0545354
YMVAcWhirlpool FrostfireAdult (f)2,4818556
kNk1XSunsnow IcefireAdult (m)4,1059584
RLNSeLittle Frozen Icicle of SnowHatchling (m, F)2,0558265
vOrBZPidge of NatureAdult (f)6,6648485
PFkrNLance of WaterAdult (m)9,5747061
8jWcoLady Azul of HeartstoneAdult (f)3,9935941
fRX9sRachel the HungryAdult (f)4,1837451
ClztgBaron the HunterAdult (m)4,0427461
vTOtgViolet MoondustAdult (f)7,8067182
F3vJxLightish Red FlierAdult (m)7,9727142
Jx5QUGeorgia GreenpeachAdult (m)6,0066611
GnuTIGreen MountainglassAdult (f)6,2476911
ygZbAGuardian of the ScripturesAdult (f)4,8807533
mRWngThe Author of the ScripturesAdult (m)5,8377461
KeVXmConstellation of LunaAdult (f)1,8445022
eWFhDConstellation of CyrusAdult (m)1,5103551
5aRolPenumbra of the DarkAdult (m)5,5286832
T4HaeUmbra of the DarkAdult (f)5,3676812
e483CRooster MoonriserAdult (m)3,0694781
nBRluLunar Guardian GoldAdult (m)3,2284602
sZDItAurum Galaxy WatcherAdult (m)3,9475271
joHpwSiren MooncraterAdult (m)3,1346400
9JhrYSilvia LunaAdult (f)2,4855162
MJBUwLunar Guardian SilverAdult (m)3,6944784
n1INsLunar Guardian BronzeAdult (f)4,5215833
QAUmsAlbedo the LunaAdult (m)3,1856471
6SsEe(6SsEe)Adult (m)6,6481,0213
it6nM(it6nM)Adult (f)7,9686914
3eEhC(3eEhC)Adult (f)8,1277081
EFOAE(EFOAE)Adult (f)3,6825271
1pf8JLink the SuaveAdult (m)3,6525680
xZ9jDFiora the RelentlessAdult (f)3,4615211
3MtopMax the CrusherAdult (m)4,5345621
ox4TMBrandon the UnbeatableAdult (m)3,5075351
YKKl5Lulu the DestroyerAdult (f)4,5275762
vxI3cGuardian of the NightlightAdult (m)2,2254641
ooTkDThe Glowing GuardianAdult (f)2,9505111
FXBbX(FXBbX)Adult (f)4,2275032
mjR8WDoctor TimestoneAdult (m)3,8624652
jiLaDLady TimestoneAdult (f)5,5645232
uup3k(uup3k)Adult (m)3,7793660
sH5tGEssence of Living FlameAdult (m)1,8654891
XsVj8Essence of Living HearthAdult (m)3,7796302
ukhFOEssence of Living ThunderAdult (f)3,2995074
d8viXEssence of Living LightningAdult (f)1,5944690
W8BAvEssence of Living TimeAdult (m)1,6564870
DzWUDEssence of Living EnergyAdult (m)3,1264243
8km7fEssence of Living EarthAdult (m)1,6344801
PRbrjEssence of Living FloraAdult (m)3,7434961
sgrwVEssence of Living SeaAdult (f)1,8324790
Hv25aEssence of Living CoastAdult (f)3,7785231
uBtulEssence of Living DesertAdult (m)1,8104720
btLs2Honey Catcher HunterAdult (m)4,0077351
cv5FlHoney Catcher HaroldAdult (m)3,9777360
CPPbVHoney Collecter HalinaAdult (f)4,5515861
zQ3Vm(zQ3Vm)Adult (f)3,3514872
ZLTDJ(ZLTDJ)Adult (m)3,9145551
iNMYgAaron the HunterAdult (m)4,6327283
OssmNGuardian of Arctic WatersAdult (f)4,9616831
5H3y3(5H3y3)Adult (f)4,6796531
zoNx4Alex the HunterAdult (m)5,0257121
kqHtrGoldie TailsAdult (m)3,2894990
KocJvOnew TailsAdult (f)3,4375300
oi6DjSilla of the Twinkling NightAdult (f)4,2965273
X5Bar(X5Bar)Adult (m)4,0084581
uRyNzButterfly CarlosAdult (m)4,6737431
lgHfbButterfly MindyAdult (f)5,4847830
QCwI5Mystery of SongAdult (f)1,7444681
p16FWMystery of FlightAdult (m)1,7974990
65ezoMystery of HopeAdult (f)1,5304761
KZmm0Queen Solstice of RuneAdult (f)3,6615491
MMJoSKing Sol of the Starry WaterAdult (m)3,3904123
uxsWVPrince Striker of Starry WaterAdult (m)3,3717271
2iVQYNightFireIceAdult (f)1,9537792
RxfpzNight of Flaming IceAdult (f)1,9478022
MS34AIcefire on the Winter's NightAdult (m)3,6988442
Erh27Bolt of MagicAdult (m)1,3294291
FWZN3Bolt of SoundsAdult (m)1,3874492
IhxZ9Bolt of LaughterAdult (m)1,3314291
fUokEBolt of WhispersAdult (m)6,6368561
KhkYiApollo SparklingAdult (m)4,3374442
hHy1Y(hHy1Y)Adult (f)5,8316453
j48x1Trinity the TetraAdult (f)6,1535723
h6jL3Tristen TetraAdult (m)5,5635371
Hfu15Paper Magic LanternAdult3,2329107
QdpacMagic Reader of LifeAdult1,8964291
tsaLAOmen of SilenceAdult (f)3,9569462
xv7XzOmen of DesolationAdult (f)3,9709540
j7hzzOmen of EradicationAdult (m)3,6078631
CvkMiOmen of TwilightAdult (m)3,9839440
hcg98Omen of EmbersAdult (m)4,0549620
VSKyO(VSKyO)Adult (f)2,3925631
9pAR7Seeker of Silence in the ForestAdult (m)3,0417911
Udfj6Sage of Whispering in the NightAdult (f)2,9577930
lPwUbSeeker of Sorrows in the MooreAdult (m)3,0977980
UgNZxSage of Distraction in the DayAdult (f)3,0437940
z2gwbXyadore The SeekerAdult (f)4,5618411
9YAl1Murhem The WatchfulAdult (f)4,4458231
wY6izArkagua the SeekerAdult (m)3,2657040
wqxPYAudran the ListenerAdult (m)2,3906410
AlWVTMulligan the BurnerAdult (m)3,5454533
CDXnKAxum the DestroyerAdult (m)2,2496031
yI6AeScarlet the FearsomeAdult (f)3,2766930
Azz05Grace the Burn MasterAdult (f)4,4517961
FQNXuFerris the AngryAdult (f)4,4998361
Py2nqSpooky Skeleton BubbyAdult (f)2,5125921
3sqS8Spooky Skeleton SamAdult (f)4,5678172
VxAL6Spooky Skeleton SophiaAdult (f)3,2256831
aZPDwScary Skeleton SimonAdult (m)3,1046282
MFsZMScary Skeleton StephenAdult (m)3,3805105
WLpyC(WLpyC)Adult (f)2,4345792
Kd3RHSilent Master of ShadowAdult (f)2,1166276
67ZKCSilent Master of SilenceAdult (f)2,1176242
RQBXRSilent Master of NightAdult (f)2,1676521
iMTUlPenny the Pumpkin MasterAdult (m)3,2506851
9JRIPMister Lee of Hallow CaveAdult (f)2,1777442
TxUf9Max WayneAdult (m)4,3957114
WiyVKNurbio IchorAdult (m)2,1657943
FhJQQGuardian of Death ValleyAdult (m)2,8476471
ClirjGraceful HeartspiritAdult (f)3,4237890
Hu2MUGrateful SoulAdult (f)3,5578150
hmdub(hmdub)Adult (m)1,9754062
Akqrd(Akqrd)Adult (m)2,0494151
H3fzyGuardian of Honor and IceAdult (m)3,0425781
8ucCcTimeless CharmAdult (m)2,6575631
aaUz8(aaUz8)Adult (f)2,6755852
9hw8KMerry and JoyAdult (f)2,2458451
GFZPgPeace and Good LifeAdult (f)2,3378230
0So9CElegant SnowdancerAdult (f)1,3317140
XgiBxPower of Good CheerAdult (f)3,3511,0813
Alq6N(Alq6N)Adult (m)1,9414411
9KV9VWrapper of JoyAdult (m)3,4991,1573
6M5MhFestive ChristmasDancerAdult (f)1,3987481
KcKAuColorful WrappingpaperAdult (m)1,2987331
so6nk(so6nk)Adult (m)1,9024351
ggDCXFeliz CandystripesAdult (m)1,3917371
uS4eOHoliday CranberryAdult (m)4,0277282
nwKaaHoliday CheerinessAdult (f)4,1587352
GWZo1Rosewood FlowerAdult (m)3,0565161
41zo1Morning Glory FlowerAdult (m)2,6764990
8v0ofThe Guide of SoulAdult (f)3,2796381
2EVLBThe Guide of HarmonyAdult (f)2,8716192
UhPvdPrecious Guardian of the LightAdult (m)3,2021,0681
192sgThe Guardian of SkylightAdult (m)3,2741,0684
959w2The Guardian of HappinessAdult (m)3,4274311
gtdVYRichard the LovingAdult (m)3,1184301
qLd4xMax the CaringAdult (m)3,9344421
kpGR9Lovable MikeAdult (m)2,8325121
UuG8Q(UuG8Q)Adult (m)3,7965452
Lsz6k(Lsz6k)Adult (m)3,4595791
dUVIIThe Master of Love in the DawnAdult (m)3,3971,0681
7EkPiThe Master of Love at DuskAdult (m)3,2271,0631
775pLSpecial Little Rosebud of GalaxyAdult (f)3,5481,1035
wKVsMRosebud of the Love CourtAdult (f)3,2791,0741
gccKD(gccKD)Adult (f)4,1806512
n2bhoT I N Y Special TreatAdult (m)3,4241,0572
85iBJ(85iBJ)Adult (m)3,2155194
A88MK(A88MK)Adult (m)3,6695981
yT9jpThe L I T T L E DreamerAdult (f)3,1761,0341
346Uv(346Uv)Adult (f)2,6214971
z7uAqSweety Rainbloom of the NorthAdult (f)3,5391,1173
Jo4Uu(Jo4Uu)Adult (f)3,4091,0780
2eLpU(2eLpU)Adult (f)3,6145981
DegE4(DegE4)Adult (f)3,5351,0045
feVRs(feVRs)Adult (f)3,3599570
hiGqp(hiGqp)Adult (f)3,5166412
VpyW1Biming of the Forest MountainAdult (m)3,9875532
hWEgpLiling of Forest MountainAdult (f)3,9556362
yvVsUThe Young JadeHatchling (m, F)1,5084032
Qku9D(Qku9D)Adult (f)4,6657161
1dBQn(1dBQn)Adult (m)4,0994097
qaoeb(qaoeb)Adult (f)5,9908241
yswKlPrince Summer MorningstarAdult (m)1,5526432
wUMKaDuke SunshineAdult (m)3,7234502
GHMc0Dawn's CharmAdult (f)4,7047191
tdt7bAutumn TwlightAdult (f)2,1336745
bgCJ5Dusk's CharacterAdult (m)4,6487121
zmqGWLucky GoldenrodAdult (f)4,2221,0844
M6K9OShimmering Flora DoradaAdult (f)3,6384833
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