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You pick up the scroll labeled “stargazer_7,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HaeO6Hero-Prince AzonAdult (m)6,2286987
Udom3(Udom3)Adult (m)5,8285913
5y1kl(5y1kl)Hatchling (f, F)6,7975494
eop8U(eop8U)Hatchling (m, F)4,6235522
jX5gc(jX5gc)Hatchling (f, F)6,2415675
ce2We(ce2We)Hatchling (m, F)6,1595903
VBgi3Azure IcehowlerAdult (m)6,6917353
Std9bOcean BreezerAdult (m)6,8487342
FSVJk(FSVJk)Adult (m)6,7527222
qPw6rRadiant RaniAdult (m)6,7337361
J0P8vWinter SnowingAdult (m)6,7797281
JqxbwWinter StarlighterAdult (m)6,8727131
qy2M3Seasonal SeasongAdult (m)5,9678224
cox8rHorse of TidesAdult (m)6,1648232
Qs61DAqua SoulzAdult (m)6,0008391
s1Knj(s1Knj)Adult (m)6,1438301
f9oVCSkulking KyrAdult (m)6,9107462
rNwO8Soul ThursdayAdult (m)6,8297111
Ukm7HColossal JoyAdult (m)7,4967280
8bnF7Soothing FlamesAdult (m)6,1258372
7FVcIBlazing StarflareAdult (f)7,0956844
ARCsZ(ARCsZ)Adult (f)7,0096832
c5gTNRubyeyed GliderAdult (f)6,9347001
8uC3ESweet ThunderAdult (f)7,1746873
LXarMSnow in an OvenAdult (f)6,2808451
CJOMcDoc StrangerAdult (f)6,1807951
1XtrJStrange OmensAdult (f)6,6318492
RsEUBBreezy RoyalAdult (f)7,2096941
gPPTtWinter MagelightAdult (f)5,8178291
T0KzVTempered FlareAdult (f)6,5778381
lzSRj(lzSRj)Hatchling (f, F)5,7287373
gre1WVery HighAdult (m)5,9418502
z1Y1RShores of ZiyirAdult (f)5,8348552
uSpfZFreaked OutzAdult (f)5,9488423
7rCnD(7rCnD)Adult (f)6,4376442
vLNE3(vLNE3)Adult (m)6,9396251
HWg55(HWg55)Hatchling (m, F)4,7397073
gucCE(gucCE)Adult (f)5,6347692
3P2n6(3P2n6)Hatchling (F)3,7522803
8zt0J(8zt0J)Adult (m)5,6838331
t0vXR(t0vXR)Hatchling (F)6,4475273
yRQ76(yRQ76)Adult (f)6,5668213
yEJad(yEJad)Hatchling (F)5,4256645
G3418Stardancer DurelenAdult (f)6,6918373
uSPC7(uSPC7)Hatchling (f, F)5,6827302
e90dlYule JeansAdult (f)6,4358162
HPJxORoyal ScepticAdult (f)6,1198863
DsaqUArchlord of SolsticeAdult (m)8,5428442
IcrxQFestival StarsAdult (f)6,8047973
91tKq(91tKq)Adult (m)6,4068162
v6TFzSurprise in an OvenAdult (f)6,9988022
siLUp(siLUp)Adult (f)6,9387960
EQWmO(EQWmO)Adult (f)7,2318011
Ws0ZhWinter MagelighterAdult (f)5,5229242
mpjm2Aurora DutchessAdult (f)7,0536621
WEGxVStargazing NadiraAdult (f)6,6996663
WF9Xt(WF9Xt)Hatchling (F)2,2562772
yOd77(yOd77)Hatchling (F)2,2722923
eyPsS(eyPsS)Adult (f)6,2198202
6W4y5(6W4y5)Adult (m)6,0457281
uhi7G(uhi7G)Hatchling (F)3,0333563
rMyQE(rMyQE)Hatchling (F)3,8364562
noEe5(noEe5)Adult (m)5,4377335
haUDr(haUDr)Adult (m)5,3589525
3H4HwTanned FlirtessAdult (f)5,4739223
0tTkjSheets of GoldenAdult (f)5,4028063
keKRoSaruman's WillAdult (f)5,2969332
45ufhShining RingsAdult (f)5,2489252
uLBhi(uLBhi)Adult (f)6,4358681
nrJvO(nrJvO)Adult (f)6,3528672
pUbmJ(pUbmJ)Adult (f)6,0268092
CntEa(CntEa)Adult (f)5,1337753
ENTEbFlame WorshiperAdult (f)5,3419532
CZ3meHappy MistletoeAdult (f)5,4909722
C2kmh(C2kmh)Hatchling (f, F)4,7807804
Vmv4j(Vmv4j)Adult (m)5,6077822
FniXI(FniXI)Adult (f)6,1118823
rIBj6(rIBj6)Adult (m)6,1848764
j0QhB(j0QhB)Adult (m)5,2839712
O7Buz(O7Buz)Adult (m)9,91380321
NgOkp(NgOkp)Adult (m)6,6368301
ku6K3(ku6K3)Adult (m)5,9038843
nhm1a(nhm1a)Adult (m)6,5168802
Q7llX(Q7llX)Adult (m)6,5088722
wyFN9(wyFN9)Adult (f)12,19591130
HfnEk(HfnEk)Hatchling (m, F)4,8968414
HxVHY(HxVHY)Hatchling (F)5,4568661
CmdXj(CmdXj)Adult (f)5,8039342
8xgrM(8xgrM)Adult (f)6,8498274
XYCoo(XYCoo)Adult (m)6,0167594
OUUPq(OUUPq)Adult (m)6,0797682
OUfh5(OUfh5)Adult (f)5,6725693
GUq2LTherapeutae of AsclepiusAdult (m)7,5459239
XYNuU(XYNuU)Adult (f)5,5606468
Tz9X1(Tz9X1)Adult (f)6,0777084
XH8UkArslan's Golden ManeAdult (m)6,5548314
D8aH5Graceless LadyshipAdult (f)6,1548661
WJ3xe(WJ3xe)Adult (f)5,9108621
vcXaALightspeed PresentAdult (f)6,0838011
RHFLBAge of MagicAdult (m)6,2638773
yJKyLCerulean SpellcasterAdult (m)6,7869235
5oZDF(5oZDF)Adult (m)5,9778633
QH8Ez(QH8Ez)Adult (m)6,2977983
l3cxA(l3cxA)Adult (f)6,1467790
9rx1W(9rx1W)Adult (m)6,2158021
fV9Vw(fV9Vw)Adult (m)9,3888042
LOYUN(LOYUN)Adult (f)4,1054701
55b6V(55b6V)Adult (f)6,3176682
vcMNa(vcMNa)Adult (f)5,9886431
d55Ir(d55Ir)Adult (f)6,8256133
khoea(khoea)Adult (m)5,6077551
UOJR1(UOJR1)Adult (f)5,7457591
r5lBu(r5lBu)Adult (f)5,5837401
QJ5l4(QJ5l4)Hatchling (m, F)4,5375125
vHT6l(vHT6l)Adult (m)5,8277426
IL2H1(IL2H1)Adult (m)7,1486553
qbH4I(qbH4I)Adult (m)6,9936311
OiqEa(OiqEa)Adult (f)7,1966673
ytckB(ytckB)Hatchling (f, F)4,6145053
q9scM(q9scM)Adult (f)6,3138012
hnJt6(hnJt6)Adult (f)5,7958113
92Yvs(92Yvs)Adult (m)5,7788293
dNTSg(dNTSg)Adult (f)5,9118143
pSeto(pSeto)Adult (m)6,1668075
U4G3c(U4G3c)Adult (f)5,6239425
m6GVF(m6GVF)Adult (f)8,4069285
nSlk0(nSlk0)Adult (f)5,7199555
EEa7B(EEa7B)Adult (f)6,8266502
AWUzv(AWUzv)Adult (m)5,4008372
F1Gvb(F1Gvb)Adult (m)5,3528371
GQZmr(GQZmr)Adult (m)6,2466561
vEZgv(vEZgv)Adult (m)7,4229001
tmJh1(tmJh1)Adult (f)7,1188314
aPGCp(aPGCp)Adult (f)7,5966603
KArYQ(KArYQ)Adult (m)5,3717022
lUH7y(lUH7y)Adult (f)6,7591,0953
tEIoJ(tEIoJ)Adult (f)5,7597303
g9xeqGolden MementtoAdult (f)6,4207183
hLf0oTsunami JazzAdult (f)6,4467383
guDTMCrimson WondersAdult (f)7,0009784
fyxq5(fyxq5)Adult (m)5,4526065
DmQCo(DmQCo)Adult (m)7,5299432
hADDE(hADDE)Adult (f)7,6069503
mu3KG(mu3KG)Adult (f)7,6829253
5r3yJ(5r3yJ)Adult (f)7,6359213
7DGZ3(7DGZ3)Adult (f)7,1709966
vWdDn(vWdDn)Adult (f)4,0484372
6TDvw(6TDvw)Adult (m)4,9146152
29wUK(29wUK)Adult (m)5,3496141
dkyLp(dkyLp)Adult (f)5,1596202
pMTkf(pMTkf)Adult (m)5,0825921
BWCBw(BWCBw)Adult (f)5,0476071
AIXDE(AIXDE)Adult (m)5,2346131
F8xan(F8xan)Adult (f)5,4126191
BTSDz(BTSDz)Adult (m)5,5746182
yIVap(yIVap)Adult (f)6,5205917
T5acJ(T5acJ)Adult (m)6,4056682
b9Dda(b9Dda)Adult (m)6,4346111
YcOyL(YcOyL)Adult (f)6,4676201
jsSMJ(jsSMJ)Hatchling (m, F)7,3826612
LgorE(LgorE)Adult (f)5,8044922
xWEwD(xWEwD)Adult (f)5,5564962
w4TxF(w4TxF)Adult (m)6,5155973
cJSK3(cJSK3)Adult (f)5,7465994
EaBcx(EaBcx)Adult (f)5,8786004
CQxQ1(CQxQ1)Adult (m)7,4335862
9gscf(9gscf)Adult (f)6,8785634
oQrj9(oQrj9)Adult (m)7,1635391
WiraG(WiraG)Adult (f)7,2775451
alHSl(alHSl)Hatchling (m, F)3,7275983
TMYfW(TMYfW)Adult (m)7,3158575
42NMO(42NMO)Adult (f)9,2498745
oUPva(oUPva)Adult (m)8,8611,0303
dKID3(dKID3)Adult (f)9,3061,1871
VEx6F(VEx6F)Adult (f)7,8051,3362
2mw2Y(2mw2Y)Adult (f)7,7741,4312
VR8hH(VR8hH)Adult (m)7,4381,2973
XdhO4(XdhO4)Adult (m)6,5391,1315
P3ZGk(P3ZGk)Adult (m)8,1561,1853
QeyEH(QeyEH)Adult (f)3,9463802
OcYPR(OcYPR)Adult (f)9,8166551
xTCsI(xTCsI)Hatchling (m, F)10,0506703
iuD7J(iuD7J)Adult (f)10,3351,8597
Iz3lq(Iz3lq)Adult (f)10,0471,8555
KDpUbGuarding AwesomeAdult (m)8,2021,5852
izx9y(izx9y)Adult (f)7,2771,6273
jqV4p(jqV4p)Adult (f)6,7631,5895
y0PUg(y0PUg)Adult (f)7,1651,5413
XIeek(XIeek)Adult (m)6,2691,6222
dZfnb(dZfnb)Adult (f)7,6641,2622
qV13N(qV13N)Hatchling (f, F)5,2247773
eqgr1(eqgr1)Adult (m)6,4441,1503
13vFa(13vFa)Adult (m)6,2121,0044
h1coO(h1coO)Adult (m)6,2549893
oIYx3(oIYx3)Adult (f)5,8321,0035
OlkOs(OlkOs)Adult (m)6,2769884
uB7my(uB7my)Adult (m)5,9289925
4qwfz(4qwfz)Adult (m)5,9559847
fbryM(fbryM)Adult (m)6,5939984
zpvP0(zpvP0)Adult (m)6,1811,0011
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