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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “star121111,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aPF930 Welcome to my scroll 0Adult (f)2,0411965
IcUy4(IcUy4)Hatchling (F)1,3123761
Gftqv(Gftqv)Adult (f)2,8317492
GMobn(GMobn)Adult (f)4,3829622
CwLpp(CwLpp)Adult (f)4,7437620
A4ZoY(A4ZoY)Adult (f)3,9888751
Wb98a(Wb98a)Adult (f)4,5737670
QEoTa(QEoTa)Adult (f)4,1689871
TJmdW(TJmdW)Adult (f)5,4931,2254
NtBS7(NtBS7)Adult (m)4,1858663
qg64E(qg64E)Adult (f)4,0589154
pvHFY(pvHFY)Adult (m)3,7688981
fFh3v(fFh3v)Adult (f)3,7809010
lwnFX(lwnFX)Adult (f)4,3869131
OL1M9(OL1M9)Adult (f)3,7369110
zkXI3(zkXI3)Adult (m)5,1567141
JrORm(JrORm)Adult (f)5,4936841
orJ6y(orJ6y)Adult (m)5,1756851
Ec3H2(Ec3H2)Adult (f)4,9427223
RbF9R(RbF9R)Adult (m)5,2416820
XNJEI(XNJEI)Adult (m)4,8718481
l7Bed(l7Bed)Adult (m)5,2988532
IsDWc(IsDWc)Adult (m)3,9406961
VpJCS(VpJCS)Adult (f)3,9137070
l8UiB(l8UiB)Hatchling (f, F)3,8436872
2lNXh(2lNXh)Adult (m)3,9596931
gIqud(gIqud)Adult (f)4,0926842
L3Gbh(L3Gbh)Hatchling (m, F)3,7646951
pJwEA(pJwEA)Hatchling (f, F)3,8646572
ABwsq(ABwsq)Adult (f)3,0901,0671
OuMVi(OuMVi)Adult (m)1,9371,1831
sNNGc(sNNGc)Adult (f)2,0361,1970
mxhYC(mxhYC)Adult (f)4,6307531
iga5r(iga5r)Adult (f)3,5178170
52dN8(52dN8)Adult (m)4,4667551
lZ7aV(lZ7aV)Adult (f)6,7017260
0FOX6Daydream LluviaAdult (f)6,6047501
7v8yzPlacid LluviaAdult (m)6,7907352
gHkYL(gHkYL)Hatchling (F)5,5637192
8zWRg(8zWRg)Adult (f)6,4837731
3fUdTRipple C LluviaAdult (f)6,3969935
eHvOr(eHvOr)Adult (m)2,7066343
9moPq(9moPq)Adult (m)7,8331,3265
pOPpG(pOPpG)Adult (f)7,2121,6250
2QoOF(2QoOF)Adult (f)6,9011,6581
gABuRLullaby LluviaAdult (f)8,5111,7243
5FuNmVanilla LluviaHatchling (m, F)3,5217412
lYRQO(lYRQO)Adult (m)5,9691,0164
4mom0(4mom0)Adult (m)5,7017304
O66jh(O66jh)Adult (f)5,2627702
eP4TM(eP4TM)Adult (f)7,3479783
xCE6K(xCE6K)Adult (f)5,6617311
fy2GB(fy2GB)Adult (f)6,6371,0123
9EiLC(9EiLC)Adult (f)6,7281,0375
0bvE1(0bvE1)Adult (f)6,0587441
FrcFp(FrcFp)Adult (m)5,5968841
x1Icd(x1Icd)Adult (f)5,9757760
ODo39(ODo39)Adult (m)6,5107590
mt7MG(mt7MG)Adult (m)3,9708641
CLZVZ(CLZVZ)Adult (m)3,8118840
R2NRt(R2NRt)Adult (m)3,6038950
u5dHE(u5dHE)Adult (m)3,3329570
CQBrm(CQBrm)Adult (f)4,0998320
tBnd7(tBnd7)Adult (f)3,2269561
rJcoR(rJcoR)Adult (m)3,0879720
ehElt(ehElt)Adult (m)2,8334615
VXmsw(VXmsw)Adult (m)2,5774385
MFSFl(MFSFl)Adult (f)2,3475235
GsVBu(GsVBu)Adult (f)2,4114704
g9zSn(g9zSn)Adult (f)3,1679751
3GPjf(3GPjf)Adult (f)4,3967691
iKCmd(iKCmd)Adult (m)4,5977500
HcRc6(HcRc6)Adult (m)3,9598630
Vnp26(Vnp26)Adult (f)3,4289540
ojdHm(ojdHm)Adult (m)4,46171115
oLshX(oLshX)Adult (m)4,8397190
JcJiO(JcJiO)Adult (m)4,9147361
6iEFb(6iEFb)Adult (m)4,8629031
GHg1S(GHg1S)Adult (m)2,8664397
19GEN(19GEN)Adult (m)5,1478050
pJ17N(pJ17N)Adult (m)5,1018052
MpJHn(MpJHn)Adult (f)5,1538111
6Rjbe(6Rjbe)Adult (m)6,3981,0042
mPq8v(mPq8v)Adult (f)4,3149562
gICEY(gICEY)Adult (f)5,2488072
3vY83(3vY83)Adult (m)5,2178042
lOpxP(lOpxP)Adult (m)5,2118011
1FN66(1FN66)Adult (f)5,1418372
mkTjW(mkTjW)Adult (f)3,4287720
NB8Ot(NB8Ot)Adult (m)3,3457940
rHDMG(rHDMG)Adult (f)3,4557790
WkuKW(WkuKW)Adult (f)2,8268721
MJvAE(MJvAE)Adult (f)2,7518831
WvsvW(WvsvW)Adult (m)2,9888470
8TTeZ(8TTeZ)Adult (f)2,8808661
OpnwJ(OpnwJ)Adult (f)4,4552971
0fLhY(0fLhY)Adult (f)4,3052870
xD4MT(xD4MT)Adult (f)3,9943454
5cJff(5cJff)Adult (f)3,9723813
vt9QW(vt9QW)Adult (f)3,0584962
AErQD(AErQD)Adult (m)2,8344902
m0Z15(m0Z15)Adult (m)2,7524772
wp3aS(wp3aS)Adult (f)2,5464681
xJW0G(xJW0G)Adult (f)3,0434892
Q9Lx1(Q9Lx1)Adult (m)2,8594581
HUoni(HUoni)Hatchling (F)1,3763012
zIMMH(zIMMH)Adult (m)4,0563871
BAc2O(BAc2O)Adult (m)3,6343952
naBp4Tune LluviaAdult (f)7,6286699
YBF97(YBF97)Adult (f)7,4856116
iYSxx(iYSxx)Adult (f)4,5906472
vZ0rz(vZ0rz)Adult (m)4,4426750
ykvoq(ykvoq)Adult (m)4,7306410
3Cs9d(3Cs9d)Adult (f)4,4436611
tNylo(tNylo)Hatchling (F)2,6832611
aOMXnForum name   star121111Hatchling (F)6,56499410
pFC5pFeel free to PM me XDHatchling (f, F)3,8674097
dgSBC0 Thank you S2Hatchling (m, F)4,6023663
YIiI9(YIiI9)Egg (F)
vAtWN0 Trade 0 Gift 0Hatchling (f, F)4,0695561
iuY1BLluvia NatureAdult (f)7,1399543
TVLQQ0 Bearsi's MoonstonesHatchling (f, F)3,4183353
Z11aDEstrildineAdult (f)2,3216889
8l5riStarlit LluviaAdult (f)4,5449024
TfgETNight W LluviaAdult (f)4,3254013
lskIcAllegro L LluviaAdult (m)4,1871,0158
QOcgTLucia W LluviaAdult (f)4,1693487
a5bevM Stone LluviaAdult (f)4,2283087
cDQJPRiver F LluviaAdult (f)5,0833561
quWdEDew R LluviaAdult (m)4,2463171
7R6X3Bearsi A LluviaAdult (f)3,0575776
Htv31Garnet J LluviaAdult (f)4,3973611
OCjg6Cyclamen J LluviaAdult (m)4,8234141
9Ma5ISorrow J LluviaAdult (f)3,5633452
o8HKgCerastium J LluviaAdult (m)4,5453052
WiWiWPoplar J LluviaAdult (m)5,0763395
0d501Moon LluviaAdult (m)3,2418202
JTcROSweet F LluviaAdult (f)4,9443582
UEs64Enghel's Moon F LluviaAdult (m)5,4263622
dmg26Laurel F LluviaAdult (m)2,8828763
8ODi3Kalmia F LluviaAdult (m)2,1978014
sEa5qPeriwinkle F LluviaAdult (f)4,4253252
sH6fdArmeria F LluviaAdult (f)2,3006475
oCF5KDusk F LluviaAdult (m)2,4116435
5ogDKPrunus F LluviaAdult (f)2,7097113
9eo4qRose F LluviaAdult (f)3,0337205
1CK5OProcombes F LluviaAdult (f)2,6288375
9T6ZVLast F LluviaAdult (f)3,3027665
8rZJnRidge F LluviaAdult (m)4,4693112
f2XMJRobin S LluviaAdult (f)4,6243271
0HR9yNarcissus M LluviaAdult (m)4,4413171
x9Xg9Daly M LluviaAdult (f)4,1363242
jxmqcjxmqc M LluviaAdult (m)4,9483315
aDLfqLionblaze M LluviaAdult (m)4,6483104
LxNjVStarry M LluviaAdult (m)4,6013581
bXBbgSleeping M LluviaAdult (m)2,9893535
w5QaSLastP 2M LluviaAdult (f)3,7353852
XoICiStar M LluviaAdult (m)2,7394782
GnsZnRosaria B LluviaAdult (f)3,4913302
mASd7Serendi M LluviaAdult (m)2,7235981
DLxcuSilvi 3G LluviaAdult (m)2,4855981
be2iUBeiyu M LluviaAdult (f)2,4835911
rwQ4hRise M LluviaAdult (f)2,5175402
61719Secret A LluviaAdult (f)3,9423832
YKRQxMartin A LluviaAdult (m)3,9154453
Rca56Goldmoon Kassia LluviaAdult (m)3,1514861
JBKFoIcicle moon LluviaAdult (f)5,1443441
mXb75Flame Blue LluviaAdult (f)4,8837351
gZQhMPuring A LluviaAdult (m)4,4163281
W3CpoMoonlit LluviaAdult (m)4,2103732
DnImR0 Bearsi's DinoAdult (m)5,2653512
IW5tjJanuary LluviaAdult (f)2,8803881
lTbsIFebruary LluviaAdult (f)4,7874282
Brb1vMarch LluviaAdult (f)4,1181,0123
LhprPApril LluviaAdult (m)4,1411,0112
ZvnCFMay LluviaAdult (m)5,4511,0712
mhjTmJune LluviaAdult (f)5,3001,1074
SuIGJJuly LluviaAdult (m)2,9676314
tO2IIAugust LluviaAdult (f)4,2127606
YU9DlSeptember LluviaAdult (m)4,1137146
d0RUdOctober LluviaAdult (f)4,2487276
1zU5aNovember LluviaAdult (f)4,2225752
PvtHuDecember M LluviaAdult (f)4,0827283
1Jh49Sylvia 4 LluviaAdult (f)3,7393431
1X8HgFlutter LluviaAdult (f)3,2549192
CZe9cSwan feather LluviaAdult (f)3,3608893
YLAppLim LluviaAdult (f)3,5705402
ITRWDLluvia sky Lim IIIAdult (f)3,4895863
oQTDTBaywave Lluvia IIAdult (f)2,9706221
XLI7WDivine LluviaAdult (f)2,0816283
4lld2BearsiAdult (f)1,9075792
0iEmMMuka LluviaAdult (m)1,6495132
vGIcSSilent Lluvia Ten'yoAdult (f)1,4095896
5gT6tLluvia FeatherAdult (f)3,7444914
mmJeILluvia Silvery WavesAdult (f)3,5844864
x0uwBLluvia Sky MAdult (f)2,8199633
GY5WKTune Jewel LluviaAdult (f)2,8779842
aEScfArctic LluviaAdult (m)3,1745162
nFzJcCB glow LluviaAdult (f)3,0925754
WTJqXLovely moon LluviaAdult (f)2,8635633
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