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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XFeH8Luck of the APHatchling (F)2,4254577
EGrxLEgrexa TourbeauxAdult (m)7,1088464
BF0ovBefoov LumiereAdult (m)1,9173912
vOHP4Vohap LumiereAdult (f)4,9888373
pBjsqI Find Myself Weakened By YouAdult (f)5,9516091
fBsaxFebsax LumiereAdult (m)5,6156051
LDUlmWarding Off NightmaresAdult (m)6,2861,1194
1JN4aJana LumiereAdult (m)6,7575752
h3P2yHepsy LumiereAdult (f)6,5725724
2Is5pProtecting Them From DangerAdult (f)5,2524671
nePutLost TurtleAdult (m)5,5896171
fgwZkHardly a HolidayAdult (m)5,4555651
2BXfYSebexfy LumiereAdult (f)3,3558633
iVMnO(iVMnO)Adult (m)4,0457122
igi0PFinding Strength In YourselfAdult (f)6,7647992
vdTtIYou Give Me WhiplashAdult (f)6,2755322
osZSaIt's His Purple SpitAdult (m)6,6925562
nQuCGSnarling at the Idea of a FightAdult (m)5,2213591
vNJT4Venejeta FeuAdult (m)5,6103742
Cx8MB(Cx8MB)Adult (m)5,6485770
iVoqAThese Twin ShadowsAdult (m)4,3217092
LEso6Our Loves a Monster with TwoAdult (f)4,8826081
yLY7iYelyt NeutreAdult (m)4,6856503
oGXRjCame the Deepest of RegretsAdult (f)5,5016100
HJX7C(HJX7C)Adult (f)3,0207870
XXHMiXexehmi NeutreAdult (f)8,3641,59811
PATBXPatbax NeutreAdult (m)5,8695880
BEthA(BEthA)Adult (m)6,4724582
9Ygc5(9Ygc5)Adult (m)3,8296172
lwWbU(lwWbU)Adult (m)3,3775602
lK1RzStoneheart BeefcakeAdult (f)6,3045501
i6yV6Stones from Seasonal HatredAdult (f)4,8064452
2HcrbGold Under the StoneAdult (m)5,7673953
pjdyq(pjdyq)Adult (f)3,6888223
FkR9R(FkR9R)Hatchling (F)2762176
YcAyJMs Mulberry III FreakyAdult (f)5,7306830
l6Td9I Mean I Guess That's FineAdult (f)5,9165741
nl2JZA Shockingly Gray StormAdult (m)6,6535602
7lHfVOh Me Oh My-OAdult (f)3,4064562
dubsI(dubsI)Hatchling (m, F)5,4785121
09ysNStriped with the Moon's LightAdult (f)6,9956351
eUXkJEarn Your White StripesAdult (m)6,6585331
Op8faOpatafa NeutreAdult (m)5,1337594
09HOi(09HOi)Adult (f)3,1926346
NKXht(NKXht)Adult (f)2,5416045
5IDzCSnowbury StripesAdult (m)5,7875584
ISyMwIsymew SauvignonAdult (m)6,2314653
AiGMG(AiGMG)Adult (f)4,9947481
Z5ixD(Z5ixD)Adult (m)5,0727823
Df87UUltimate Gift in Wrapping PaperAdult (m)5,9025251
1iOAPLioap ZinfandelAdult (f)6,2224583
h01L0Hoilo ZinfandelAdult (m)5,2245372
JJC2F(JJC2F)Adult (m)6,5146512
fx4fR(fx4fR)Adult (m)2,7936881
bGjWq(bGjWq)Adult (m)3,2066831
pbl9OStripes Made of RibbonsAdult (f)6,1585024
zCPS3Zecpese ZinfandelAdult (f)6,0784524
2ngne(2ngne)Adult (f)2,6467051
lPMw5Approximately Jet BlackAdult (m)7,0734812
n7XH3Nelexhe PinotAdult (m)6,1104653
mpkxoMapexo EauAdult (m)5,6049153
teNvySquirm WormAdult (f)5,3737052
SIfaOThe Final Squirm WormAdult (m)5,0227302
0GhgGCorrected Sunlight at DawnAdult (f)4,3093271
mFSkEBringing to You the Light of DayAdult (f)6,0855302
SFDHb(SFDHb)Adult (f)4,9529303
5J0IYJoiy LumiereAdult (f)7,0937101
b29NkBesneg LumiereAdult (f)5,5306050
FTa1oFatao LumiereAdult (m)5,6166053
NgKT9At Sunset Do I BurstAdult (m)3,3276632
QawSe(QawSe)Adult (m)3,0597792
jtmDb(jtmDb)Adult (m)3,5587732
5jAHCJahc LumiereAdult (f)6,2909712
KXOxRDiving into the Brightest SunAdult (m)7,3575011
Bk3kmSorry to Stop the GoldAdult (f)6,1925241
Syu8E(Syu8E)Adult (f)3,5587732
biUPS(biUPS)Adult (m)3,3006863
FDnJhFedenejh FeuAdult (m)5,7441,2031
yi1KyYilky EclatAdult (f)6,5136122
xzj9t(xzj9t)Adult (f)3,0139891
VVpU5It Was Meant to HurtAdult (m)4,8316061
T9RaGTrag BriseAdult (m)4,5265881
9jJuIYou Never Stopped to Do ThisAdult (m)4,7376012
nYui2Yui BriseAdult (m)6,1525036
0lmxyOlmxy BriseAdult (m)5,7955412
M0U90(M0U90)Adult (m)4,3996593
vZexiThe Fear of HeartbreakAdult (m)6,6679932
AMyKsA Citrine HeartAdult (m)6,7499953
NtHMhOh Show Me Your LoveAdult (m)4,1275471
x4R6nGive Me More But It's Not EnoughAdult (m)4,6315561
eLDfg(eLDfg)Adult (m)5,9529242
7cZff(7cZff)Adult (m)6,3259091
HpwuWOur Love is Fated in the StarsAdult (m)3,7487213
MJIxVOr Is It Bound to Fall ApartAdult (m)3,8447103
zbYVAHide Me from Gold HeartsAdult (m)3,7217032
1qIH4(1qIH4)Hatchling (F)2,7056434
ZP90U(ZP90U)Hatchling (m, F)3,0207083
2aS4x(2aS4x)Hatchling (m, F)3,0297182
XkEKFKekef TerreAdult (f)4,2466971
kWnZfWenzef TerreAdult (m)4,0506972
R1XwRRix TerreAdult (m)3,9515281
Q4VYdAvyd TerreAdult (m)5,7805630
DgcAT(DgcAT)Adult (m)5,4676470
ZvWnxDecember Drakes Come LastAdult (m)3,7453313
csk33(csk33)Adult (m)3,6458173
BPK8T(BPK8T)Adult (f)3,5467291
t1BK6(t1BK6)Adult (m)3,9956301
BRh9l(BRh9l)Adult (m)2,9306701
KhHDj(KhHDj)Adult (f)3,0216860
6HL4o(6HL4o)Adult (m)2,8936790
w38kG(w38kG)Adult (m)2,8316601
8lVqT(8lVqT)Adult (m)3,4025857
HG0HZ(HG0HZ)Adult (m)3,0847071
ATvXH(ATvXH)Adult (f)4,0787141
jQ3Lh(jQ3Lh)Adult (f)2,7746751
t1PdB(t1PdB)Adult (m)2,4495697
bYiwVYiwev NeutreAdult (m)5,6985352
2CRPHCeraph NeutreAdult (f)6,5715282
QQ5iV(QQ5iV)Adult (f)5,5219196
4aZZ6Thunder Collides With BeastAdult (f)5,0039424
T9HpxLight Constantly FlashesAdult (f)2,7185975
UytguShock Your Heart And DieAdult (m)5,6916474
w94C3Wace EclairAdult (m)6,2061,2905
SFJF5Storming of the NightAdult (f)7,0445001
BwqncBewequence EclairAdult (f)1,7144292
OW5h6Owsheg EclairAdult (f)7,9055272
NNSSkCrack the ThunderAdult (f)6,4795702
bOFV6Bofev GlaceAdult (f)5,5936351
5sNLlA Pink OriginAdult (m)5,5086181
gWG6rThree Horns to Bully WithAdult (m)6,6855710
FShzU(FShzU)Adult (f)3,6866651
5dSMFA Tsunami's GreedAdult (m)4,4635941
7rve0Lerveo RuisseauAdult (f)5,2307664
WtW1r(WtW1r)Adult (m)3,1427361
YJzqfThe Crashing WavesHatchling (F)1,8132491
GhVI3So Sorry for the Clean UpAdult (m)5,4266221
J9NnDStrutting Across the Tar FlatsAdult (f)5,9831,0333
YmrILWhere Have Gone the PodAdult (m)5,4596241
UMQPw(UMQPw)Adult (f)3,2258143
8AEgjAtea FonceAdult (m)6,3535880
liBKnLibiken FonceAdult (f)5,1398033
t5ujt(t5ujt)Hatchling (F)2,9644763
ArdouArdouAdult (m)5,4026034
0pU8pOpuatep FonceAdult (f)6,4604672
abgiLCome to Me Under a UV SmileAdult (m)6,0304962
1zyjqBrine In The WaterAdult (m)4,7395312
QHRi8Approaching Undine's Great LoveAdult (f)5,8396971
uB9JNSpiteful BrineAdult (m)4,6765846
k7kPUSincerely' MeAdult (f)6,5568892
08Rtp(08Rtp)Adult (m)10,5421,2416
hhtsAUndine's Greatest RevengeHatchling (m, F)2,9855983
pODBVUndyne The Royal GuardHatchling (m, F)3,2785721
h5zhyHey Hamlet - Be More ChillHatchling (F)3,1302883
cRtWqCerteweq RieslingHatchling (f, F)3,4333474
kbIroFlourishing In Your AttentionAdult (f)5,3336781
HLw4wI Find Myself Longing YouAdult (f)5,0776730
RBw0jLove Will Win AgainAdult (f)6,5681,0442
2XwmPLove Will Always Win AgainAdult (f)6,7441,0423
tJ7K1(tJ7K1)Adult (f)6,3639292
uZs3o(uZs3o)Adult (f)6,7439570
OakB2These Are the Forgotten HeartsAdult (f)3,7447112
p2oum(p2oum)Hatchling (F)1,7692792
hBWzmCopper Hearts Break HeartsHatchling (f, F)2,8825832
Yc9dSVileness Of A CorpseAdult (m)6,7251,1344
mVmXoDon't Act Like I Asked for ThisAdult (m)5,5695961
5HgpYShagpy du SangAdult (m)6,4405631
REJDHThe Light - It Burns So BrightlyAdult (m)3,6047595
DKAVEThat One Dave VampireAdult (m)5,2236903
2lydxSlydex du SangAdult (f)6,3678562
sHUQQShuqq du SangAdult (f)6,4804823
NgzEsNgzes du SangAdult (f)5,8856065
7I02MHissing Up a StormAdult (m)5,7814863
CARGFCarg du SangAdult (m)6,3164353
62z90Lemony du SangAdult (f)6,2014333
NHtgtMoon du SangAdult (m)3,2764276
9HH8FGhatef du SangAdult (f)7,19458110
QDE0YDeoy du SangAdult (m)6,2434282
KDnGj(KDnGj)Adult (m)7,5636231
663vp(663vp)Adult (f)4,4536191
DEgU1(DEgU1)Adult (f)3,0497051
rfTPg(rfTPg)Adult (m)4,2477072
j4cB0(j4cB0)Adult (f)3,8337381
uufp9(uufp9)Adult (m)5,2719355
x0MHZ(x0MHZ)Adult (f)3,9688093
cHSGa(cHSGa)Adult (f)2,5576253
ZzCdVZazzy du SangHatchling (F)2,3723383
lgddVLegeddev du SangHatchling (m, F)4,8565263
qwuUmQwuum du SangHatchling (f, F)5,6506582
RVMbG(RVMbG)Hatchling (F)2,0805483
D5Ubi(D5Ubi)Hatchling (F)3,0284602
wWGDh(wWGDh)Adult (m)2,5627081
AHGtj(AHGtj)Adult (f)2,6597180
szgw8(szgw8)Adult (m)2,6926881
2INdf(2INdf)Adult (f)2,5046551
765yFLurking in the Daring WatersAdult (m)4,4757717
6x5qJSilver Froth on the WatersAdult (f)3,1794021
iqGxTIqegext EauAdult (f)4,7923724
MDr2a(MDr2a)Adult (m)3,8216693
ys2FQ(ys2FQ)Adult (m)3,5956601
hexDa(hexDa)Adult (f)3,4826514
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