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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8eksu(8eksu)Adult (f)4,7057161
NTfoD(NTfoD)Adult (f)4,2056821
H0k3t(H0k3t)Adult (f)4,0758631
Yax30(Yax30)Adult (m)5,2618372
hH4Or(hH4Or)Adult (f)3,2916701
hu9Tv(hu9Tv)Adult (f)3,8067240
h0A2N(h0A2N)Adult (m)4,2541,0180
DpLNm(DpLNm)Adult (m)3,4577350
NYoPe(NYoPe)Adult (m)2,9826800
43B3v(43B3v)Adult (m)4,0946981
Dd6QY(Dd6QY)Adult (f)4,0877092
qncvn(qncvn)Adult (m)3,5676701
bJVuU(bJVuU)Adult (f)3,0497331
tvJkq(tvJkq)Adult (f)3,0407311
BMPCH(BMPCH)Adult (f)3,6676751
1ErMI(1ErMI)Adult (m)3,7146652
BjvvC(BjvvC)Adult (f)4,0467922
va5Av(va5Av)Adult (f)2,7165161
BdpIi(BdpIi)Adult (f)3,8306512
hCc0m(hCc0m)Adult (m)3,2236622
l8rVx(l8rVx)Adult (f)3,4787131
pFnv4(pFnv4)Adult (m)2,6896731
Hj6tvDiving Beneath Your Hot SunAdult (m)7,1074911
fmDwa(fmDwa)Adult (f)3,6527456
o4GHg(o4GHg)Adult (f)3,5946844
6QwG7(6QwG7)Adult (m)3,5396871
25hoW(25hoW)Adult (m)2,8847000
dxIUi(dxIUi)Adult (f)2,9296880
AK2Xq(AK2Xq)Adult (m)2,7406560
Dlfro(Dlfro)Adult (f)3,0277060
DOG0c(DOG0c)Adult (f)3,5275991
9CX1W(9CX1W)Adult (f)3,6336261
xYzEZ(xYzEZ)Adult (m)2,9627061
xrTcL(xrTcL)Hatchling (F)1,5882772
X709WXow BriseAdult (f)5,1796161
z0ZCpZoz BriseAdult (f)6,8085622
DStnZDestinz BriseAdult (m)6,8875372
gnr4B(gnr4B)Hatchling (F)2,5314026
TJEnSA Glide Amongst The Rarest FlockAdult (f)2,8304095
52TZ1A Short Red Sand FlightAdult (m)6,7225001
2p0r3From Purple Mountains MajestyAdult (f)4,1112752
DflkDDefelkidAdult (f)4,7697531
bqgt3Baqueget FlotteAdult (m)8,4218365
XPxaU(XPxaU)Adult (m)6,5115522
CoTVl(CoTVl)Adult (m)3,4377722
0KrQ2(0KrQ2)Adult (f)3,4626952
XlxPk(XlxPk)Adult (f)3,5126981
S1Lt6(S1Lt6)Adult (f)2,7296101
ZSdxG(ZSdxG)Hatchling (m, F)4,6706062
5BCo3(5BCo3)Hatchling (F)2,3956352
pzy6z(pzy6z)Adult (m)2,4486130
7Ht1x(7Ht1x)Adult (m)2,3336140
yi3VD(yi3VD)Adult (m)3,9976372
GtIxl(GtIxl)Adult (f)3,5857052
oL7oBI Come From the Day of DawnAdult (f)2,9754721
xUTYZ(xUTYZ)Adult (m)3,1108062
fSREA(fSREA)Adult (m)2,5896762
3W7FBAnd As My Patience Wears DownAdult (f)5,2616811
bNdaLA Fine Rose for HerAdult (f)5,4163750
03qmt(03qmt)Adult (f)6,8639353
XMoiq(XMoiq)Adult (f)6,6649480
hJQtSPassion to White RosesHatchling (f, F)3,2865843
hr9dHRoyally Blue in the Sense of YouAdult (m)4,2648514
JF0SWAs Royal As NeptuneAdult (m)6,0426374
ijgj3(ijgj3)Adult (m)2,6553114
e0a8cMaking of WhiplashAdult (m)5,8209483
fWx4JUndeserving of Your LoveAdult (f)5,8319552
jqW9jLourdestAdult (m)4,6375731
oMPnGDo You Believe in BloodlinesAdult (m)5,4425580
743PLValentine GroomingAdult (f)6,1694727
OrjkdA Toast of PigmentAdult (f)4,6737344
u7LLR(u7LLR)Adult (m)3,6546846
Y1YH7Yiyhet LumiereAdult (m)4,4898652
Ee3G7Eget LumiereAdult (f)4,4248621
RVU3xRevuex LumiereAdult (f)4,3508633
pdkaIPedekal LumiereAdult (f)5,1126852
7XoslXosl LumiereAdult (f)6,2856221
IUUE8Ueate LumiereAdult (m)6,1406421
YxmBKXemebek LumiereAdult (m)4,4308882
T0eJDToejed LumiereAdult (f)4,4358681
toUkkToukk NeutreAdult (m)5,8245330
JNkBRJenkebr NeutreAdult (f)6,0695340
9DTfSDetefs NeutreAdult (f)5,8815270
1CFn1Cefini LumiereAdult (m)6,1985372
KwGbzKewegbez NeutreAdult (m)4,6336220
ddoorI CHIME IN WITH AAdult (f)4,2835402
45yQAAsyequa MagieAdult (f)5,7181,0573
4nHADAnhad MagieAdult (m)6,1535501
OSklKOskelk MagieAdult (m)5,7448504
D5NlsDasenis RieslingHatchling (m, F)3,4483394
x1hb4Xihebates VoileAdult (f)7,0165302
ugvJH(ugvJH)Adult (m)4,3853112
pfwIi(pfwIi)Adult (m)2,9157403
WuhJq(WuhJq)Adult (f)3,1398002
YhUoI(YhUoI)Hatchling (f, F)5,3645142
JUGgf(JUGgf)Hatchling (f, F)2,7806412
9rjYYSprings ReturnAdult (f)6,9287592
iKFu7Ikfut TempsAdult (f)6,1865992
c7qzsCetquezs TempsAdult (f)7,7186314
9TAfPFinally the Spring Sun ArrivesAdult (m)7,3045901
DxAN8Dexanate TempsAdult (f)6,4586092
PFljiBringing Spring Out of WinterAdult (m)6,6175342
Dj5HQA Very Late Spring - SummerAdult (m)5,3635952
uCxg3Premature to Autumn's FallAdult (f)4,9736002
csJi2Summer Stirs the Fallen LeavesAdult (m)6,5365122
J6HawSummer Born for WinterAdult (m)5,0385582
ajiLj(ajiLj)Adult (f)2,9404273
37aZL(37aZL)Adult (f)3,1215992
MBpys(MBpys)Adult (f)3,1356041
1XmFzXemfz TempsAdult (m)6,5115985
1qqQGQuegi TempsAdult (m)4,0997522
tnqq8Soleil Neige 'SarAdult (m)6,2524881
4b0iJSoleil du Neige Beli'SarAdult (m)5,6615061
atifNUnapologetically Guarded IceAdult (f)7,5515083
iou8sOh Ms Believer's RooftopsAdult (m)3,9395031
5Rk0XAn Ice Cold BOOTYAdult (m)7,5985092
hI6tg(hI6tg)Adult (f)4,2457592
GoqZkGozek NulAdult (m)6,6489002
C3Vh5Swallowing the Ocean in My WingsAdult (m)6,3144701
ASOFX(ASOFX)Adult (m)3,1367261
wy7gy(wy7gy)Adult (f)2,9037171
2DA5y(2DA5y)Adult (f)3,4317432
VxYmEVexyme DecesAdult (f)4,0035072
M2Fy8Mesfy DecesAdult (m)4,5165871
d8Fto(d8Fto)Adult (m)3,4427912
SnyhTNo Longer ShiningAdult (f)5,2126311
vcnA3Marchez Avec MoiAdult (f)4,9386841
FigmHThy Wispy WalkerAdult (m)4,2057310
VxKnzShadows AwakeningAdult (m)4,1807381
a1I8gAll I Ask is to Not Fade AwayAdult (m)4,7296442
8svQnI Assure You I'll Be FineAdult (f)4,9455981
twDhA(twDhA)Adult (f)2,7459062
klCLdI Just Wanted to Fade AwayHatchling (F)1,0922493
TujWkTrade My Mistakes So They FadeHatchling (f, F)3,5709683
GBC0r(GBC0r)Adult (f)6,9004652
mlhuv(mlhuv)Adult (f)3,1967051
yRTN2(yRTN2)Adult (m)2,7896830
S1rBvA Silver Flash At MidnightAdult (f)4,7828107
G85x2Streaking Silver SkiesAdult (m)5,9477124
vY7BcDeclining The Right To RoyaltyAdult (f)6,5119082
D3rrJAm I Supposed To Be WaitingAdult (f)5,73356510
7yl4vSilverpelt Is a Warriors ThingAdult (m)5,1489337
niCFYSilver of the NicifyAdult (m)4,9926793
8uyqXSilver - RomanceAdult (f)5,1874940
eTAChDon't Attach Yourself to MeAdult (f)5,5545082
YeKyeYe'KyeAdult (m)6,4064825
I539RLumina Scales and Silver TailsAdult (f)6,4364646
obQGYGleaming Christmas SpiritAdult (m)6,4548433
WFwqULady GleamerAdult (f)6,21642811
QZdeVLady BrightsideAdult (f)7,0385721
uSMvZWHY DID YOU TURN FEMALEAdult (f)7,5485663
CkUZX(CkUZX)Adult (f)6,77497211
so7AL(so7AL)Adult (m)3,5848161
MropYHell's RoyaltyAdult (m)3,0447472
6UXBhWhispers of PotentialHatchling (f, F)5,2053471
56azoAzo NulAdult (f)5,8445331
Dli4GDeliag NulAdult (m)5,8735320
6psLzPeselez NulAdult (f)6,0145330
qYfBZSplashing in the Kiddie PoolsHatchling (F)1,4571692
zfz6NZefenez NeutreAdult (m)
LvCYa(LvCYa)Adult (m)
VOmxs(VOmxs)Adult (f)2,8637111
dubcq(dubcq)Adult (f)5,0927162
2rCVz(2rCVz)Adult (m)5,0326680
2aKjD(2aKjD)Adult (f)5,8681,0155
rXcbE(rXcbE)Adult (f)2,7356761
UpNS7(UpNS7)Adult (m)3,3667192
KChSg(KChSg)Adult (m)3,0257221
U8JNv(U8JNv)Adult (f)3,8907172
80z51(80z51)Adult (m)3,1927051
XQ3O8(XQ3O8)Adult (f)3,3847140
EO4tG(EO4tG)Adult (f)3,0647091
PMzfF(PMzfF)Adult (f)3,1546421
svNTp(svNTp)Hatchling (m, F)3,4307333
nDXGI(nDXGI)Adult (f)2,9696180
jMcbQ(jMcbQ)Hatchling (m, F)2,5756533
JKfT4(JKfT4)Adult (f)2,4357371
utnm4(utnm4)Adult (f)2,5357691
Tqz78(Tqz78)Adult (f)2,4967401
Iryeg(Iryeg)Adult (m)2,3927340
0IZ0b(0IZ0b)Adult (m)4,3308524
x09Wa(x09Wa)Adult (m)3,0347253
GYSJY(GYSJY)Adult (m)3,2136882
dF24UCloud Leaper In The SkiesAdult (m)4,1237094
aHWMJRebirth of the Sky DiverAdult (f)5,7576253
CmN4LCemenal BriseAdult (m)5,5425941
2cZKFA Fatality in the FamilyAdult (f)4,1367486
jtf5eJetefse BriseAdult (m)6,2164272
T2mCX(T2mCX)Adult (f)3,7016692
TCX1kPeace Resting Inside The SoulAdult (f)6,5068516
hjzcdBringing Peace to ThuwedsAdult (f)6,2315814
4zteHThe AztecsAdult (m)5,8325334
X8RIqShining with Alternative PastsAdult (m)5,8705535
8oRVY(8oRVY)Hatchling (m, F)2,7176452
wLco8I Hope You Find Your SoulmateAdult (f)4,9643520
xIJ7EI Hope They Never Leave YouAdult (f)4,2985600
BXvbERose Quartz Guiding The SkyAdult (f)6,9871,35514
I1DTj(I1DTj)Adult (m)4,0756764
LOvyj(LOvyj)Adult (f)2,9527491
mZHew(mZHew)Adult (f)3,1787852
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