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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YUxHaAthena's Answered PrayersAdult (m)4,5876104
coap8An Olive Tree's GoldAdult (f)5,6475752
XF5lnXefsin FonceAdult (m)5,8856253
uYmuW(uYmuW)Adult (f)5,7335490
b1YGc(b1YGc)Adult (f)5,8545511
bcuH8(bcuH8)Adult (m)5,8795481
58UtO(58UtO)Adult (m)3,4737033
OLkcpHeaven Be WarnedAdult (m)3,9646762
WGoOOThese Flames are Not ComfortingAdult (f)4,3126161
4xZksBut When You Call Out to MeAdult (m)4,1596701
Ar1zRI Am Inclined to Set You FreeAdult (f)4,0036661
B4FDRSo Go Off and Chase Your DreamsAdult (f)3,9326822
wDGOYLet All of Heaven Rest PeacefulAdult (m)4,0286821
0biSvAnd Lest Us Rejoice in FearAdult (m)4,3066881
52frYLove Notes Gently FoldedAdult4,7737524
m4tDnIf These Sheets Were My ScalesAdult7,0165592
Q9JknFolded Almost Too NeatlyAdult4,4695533
HhZyQHahzyqe NeutreAdult (m)4,1187171
aoCQnFluff to the GroundAdult (f)5,3556282
xJ0UZXejouz NeutreAdult (m)4,0425872
CvzupCevezup NeutreAdult (f)4,4106211
1iNH2Linhs NeutreAdult (f)7,7475930
bJM00The Sheep Will Envy MeAdult (m)5,4885531
xcfJnPillows Made of Storm CloudsAdult (m)6,0655412
hARRdNaughty Little Pillow Right HereAdult (m)6,4624881
yY2dh(yY2dh)Adult (f)4,3778451
64nhcLittle Puff of FluffHatchling (m, F)3,7525651
RRdqRRadequr NeutreAdult (m)5,6307892
gSBXPGliding In The Summer LoveAdult (m)7,1845608
DeURKDeurk NeutreAdult (m)4,5686361
8n9YyAteny NeutreAdult (f)5,5178761
BNTKBWill You Follow MeAdult (m)4,0497148
ofespLovestone ArrowsAdult (f)3,9595961
BerM0If Only Spring Were KindAdult (m)6,8715591
Wbr0CGosh Dangit Pink HeadAdult (f)6,1984752
5rY15(5rY15)Adult (f)3,4396813
P9lqZ(P9lqZ)Adult (f)3,5176951
SOwCM(SOwCM)Adult (f)2,8357331
8gOD9(8gOD9)Adult (f)2,6646880
Yf2DO(Yf2DO)Adult (f)2,6646770
7ODDlUnfortunate Twists of FateHatchling (m, F)5,2996746
WfUwNPeacewise BellweatherAdult (f)5,1788002
GyEbdHopewise BellweatherAdult (m)4,8687711
y6b2aLovewise BellweatherAdult (f)3,7256862
L5WpFFaithwise BellweatherAdult (m)3,5347011
mq9YyTrustwise BellweatherAdult (m)2,9437812
eVXFy(eVXFy)Adult (m)5,0406741
Vj3ZwHappywise BellweatherAdult (m)2,7867092
caLUP(caLUP)Adult (f)4,0438851
L6Dth(L6Dth)Adult (f)4,0869252
bHgJE(bHgJE)Adult (m)3,4269601
g9Rdr(g9Rdr)Adult (f)2,6016391
wcIEI(wcIEI)Adult (m)3,7316961
SzMqJ(SzMqJ)Adult (m)3,9787010
36x3N(36x3N)Adult (m)3,0897311
Nr9Bl(Nr9Bl)Adult (m)2,5757301
oqOgY(oqOgY)Adult (m)3,5457300
dbSTZ(dbSTZ)Adult (m)3,5317341
Kmanw(Kmanw)Hatchling (F)1,1333582
Tcqa9Heaviest ScalesAdult (f)5,4305971
TJ3hHTJ Ehh TerreAdult (m)5,5506231
Wi9u9(Wi9u9)Adult (m)3,3107641
n9lry(n9lry)Adult (m)3,7016901
ldKTq(ldKTq)Adult (m)4,3478000
fuUphGold Scales Shimmer BrightlyAdult (m)7,9516717
vUbvzIt Feels Like 14 KaratsAdult (f)8,0468994
t0WLISnitches and TalkersAdult (f)7,85363212
dWnIsFix Me in '49Adult (f)8,0026369
Vo6KqGolden Slip of the SeasonAdult (f)8,9866106
rnAnD(rnAnD)Adult (f)5,6289655
onTjJ(onTjJ)Adult (f)4,2009261
gnUOaShiver Like SilverAdult (m)8,9816226
Wnp4RA Most Difficult BloodlineAdult (m)8,3955881
zZfnkSilver Strip of MoonlightAdult (f)9,4936373
mZw8sDiva's Little ShimmerAdult (m)9,2156244
zUUOEChasing the Moon's TailAdult (m)8,6106951
hB5WVWhat Gorgeous Bones We HaveAdult (f)10,5197115
4GJ5Z(4GJ5Z)Adult (f)4,2449082
wRQtq(wRQtq)Hatchling (f, F)6,5798342
XzcrHSome LOTR PunAdult (m)6,7788931
x9CeVBlue Moons on Gold SkiesAdult (m)8,4638384
Y5eEuYou Just Had to Gender Wrong TooAdult (f)7,8831,0835
MHg3YWhyyyy Did You Gender WrongAdult (m)7,6891,0274
qzoq8(qzoq8)Adult (m)5,4159152
MQpTxBrilliant Sundancer TimesakesAdult (f)9,4426403
sIBJwAppalachian Trail of CodesAdult (m)9,2286303
y41GYYaigyAdult (m)9,9726793
2ZnCW(2ZnCW)Adult (f)4,5469891
qFTYE(qFTYE)Adult (m)5,7089383
ejyVS(ejyVS)Hatchling (F)5,3508404
3zkFyFind My Soul In Silver LiesAdult (m)8,2306171
ndmkrCommit And You Shall PerishAdult (f)7,8988092
ek7jGGleaming Silver In Honor Of YouAdult (f)8,0987793
wUnlyWunly a StormAdult (m)10,1096781
BV22OThe Heart of the TinselAdult (m)6,7397134
zK6IqThese Pretty DarlingsAdult (f)7,5091,0616
gTjnr(gTjnr)Adult (m)6,0938284
Vaw3XWrapped in a Bow of PenkAdult (f)7,9211,1375
XrpWb(XrpWb)Adult (f)5,4979772
bqzV1(bqzV1)Adult (f)5,4189381
4FcEk(4FcEk)Hatchling (F)3,9172923
QgHzFBronze Dearest DecorAdult (f)6,4778528
IcoOuI Miss Missing YouuAdult (f)7,9378994
aR6I1A Broken Bronze BiteAdult (f)9,9267606
jPx8hA Little Bit of Tinsel NeverAdult (m)10,5187122
8jhEnJhen in WinterAdult (f)8,5916115
rxMXb(rxMXb)Adult (m)7,42869710
Z6UIZ(Z6UIZ)Adult (f)6,3429332
Mnz5b(Mnz5b)Adult (m)6,1858542
zb0zvParasitic PumpkinAdult (f)4,6196960
B3jYBMischievous Pumpkin WormAdult (f)3,4316151
23ovgA Pumpkin's LizardAdult (m)7,1051,1503
9mYVRDelivered from a PumpkinAdult (f)7,2741,1691
tCulj(tCulj)Adult (m)3,7317602
N36xcFrom Wings to WanderHatchling (F)1,1723342
Mnk0YMenkoy VieAdult (f)4,7841,2822
KkXfDHer Fertility's GraceAdult (f)6,0581,2663
UNDl7Undil VieAdult (m)4,4311,0121
xTOyVXetoyv VieAdult (f)2,6883951
TEiTkThe Skies Seem Purple and SilverAdult (m)2,7873602
J8oSl(J8oSl)Adult (m)4,2427601
Rnolr(Rnolr)Adult (f)3,5987361
fdxNi(fdxNi)Adult (m)2,7767130
RSMf8Along The Rest Lies Garnet PinkAdult (f)5,5541,0488
6DsfEIdentification PleaseAdult (m)7,7665331
HL7RK(HL7RK)Adult (m)4,0907611
AQzsb(AQzsb)Adult (f)4,1587501
lhmmTSnout of a PyralspiteAdult (m)6,0475812
7sIgeSige TerreAdult (f)8,3316102
Ncdz1Nedezi TerreAdult (m)5,2265552
xVZl8(xVZl8)Adult (f)10,2871,3835
6TFbD(6TFbD)Adult (m)3,9521,0374
APTyY(APTyY)Adult (m)3,5217763
I3U1J(I3U1J)Adult (f)3,4677802
pLlp4(pLlp4)Adult (m)3,2038061
Tzkzk(Tzkzk)Adult (f)4,6537300
KGPLU(KGPLU)Adult (m)4,6427471
FJKiL(FJKiL)Adult (f)4,2449342
dlLIX(dlLIX)Adult (f)3,2737261
0tlriPut My Foot Down Dont Control MeAdult (f)5,7376104
xmN6RIn the Spirit of SpessartineAdult (m)5,8537142
lcNlVStriking Fear in ThuwedsAdult (m)7,4345452
ARnSIArnsiAdult (m)5,3296272
Avt5w(Avt5w)Adult (f)6,9185872
Zk0g9(Zk0g9)Adult (f)3,5996023
LUJ8P(LUJ8P)Adult (m)4,5956472
zoeHv(zoeHv)Adult (m)4,1287491
20shU(20shU)Adult (f)2,6977700
LhREe(LhREe)Hatchling (f, F)3,7526693
dsVm4(dsVm4)Hatchling (F)2,3525722
rUJJw(rUJJw)Adult (f)3,1216610
EKSTm(EKSTm)Adult (m)3,0556390
yQzu5(yQzu5)Adult (m)3,4076741
wURy3(wURy3)Adult (f)4,5408330
Pc6or(Pc6or)Adult (m)3,5527691
4zwWYNever Did I Need Your LoveAdult (m)5,4046451
QUtOdGolden Love in RadiationAdult (m)4,0735231
v7SwV(v7SwV)Adult (m)6,0669080
cOC61(cOC61)Adult (m)6,1689311
KN30tFear of a Broken HeartAdult (m)5,4831,1526
ys3h0(ys3h0)Hatchling (F)1,5462542
KdMOR(KdMOR)Adult (m)5,2128082
4obcF(4obcF)Adult (f)5,3837920
81X04(81X04)Adult (m)4,3686581
jDb5M(jDb5M)Adult (m)4,4506812
S0BKS(S0BKS)Adult (m)4,2726562
T6x6e(T6x6e)Adult (m)4,5516383
woFq5(woFq5)Adult (f)2,8376601
E4AEc(E4AEc)Adult (m)4,4977412
akxQp(akxQp)Adult (f)2,7936871
oHgpe(oHgpe)Adult (f)2,5786496
612HIGishi FeuAdult (m)5,6411,1902
ej8k3Savior Of The BrokenAdult (f)5,3801,2762
TmepEEmma The Awesome PantsAdult (m)5,6719282
ZpL5pSome Red for a ChangeAdult (f)5,4576031
AN7ZzAnzz FeuAdult (m)5,0096842
KkapbKapp'a the Red and the FairAdult (m)5,7165751
cjHEIDefinitely Not a Red FlagAdult (m)7,2001,0273
T1MBXAlluring to Something YoungAdult (f)5,8345232
yDz8CMost Gladly a ThuwedAdult (m)4,1375271
Ls5CGRed - WineAdult (m)5,3995331
fL5ThRedder WineAdult (f)5,4155342
P7sspPessp FeuAdult (f)6,6714743
Rsd73Ending the CelebrationAdult (f)5,9425513
MpQvMI'm Messy But I'm a BSA So IDCAdult (f)6,0149891
eEJ7EI'll Fix the Name LaterAdult (m)6,2225062
HxWAgI Am Just in the WaitingAdult (m)5,5828401
qrIunQirilun EclatAdult (f)6,1145981
OIKQhOh How the Reds They GoAdult (m)6,6335551
BdZBLBedzebelAdult (m)4,2687131
FQNHBFor the Purpose of FireAdult (m)4,2947122
X8i3R(X8i3R)Adult (f)3,9855032
8eksu(8eksu)Adult (f)4,7057161
NTfoD(NTfoD)Adult (f)4,2056821
H0k3t(H0k3t)Adult (f)4,0758631
Yax30(Yax30)Adult (m)5,2618372
hH4Or(hH4Or)Adult (f)3,2916701
hu9Tv(hu9Tv)Adult (f)3,8067240
h0A2N(h0A2N)Adult (m)4,2541,0180
DpLNm(DpLNm)Adult (m)3,4577350
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