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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Gz36T(Gz36T)Adult (m)4,6196882
eB44Y(eB44Y)Adult (f)3,3956822
UuYVK(UuYVK)Adult (m)3,3416731
BakTD(BakTD)Adult (f)3,3416631
h08oG(h08oG)Adult (m)3,4236722
lLnHI(lLnHI)Adult (m)3,1556481
nGuS8(nGuS8)Adult (f)2,9596351
nJ8Tm(nJ8Tm)Adult (f)3,6997282
BPdmt(BPdmt)Adult (f)3,0267403
HNW4H(HNW4H)Adult (f)3,4507741
CNDno(CNDno)Adult (m)3,7887112
YM9lN(YM9lN)Adult (f)3,9018530
gOAgc(gOAgc)Adult (m)2,0846850
QvWjg(QvWjg)Adult (f)3,2967173
rr8plA Bit of a Stumble Down the LineAdult (m)7,2416581
W0aHHPerhaps the Lumina Will RiseAdult (f)6,0936252
vJHRSVejehrs LumiereAdult (m)6,1696882
3I0mEBetter Turn Out Male or I SwearAdult (m)7,5785751
52PQ3For Sure a Lumina FliesAdult (m)5,8537121
rNfZ5Renfez FonceAdult (f)6,3486301
ohdskOhdesk FonceAdult (m)6,3706300
9QukAGequka FonceAdult (m)6,4146120
1ZfctIzfect FonceAdult (f)7,1556390
ALfA2(ALfA2)Adult (m)7,1864871
EtZml(EtZml)Adult (f)5,1398884
3RGdq(3RGdq)Hatchling (F)3,9705663
M4kDJ(M4kDJ)Adult (f)2,1396452
ZEXOP(ZEXOP)Adult (m)2,1706650
JIaI0(JIaI0)Adult (f)2,1606810
sxvXb(sxvXb)Adult (f)2,1076590
bMjDE(bMjDE)Adult (f)3,3056421
0vqy2Bathing Under The Harvest MoonAdult (m)5,6628935
Ps8e2The Golden Moon Presents MeAdult (f)4,8197711
xDLxxFrom a Foggier PastAdult (f)6,5671,1452
vfFp1Veffepi LumiereAdult (m)8,4077163
DXxJa(DXxJa)Adult (f)2,8707201
XDKOt(XDKOt)Adult (m)3,8857241
IUlWEHier To The Moon's ThroneAdult (f)5,8267465
q3c9AIn a New MoonAdult (m)5,3057213
BBddgFear the WolfAdult (f)5,7755103
2nmn7Senehm Soleil-VoileAdult (f)6,8415793
CUypc(CUypc)Adult (f)2,4997061
uesRC(uesRC)Adult (m)2,5157060
itYF9(itYF9)Adult (f)2,5246722
8qILRAteqilir LumiereAdult (m)6,1486681
3SS67Essegil LumiereAdult (f)5,9976720
kfpIWKefepelew LumiereAdult (f)6,1546381
ylmDTShameless Evening LightAdult (m)4,4526293
bhAtJBut Soft - a Glimpse of NightAdult (f)5,9385302
HgbotHogbot LumiereAdult (f)6,3206266
Nf3gdUnder a Cocoa MoonAdult (m)6,0184943
oFFG3(oFFG3)Adult (f)4,3916826
htIrn(htIrn)Adult (f)3,5347762
UVZr7(UVZr7)Adult (m)2,8537000
LneWJOnly Once in a Hallow Blue MoonAdult (f)5,1435040
MHSVj(MHSVj)Adult (m)4,8118242
PpiRJ(PpiRJ)Adult (f)3,7877491
Yrp1b(Yrp1b)Adult (m)3,4776942
MbbF4(MbbF4)Hatchling (f, F)3,7546773
8RRS7Calfire LeetlewingAdult (m)3,5922497
w5NA3From the Wisps of a MageAdult (f)6,4534851
QrWIUQerwiu NulAdult (f)5,1878133
isRXRCanary Light for a MageAdult (m)6,5865382
C7x76Jasper That Awaits PatientlyAdult (m)6,5571,4298
KPNcXKepencex MagieAdult (f)4,7741,3091
Oq2rmOqerms MagieAdult (m)5,4801,1701
goFcvGofecev MagieAdult (m)5,5601,2012
mGabvGuidance To The Lost SoulsAdult (f)7,0718352
IlG3UReturn To Thee Thy TykesAdult (m)7,3157921
vgIHKLeading Them to a New FateAdult (f)5,2906884
7hKzvTransportation ImaginationAdult (m)5,6735511
bddanI Must Be a Magic ThuwedAdult (f)5,9736701
AU6LyGolden Magic is ThereAdult (f)5,9474672
QcuMNMagic in the Light of DayAdult (m)5,5794632
zyC4IZycai MagieAdult (f)4,9376642
aEfeL(aEfeL)Adult (f)5,2701,0393
KqS6j(KqS6j)Hatchling (F)1,5091422
zN3C1Zeneci FeuAdult (f)4,0371,0313
Va050Flames Reaching To The CanopyAdult (m)6,6247523
iS9utMagmatic LungsAdult (f)5,0377391
OMJOy(OMJOy)Hatchling (F)2,5193852
3h87d(3h87d)Adult (f)2,4397541
mE2c2(mE2c2)Adult (m)2,4517350
V2guH(V2guH)Adult (m)3,0816841
gmyMW(gmyMW)Adult (f)2,4056561
YfuFV(YfuFV)Adult (m)2,3766431
YwxqE(YwxqE)Adult (f)5,6988191
uZGOT(uZGOT)Adult (m)5,5048402
CKXBb(CKXBb)Adult (f)3,9536111
9sPEH(9sPEH)Adult (m)3,9326011
0JN9c(0JN9c)Adult (m)3,8426021
Jo5B7(Jo5B7)Adult (m)4,8786902
Iu0Aj(Iu0Aj)Adult (f)4,7856552
dqTeR(dqTeR)Adult (f)3,7307911
o2d1I(o2d1I)Adult (m)3,5866592
6eDJl(6eDJl)Adult (m)2,8227062
Riprx(Riprx)Adult (f)3,1336901
j7OQe(j7OQe)Hatchling (F)2,9243984
n8ahZ(n8ahZ)Hatchling (m, F)2,4386043
cVxhC(cVxhC)Adult (f)2,8647140
WWRmx(WWRmx)Adult (m)2,8607330
rboMm(rboMm)Adult (f)3,6547251
QZj2n(QZj2n)Adult (f)3,9657031
LTHVa(LTHVa)Adult (m)3,1357491
724SW(724SW)Adult (f)2,6316730
cLVsp(cLVsp)Adult (f)3,5967481
i3z7X(i3z7X)Adult (m)3,9267922
GguiV(GguiV)Adult (m)3,7577231
uJz5c(uJz5c)Adult (m)3,6447931
HofRk(HofRk)Adult (m)2,4697073
N3O2L(N3O2L)Hatchling (F)1,1452571
HeW4N(HeW4N)Hatchling (m, F)2,8806252
uCj48Living in the Upside DownAdult (f)6,2626506
smJHTTaste of a Minty PumpkinAdult (f)7,0804952
2AL49Mint Tea of an AegisAdult (f)5,6777923
nKak5Nekaks NeutreAdult (f)6,3384923
65FNC(65FNC)Adult (f)3,6616811
9nhcN(9nhcN)Adult (f)3,4686702
Lhme0(Lhme0)Adult (m)2,5357341
b8SrtBatesert NulAdult (f)6,7565431
6ThL5Sprinting to Test Your LimitsAdult (m)4,4417873
A7l5ZStretching the BoundariesAdult (m)3,2993911
QxhbYNipping the Ears of Fellow DracoAdult (m)6,8894701
Mj82Z(Mj82Z)Adult (f)7,6945971
IkC1nIkcin TerreAdult (f)5,3565360
IcGa1Icgai TerreAdult (f)5,0375280
EJnOuEj'nou TerreAdult (m)3,8575281
StB2jSetbesej TerreAdult (m)3,5445543
2aFKV(2aFKV)Adult (f)4,4137502
yUlud(yUlud)Adult (m)3,2376512
V4ktS(V4ktS)Adult (m)3,6777336
eJ3N1(eJ3N1)Adult (f)6,6657392
qzukK(qzukK)Adult (m)3,6846971
C5ZAC(C5ZAC)Adult (f)3,0527292
T0y10To-kyoHatchling (m, F)5,4893822
5fNmHMonarchy Born StrongHatchling (F)2,1511751
x8Wqi(x8Wqi)Hatchling (F)2,8927255
ZLZTk(ZLZTk)Hatchling (f, F)5,3936542
aFxVvFrom the Rival MoonAdult (m)5,0186801
pxFsjA Golden Moon is All I NeedAdult (m)7,2274964
qGAsfHollowed Hatred of the Dork MoonAdult (m)6,5625241
5JL5B(5JL5B)Adult (m)7,1085032
iWEvz(iWEvz)Adult (m)2,4324434
RWexJRewex LumiereAdult (m)4,2076921
v5mcCVesemce LumiereAdult (f)4,0946911
PQpQ2Popoqs LumiereAdult (f)3,3829731
l16XDIliaxed LumiereAdult (f)3,6679256
eF1he(eF1he)Adult (f)5,5906215
01dgT(01dgT)Adult (f)5,6028332
CqooD(CqooD)Adult (m)3,3347081
q2NNi(q2NNi)Adult (m)2,7676800
99Wli(99Wli)Hatchling (f, F)2,9927022
d8mVuHowling to See Your Heart BreakAdult (m)6,3156341
tR7OB(tR7OB)Adult (m)6,1689263
uIfGk(uIfGk)Adult (m)6,0408752
IEXN5Stars That Yearn FreedomAdult (m)7,2016263
3K5ARWings Holding The Stars KindlyAdult (f)6,2689651
Gkc2mCarrying Nebulas in My WingsAdult (m)7,3284962
ox0gPOxogep LumiereAdult (f)4,6416220
zAHr5CzahrsAdult (m)7,5806032
s5t8eA Miscolored MayhemHatchling (m, F)4,5524633
XoN73(XoN73)Hatchling (f, F)2,5476382
0Rur5Follower Of The Northern StarAdult (m)4,0716406
7yKuMHomesick  At Space CampAdult (m)5,4831,0263
aBaneDiving Into The Exploding StarAdult (f)4,2341,0102
ulvfbUltraviolet Galaxy WingsAdult (m)4,3997442
p0hrnInopportune Death of a CodeAdult (m)6,7464774
vPaxbLittle Miss UnpredictableAdult (f)4,4394008
xl4b8(xl4b8)Adult (f)6,2516243
OWete(OWete)Adult (m)3,2857001
0w0o0Looking Up To The StarsHatchling (F)2,7582932
OYQdbI Was Born LovelyAdult (f)6,5125597
V2Oq6My Little BroccoliAdult3,6724576
LQWmANeotropical of CapricornAdult (m)5,3826392
gjvX6Tropics BewareAdult (m)6,1645742
grxviGraxivi NeutreAdult (f)5,4961,0745
JTqn9(JTqn9)Adult (f)4,3478428
AJA54(AJA54)Adult (m)3,9097343
yhJ84Yehejatea FonceAdult (f)3,2549631
cxl4MCexelum FonceAdult (m)3,2789522
h2K7vForemost a Tantrum and AgreementAdult (m)6,5154862
bVYUeBevyue FonceAdult (m)6,5246110
XeN6i(XeN6i)Adult (m)3,8216151
r57jJClashing of Two MindsHatchling (m, F)5,8675711
4tGo6Atgog NulAdult (m)5,7906151
cMLzZCemelezz NulAdult (f)5,7855823
BoR7kFreak the TinyAdult (f)3,6304271
t9XWMTegexewem NulAdult (f)7,2468833
5uWYNSuweyn NulAdult (m)6,6309009
h4MUBLimestone Until NocturneAdult (f)5,4726092
asOWlSit Still DarlingAdult (f)7,7045751
2eZMvSezemev TempsAdult (f)6,2154273
JimmA(JimmA)Adult (m)6,5904462
Yx43E(Yx43E)Adult (f)3,6266956
MPyAmRibbons of WisdomAdult (f)5,6458672
wICr5The Glory of OrchredrakesAdult (m)5,7753862
A992t(A992t)Adult (f)3,9908401
lgDFo(lgDFo)Adult (f)4,7747201
c9dti(c9dti)Adult (f)3,7816942
NfUpD(NfUpD)Adult (m)3,2027162
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