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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DtSaUDetsau MagieAdult (m)6,6185162
hrornBat Wings Bring False GoldAdult (f)5,4886271
7hbJZThe Golden Truth of ThuwedsAdult (m)7,4885804
4dReQAdreq MagieAdult (m)7,1017967
NMiiPFinally a FirstbornAdult (f)7,1626131
293bh293 Alternative PathsAdult (f)5,2315921
0w6nHOwgneh MagieAdult (f)5,0276866
VZkXm(VZkXm)Adult (m)5,2437541
ZnqAz(ZnqAz)Adult (f)4,1089461
OOKbf(OOKbf)Adult (f)2,6856503
m51l8Burned My Wings In Your NameAdult (f)5,0136811
8guPWThe Way He Has RisenAdult (f)7,0141,1772
GSpRZWe Set the Graves AflameAdult (f)7,2491,17011
7KEBTI Seek to Keep You in Your GraveAdult (m)4,4601,1253
UNk2AFor the Graves Are EvermoreAdult (f)5,6131,2543
UjN1NGroom the Magic in My WingsAdult (m)4,8148914
lH6h4From a Solid Black HeartAdult (f)3,8586603
CK058Cekosate NulAdult (f)5,9376050
rl0PyUltimately Speckled and UnhiddenAdult (m)4,9246281
rBA0E(rBA0E)Adult (f)2,9784450
RwnGeIn the Bushes I HideHatchling (F)2,2842022
h5cNfJade Howling Into The EarthAdult (m)7,6915933
F3M2GThings Went a Little WrongAdult (m)6,7665551
gLiVJGlivej TerreAdult (m)5,7903865
6VVk6Take A Bite Of My Heart TonightAdult (f)7,1788667
AqHhP(AqHhP)Adult (m)4,7649551
acVCJProtector Of God's CreationsAdult (m)7,9628954
rUOvACreation In Your NameAdult (m)8,6967410
ro3I1Hallowed CreationAdult (m)8,1266871
nxJJgBorn to Create EternitiesAdult (m)8,2876743
9NgIJ(9NgIJ)Adult (f)5,8778653
sMypMSent From The Devil's MindAdult (m)6,4276506
fylVBSpencersmith's GuardAdult (m)5,3566311
CvkIPCevkelp LumiereAdult (f)4,6176621
VXWWXFrom a Shining Silver ShieldAdult (m)4,9645960
xljSBJeseb LumiereAdult (f)6,5315550
8ocEZBut Yet Again a Silver ShieldAdult (m)6,0406830
GdlV6Mint Guard ThuwedAdult (m)6,1064862
FDVyY(FDVyY)Adult (m)3,4317642
CoUI9(CoUI9)Adult (f)4,0596743
t4rBGLay Us Down We're In LoveAdult (m)9,1146136
s9ZniSegzni TerreAdult (f)5,1571,2045
XEhhwXehhew TerreAdult (f)3,5364701
dncEWDance Under Autumn's FallAdult (m)4,5124621
ROUrDSmoldering Autumn LeavesAdult (m)4,6026180
Yo3grThe Spring the Fall the WakeningAdult (f)5,9975150
GayiiOriginally of the HarvestAdult (f)6,8435601
RlUteRelute TerreAdult (m)3,9336044
BbeKM(BbeKM)Adult (f)3,2306690
9mB2aYou'll Find Yourself AloneAdult (m)4,9506950
vWTz8To Transport One's LoveAdult (m)5,6386460
1rULGStriped with AffectionsAdult (m)5,6726600
Fcs1KLike the Fog Our Love FadesAdult (m)4,9293491
PYuL5These Chocolate Wings and HeartsAdult (m)6,3678692
apApPI Am Full of Love for YouAdult (m)6,0929332
8IBrWYour Kiss Will Be MineAdult (f)6,8061,0342
qoxfQSilver Tinsel Around a HeartAdult (f)5,7599051
nQHJ5A Snake Strangling the HeartAdult (f)6,0378851
j9gz8Jegezate FeuAdult (m)5,4471,2775
fojkFBorn to Bring Goodness from HellAdult (f)6,6735632
MxRXFFor All the Glory in HellAdult (f)8,2175821
KpSZoFreedom  FireAdult (f)5,7395863
NPUssToo Naughty to NameAdult (f)5,4736277
OjE1q(OjE1q)Adult (f)3,35739311
i7AcbHellbent on Setting You FreeHatchling (F)3,4204342
A1CRAWrath Of A Fell FlameAdult (f)2,8668205
2XOnEStriding FlameAdult (m)6,2179992
X7g9FStuck in Cobwebs of NightmaresAdult (f)4,5515022
JrGpIOh Yes You Gorgeous ThingAdult (f)8,8456914
VDiZpHung the HollyAdult (f)3,2776020
HhqRZHollies for All Who ComeAdult (m)6,3051,1671
ht9VDI Don't Wish for You to SeeAdult (m)8,1801,3812
YYhmEDash of Salt for Christmas TimeAdult (m)6,0681,4212
slhshSpirit of CandycaneAdult (m)3,4415830
zIVD4Blood Red CandycaneAdult (m)5,9154082
6XhFUMaster of Peppermint CanesAdult (m)7,9301,4592
i0477Master of Holiday TreatsAdult (m)6,8831,2192
xRveB(xRveB)Adult (m)2,4865475
X8DT7(X8DT7)Adult (m)3,2896161
hvEdX(hvEdX)Adult (m)3,2075861
f7DfB(f7DfB)Adult (m)3,2816021
H9Qlu(H9Qlu)Adult (m)3,3416192
6dHT6(6dHT6)Adult (m)3,5696332
Avdj4Bringing Tinsel to YouAdult (f)3,6115750
HaMMqGolden Streak in the Winter SkyAdult (f)5,9734161
g3F7KBringing Forward This Good CheerAdult (f)3,8529231
1TPDVHark or Hail the Angels SingAdult (f)3,9969620
B9XEKFeliz NavidragAdult (f)3,1255990
kAmEPPlz Xmas Don't B L8Adult (f)5,7064083
eWn6QShowing Flares of GarlandsAdult (f)3,8049270
bSLRJTwisting Ribbons in the AirAdult (f)3,8839780
3NHdHYule Shoot Your 'Eye' OutAdult (m)3,7905870
pjsEmSilver Bells and Dragon TailsAdult (m)5,9404192
wJ1UpEnwrapped in the WingsAdult (m)7,8401,4313
4Ibv3Or Dancing to Avoid SpringAdult (m)5,3679150
bPtecWhoa Whoa Whoa Why Am I HereAdult (m)4,6036501
Z5GJgWrapping You In My WingsAdult (m)3,4526020
w1sPDPaper Wings and Copper DreamsAdult (m)5,7873983
c0UL2Cherry Stops and Gift WrappingAdult (m)3,8089350
xJzT1Dashing Through The Chilly AirAdult (f)3,3395981
PmkbwThe Reigns of Winter Are NighAdult (f)7,5461,4561
suasESuave Elvis Christmas BluesAdult (f)5,3138991
MYNkfI Carry the Snow Sky in my SpanAdult (m)6,0044171
WdfCrGolden Mistletoe BeautiesAdult (f)5,5389342
qlGHy(qlGHy)Adult (f)5,8929572
TDRDE(TDRDE)Adult (f)3,9249470
ZxpWk(ZxpWk)Adult (m)2,3485466
UtKX6Fluffy Snow of WinterAdult (m)3,4476061
KXiyp(KXiyp)Adult (m)7,9881,4791
nOjHK(nOjHK)Adult (m)2,6027932
N6Vm5(N6Vm5)Adult (m)2,7608041
K0Va0(K0Va0)Adult (m)2,6517591
qZWLY(qZWLY)Adult (m)2,6478131
MZbvd(MZbvd)Adult (m)2,6547831
Kc3K3(Kc3K3)Adult (m)2,6798001
t8Uka(t8Uka)Adult (m)2,7338261
Df6J7(Df6J7)Adult (m)2,6027901
ErGIzWith Pride I Bring to You WinterAdult (m)6,5054871
V7HEN(V7HEN)Adult (m)5,6588991
9kwz3(9kwz3)Adult (f)3,8909240
txExy(txExy)Adult (f)3,8899601
G1szr(G1szr)Adult (f)3,0226942
aIKQF(aIKQF)Adult (f)2,9547131
3YFcgEyefs VieAdult (f)4,8595400
xiPOMXipom VieAdult (f)4,8075510
TzH3VHoney in the AfternoonAdult (m)6,1586162
hYCjVHeyej VieAdult (f)6,4125000
cAbmtHallwell RevolutionAdult (m)5,7905332
bHSab(bHSab)Adult (m)4,2557163
QEQo3(QEQo3)Adult (m)2,8766952
NTj2p(NTj2p)Adult (f)3,4907712
8FF3Q(8FF3Q)Adult (m)3,0057251
GGLY4(GGLY4)Adult (f)3,0566551
g6rck(g6rck)Hatchling (F)2,0555381
0X6KdOxoged NulAdult (f)5,9137811
IfeOBSpinel That Rides VigorouslyAdult (f)5,2451,1374
MVNvVTrot AlongAdult (m)7,1064911
WPV3HLovemoon GallopAdult (f)4,4923913
Ya8MEYame SourdAdult (f)6,2738226
Eii5U(Eii5U)Adult (f)3,1126871
QHqU1(QHqU1)Adult (m)3,0657111
mumrS(mumrS)Adult (m)3,1207641
Xtu5cXetuc NulAdult (m)4,4623424
c8GOD(c8GOD)Adult (m)3,6967021
elCXXElcex GlaceAdult (m)6,0521,1646
A7HT6Frosting Breath Of A TempestAdult (f)6,4937575
SWrnJMay Your Heart Freeze You WenchAdult (m)5,9336764
saOWqYou Can't Unsee MeAdult (m)6,9954773
D2FvWFrostbite Doesn't Seem ForgivingAdult (m)6,4439092
RKnUORekenuo GlaceAdult (f)6,6874761
SGXUZSegexuz GlaceAdult (f)6,1597322
urgyA(urgyA)Adult (m)6,3607883
KZL8zDarling You're a TeaseAdult (m)6,5085241
oyWVyOywyvy TerreAdult (m)4,8507991
amZJSAmzejes TerreAdult (m)4,8717971
BSO9eBesoge TerreAdult (f)4,8727792
4HQDhAhdehs TerreAdult (m)4,4826383
nnebeNnebe TerreAdult (f)6,1165453
rZVEe(rZVEe)Adult (f)4,2576673
P1scq(P1scq)Adult (m)8,5131,4925
JdsA2(JdsA2)Adult (f)3,6537132
Ok6tk(Ok6tk)Adult (f)3,8337312
eXCR6(eXCR6)Adult (f)4,5616952
MBySI(MBySI)Adult (m)3,5406951
eiCZ4(eiCZ4)Adult (f)3,8436981
T2r2a(T2r2a)Adult (m)3,6967152
feuWq(feuWq)Adult (f)2,9966511
wo8bH(wo8bH)Adult (f)3,6147361
ehhAI(ehhAI)Adult (m)3,2027631
hAYhv(hAYhv)Adult (f)3,3307111
kTINF(kTINF)Adult (f)3,0207431
ezdGoEz de Go SauvignonHatchling (m, F)4,5095462
fkDYb(fkDYb)Hatchling (F)1,8741763
K70WAKelowa LumiereAdult (f)3,6024711
SM67LSemel LumiereAdult (f)5,6636141
dpGmHDepegh LumiereAdult (f)4,8779153
T9hJDLeft is His Golden CrowneAdult (m)5,1877376
cPV6E(cPV6E)Adult (m)2,7923771
A0RNB(A0RNB)Adult (f)3,5557042
UH4b4(UH4b4)Adult (m)2,9396793
GzVvI(GzVvI)Adult (f)2,0616871
2KwYU(2KwYU)Adult (m)2,0726891
fvdV3(fvdV3)Adult (m)3,4086563
HujY0Hujyo TerreAdult (m)6,1285670
tEmFXTemfex TerreAdult (m)4,4965340
Y2gX9Executive PygmyAdult (f)6,0655221
Zw1FcZewif TerreAdult (m)5,2795152
VpAbuVipabu TerreAdult (m)7,2115162
aAn9oKyane BeefcakeAdult (m)7,0895511
UmUgb(UmUgb)Adult (f)3,1767181
BJcpR(BJcpR)Adult (m)6,1091,23815
JQrfb(JQrfb)Adult (m)2,7707051
Y7Fhw(Y7Fhw)Adult (f)2,8046761
toPwT(toPwT)Adult (m)2,7617931
lLhR0(lLhR0)Adult (f)2,8627941
vMgbm(vMgbm)Adult (f)4,1926352
GvcK8(GvcK8)Adult (f)3,3546711
MF9Np(MF9Np)Adult (m)3,4046761
wiFsa(wiFsa)Adult (m)5,3417991
X463g(X463g)Adult (f)5,7798510
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