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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6hIzKTiny Cloud DancerHatchling (F)2,0701572
ZG4AYThe Joy Must Live OnHatchling (F)3,1982783
7iCWyBenitoite In Sea CavernsAdult (m)6,4571,1602
QQ25WDark Waters LeviathanAdult (f)5,8545292
K2UkPThe Skies Above and Waters BelowAdult (f)5,9435151
FMc8KIn My Genes Lies a Fatal KissAdult (f)4,0115261
0jBYqRemind Me Why We Did ThisAdult (f)4,5505831
M0I0eCall On MoiAdult (f)5,7675874
EAFTm(EAFTm)Adult (m)4,5436802
lyHux(lyHux)Adult (f)4,6906851
K7djy(K7djy)Adult (f)4,7126852
hrdfjA Wispy Flame a Careless GameAdult (m)3,5366241
7X4PpThe Taste of Your AngerAdult (f)7,2821,1984
T8xm3We Were Born to DestroyAdult (f)3,1521,0132
u9TSLI Never Meant to Cause This PainAdult (m)6,5416152
FlqeV(FlqeV)Adult (f)3,0967711
vPC6q(vPC6q)Adult (m)3,0067180
g5HF6(g5HF6)Adult (m)2,9217292
EN6YR(EN6YR)Adult (f)2,69777710
HOABK(HOABK)Adult (m)2,6727531
cHohi(cHohi)Adult (f)3,3709222
hQfscHexefesc TerreAdult (f)5,8585332
rv4VwA Diamond Among the RestAdult (m)6,4975924
IB2ZlIbsizi TerreAdult (f)7,8365382
Nza9sPlanetary DiamondAdult (m)5,2848662
BFa3WStubborn Little Thing Right HereAdult (m)5,8324012
PwXl0Pewexlo TerreAdult (f)6,1224211
HmxaIMy Code Reads InterestinglyHatchling (F)2,6223713
BarAoBarao NeutreAdult (m)4,8485743
yxueeThe Failure of Two HeartsAdult (f)4,9365921
Bxpu8Forever My Ancestors Lack NamesAdult (m)5,8265383
1jRKn(1jRKn)Adult (m)3,1014433
nCx7O(nCx7O)Adult (f)2,0325095
JvuARBloodstone ThuwedAdult (m)4,0824052
eR8DeIf Only We Were BloodiedAdult (m)4,6295343
xZDaGPolar PrideAdult (m)1,8933823
QRQxhAmongst the SkylinesAdult (m)5,9947302
1RmGHMust Be Something in the WaterAdult (f)5,1446402
vlPjpVelpejep NulAdult (f)6,6955182
bzgn7(bzgn7)Adult (f)4,0538710
ZHWwT(ZHWwT)Adult (f)3,5747881
pLg9zPlegez NulAdult (f)5,0646292
H4LPaHalpa NulAdult (m)5,4216721
IzboLIt's a Bold Dusk SkyAdult (f)5,1885344
prHHt(prHHt)Adult (f)3,2227202
fuyAZFuyaz EclairAdult (m)4,9266726
grKB2Grekebs EclairAdult (f)4,8336414
aZnIiAznli EclairAdult (f)2,3883302
cZ5Ln(cZ5Ln)Adult (m)3,1828282
hqTqN(hqTqN)Adult (m)3,0226012
qALLtEmber Before The FlameAdult (m)5,8888623
s5yoJCries of Magmatic SilverAdult (m)4,7135961
M8iXfRepent You Burnt ThuwedAdult (m)5,5705960
9Id2OI Don't Know This Poem HelpAdult (f)5,9465243
6lv1C(6lv1C)Adult (f)3,61578219
U47Ot(U47Ot)Adult (m)2,6666545
v0NxyLava Beneath AwakeningHatchling (F)2,8572552
yE2T3Sweet Baby EmbersHatchling (m, F)5,8135063
kTBlMKetebim FeuAdult (m)3,2507874
LxOowA Swipe of Blue FlamesAdult (m)5,6575681
uG742Reforming the FalconsAdult (m)6,3226193
uXHkyUxheky FeuAdult (m)4,9357035
g7XB8From Those Brutal HeartsAdult (m)6,5534433
bLhHVBlehev DecesAdult (f)4,4635400
jPX1uJepexu DecesAdult (m)4,8685410
yB832I Look Like CranidosAdult (m)6,1155612
EQY2UEqeysu DecesAdult (f)7,5356181
a2uxb(a2uxb)Adult (m)3,7816832
r8AoMAnnihilating the Path Behind UsHatchling (m, F)3,9954472
a1jxJFear Me and My ClawsHatchling (F)2,5491854
djPAnSpread Your Wings but Never FlyAdult (f)3,9204002
OZPGPMoonbleeding FeverAdult (f)3,2735577
EgPMcFever Dream ThuwedAdult (f)7,0565193
yHszY(yHszY)Adult (f)4,5819623
B6zfbBegz FeuAdult (m)6,4847442
V3LcPVelp FeuAdult (m)5,9017294
mohm5Mohms FeuAdult (f)6,9246873
ioZGF(ioZGF)Adult (f)4,3519511
hwvq7Blue Gem SeekerHatchling (F)4,2733441
KW67eKwege FeuAdult (f)6,6996961
yQnHhYeqnehh FeuAdult (m)6,2106531
skDkmSeked FeuAdult (m)6,2226852
5lPPVSippiv FeuAdult (f)5,9797261
ErxICErxelc FeuAdult (m)6,4607331
QIsp9(QIsp9)Adult (m)4,0568283
dpT3YDeptey TerreAdult (f)5,7786423
xD6cAHomophonesAdult (f)4,5496673
yDWFgBeefcake WyvernAdult (f)5,7055822
NCGMWElegance Where Shadows LurkAdult (m)4,7304581
yNV66Yenevegg TerreAdult (f)5,5505362
mYwU4(mYwU4)Adult (f)2,6236662
LBRs8(LBRs8)Adult (f)2,7817080
3Ff3VThis Love is Fostered Between UsAdult (m)3,8369412
FS9iROur Love is Torn Like PetalsAdult (m)3,9669362
wwNjv(wwNjv)Adult (f)3,5617891
t6VfY(t6VfY)Adult (m)3,3307183
wOnFJ(wOnFJ)Adult (f)3,4746703
ASr3L(ASr3L)Adult (f)3,4307074
PYMfQ(PYMfQ)Adult (m)2,7766812
3zwcm(3zwcm)Adult (m)3,4247811
KEU9u(KEU9u)Adult (f)3,2147451
ek71a(ek71a)Adult (f)3,3707672
sv1WU(sv1WU)Adult (f)2,9396854
ROH5N(ROH5N)Adult (m)4,6746622
FPQDH(FPQDH)Adult (m)2,4716461
QbuNe(QbuNe)Adult (m)3,3877190
jgZUa(jgZUa)Adult (f)3,4887710
dtD49(dtD49)Adult (f)3,5987741
aPLxD(aPLxD)Adult (m)4,4456712
aQjF5(aQjF5)Adult (m)3,4956742
NPBpq(NPBpq)Adult (f)4,0656852
HZKch(HZKch)Adult (f)3,4127721
SHwDe(SHwDe)Adult (m)3,2816462
v66tGVegget NeutreAdult (m)3,4269891
TVYvjTevyvej NeutreAdult (f)3,3559780
11YJGIlyejeg NeutreAdult (m)3,4597762
MqP8ZMeqepatez NeutreAdult (f)3,3367482
W2SzIWessezl NeutreAdult (f)6,4865833
oRzsb(oRzsb)Adult (m)3,5927175
EolvjEolvej GlaceAdult (f)8,4311,60116
OLC6QSorry For the FrostnipAdult (m)5,4766040
bal4ABorn from the Bottom of the SnowAdult (f)6,1665023
TzEjDTezejedi FraisAdult (f)6,5785431
687TTFrostnip BabyHatchling (F)3,7683612
NFmUC(NFmUC)Adult (m)1,8777711
WN9Bx(WN9Bx)Adult (m)1,8567782
fcD7v(fcD7v)Adult (f)2,7827861
9675J(9675J)Adult (f)3,7167071
oi1ha(oi1ha)Adult (f)2,6467230
tCg8A(tCg8A)Adult (m)2,5826711
d0aNI(d0aNI)Adult (m)3,5376552
QxRkO(QxRkO)Adult (f)2,1237000
Qzn16(Qzn16)Adult (m)2,1757140
33JJ3(33JJ3)Adult (f)2,7117220
0TuJc(0TuJc)Adult (m)2,9557460
8tLU0(8tLU0)Adult (m)2,6827120
Y6njj(Y6njj)Adult (m)3,8696111
DGWaz(DGWaz)Adult (f)3,9086252
5YjXZ(5YjXZ)Adult (m)2,9456500
ymPlKPeridot Lurks In GrassAdult (f)5,7611,1773
6EnJEJuggle the Gems of WinterAdult (f)6,9069992
Tf0JyTefojy BriseAdult (m)4,5581,3575
WYMNi(WYMNi)Adult (m)3,5567571
jeLoHSapphire Hidden In RockAdult (f)5,1909903
O0hiuSilver But BlueAdult (f)4,6456795
Ar92XArgesix FlotteAdult (f)5,6208625
JgMf8Child Of CrystalHatchling (F)1,7412082
DAjXe(DAjXe)Hatchling (m, F)3,8407813
utz0qUtzoq TerreAdult (m)4,4215983
J8WOG(J8WOG)Adult (f)3,1196850
lwNsO(lwNsO)Adult (f)3,3367521
d6zP2(d6zP2)Adult (m)2,2286930
yNcFIA Rocky IncentiveHatchling (m, F)4,4305921
iD9lUIdegiu NulAdult (f)4,5331,1261
7K4f9Lekafeg NulAdult (m)5,8235971
hqQCiHequci NulAdult (f)5,9355671
nvAJ0The Navajo DrakeAdult (f)7,0484893
mxIVaWith Blue Ribbons I TailAdult (m)6,3544493
ZfblRYogurt ZifblrAdult (f)5,5715783
0gpqG(0gpqG)Adult (m)8,7291,1995
t1weI(t1weI)Adult (m)3,4897801
n55Qd(n55Qd)Adult (m)3,0816533
BMu1T(BMu1T)Adult (m)3,5927671
dhUb1(dhUb1)Adult (m)3,2027671
eAmqd(eAmqd)Adult (f)2,9746944
gULG3(gULG3)Adult (f)2,8017642
xyR4b(xyR4b)Adult (f)8,4791,4262
dl7Ec(dl7Ec)Adult (f)3,8177270
5jOZX(5jOZX)Hatchling (f, F)2,5146122
bDtdaBeddetda NulAdult (m)4,7591,0418
ybRMmYeberm NulAdult (m)5,6973943
eHmwZ(eHmwZ)Adult (m)3,5748103
jWvYK(jWvYK)Adult (m)2,9427111
4HmMNHymn NulAdult (f)4,0357675
fmrfWFemerf NulAdult (m)4,7736967
guCNjOh Man I Just Don't KNowAdult (m)5,0115651
gmAteMate What'd You DoHatchling (m, F)4,2935211
tdMlb(tdMlb)Adult (f)2,1206930
InCgN(InCgN)Adult (f)2,1306760
vOTFm(vOTFm)Adult (m)2,0476561
yCVnO(yCVnO)Adult (f)2,3236251
cAYrJWould You Buy Me A House of GoldAdult (f)4,7107227
c4ZU7Though I Carried KaratsAdult (m)3,95851710
VIZY3The Shipped 'Gold' StandardAdult (f)2,7546139
9MBy6Turns to Gold Gold GoldAdult (f)6,0396205
klPjDWill You Buy Me a House of AuAdult (m)5,8479123
ZeEUhWash My Mouth Out With GoldAdult (f)6,2455843
xr9EbFrills of Golden HeartAdult (m)4,5431,0556
s1cTYWhen Your Father Turns to StoneAdult (m)5,5851,1515
Yz0tuCareless ClawAdult (m)5,5675444
u9e93Fearlessness is NighAdult (m)5,5065281
ezpjtPeeling Copper Off of GoldAdult (f)6,8924712
jciPKLady MidahsAdult (f)5,2497167
FvYZuThe RadicalAdult (m)6,2504313
ZmQsZ(ZmQsZ)Adult (m)3,7877657
sExsHNaughty  Little BoyHatchling (m, F)6,3578096
J0yh6I Smell Like MangoesAdult (f)5,3336081
DVX83Gold Of The FoolAdult (m)4,3929674
vS4qtVesat MagieAdult (f)3,7621,1716
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