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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “spencersmith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vCj53Time WhipAdult (m)7,5075082
kg5TrWarping Time Under My WingsAdult (f)7,0065081
6QWuDTimeless ThroneAdult (f)7,0044791
KhOHsKhohs AevumAdult (m)6,9936303
BuaZyBuazyAdult (m)6,8505733
QiOyXGlimpsing Into the FutureAdult (f)7,0905831
M4sV6Teasing the FutureAdult (f)7,0915782
fwyYHSoaring with TimeAdult (m)7,1105821
WdsmfHaha jk unlessAdult (m)3,7927301
AQNvXSometimes it doesn't work outAdult (m)3,1117161
pm5N3(pm5N3)Adult (m)2,8295881
s2AWwSaw Fides-MicoAdult (f)2,1647041
jkFNXJakfanx Fides-MicoAdult (m)2,1297071
Y9AlIYirgall Fides-MicoAdult (m)4,1681,2051
aiOM7Aiomot Fides-MicoAdult (f)2,6057180
ptLTQPatalteq Fides-MicoAdult (m)2,4516540
x5OyeXesoye Fides-MicoAdult (m)2,4856692
ND6D0Nadigido Fides-MicoAdult (f)2,3756560
M7ypGMetypeg Fides-MicoAdult (m)2,5936161
YOPCrYopcor CaelumAdult (m)4,8337452
OnpidOnpid CaelumAdult (m)5,0037974
VQ34WVaqeawe CaelumAdult (f)4,8307751
Yl9v8Yelegvate CaelumAdult (f)3,3357171
zlxonZelxon CaelumAdult (f)2,7157192
1WTAlIwitai CaelumAdult (m)2,6556751
Vinld(Vinld)Adult (m)2,9586893
4jncs(4jncs)Adult (m)3,6407522
xUtWV(xUtWV)Adult (m)3,7347671
DD5NC(DD5NC)Adult (m)3,0667781
ulIXq(ulIXq)Adult (f)3,0097342
QMAZs(QMAZs)Adult (m)3,6836681
vF6mI(vF6mI)Adult (f)3,6326922
1cIXDIclixid CaelumAdult (m)3,6436543
ZdFFt(ZdFFt)Adult (f)3,6186702
c7I33(c7I33)Adult (m)3,1276920
aI7wh(aI7wh)Adult (m)2,4646730
TZp2T(TZp2T)Adult (m)2,7618262
745X4The Notorious T-H-U-W-E-DAdult (m)6,1026677
j1GJTSauvignon AlbinoAdult (m)4,6655931
9ML1YAmily SourdAdult (m)7,3518021
wVWlNI Am the Bestest BoyAdult (m)5,5586402
Ur6yXAn Albino in DarknessAdult (m)4,3286681
Bmrro(Bmrro)Adult (f)3,2396671
QDl7D(QDl7D)Adult (f)3,2907082
z84qF(z84qF)Adult (f)4,5926433
LzBOs(LzBOs)Adult (m)4,7627161
rOyRS(rOyRS)Adult (f)2,9917341
d5BCK(d5BCK)Adult (f)2,9286292
tMh2xFreaky ThangHatchling (F)1,7171551
JMnuWMy Heart is Sweet But I Am ShyHatchling (f, F)6,0236773
82mlW(82mlW)Hatchling (m, F)2,9225562
lR5A9(lR5A9)Hatchling (F)2,4521912
C21WtCiwit SoleilAdult (m)4,9755330
G32BoGesbo SoleilAdult (m)5,2665410
UGz4SUgzas SoleilAdult (m)5,6505651
8nRNMBottles of Champagne or OthersAdult (m)5,6537794
JK9jKJekeg SoleilAdult (m)2,2462900
16NAlNalig SourdAdult (m)5,3149953
3bgaoBegao SourdAdult (f)4,9671,1802
5YjAkCalming NervesAdult (f)5,6195744
FqWPDFeqwept'd Soleil-EclatAdult (m)4,8327132
QvcRuQevecru Soleil-EclatAdult (f)4,3276823
xWcTTXewectt Soleil-EclatAdult (m)4,4128412
LLDlYLildilly Soleil-EclatAdult (m)5,7546552
vOhdUVohdu Soleil-EclatAdult (f)5,3536531
hvkjAHavakja Soleil-EclatAdult (m)4,5088791
p3WlsPewls Soleil-EclatAdult (m)4,4858771
dar0nDaron Soleil-EclatAdult (m)3,3884213
MZplqNothing Short of a MistakeAdult (f)5,6555671
wmCfdBorn from AntaresAdult (m)6,8304703
sniWeAntares' FireAdult (m)4,2196632
UNMxAPyromaniac on AnataresAdult (m)5,7718824
IuD8C(IuD8C)Adult (f)3,7157062
5cyZz(5cyZz)Adult (f)2,7967581
zm6BT(zm6BT)Adult (m)2,8027330
BhH3R(BhH3R)Adult (m)2,9927131
S873C(S873C)Adult (m)2,8017564
rDdny(rDdny)Adult (m)2,8976851
Y3Qg9(Y3Qg9)Adult (f)2,8926790
l3C61(l3C61)Adult (m)2,7787131
WKCpq(WKCpq)Adult (f)2,8306123
JnCtx(JnCtx)Adult (m)3,2689012
jDtIW(jDtIW)Adult (m)3,5269340
EXVSh(EXVSh)Adult (m)3,2478990
tPR45(tPR45)Adult (m)3,2469130
NtPeX(NtPeX)Adult (f)3,5809132
qBsZN(qBsZN)Adult (m)3,2989040
Lsb1W(Lsb1W)Adult (f)3,4449251
9IOgV(9IOgV)Adult (f)3,4669362
QDPPS(QDPPS)Hatchling (F)1,3644782
1FT6VIftiv SourdAdult (m)4,0446952
VUQJmVuqim SourdAdult (f)3,2459760
U54S1Usasi SourdAdult (f)3,2999630
XBsk3Xebeske SourdAdult (f)3,2209620
7m2KDLemsked SourdAdult (m)3,1509540
Cid0TCidotAdult (m)3,7775332
yqfozYeqfoz SourdAdult (f)5,5076120
B8z6YBozyg SourdAdult (m)4,0105221
hQmyONot Just Broken Hearted AnymoreAdult (f)5,7146901
YJRASOh MelodyAdult (f)6,6961,0141
eCgxyOh AgonyAdult (f)6,5731,0293
sGL79Since We Are So SweetAdult (f)5,7229011
TtkJmI Would Offer You These HeartsAdult (f)6,6179480
fmjDD(fmjDD)Adult (f)2,5406371
Q9Gcf(Q9Gcf)Adult (f)2,7506830
ClcVZ(ClcVZ)Adult (m)2,6936920
rTZFT(rTZFT)Adult (f)2,5416801
k2C7w(k2C7w)Adult (m)3,7447352
NvLbP(NvLbP)Adult (f)4,6626923
mM1fm(mM1fm)Adult (m)4,6096832
0Jl4D(0Jl4D)Adult (f)3,3657392
1P2BL(1P2BL)Adult (f)3,5147841
jo7RY(jo7RY)Adult (m)2,9707484
W5ozL(W5ozL)Adult (f)2,9557331
n6tg2(n6tg2)Adult (m)2,9496701
1QR4C(1QR4C)Adult (m)2,4436291
fwxzK(fwxzK)Adult (m)2,4916590
ci7Fb(ci7Fb)Adult (f)2,4806120
Cf8Pv(Cf8Pv)Adult (m)5,5091,0602
k76zT(k76zT)Adult (m)3,8073761
My0sw(My0sw)Adult (m)2,6396361
PwrxY(PwrxY)Adult (m)2,8507491
ynOE4(ynOE4)Adult (m)4,6748152
dpIG9Diplo SourdAdult (m)4,5045461
A6ChBAgcheb SourdAdult (m)4,7045461
J0yx7Lunar AvalancheAdult (m)5,8295293
roPvCRopevec SourdAdult (m)2,8327021
K4yIW(K4yIW)Adult (m)6,4179278
F5i8m(F5i8m)Adult (f)3,4976911
hAVcn(hAVcn)Adult (f)5,9127301
E8Paf(E8Paf)Adult (m)3,7846181
WZTDX(WZTDX)Adult (f)3,9986021
Hd7Bd(Hd7Bd)Adult (m)4,0095892
uz5oS(uz5oS)Adult (f)3,8666251
o20LJ(o20LJ)Adult (m)3,7165840
EMJYz(EMJYz)Adult (f)3,8815800
hWXb0(hWXb0)Adult (f)3,9035941
VRIW5(VRIW5)Adult (m)3,9136041
Hz7PgHazelpigHatchling (F)2,6592612
02i28(02i28)Hatchling (f, F)3,2476502
Ch8yH(Ch8yH)Hatchling (m, F)3,1146282
pycpxPycipex RuisseauAdult (f)7,5589712
pSay6Pesay RuisseauAdult (m)7,2311,0001
fOPFEFop'fe RuisseauAdult (m)5,8535341
lOakwLoakow RuisseauAdult (f)6,0894931
VkQhyVikquay RuisseauAdult (f)5,5935782
wmQn5(wmQn5)Adult (m)3,0597223
jRP8h(jRP8h)Adult (m)3,7016842
SKXPe(SKXPe)Adult (f)3,0586822
SCvUi(SCvUi)Hatchling (f, F)3,1286784
BFIwc(BFIwc)Hatchling (F)1,9885372
4XMxw(4XMxw)Hatchling (m, F)3,4707202
JZiMzJezimz RuisseauAdult (m)8,1501,0573
S7Q66Steqis RuisseauAdult (f)8,1751,0412
eiJOSEijos RuisseauAdult (f)5,9715241
qoqJVQoquejev RuisseauAdult (m)6,0565301
uyDfh(uyDfh)Adult (m)2,9927051
j1FZcBalloon Marrow AnyoneAdult (f)4,9787053
9yRaPUgh I Should Kill This OneAdult (f)5,5755451
MIRKFBubby's Balloon PartyAdult (m)5,4976081
48yFvAoyfev FlotteAdult (m)6,8924712
tHcLV(tHcLV)Adult (f)4,2817424
Qc74E(Qc74E)Adult (f)4,0376974
6JLFU(6JLFU)Adult (m)3,0956992
1VS2B(1VS2B)Adult (f)2,4656720
IQJL2Iquijels ManquantAdult (m)6,1274641
UPPZ7Uppezet ManquantAdult (f)5,9824661
gEdCCGedecc ManquantAdult (f)6,1204571
ot21m(ot21m)Adult (f)3,1807741
xmnES(xmnES)Adult (m)5,9641,0454
axVSD(axVSD)Adult (f)4,5836742
f64VO(f64VO)Adult (f)2,7106662
aoM2J(aoM2J)Adult (f)2,7336610
0OQJA(0OQJA)Adult (f)2,7997081
VWbT7Vewebt RuisseauAdult (m)5,2466373
UjsfPUjesfep RuisseauAdult (m)3,9525223
jaOaFWhy'd You Have to Mess That LineAdult (m)6,6594882
9Wn1qGweniq RuisseauAdult (m)6,7184872
3Qmq7(3Qmq7)Adult (m)2,5913094
Nrrg0How is Adam Levine Only 38Adult (f)3,57884026
lpefPMessy Dorkface WhyyyyAdult (f)4,1718111
GFFJLI Should've Influenced ThisAdult (m)4,8315802
EIIwYEllwyAdult (m)5,8051,0444
Iz8rmRegular Old Guy HereAdult (f)6,9054891
AgT6IPure Black WineAdult (f)5,3735044
wcfFXThe Angel of Lightning and DeathAdult (m)5,9205121
Rb8VIRebovi NoieAdult (f)5,5167224
EerKsEerie Black ValentineAdult (f)4,3824512
9R8q0The Storm Clouds That Hang OverAdult (f)6,0801,1134
DIseiWest Coast SmokersAdult (m)11,4771,2475
o0d76Those Shadowed NightmaresAdult (m)5,2156992
AZNYPOr Are You Trying to Break MeAdult (f)3,2175602
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