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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2013 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “speedyxw,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qNaCH(qNaCH)Dead Egg1031
YQ4VS(YQ4VS)Dead Egg1031
OgpyE(OgpyE)Dead Egg930
6b6KV(6b6KV)Dead Egg1041
B2jBN(B2jBN)Dead Egg1041
zUcd4(zUcd4)Dead Egg930
lZISZ(lZISZ)Dead Egg930
XWYFV(XWYFV)Dead Egg226903
gF8hSpeedyxwAdult (m)5,58578612
AuIfTwo-Headed RollingAdult (f)1,53827854
BAcOTwo-Headed WingsAdult (f)1,3404916
IIFTTwo-Headed WaxAdult (m)1,2264416
2kosTwo-Headed SweetheartAdult (m)2,4043518
rsN4Two-Headed LettersAdult (f)3,3852635
A5feTwo-Headed MythAdult (m)3,0312902
NTDeTwo-Headed DaggerAdult (f)3,8902955
5fiXTwo-Headed AlchemyAdult (m)2,4844284
emgdNTwo-Headed ClownAdult (f)1,34741225
pP6ZUTwo-Headed OrdinaryAdult (m)4,3039673
5b63KTwo-Headed RiderAdult (f)4,6497893
AZ91kFin And JakeAdult (f)3,7383705
e8Qq8Two-Headed 2nd GenAdult (f)4,2084239
7IUHuTwo-Headed AttackerAdult (f)5,7734087
VtCN4Grow Me UpAdult (f)4,8987211
8PHh1Cave Borned Two-HeadedAdult (f)3,6994173
NG5iJStairing You DownAdult (m)4,6924757
kqSIsTwo-Headed Hocus PocusAdult (f)2,6977022
jFbHXTwo Headed MafiaAdult (m)2,4483566
DWV0ITwo Headed NightmaresAdult (m)2,2446391
DH6NbTwo Headed And ConfusedAdult (m)2,4231,1830
rP5jkTwo Headed Night FuryAdult (m)3,6294702
f5kEAlbino HourglassAdult (m)8,1911,36513
V7EdAlbino DotaAdult (f)4,3374699
PXMOAlbino Juke BoxAdult (f)3,3593996
VX7pGFidget The DragonAdult (f)3,9044495
YtPUPWhy So PaleAdult (m)4,6993145
zL6an(zL6an)Adult (f)3,2435011
F8snO(F8snO)Adult (m)2,8483576
8BWoPink RequestAdult (m)2,21068212
WXnUBalloon Dragon RiderAdult (f)3,9973477
8EIvSeen Em' AllAdult (f)4,4832984
GFHRiFloatableAdult (m)2,57198610
gTgJYBloonatedAdult (m)2,919945130
5RtsBlack TuxedoAdult (m)1,44533819
kTdbAmbrosia SkyAdult (m)2,58538818
Z4dUWhat On EarthAdult (m)5,6813861
gC8DpBlackened CallingAdult (m)2,8317011
KJfijBlackened RiderAdult (m)3,4952845
5uODsThe Black Knight RisingAdult (f)5,7377253
31Ml5Just Another FaceAdult (f)1,6754084
D4k4dCarls JRAdult (f)3,8594198
RcIsPRice Crispy TreatAdult (m)3,1433266
QM7sFBlack Dying LineAdult (m)6,6326068
aEETSBlacks Being Annoying StairsAdult (f)4,5165006
68iGTCelestial Black ThuwedAdult (f)5,6779229
trtuNBlack 6th EvenAdult (m)2,8743167
GIZCKMy Cup Of DragonAdult (m)2,5656616
KEHJSBlack and Silver 5thAdult (f)4,00234810
DvPHGWhy Am I No AltAdult (f)4,2484096
PSL54Black Is Not BackAdult (m)4,3727171
Jh8tvShiny Green EyesAdult (f)5,1503721
HrmbhGreen Eyed Black MonsterAdult (m)4,2723351
NpHijLittle Black Little BlackAdult (f)3,9963361
8AJGRBlack Dragon ThingAdult (f)3,7143782
VbvcvBlackened DisasterAdult (m)2,3067232
LtrbBLike A Chalk OutlineAdult (f)5,0981,36916
J1vTYBlack Even 4th GenAdult (m)4,3033273
ktbY3The Dead Can't SpeakAdult (f)3,49454010
b1UMNBlack An Yellow Black An YellowAdult (f)4,0583333
FlsNdGreen You're StrangeAdult (f)3,31036110
MHAB0Sent From The GrandAdult (f)5,0264125
WzsFiLots Of Gold And BlackAdult (m)2,23450211
eZuYkSome Tinseled StepsAdult (m)2,7514887
AArS0Dang You BlacksAdult (f)2,9004107
hJflUAttack By The BlackAdult (f)3,3553324
48TblHooty HootAdult (m)2,0755362
Kke0YBlackened Night FuryAdult (m)2,3442972
TrC0NBlack ConAdult (f)2,4705403
9GgxDI Am Gr00tAdult (f)1,8073124
z6v6IOh Yea Like A Z6Adult (m)2,4946463
gQ79Alt-EgoAdult (f)1,3985655
9KAvLAlted And Then SomeAdult (m)3,2144532
d78UYAltly DoneAdult (f)2,9677473
UCWriI Cry WolfAdult (m)2,1686040
gL2GKGlowing Glittery DragonAdult (f)2,3563704
vDF79Vladislav The DragonAdult (m)2,0856213
cwpoeCow PieAdult (m)2,5666831
MKpkBMink The Pink DragonAdult (m)3,9659401
KLmtyAll This Cranberry JuiceAdult (f)4,2549810
umkvDNot The DMVAdult (f)2,4741,1770
6PxAUMaui MauiAdult (m)2,3306552
RJRgsRunnin The RiggsAdult (m)2,2786421
aWoJEWhoa JoeAdult (f)2,6604138
U7ehXT-Rex No WaitAdult (m)3,3853722
qn2hbBig Bad Alley CatAdult (m)2,5707090
okW7BOkie Dokie MrAdult (m)4,0079120
MDQYBWhy So Dang LoudAdult (m)2,4671,1440
DupNrTrim My NameAdult (m)5,3891,0742
N8ucGMmmm NutellaAdult (f)5,4751,0543
eGtVnCoast AwayAdult (f)2,4026191
rvr2aPhysics Is A MustAdult (f)3,0674998
GnaFAGand The GreatAdult (f)2,8204424
lQBXlOn the Prowl On The MoveAdult (m)2,2806221
eqEXqCandy Cane BlueAdult (m)1,7896120
ottB6Otter DragonAdult (m)2,0436303
55uIqHis High IQAdult (m)2,2006013
NMW4OMy Hometown DragonAdult (f)2,3766484
EWA5fSome Kind Of Star Wars CreatureAdult (f)2,7825794
42uKgDragon Or NahAdult (f)2,7755793
qvZFxHey You No YouAdult (f)3,9979540
tJTKsThe Blue Little BanditAdult (f)3,5354454
xWRD7The Blue Banded BanditAdult (f)3,1624331
KXTQTwo Finned DancerAdult (m)1,0395077
ddi7Two Finned LoveAdult (f)1,2305223
vAv3Two Finned AlchemyAdult (f)2,50251616
mVONTwo Finned PuzzleAdult (f)1,3395136
EtOlTwo Finned ReasonAdult (m)2,8562363
vKP1Two Finned PurityAdult (m)3,39325513
v4R4qHuffin And PuffinAdult (f)4,5266964
0astRSmitty Werbenmanjensen ThuwedAdult (m)3,2056978
abR7nAchoo Bless You 3rd GenAdult (f)8,5281,2225
bhguJUltraviolet BlunaAdult (f)3,5245259
LdYEzWe're All BlueAdult (f)3,9634393
NhQGiUnholy ConfessionAdult (f)5,0905395
ZBCSkNow You're Dead InsideAdult (m)3,8754724
G2u9fMarch Of LindAdult (f)3,6334134
c03FvWhat's It To YaAdult (m)4,5804813
i3E5TLooks Like A BirdAdult (m)2,7024085
4iY1PBlusang BlutangAdult (m)6,6298605
otHmaEvenly White And AlbinoAdult (m)3,9653609
rU5XBrightened DecayAdult (f)1,3306395
YGB1Brightneded WishAdult (m)4,1842796
C9TZBrightened SimpleAdult (m)4,0072742
hNSpBrightened FallAdult (m)4,2393234
uqMIBrightened BurnAdult (f)8695601
XCtEBrightened SoldierAdult (m)3,7392736
3RXScDance With PhobiaAdult (m)5,9623985
b698ZDear Into The NothingAdult (f)6,7276892
GkbQsSimply AloneAdult (f)6,0276095
2BK3VChip Off The Ol' BlockAdult (m)5,9105594
MSUixWe're YellowAdult (m)5,4984692
fy7PB(fy7PB)Adult (m)3,3205103
YVXVR(YVXVR)Adult (f)4,7333203
3WvGCanopy WishAdult (f)2,2155972
f09JCanopy GearAdult (f)2,1214134
pjQNCanopy BayAdult (m)2,13544118
7QovRAlready GrownAdult (f)4,2284375
BAQ7PCreepin On YouAdult (f)3,9527303
b8ia7Rosey So PrettyAdult (m)5,0926784
sjaTX(sjaTX)Adult (f)3,9864643
Iwfq2(Iwfq2)Adult (f)4,0794753
y6c64(y6c64)Adult (m)2,9156372
ZHC3v(ZHC3v)Adult (f)3,2746453
r0XICheesy Pick-Up LineAdult1,48462314
wgAcqHey I'm CheesyAdult2,6547493
v64EnGood Luck CheeseAdult3,8613887
fR8aJDefinitely No DragonAdult (f)1,8702392
eCSsUJolly Jolly HollyAdult (m)4,49343614
GTSkmHo Ho Ho MistletoeAdult (f)3,9466055
0k2aYulebuck DiaryAdult (m)2,12558634
CnuNWYulebuck ScripturesAdult (m)4,5604293
fBmRWChristmas PartureAdult (f)4,6844413
g65XFChristmas GoodyAdult (f)4,2565983
DoiywChristmas Time To ShineAdult (f)2,1862942
foaptClaus The DragonAdult (f)4,0115853
dEms7Rudolf's SidekickAdult (f)4,4464403
UABINScreaming Cause It's ChristmasAdult (f)2,5066192
FS6KNSome Colorful Christmas DecoAdult (f)2,5706321
ouD2vThe Elf Stole ChristmasAdult (m)4,3644072
Vv1cNNightmare On Christmas StreetAdult (m)4,2566233
ZkVLWRed And Green OrnamentAdult (m)3,9448353
0qo6TShiny Tree DecorationAdult (m)4,0788932
1s01YI Reckon It's ChristmasAdult (f)2,4696211
4dPNXName Me ChristmasAdult (f)2,5255831
DbomCoastal EclipseAdult (m)2,5924892
pJrLCoastal BreakdownAdult (f)3,9886333
f960Coastal FireflyAdult (m)2,7325861
v3faCoastal CrisisAdult (m)4,8823265
b7gqHI Look FamiliarAdult (f)2,9103922
EB1p9Man I'm MassiveAdult (m)5,9569443
R9twcI'm A Copper DreamerAdult (m)2,1456283
j7907Copper WomanAdult (f)2,0883375
CEGpiBut Hey WaitAdult (f)3,3853656
alSBDThere's MoreAdult (m)2,3076212
hQLDVine FeelingAdult (m)1,23645918
Kh3BVinyl RecordAdult (f)2,46850013
Blm8Vine SuperstarAdult (f)1,93855721
eqL4EVine DignityAdult (f)3,5949893
VteDTVine Dim LightAdult (m)4,1368053
q3k1ZVine MercyAdult (f)1,47334237
9ENNDVine TearsAdult (f)2,3236614
SZt4NCatchin Em VinesAdult (m)4,2277634
UbYpPPlanted DragonAdult (f)1,5475466
nSpalPlanticus StairsAdult (m)4,0613975
sm5adPlantopolis 2nd GenAdult (m)6,3218233
3gWXARusty Plant SPAdult (f)4,8204079
CrtiuOff The VineAdult (m)3,9214562
8jb1VDang Ol VineAdult (f)2,1336993
eMldEJust A Sad VineAdult (m)4,4633192
u29qaAlternate Yourself PleaseAdult (m)3,5273864
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