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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sparkle10184,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NLeg6We're TwinsAdult (f)5,4901,2645
N1usjBrother and SisterAdult (f)2,3326315
ePaq5Captain Archer and KirkAdult (m)2,2074865
QgZ7kCinnamon BunsAdult (m)6,0284022
XG6vYOne TwoAdult (f)2,7217631
WJosi(WJosi)Adult (m)6,6548524
6ATQi(6ATQi)Adult (m)9,0551,0982
2cO8BPrince CassiusAdult (m)4,1504920
Yq3LJEvil LaughterAdult (f)2,31390828
5jDO7US Marine CorpsAdult (f)5,2203480
JlkUJWhite BeautifulAdult (f)4,9783320
RgnCZIT'S HORRIDAdult (m)2,2126543
EljowNow I can Never SunburnHatchling (F)1,1352373
x8Uo3Sharpie MarkersAdult (f)4,4951,0555
ZV2zV(ZV2zV)Adult (m)5,6846090
zaQoa(zaQoa)Adult (m)5,7266050
XSRO2Cotton Candy FloatAdult (m)5,4913712
lFWDjSparkle's Floating PeachAdult (m)5,51679810
ZobGnRaspberry YumAdult (f)5,0223581
XF0R6Weather BalloonsAdult (m)5,1493441
Ve0NjMr BatesAdult (m)5,0923802
Tz1ulTwo Balloons On a StringAdult (m)2,4936026
Uu4gRAlbert LamorisseAdult (f)4,5759580
Q6qCBBouncy Baby BalloonHatchling (F)1,5461212
ITkqPBeauty in all its FormsAdult (f)6,44873913
QPkmFCobina CharmAdult (m)6,6141,0669
3QhhnSparkle's Peachy PansyAdult (f)3,0517087
mWM2uMajel BarretAdult (f)5,4811,10113
NEINBFluffy WebkinzAdult (m)2,00451722
XmXVuZelAdult (m)3,05759317
k9J7SBaseball PlayerAdult (m)1,3285282
vKhX2Midnight BabeAdult (f)3,9868854
2jFTDiPad NanoAdult (m)5,3526969
C63JqSpeak up pleaseAdult (m)4,7203870
RdJI9Black FloridaAdult (m)4,0763470
gPUAwPfirsich I FalaseviAdult (f)3,2606393
EmlYRA Black dragonAdult (f)1,1615123
O1m8RHermia CBAdult (f)24,0711,6235
n6QZoEvil Twilight SparkleAdult (f)1,7637184
zoY0qSalty ToothpasteAdult (f)2,7875273
dp1sXMaster of All DragonsAdult (m)2,57876811
c6uESI Gave You Six CuesAdult (f)3,0954003
XqYLTMatanis Lellis IAdult (m)5,0597630
Y9wi8Pirate ButtAdult (f)6,2116450
1AnbnVolcanic Verenis IAdult (f)4,5549201
HlwxmCelestial Yadder IIIAdult (f)4,6151,0855
Gs7n5Trinity D'Nothiel IIIAdult (m)4,5671,0695
mNYE8(mNYE8)Adult (f)6,8919592
VbScd(VbScd)Adult (m)6,8249650
lJcHZMurder at MidnightHatchling (F)2,1531812
gWAOQ(gWAOQ)Hatchling (m, F)1,6074605
Ewr8SCrawling Through the DarknessHatchling (m, F)4,5276973
RM4ezHypnotized ForeverHatchling (F)2,2324346
GiHCFBlacksilver SaintHatchling (F)2,8182464
PvnvdBaskin' in the SunlightAdult (f)2,9219061
twSJlI'm a Sitting DuckAdult (f)3,1029180
LxZwxOn the Wings of HopeAdult (m)2,7117690
Khw1zChallenge TwoAdult (f)6,4057860
aeUeB(aeUeB)Adult (m)3,4908550
1Rk4e(1Rk4e)Adult (f)4,5519124
Zg9Kz(Zg9Kz)Adult (m)5,6746140
QoMkZDustpawAdult (m)3,2058737
gg6Ue(gg6Ue)Adult (f)2,7978690
XilVpSea WinkleAdult (f)1,8036010
tFUNs(tFUNs)Adult (f)6,1428161
07DMhShunningAdult (f)3,3925590
jtBIpNightmare at DawnAdult (m)2,5055750
25BBvGay LoversAdult (m)5,4989490
AXUrN(AXUrN)Adult (m)5,9938200
SPe8T(SPe8T)Adult (m)5,5029220
ODSd2I Thought You Were a BSA DragonAdult (f)5,1723736
iKeQXSparkle's Ocean WishAdult (m)6,7301,17813
YC9ikThe Great BlunanessAdult (f)4,2265646
lK7jXU'uluAdult (f)3,1664958
m9NXSSparkle's Tropical StormAdult (f)1,18649726
GkN39Twas a Rough NightAdult (m)1,8507458
JtdnLApple iPodAdult (m)4,7663465
7aVrCLagie's BrowniesAdult (f)2,8166204
stRIH(stRIH)Adult (m)6,0626662
FT3grJungle JoanAdult (f)4,9907736
0nsygParks and RecAdult (f)2,1076424
eNuEYFor the Life of MeAdult (f)4,6196456
ceFjBWindows PCAdult (f)3,6098279
SdKE5Sparkle's Golden FlowerAdult (m)2,8349853
7DTgGI love DCAdult (f)3,0969332
b3jmcLook Out BelowAdult (m)3,98968010
NSfzr(NSfzr)Hatchling (m, F)1,4835604
RJEPH(RJEPH)Adult (f)4,0858950
cVjoP(cVjoP)Adult (f)4,7887631
Mv5EpJungle AnimalAdult (m)5,3747578
swM5DIn the JungleAdult (f)1,6945951
FoMZ8Challenge 2Adult (m)5,6881,0694
1ijbP(1ijbP)Adult (m)5,5421,1201
kRT4l(kRT4l)Adult (f)5,6731,0557
oWoO0(oWoO0)Adult (m)5,2337142
6BfR7(6BfR7)Adult (f)4,5049290
hLCND(hLCND)Adult (f)4,5059260
IxykV(IxykV)Adult (m)5,4586842
FDval(FDval)Adult (f)5,8706930
LHEe1(LHEe1)Adult (m)6,4546801
njvYSLactose FreeAdult5,02043511
Mo0k8Cheesy CurlsAdult4,6134878
RZdqBCheesy PieAdult2,7228978
aC3KgCheese SconeAdult1,8447155
5utLgCheese MoonAdult3,8528012
7YneEThanks AlishkaAdult2,4155957
s7XXfCheese is CoolAdult2,8817665
UEtvKCheese Cheese Cheese CheeseAdult2,5724712
UfU0oCheezburger and FriesAdult3,5843474
WidEDGrab the CheeseAdult3,9284093
bgBiYFeta Cheese and OlivesAdult1,4415144
sA7PjNut CheeseAdult6,3349677
YHsjEI Live a Cheesy LifeHatchling (F)2,92929314
SXqXvMr Cheesy McCoyHatchling (F)1,17621816
lXeIBChik Chik ChickyAdult (f)2,19759129
29r8LChicken Pot PiAdult (f)4,7241,1019
QdUfEKwikki ChikkiAdult (f)2,0631975
3g7V6Here Chick Chick ChikieAdult (f)1,53238411
Uxd56Please don't make me into a pieAdult (f)1,5563855
KwixfQuicken ChickenAdult (f)2,1517868
O8kPJOn a PlatterAdult (f)2,6799505
Je5LOJello ChickenAdult (f)3,0891,0958
97ebPChicken On RyeAdult (f)1,7677663
6vSEuChick Soup for the SoulAdult (f)2,0542780
UV4nIWho Let the Chickens OutAdult (f)5,2837963
iCThnChicken in the FreezerHatchling (f, F)2,7718184
gyGR3Last One There is a Rotten EggHatchling (f, F)2,3298371
lnHmdHang Butt HollyAdult (m)4,4203306
k6Abs(k6Abs)Adult (f)5,1096793
xYkIm(xYkIm)Adult (m)4,3021,3085
25roUSing of Yuletide TreasureAdult (m)4,7033151
0LVB2Peppermint PieAdult (m)4,0712861
rvRcG(rvRcG)Adult (m)4,3531,3181
dYnHvLittle Green StockingsAdult (f)3,9223511
9sIsBwe wish u a merry christmasAdult (f)4,4513532
gKhSXAn Angel in DisguiseAdult (f)4,7826941
1clBQRibbons and Bows BabyAdult (f)5,4163622
VimXfMagicHecateAdult (f)5,2703654
olrRYElectric Christmas LightsAdult (m)4,4903572
YhRnq(YhRnq)Adult (m)2,7249141
I5hVK(I5hVK)Adult (m)4,3601,3473
18eWX(18eWX)Adult (m)4,4201,3351
tvGs7(tvGs7)Hatchling (m, F)2,7409371
MnXKWRipped Wrapping PaperAdult (m)4,1513041
bbXQERoll of Wrapping PaperAdult (m)4,4683202
zVbhO(zVbhO)Hatchling (m, F)2,7659281
Drjt3The Best Christmas Present EverAdult (f)3,0299451
cYUT6(cYUT6)Adult (f)6,1157511
cAepm(cAepm)Adult (f)6,5326204
061z4(061z4)Adult (f)6,5966331
b4cA3City DragonAdult (f)4,2844442
WM6d3Did Somebody SayAdult (f)2,4783733
13way(13way)Adult (m)5,6891,1894
2yM3Y(2yM3Y)Adult (m)4,1009130
guV7KSwoopingclawAdult (m)1,6006273
iBk20(iBk20)Adult (m)1,5966053
m7DoT(m7DoT)Adult (m)6,3726661
8DaVK(8DaVK)Adult (f)10,6951,2126
4GAZn(4GAZn)Adult (f)1,5546014
Iruwb(Iruwb)Adult (f)4,4417834
pXXZSKill 4 a ReasonAdult (m)4,7173891
dvjd3Hidden - TreasureAdult (f)3,1829372
ssrlEEarthly TangleAdult (f)3,7043731
Y02IXAm I StupidAdult (f)6,2821,5627
VkQ7NUnderground SecretsAdult (m)2,7265114
0tshYPoison TrapAdult (f)4,2467193
6EZBLVinely Wrapped PackageAdult (m)4,71994412
bf4OnAndenholzAdult (f)5,27391710
BVjtQThe Clone WarsAdult (m)2,1117094
YEHmkUnaltableAdult (m)3,5163254
drAGpGreen WatcherAdult (f)7,0251,1656
MaUqVOhhh Naughty BronzeAdult (f)3,8584042
ydVyTEvil PlantAdult (m)4,6968010
axcVnFrom the Earthy DepthsAdult (m)2,2496664
BmQ7t(BmQ7t)Adult (f)4,5409542
K5ycG(K5ycG)Adult (m)6,0238290
757oU(757oU)Adult (m)5,9408742
cnBvn(cnBvn)Hatchling (F)1,5882311
K86idI'm a Trekkie at HeartAdult (f)5,4513641
FmRUcAvocados are Disgusting ThuwedAdult (f)3,9663371
3D5Ov(3D5Ov)Adult (f)2,9627714
JCh1NMea NimbusAdult (m)5,6641,4073
oTOugLucid  DreamsAdult (m)3,2587223
VXLk4Scarred DreamsAdult (m)1,2925316
W3UKgFluffer Cloud MuffinAdult (m)1,5376691
gzitP(gzitP)Adult (f)4,3052872
Mn0DBDreamland on a CloudAdult (f)3,7042652
yzwQ8Fluffy Cotton CloudAdult (f)3,7558780
AXHRFDelmarAdult (m)3,3104374
nO6ngScuba DivingAdult (f)6,79494813
x98gV(x98gV)Adult (f)1,9817866
Nr855(Nr855)Adult (f)4,5906291
Qm21UDanny TannerAdult (m)2,5917629
nitTLPurple McSmartypantsAdult (m)4,4156907
Y50QFPurple People PleaserAdult (f)3,2167181
pBgO8Paw UpAdult (m)2,4166601
YZJ4PDashing SoulAdult (m)1,9015812
49gjn(49gjn)Adult (f)8,1889801
hQdqeIggy LoreHatchling (F)2,1064363
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