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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “soulchaser,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
KpTs0Tragic  LoveAdult (f)3,0431,04911
QuHrVEvil Sweet EnigmaAdult (f)7,6535297
E7DliReflective Black LoveAdult (f)6,2004286
MDfQ1Xmas CelebrationAdult (f)5,5223955
37M6JEdemiang Adelry Third YulegoldAdult (f)4,0946959
tIsIi(tIsIi)Adult (f)4,4834425
z8qdmGolden Christmas AriaAdult (m)4,41233110
TJAeqSexy Marzipan AngelAdult (m)3,15864117
coeRMTarzan doesn't know ChristmasAdult (m)6,2164355
Dw6XVReflective Seasonal GreetingsAdult (m)4,7664094
B3i3WAuric Christmas AriaAdult (m)4,35153917
FLdF2(FLdF2)Adult (m)2,8946246
9ETmn(9ETmn)Adult (m)6,6265322
MDr2FLuxury AphrodisiacAdult (m)4,0755648
rBctMBlushing Golden LoveAdult (m)4,0116847
UUcxyUixxyAdult (m)6,3254364
qprihrrattts' Reflective SaccharinAdult (f)5,9105277
DBhbGrrattts' Reflective ChocolateAdult (f)4,3613502
PpKeYAureis DolciAdult (f)5,2223513
smNLkGolden Sugar ToothAdult (f)3,7225906
Xe56qGoldplated Xmas PresentAdult (f)5,8925432
3jQg9Reflective Wrapping PaperAdult (f)4,3585228
4DbnOSonnenuntergang ueber dem MeerAdult (f)5,8025452
IokhiCostal SupernovaAdult (f)5,1688303
1cymp(1cymp)Adult (f)5,1223982
UF4fWImperial trimmed VelvetAdult (f)4,62435515
FE9cNReflective Snakes on SaturnAdult (m)5,0844284
7kkeDFading SaturnAdult (m)6,1394585
vmUCpPerfume of SaturnAdult (m)4,97742317
vsVXRThe Joy of ValentineAdult (m)5,9445054
3kximGolden Lazarus ArsaniAdult (m)6,5154479
veGZ6Myra SparkleAdult (m)6,8586778
YpjOEWhispering Love AngelAdult (f)7,2014963
DU7kMMid-Summer's SeranadeAdult (f)6,9434942
J7NpmRadiant Golden DivaAdult (f)5,7215724
mwlTrTerpsichore's delicious MusliAdult (m)5,2147134
kEbAlMr KebabsAdult (m)3,8497218
GivzRWelsh RibbonsAdult (m)5,2574366
9oThlSkilled Welsh DancerAdult (m)3,5166398
h7lzhGoldene ChristbaumkugelAdult (m)6,0245253
uOdvCGoldback ForyxAdult (f)5,37850518
l2ERGReflective Golden OrchidAdult (f)3,3064747
p6Nu3Nup aus dem SchattenAdult (m)4,50043715
dip4XGold Of The Spanish InquisitionAdult (m)4,7967074
78wJuWalking through Golden CurtainsAdult (f)6,3016296
QsvDh(QsvDh)Adult (f)1,6299094
vIcasElemental Shiny ShadowAdult (f)6,9415373
oVt5lRrattts' Scary Golden HornetAdult (m)4,4444162
OkQ6ORrattts' Golden Marrow HornetAdult (m)3,3786103
ubki7Rrattts' Reflective RequiemAdult (m)3,8276814
w3IeFGrotesque PrincessAdult (f)3,5286975
oqQkaThe Golden AssassinAdult (f)2,4707553
AMm7JPrincess of BodomAdult (f)6,4534432
8cVQcShiny happy ROFLAdult (m)5,5664392
U0n7G(U0n7G)Adult (m)7,0885726
BeM3wBeasty TacticsAdult (f)6,5244943
3WoO4(3WoO4)Adult (m)7,0284711
l7z45Golden Monarch Of KirktonAdult (m)4,8203325
Hh9ANTales of TerrorAdult (f)9,1351,2144
B4aUiSubverxion's DenselinaAdult (f)4,7605418
B2IedIsaak's Twisted SugarAdult (f)7,0406338
NgAEA(NgAEA)Adult (f)3,10847710
0UkEnVeramente BellissimoAdult (m)2,5725805
tOk6EPrince of Silver HolinessAdult (m)4,9504023
v8aQoAngelic Silver SnowAdult (m)3,15483118
bWQcbSnowy Silver AngelAdult (m)2,7895139
cdx80LighlessAdult (m)5,6386284
BjHBQBijbouq Adelry Third ValensilverAdult (m)4,6703919
2hGgJBhagji Adelry Third ValensilverAdult (m)6,2044334
P4j1bRaveriaAdult (f)5,5166125
qz07wSilver Christmas WonderAdult (f)4,8223922
yNGLFSilver Christmas RequiemAdult (f)7,2715833
2yl9iPolynesian LoveflyAdult (f)2,8915153
VDmWoLovely Silver CarrotAdult (f)5,9374213
wFsqSElemental Silver LuciferzAdult (f)6,2134497
pIa5TSilver Rose of DamascusAdult (m)3,39848215
Lv7azSweet Silver Rosebud GuyAdult (m)6,3354642
RxNs3Filagree Xmas PresentAdult (f)5,0055079
Vjqs1Cordial deep LoveAdult (f)5,8334227
TtJd1Quantum KissesAdult (f)6,1144443
5nwIjValentine's Silver BeautyAdult (f)3,2174888
9FsyMRoyal Angel FeathersAdult (f)7,1095203
ILtmkArrayed MasterpieceAdult (f)5,7529774
mwr6VWhy did you steal my HeartAdult (m)4,9374068
fbOuwMuted Silver SoulAdult (f)4,7583456
ha97SSmiling Christmas FlouriteAdult (m)5,9484185
Mv8AWGypsy ShineAdult (m)7,0044723
velDZoups - it's not December anymoreAdult (f)2,6543927
0VKAVBolivian ValleyAdult (f)6,4175173
zLps6Versilberter ChriststollenAdult (m)4,5903237
RwUA4in der WeihnachtsbaeckereiAdult (m)7,0054792
NyL2WOma baeckt PlaetzchenAdult (m)7,8381,2881
VTCyBMistletoe FoilAdult (m)7,0048455
lamA0Chasing white TopazesAdult (f)5,02138621
L5o1xChasing Lunar CurtainsAdult (f)7,7925546
yzV5C(yzV5C)Adult (f)3,3454389
QvxK5QvixikasAdult (m)3,7895034
Xn1EZMisery's lovely LessonAdult (m)4,4184869
Su8zZFreedom for the Silver MoonAdult (m)2,7166008
XhTK9LeondarakisAdult (m)3,75746415
UYGrH(UYGrH)Adult (m)6,7455808
Eil2TBoneshimmerAdult (m)2,25669113
zeTtdMaster  of  DisastersAdult (m)5,5286614
nXdaCGentle CommanderAdult (m)4,69143214
XnOKKKiss of AngerAdult (f)5,0439862
0a36XUnfaithful silver FlowerAdult (f)3,4305173
2e7x7Wild SundayAdult (m)3,4865152
fCoTI(fCoTI)Adult (m)3,5274855
qG2vSDerp AttacksAdult (m)6,9315332
7rYxSMelancholic Memories of VeronaAdult (f)2,7886754
hDQq3Melancholic Silver LadyAdult (f)2,7144908
3aDxDHeavenly SpooktacularAdult (f)7,1394871
fgGb9Valentine's shiny CupidAdult (m)5,21345717
5gQc1Valentine's silver CupidAdult (f)3,6255543
FtRHHo--- 4th gen metallics ---oAdult (f)5,0263749
mvhdyThe highest SupernovaAdult (f)7,1185185
wMZ5Wfrom Yieldy with LoveAdult (f)4,84144912
ID219(ID219)Adult (f)4,56743714
5Kdm5(5Kdm5)Adult (m)7,1005088
5Escp(5Escp)Adult (f)3,0075022
CUIvWo-4th gen non-holiday checker-oAdult (m)2,9674391
Jp3tDReflective MeadowKingAdult (m)8,0095493
NNsbQ(NNsbQ)Adult (m)5,6093983
Seu54This Gossip is goldenAdult (m)6,2337196
ssi1L(ssi1L)Adult (f)5,3573792
Bd1HFSmaug vermisst TerpsichoreAdult (m)4,0924102
CuQqNGoldene HerbstfantasieAdult (m)4,6334405
4v1Y4IndianerprinzessinAdult (f)5,0934173
uVHz2(uVHz2)Adult (f)4,1663734
IM13d(IM13d)Adult (f)7,3995079
TxwkOHypnotizing SerpentAdult (m)4,3684082
mafpwGolden Princess of the FlowersAdult (f)6,4444626
oIItTstary Flowers of GuatemalaAdult (f)7,2906355
HvY13(HvY13)Adult (m)3,3565845
hJNP0of Foxes and MermaidsAdult (m)4,55844414
7i8dp(7i8dp)Adult (m)7,19649610
oVhkX(oVhkX)Adult (f)4,2174256
xHQHg(xHQHg)Adult (f)4,5984044
VejgIGlorious Golden SongAdult (m)6,03463212
45WpbEstielAdult (f)4,8665596
4rqOp(4rqOp)Adult (f)5,5734127
3FLOQ(3FLOQ)Adult (f)5,2316492
L9wpp(L9wpp)Adult (f)4,72344111
tr3eFTerpsi's Shiny Bestia EceraAdult (m)4,14946511
h3OBqMortalsAdult (m)8,0556765
6h1o6Aureal Gold GemAdult (m)5,06834713
o4TjiBurnished Golden WavesAdult (m)8,0527434
fjInV(fjInV)Adult (f)5,3093717
f5fHNPeaceful glowing KingAdult (m)6,3474413
hnJ5jZelda's Sterling PrinceAdult (m)3,5963467
JNwuYGlorious PeacefulAdult (m)6,2394724
sXCawGlorious and PeacefulAdult (m)7,5145534
ba4obZelda's Lord PeacefulAdult (m)6,2104142
0vC2c(0vC2c)Adult (m)3,4322863
gFIlL(gFIlL)Adult (m)6,6754813
XrRxU(XrRxU)Adult (m)5,0936553
ktoqu(ktoqu)Adult (f)4,7253355
VycvhLiebliche AbendsonneAdult (m)4,5903426
EMoD8(EMoD8)Adult (m)6,2694276
QNX7j(QNX7j)Adult (f)1,9725725
yW9kc(yW9kc)Adult (f)5,76964810
kXBBFFiery Silver ExperienceAdult (m)6,4374823
6rQROOrange SilverspellAdult (f)6,0285593
rDWzc(rDWzc)Adult (m)6,7044622
WTHGo(WTHGo)Adult (m)5,2726263
tQYVL(tQYVL)Adult (m)6,9057334
AxJrL(AxJrL)Adult (m)3,5105146
Y6ZKSArgentum AmandaAdult (m)7,1704786
ViJliShiny Moonlit GlacierAdult (m)4,7554053
xSvwG(xSvwG)Adult (m)3,9804069
Kzhz8(Kzhz8)Adult (m)5,6685103
MHkkZ(MHkkZ)Adult (m)7,3756567
DBZSA(DBZSA)Adult (f)7,2846374
fmgBS(fmgBS)Adult (f)2,9084014
o4yn3gorgeous Gastrochilus HybridAdult (m)6,0534134
mXFnmAvatar GuardAdult (m)4,1568842
n6J5WGabrielle LozanovAdult (f)5,1124482
7tzbrSilver Lakes LozanovAdult (f)5,7136553
vM91m(vM91m)Adult (f)5,3276714
iXIebFluflookAdult (f)4,5177599
q0WMl(q0WMl)Adult (m)5,1385914
he8SDFallen Angel's FlowerlightAdult (f)3,9614313
y9QZa(y9QZa)Adult (m)3,5464706
R8QxQPegasusHarmonyAdult (f)6,5904998
hACUHdie Waschmaschine wird repariertAdult (m)4,7335023
Iy1Sldie Waschmaschine braucht CalgonAdult (m)3,9723208
qmk5y(qmk5y)Adult (m)5,5266864
ViIHJ(ViIHJ)Adult (m)3,6883294
G29KG(G29KG)Adult (m)7,4096124
GZMPWBeautiful Rhynchostylis HybridAdult (f)6,8904905
nba1zRhynchostylis gigantea spotsAdult (f)3,6215259
rLn3ySilver Rhynchostylis HybridAdult (f)7,2604845
sKWUUProtective Silver GuardianAdult (m)4,9035874
XO2rh(XO2rh)Adult (m)4,3978405
CmpWr(CmpWr)Adult (m)6,1225633
r09OJ(r09OJ)Adult (f)4,7433535
h6gblSilver Time MachineAdult (f)6,9921,3893
z4HWkMothers Day JokeAdult (f)7,0265105
AeyJb(AeyJb)Adult (m)3,5753715
t7OdIAquarius and the OceanAdult (f)6,3784285
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