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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “soulchaser,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rgKy3ChriseriaAdult (f)3,34451512
cGu65Merry Christmas SongsAdult (f)5,3996865
0AYtbObytt Adelry Second ValensilverAdult (m)4,9124358
FM9x1Mystyic's Valentine DelightAdult (m)2,0755257
iuaQGSweet Silver GuyAdult (m)3,85539912
25kG5(25kG5)Adult (m)4,3154423
0oMtYValentine's deep LoveAdult (f)4,14542112
2q9GNQuantum GloryAdult (f)6,4024329
FDsnRAngebrannter ChriststollenAdult (m)3,2644059
SgWYHWeihnachtsgebaeckAdult (m)6,7975266
NYohCSmiling FlitterAdult (m)2,8025177
dLrlBFlitter TailAdult (m)5,1083702
4Ps4JGypsy GloAdult (m)5,8726168
7uvKnSilver LoveflyAdult (f)3,75344231
xbQPaSweet Silver LuciferzAdult (f)5,4106018
SYHJIFilly'ShineAdult (m)2,5687135
jfBdqSmiling FlowersAdult (m)3,9764126
mjc43Radiant Silver BeautyAdult (f)3,8253544
4PQ3qSilver Angel FeathersAdult (f)4,0653247
tuwVkSmiling Heart BreakerAdult (m)3,1763617
WGFKgWhy did you break my HeartAdult (m)3,6262589
inxTdLopov LynxAdult (m)4,6657935
qINkJSilver Monk SnakeAdult (m)8,9831,2174
uk3WqImmortal Silver SoulAdult (f)6,3204254
FUC3wRoyal muted ManiacAdult (f)5,2795905
CNhqASilvered Xmas PresentAdult (f)3,1915706
z1ie7Tinsel AlpsAdult (f)4,96644812
lW1JCKlassische MusikAdult (f)4,2274296
iwooCoups - I'm in a ValleyAdult (f)2,8364037
zHHjxCorals and silver PerlsAdult (f)4,0292849
vem8jLegendary KissAdult (m)4,2533745
w88edChristmas SmileAdult (m)6,2136738
kbpjmFrostball ShineAdult (f)7,9451,4167
62s4XThe Christmas Tree is burningAdult (f)6,3004335
tzdMjSmaugs goldene TalerchenAdult (m)8,3511,2713
fkdViBullet of AngerAdult (f)3,53553010
0lCVFDying silver FlowerAdult (f)6,3664407
6Vt8QSupreme CommanderAdult (m)3,2915018
tq7mW(tq7mW)Adult (m)4,5244304
LoRcyLorcy from the GraveyardAdult (f)3,2214927
7tpVgHeavenly SpookAdult (f)6,7994677
BLOCuBloc UAdult (m)3,2186864
shKm1(shKm1)Adult (m)3,1183408
MwWhtDerp in LoveAdult (m)3,6736554
GSqkhWonderful SundayAdult (m)6,2474482
skYkcMel AncholiaAdult (f)4,96243313
asoTFBeauty of VeronaAdult (f)5,57037312
mddnzSternklarer HimmelAdult (m)5,9294512
DK4PeSilvery LessonAdult (m)5,0404707
fSURiHapag Lloyd's ShadowAdult (f)4,8233636
i65aQChasing silver ShadowsAdult (f)4,54744812
AQXnM(AQXnM)Adult (f)4,4284654
Qglhh(Qglhh)Adult (f)4,5154246
KAhJeDark Side of the Silvery MoonAdult (m)7,0395122
yZGi0Legendary Moon WarriorAdult (m)4,4253594
ZJAgYA better Place to beAdult (f)4,4553174
Lxgrg(Lxgrg)Adult (f)4,2963404
jtJqdSilvery OmensAdult (m)5,6216213
ETit0Scary LeviathanAdult (m)6,0264384
bwJtZFearful AeonAdult (m)5,8964143
TY828Deep Silver ShadowsAdult (f)6,2984432
eaOLcMetaphorical CookiesAdult (f)6,7094512
LZZv7(LZZv7)Adult (m)5,0954232
dJfDDMoon CupidAdult (m)4,58948616
HOnmB(HOnmB)Adult (f)4,6051,0322
uZ1A7o--- 3rd gen metallics ---oAdult (f)4,6283653
c9af6Terpsichore's sweet little DerpAdult (m)3,2006154
037D9could U name my parents PLZAdult (m)2,5145885
DymKJ(DymKJ)Adult (m)4,1005749
yLf2QZeit9eistAdult (f)3,6473999
MmzMrThe highest PassionAdult (f)3,2825607
3Zz0XFull Metall Passion D'OrisaarAdult (m)4,6753926
qarVwEpic SilvernessAdult (f)7,3056565
cb9KJSolitude ShineAdult (f)7,2816012
6ASVIVVeltschmerzAdult (m)2,53646415
RsX4IFused ShineAdult (m)4,72773011
Nq6wG(Nq6wG)Adult (m)6,7964701
IEOeYShe's a wonderful PrincessAdult (f)4,0245574
6Cf0t(6Cf0t)Adult (f)5,2163552
iaa0iWonderful SupernovaAdult (m)4,9743684
9g7nz(9g7nz)Adult (m)3,2396925
01hozTerpsichore's lost ProphetAdult (m)2,9786027
wH51co-3rd gen non-holiday checker-oAdult (m)2,3436362
kGk0GAslakr SonnenglanzAdult (m)2,13265810
PHLSsAmaron SonnenglanzAdult (m)5,6234945
RytK3Reflective Whytewinged SonAdult (m)5,3363702
dylYbReflective Lucky CherryAdult (m)4,1292963
2BczF(2BczF)Adult (m)5,1933674
X7ADZTinged ViridianAdult (m)6,6954644
T7uRQFrilled NobilityAdult (f)5,5023855
EHkKv(EHkKv)Adult (f)5,8434082
0pesj(0pesj)Adult (f)4,5903665
EHrqhI love HappinessAdult (m)5,3623627
BIE7QI like NatureAdult (m)4,95634512
uqGM2Healer GuardianAdult (f)4,9326264
Y1zhVI like TerpsichoreAdult (m)5,9364475
0PEA5Molten MeteorAdult (m)4,6867685
Vm4f1I like Terpsichore and GeometryAdult (m)5,5248303
JsEGRHypnotizing LightningAdult (m)4,23356613
i7AnkMaerchenhafte SonnenstrahlenAdult (m)4,2424123
oh17ZMaerchenhafte BlumenAdult (m)7,1796586
6IoAISmaug liebt TerpsichoreAdult (m)5,3374434
YA7Y9(YA7Y9)Adult (m)5,3804003
KgO7zGoldene NaturAdult (m)4,2294222
uLOScKoenig der goldenen NaturAdult (m)5,2093593
fPCBA(fPCBA)Adult (m)6,2125492
4dRRMAutumn's golden LeavesAdult (f)3,48062210
zMITzSonnenprinzessinAdult (f)3,2375778
psuVmPrinzessin der WeisheitAdult (f)4,8314839
8FxvwGoldener MondkraterAdult (m)6,4734374
pjoXF(pjoXF)Adult (m)4,9494287
50IwB(50IwB)Adult (f)5,5834239
tBKwW(tBKwW)Adult (f)6,3314867
pWb99(pWb99)Adult (m)3,7994589
Varw5Princess Purple EclipseAdult (f)5,5665248
M1Jvx(M1Jvx)Adult (m)4,3384719
1h5fkLunar Princess of the MoonlightAdult (f)3,4804697
g1Qv8endless Flowers of GuatemalaAdult (f)6,1084703
61ZOgstarry Flowers of GuatemalaAdult (f)3,6445548
jDppPGolden Princess in the SkyAdult (f)5,0014957
NTFphGolden  MemeAdult (m)5,6835354
HBuDQ(HBuDQ)Adult (m)4,9673615
HiBz1(HiBz1)Adult (m)5,4663787
4iBR1World's greatest DawningAdult (m)3,0246552
tJX2u(tJX2u)Adult (f)5,2103608
EzbWwReflective SongsAdult (m)4,8584058
xd8X5OrchideengoettinAdult (f)3,5546252
ndDDVFunny SpitfireAdult (f)5,1003922
dbVDrEvil Mermaids love TulipsAdult (m)5,84846812
5i85NGolden Fox Ten'yoAdult (m)1,7467235
jiuJePrecious AscocentrumAdult (f)6,5936643
XXgzN(XXgzN)Adult (m)6,1187067
y8335Heaven's Golden BellsAdult (f)6,0695064
pf2k0PagodasAdult (m)4,35453815
biTgX(biTgX)Adult (m)3,9073277
D0pqYThor's Goldene FrauAdult (f)5,49155410
PecSF(PecSF)Adult (f)6,4495194
WAfva(WAfva)Adult (f)3,9824687
9jy9QTerpsichore's Shades of LavenderAdult (m)5,1823695
ZCHblTerpsichore's shiny VandopsisAdult (m)4,6405066
4NXvoNavoxAdult (m)4,7917134
G1PYkGypikAdult (m)4,8144894
30L4VMathilda RoseAdult (f)5,8125196
FzdXcMartha RoseAdult (f)4,1994405
8kbE0(8kbE0)Adult (f)2,8424164
AIwGwTerpsichore's shiny BeastAdult (m)4,62759610
ArQHKShiny Bestia EceraAdult (m)3,96954617
taHraTerpsichore's shiny HorsesAdult (m)4,2694533
67NIaShiny h4ppy HorsepowerAdult (m)5,7414011
IB2kt(IB2kt)Adult (f)5,1173604
JGnK8Na  endlichAdult (f)7,6245197
TpdRBClose to the golden WallAdult (f)3,6495747
DE1cO(DE1cO)Adult (f)5,0055243
4t27Z(4t27Z)Adult (f)2,8914045
04wNu(04wNu)Adult (f)5,3524624
jQ4KI(jQ4KI)Adult (f)5,1013415
18ZlCAmenoAdult (m)5,91251710
cuZNS(cuZNS)Adult (m)4,1033315
znXqEBeautiful Golden WavesAdult (m)2,90655112
9RCy4(9RCy4)Adult (m)2,9204755
G2aRsBold of GoldAdult (f)5,5134364
7O962Honey I sunk the CarAdult (f)4,3144455
QwJsPDeity of PropagationAdult (m)3,5127057
gl6A3Shiny Orchids for TerpsichoreAdult (m)3,1955366
l4F7Uhappy golden ElementAdult (m)6,7865893
QsSWb(QsSWb)Adult (m)4,9894004
oPphHOphahAdult (m)4,8765093
7mzolSterling MoochyAdult (m)3,2176824
JbzYOLovely and PeacefulAdult (m)3,8565267
RjQEPSterling BrightskyAdult (m)4,8514994
eMlD7Bewitched Silver RuneAdult (m)4,00646511
DTCTOZelda's Lord BrightskyAdult (m)4,6663406
BNWO4Zelda's Lunar TwylightAdult (m)5,9333994
JxuekSilais PinkAdult (m)5,8914042
3ohfzBohfiz PeacefulAdult (m)4,7903298
NQMxuTwylight PeacefulAdult (m)3,39353310
MIhut(MIhut)Adult (f)6,0915353
vfErkAvatar SpleenAdult (m)4,42548711
1gJ6WElemental SpleenAdult (m)3,6384029
fUGpiPlatinum ArgenteaAdult (m)3,5654308
LGHqSLiebliche NarzisseAdult (m)4,5123934
K7R3sSmiling Spring FlowerAdult (m)5,1115446
RB2qq(RB2qq)Adult (m)3,9934316
hYxjp(hYxjp)Adult (m)3,9182952
JdMXK(JdMXK)Adult (f)6,0785303
mMH5Z(mMH5Z)Adult (f)2,1516354
mYdmV(mYdmV)Adult (f)3,4854233
tcJ4x(tcJ4x)Adult (f)2,45729016
vhr50(vhr50)Adult (m)4,4363802
Tm7T6(Tm7T6)Adult (m)4,8554594
XlW0dDerps are funnyAdult (m)3,7305724
xzSualange nicht mehr so gelachtAdult (m)5,3123852
cEAC2Boy building SnowmansAdult (m)5,9394404
bTzAs(bTzAs)Adult (f)2,8184097
Z4ZnC(Z4ZnC)Adult (f)3,4453633
lJEp3(lJEp3)Adult (f)4,7713205
LSYOC(LSYOC)Adult (m)5,7064743
yZ7WKMeteoritenschwarmAdult (f)2,2155549
AeTt3Winter's glowing HeartAdult (m)5,32746910
8BAp9Icy SilverheartAdult (f)4,0783428
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