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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “soulchaser,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JoszRSilent Elemental SoulAdult (m)8,2275768
vexezPoint Cut DiamondAdult (f)6,3491,2376
Zmmh0Awesome Elemental HarmonyAdult (m)3,37643111
jUcBOOld Single Cut DiamondAdult (f)4,2591,2894
HWFzzSimply EpicAdult (f)8,5871,33812
DwhPm(DwhPm)Adult (f)6,60775812
6SqlcSilent Shadow ElementsAdult (m)3,2253092
zZ9qxSasaki la amante de los gatosAdult (f)5,0411,4228
cJSXJAwesome Veil ElementAdult (m)7,23949712
q8BnUChi la Persocon con concienciaAdult (f)5,5611,0318
btCYX(btCYX)Adult (f)7,1589217
l8BvCVeiled Elemental AuraAdult (m)2,51758422
dQ5A0Awesome Hunted ElementsAdult (f)6,84287311
49uvPAwesome Elemental AjaxAdult (m)6,4557089
hmL5DVeiled Hunted ElementsAdult (f)5,46199510
NAEXmMelodic Hunted ElementsAdult (f)8,1525844
CAP9CElementalidadAdult (f)7,9617448
58qTJSilent Soul ElementsAdult (m)6,0269207
DGQvHCassandra's AlternationAdult (f)5,1241,2354
aAKI2Awesome Ajax ElementAdult (m)5,88676410
F27WyCassandra's SoulAdult (f)4,7451,1843
MbqwiAwesome Elemental G1oryAdult (f)8,24167013
2Qx2kSilent Carl's ElementsAdult (m)4,1112835
Cj6hKElementaI IvyAdult (f)7,1468032
sIY9nSilent IvyAdult (f)7,4466995
Dv80bo-EG Silver x Old Pink Checker-oAdult (f)2,4203829
eMVOoNo Old Pinks foundAdult (f)6,0561,0877
MpdGDCassandra's LoveAdult (f)6,3491,2215
v16qRZelda's brightly glowing KingAdult (m)4,6794427
bRqF1Peaceful G1oryAdult (f)9,37268212
Dz9ctGlowing G1oryAdult (f)7,51770214
ekBMd(ekBMd)Adult (m)4,6733472
yW1weo-EG Silver x white SA Checker-oAdult (f)5,4201,0983
wo41f(wo41f)Adult (f)8,0626814
TwO45Pavlov's AngelAdult (f)6,9329526
g4YQaCelestic ArgentumAdult (m)5,2187397
dWYkFNo Angels foundAdult (f)6,3648156
Ua7NSNo Snow foundAdult (f)7,90495610
nzblCCassandra's AngelAdult (f)5,7011,1585
hKuUzAngel IvyAdult (f)5,0435156
EqqTASnowy IvyAdult (f)7,9485982
yvmEuAngelic G1oryAdult (f)7,7398825
aob81o---EG Silver x GoN Checker---oAdult (f)5,0971,1194
wejr4Royal OrchidsAdult (f)4,2451,32610
IXyX1(IXyX1)Adult (f)6,3248845
LfY0PNo Orchids foundAdult (f)8,71559911
cSpftCassandra's GuardianAdult (f)4,3031,2627
Xa76hOrchid IvyAdult (f)5,4151,1808
IzcD2o--stair and spiral lineages--oAdult (f)4,2023542
X6vsBo---MG x  Silver stair---oAdult (f)4,2133349
7CGOvSo Sally can waitAdult (m)3,53952931
27ZVKShe knows it's too lateAdult (f)7,2521,00530
TlO83As we're walking on byAdult (m)3,8325679
mulL1Her Soul slides awayAdult (f)6,36781720
4dfJoBut don't look back in AngerAdult (m)4,3785319
x4Pgml heard you sayAdult (f)7,19185324
usYrJSlip inside the eye of your mindAdult (m)3,2514056
khb7QDon't you know you might findAdult (f)6,71468818
IwAqVA better Place to playAdult (f)5,3671,1869
j2YX9o---MG x Silver spiral---oAdult (f)3,8151,1695
dcZ5MAll your Dreams are madeAdult (m)6,81473120
13GxqWhen you're chained toAdult (f)4,07255712
QNEgGThe Mirror and the Razor BladeAdult (m)8,52380719
WbwOlToday's the Day thatAdult (f)3,88556811
MsfjHAll the World will seeAdult (m)4,5505157
a2whrAnother sunny AfternoonAdult (f)5,1978329
vMk7oWalking to the SoundAdult (m)3,7954748
fewpoOf my favourite TuneAdult (f)4,24482717
IJjDYTomorrow never knows whatAdult (m)5,63364519
5rrzDIt doesn't know too soonAdult (f)3,8105208
OXBFZNeed a little Time to wake upAdult (m)5,96491413
UnRVGo--MG x Silver x Gold spiral--oAdult (f)5,2444008
mCWlJAnd after allAdult (m)6,93477220
9Rd2vYou're my WonderwallAdult (f)6,16453015
nuMqJToday is gonna be the dayAdult (m)7,37550423
bBXpSThat they're gonnaAdult (f)4,44767012
R2ALFThrow it back to youAdult (m)4,7514914
N2SUNBy now you should've somehowAdult (f)5,90966817
VQfO6I don't believe that anybodyAdult (f)7,38572820
YVXQro---MG x Royal Blue x Silver---oAdult (f)4,3196164
9r5pnpraise my 1337 offspringAdult (m)4,5653804
vrZPISunrise G1oryAdult (f)9,7197314
795XII haz 1337 haXx0r skillsAdult (m)5,0004058
KZp5uNoon G1oryAdult (f)8,28560319
A62AWI can haz 1337-le eggAdult (m)4,68837614
bHEoeSunshine G1oryAdult (f)9,80765415
1bfvN1337-erature is awesomeAdult (m)4,8344506
krlEkMidday G1oryAdult (f)6,27873424
Vj51aDusk G1oryAdult (f)9,20172216
vvolio-- SOULCHASER'S METALLICS --oAdult (m)2,0126824
QV2c8o--- caveborn metallics ---oAdult (f)2,6485103
ZmVfjTribute to TerpsichoreAdult (m)5,92143616
g8dWDThe Original Midas DerpfaceAdult (m)4,1957719
7JksiSaturn ReturnAdult (m)5,25537816
oKnpkShiny h4ppy peopleAdult (m)6,36746413
CqsGaI like RainbowsAdult (m)3,71542916
XWQI3I adore the beauty of natureAdult (m)4,20573812
yMDfoHypnotizing GoldAdult (m)5,1114037
bd5jKTerr'anigmaAdult (m)4,80750510
Ee1qHSol lnvictusAdult (m)2,9285087
dKhBySmaug der GoIdeneAdult (m)2,6247054
pQpuQdat Imperium knippelt RetourAdult (m)5,53951111
puLFvplease enter nameAdult (m)5,2664566
KgXVRMaerchenkoenigAdult (m)5,07542314
H2o6LDamoklesschwertAdult (m)5,1037979
o4ICMSimply  EpicAdult (m)3,5735699
UVSuFSoul ReflectionsAdult (m)2,88546813
eWJCfChamp4gne SupernovaAdult (f)5,5164307
CcDmTPrincess KaiulaniAdult (f)5,0384096
nmbDXThe Flowers of GuatemalaAdult (f)6,86145813
l1967Eccentrica GallumbitsAdult (f)2,9994748
3XzECGoldprinzessinAdult (f)2,40930723
c5lxHMittsommernachtstraumAdult (f)3,2345045
UKwuRA'materasuAdult (f)3,89156217
RPA7SWhispers from HeavenAdult (f)3,9674564
i1OlEBrighter than the golden SunAdult (f)3,41643946
OpfIyImperial DragonflyAdult (f)4,62443810
HdCnQDolc' EvitaAdult (f)4,0193144
SmSZVQueen MilleniaAdult (f)3,28155311
0KLyGLucinidaAdult (f)6,5004788
BJeGHGolden DignityAdult (f)5,18735314
4NiaCRegentropfensonateAdult (f)3,21253210
cT2jGConchita WurstAdult (f)4,1535105
8mvPKFoxxy Shaquafa LoveAdult (f)6,67646113
ktAPYKatapy ki QaysAdult (f)3,0446097
bMd1BWond3rwallAdult (m)5,6694739
KojlvHeart of a 5tarAdult (m)3,29056132
N2CvgShe's Elec7ricAdult (m)2,86926017
EJT5WSon9birdAdult (m)4,86642314
3Xh16why not smileAdult (m)4,88343716
SCcPtLunar LeviathanAdult (m)5,1804734
3yyeBSilver BahamutAdult (m)5,5587726
3DSl4LegendaryBeastAdult (m)1,8616877
MK1GtBeealtimatucheAdult (m)5,02558510
zRZZNZ'Do what you wantAdult (m)4,89570611
XdFNkBraska's Final AeonAdult (m)4,4144058
ri8zIMaster CoeurlAdult (m)4,8523765
aeTHCquid  pro  quoAdult (m)5,5755146
JTJQ5A Bell Will RingAdult (m)3,3464196
MUPwGBoy with the BluesAdult (m)2,0197392
gPPAgHapag LloydAdult (m)5,7733855
k3FtbWe're on the CometAdult (m)2,9542916
R5BzUMaxwell's DragonAdult (m)5,5571,1524
iEJx7buffer overflowAdult (m)4,1404422
f5rrihaters  gonna  hateAdult (m)7,1124897
o2vg9Derp LoveAdult (m)3,86133413
ryWWADenial  of  ServiceAdult (m)5,0508814
O2TOpGlasperlenspieleAdult (m)5,4355426
7iDXhAluminio AnodizadoAdult (m)4,77269610
TOeAbError 404Adult (m)4,9623547
P5ygfDunkel die andere Seite istAdult (m)4,5265154
d9I3xHerp da DerpAdult (m)3,1205216
Z3M5YForgotten AeonAdult (m)2,43427318
tCvMBHonda CRX EE8Adult (m)3,7264694
6aDxxHonda CRX ASAdult (m)2,7014938
mNwJ1(mNwJ1)Adult (m)2,89931312
ptN5eBeaut2fulAdult (f)3,93246522
wI2mLDon't look b4ck in AngerAdult (f)3,7007325
M6u8CCloud6urstAdult (f)3,3955196
jy5Uf8orn on a Different CloudAdult (f)4,2784532
duEr8Deep LoveAdult (f)3,97063014
jyXF6Silver FlowerlightAdult (f)5,5004496
HQ7NXPure Silver BeautyAdult (f)1,87236217
B4Pw2God-blessedAdult (f)3,2055056
r8reYPartial Lunar EclipseAdult (f)7405663
ETM4AMetaphorical CreatureAdult (f)4,4083563
gfBZHQuantum SuicideAdult (f)2,28570713
UeMroSilver SolitudeAdult (f)4,6954223
YlaVPVogelgesangAdult (f)6,2511,0834
hy5spSilber-ElfeAdult (f)3,08486613
vLQ55Laplace's DragonAdult (f)5,5087505
GS9seHonda CRX ED9Adult (f)5,1063816
dTeJ1buffer underrunAdult (f)3,0773462
lWbFcMaerchenhaftAdult (f)3,0274384
nKqKXProphetinAdult (f)4,4275948
v2q3sDerpinahAdult (f)3,2505256
rLVdNShinidamaAdult (f)3,5173693
bx96bShi kon no TamaAdult (f)4,22649713
eNNwWYunalesca's ReincarnationAdult (f)4,67233710
cxw12Silvery SuicuneAdult (f)4,5803987
3XPnXHonda CRX EE8 VTECAdult (f)4,9813324
bAAyeEvery Day I see my DreamAdult (f)4,4786743
4jGFMVTEC just kicked in yoAdult (f)5,4391,2757
CJp3AHonda CRX AFAdult (f)1,93328642
BEUXe(BEUXe)Adult (f)2,91127130
gOo5Yo--- 2nd gen metallics ---oAdult (f)5,1513516
GiIKETerpsichore's Drawn TogetherAdult (m)7,1737127
AgaKblol they really bredAdult (f)3,5486464
MLFyHCh4mpagne SupernovaAdult (f)3,4685398
68lAMCast n0 ShadowAdult (m)4,33148812
Mrr7Npure epicnessAdult (f)5,6444174
P8GDaups - wohin geht die ReiseAdult (f)4,0914105
EcEsXFreaky  LoveAdult (m)3,2716546
G2EbvThe Highest MountaineerAdult (f)2,8054374
AXamOSilver Passion D'OrisaarAdult (m)4,25750622
bDygQSmiling CreatureAdult (m)3,8182572
DvHHnHonda CRX del SolAdult (m)3,8902922
Rn9yoOmega ShineAdult (f)7,7756343
W4QXrLunar SolitudeAdult (m)4,2684215
WAlP7Silver ShivaAdult (f)7,7956263
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