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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “soulchaser,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BbxzK(BbxzK)Adult (f)8,23660723
vqyz7(vqyz7)Adult (m)8,0845922
3ECdV(3ECdV)Adult (m)8,1915849
ST4k9(ST4k9)Adult (f)7,2819563
87aq1(87aq1)Adult (m)9,5236445
sZIweo--- SOULCHASER'S ZOMBIES ---oAdult (m)4,8003894
lkWoZo--- SOULCHASER'S GoNs ---oAdult (m)4,2203302
RB9dIDimorphorchis lowiiAdult (f)5,81247910
nlQTmDimorphorchis rossiiAdult (f)5,6601,08812
1kFUXDimorphorchis tenomensisAdult (m)8,98660011
R7fcxo--- 2nd gen avatars ---oAdult (f)3,3614813
b3WRPo-- SOULCHASER'S NEGLECTEDS --oAdult (m)4,9063281
ILL1P(ILL1P)Adult (f)5,22194330
kYi4hEGGsperimentHatchling (m, F)3,80238335
Yqnu9I should have been a better sonAdult (m)5,40336226
LKOZYo-- SOULCHASER'S FUNNY CODES --oAdult (m)4,9954053
rEiSe(rEiSe)Adult (m)2,06231527
ASulT(ASulT)Adult (m)5,3744314
Jokml(Jokml)Adult (m)5,6066155
aBY56(aBY56)Adult (f)2,78425717
uupsh(uupsh)Adult (f)3,56459510
wiggx(wiggx)Adult (f)4,1906574
OILa7(OILa7)Adult (f)4,94071312
CrxLo(CrxLo)Adult (m)3,0163753
pfCrX(pfCrX)Adult (m)2,2475931
CRXqW(CRXqW)Adult (m)8,0351,1364
CRZtn(CRZtn)Adult (m)4,3763921
ifSex(ifSex)Adult (f)7,2625226
SeXg6(SeXg6)Adult (f)5,3637423
ELZAr(ELZAr)Adult (m)2,67427610
1N00b(1N00b)Adult (f)3,1335526
iTsmE(iTsmE)Adult (f)2,6854378
MoreD(MoreD)Adult (f)2,0215435
f00DE(f00DE)Adult (f)6,0695504
xGIFT(xGIFT)Adult (f)4,8601,0505
KAjun(KAjun)Adult (f)2,6805443
ePlYc(ePlYc)Adult (f)3,4792825
N0GOS(N0GOS)Adult (f)3,8863354
T1GAW(T1GAW)Adult (f)4,2894736
awAAY(awAAY)Adult (f)4,4523226
CrAHs(CrAHs)Adult (m)2,3375093
mfuRY(mfuRY)Adult (f)4,1077384
zRUbb(zRUbb)Adult (m)4,6347792
D0NGA(D0NGA)Adult (f)4,4943545
BBQRf(BBQRf)Adult (f)6,6165676
DrSyJ(DrSyJ)Adult (f)3,7633233
triII(triII)Adult (m)6,9049064
wtF11(wtF11)Adult (f)6,7085169
43I0U(43I0U)Adult (f)3,9483292
7Of15(7Of15)Adult (f)4,0283672
7is977 is 97Adult (f)5,4747674
Of7so(Of7so)Adult (f)7,1894911
bPIG2(bPIG2)Adult (f)6,5004561
skMNPo-SOULCHASER'S SPRITER'S ALTS-oAdult (m)4,5754397
8965O(8965O)Adult (f)3,9783424
juLlY(juLlY)Adult (m)3,4682896
29K6Wo--- 2nd gen Spriter's Alts ---oAdult (f)3,9603462
n8j18Evening's big ElementsAdult (m)3,5796067
QXfmGMidnight Luck ElementsAdult (f)7,5471,4276
vs0Z8Fantastic Elements of DarknessAdult (f)3,2705785
cm9wMCharming Victory of ElementsAdult (m)2,4295529
YlaZTAwesome Elemental RefrainAdult (m)6,36979210
N6FL0Silent Elemental AuraAdult (m)5,0778946
LhOEiHidden Loreley ElementAdult (f)6,7144848
rFnRjHaunted Nightmare ElementsAdult (f)2,2094918
wcVueSilver Bleeding-HeartAdult (m)7,3631,2114
f4DKXOh dear - this is really badAdult (m)3,8707847
GUHYJAnta Odeli UtaAdult (f)4,9451,18010
TNcPIFairy Melody ElementsAdult (f)3,8773248
BnPSDStarry Night ElementsAdult (m)3,4243457
gosrSVeiled Shadow ElementsAdult (f)1,91353815
QspjYPredestinated ElementsAdult (f)6,1076518
PMssIPrecious Dance ElementsAdult (m)3,6003978
Pt13iAll of us are bonded foreverAdult (f)3,8877555
q408Lo--- 3rd gen Spriter's Alts ---oAdult (f)3,3733013
nhEFmo--3rd gen perfect checkers--oAdult (f)6,8445062
LCdbmEvening's Fairy ElementsAdult (m)3,8589007
oLulQEvening's melodic ElementsAdult (m)3,8885319
24f9CFantasy Night ElementsAdult (f)7,67161113
XVDlMAwesome Elemental MelodyAdult (m)4,5583887
AZbDyAwesome Elemental VeilAdult (m)3,9798975
XqOVqDancing Loreley ElementAdult (f)4,4803467
RmTEmPrecious Loreley ElementAdult (f)5,4571,44511
XEdImAltered black NightAdult (m)6,97884312
GKLNIGlowing Silver ShadowsAdult (m)6,83683811
BXSd9Fairy Shine ElementsAdult (f)6,1846581
48BqPFantastic Music ElementsAdult (m)7,16549510
DNZaeVeiled Hymn ElementsAdult (m)3,4132904
4seAeVeiled Ajax ElementAdult (f)6,8375187
VdVfFVeiled Shade ElementAdult (f)3,1944196
TVRqTVeiled Victory of ElementsAdult (f)2,2734491
VxyiyVeiled Aura ElementsAdult (f)7,3335051
yI4WgHaunted Destiny ElementsAdult (m)3,6114888
7UsKdPrecious Loreley ElementsAdult (m)6,2706641
pSZpWo--3rd gen imperfect checkers--oAdult (m)7,0844932
J9lZmEvening's Elemental ShadowsAdult (m)3,6307025
Gz1X9Celestial ToesAdult (m)5,7783875
iLFyvSephiroth summons MeteorAdult (f)6,4944491
BvthxSilver Spring SnowflakeAdult (m)5,3118873
zCXFrDeagh-GhradhaichAdult (m)6,5445056
fQTQUNow this is getting embarassingAdult (m)6,1361,1683
jr3wOSylver OracleAdult (m)6,6981,1926
oPh8ZSilver SkeletonsAdult (f)3,4839895
SbigRAlta Caligene ArgentinaAdult (f)3,85584311
XSM1oMelodic Shadow ElementsAdult (f)4,8026123
KqV4bSilver Chocolate DelightAdult (m)4,9323325
4PNqoMeteor's too close to the PlanetAdult (m)5,0233374
LmEKASephiroth  summons MeteorAdult (m)4,4254172
V0BftWaruMonzaemonAdult (m)3,8775343
bzYDzPale Queen of BurgundyAdult (f)2,5404812
50eXJPale Princess of BurgundyAdult (f)2,5354864
XXvApIf I die you dieAdult (f)6,0551,16110
1hGcxo--- 4th gen Spriter's Alts ---oAdult (f)4,2163422
j5y2Qo--4th gen perfect checkers--oAdult (f)4,6503975
KKDrZVeiled Night ElementsAdult (f)3,4825489
LsbcWShaded Elemental AuraAdult (m)5,2877277
Kmo8BUnwanted Elemental AuraAdult (m)3,7215942
wuBRxPredestinated Loreley ElementAdult (f)6,74552610
sLyvYVeiled Soul ElementAdult (f)2,2955381
8fba3Veiled Melody ElementAdult (f)5,8426431
lrmcRHaunted Loreley ElementAdult (m)6,5104471
7Z9gFo--4th gen imperfect checkers--oAdult (m)4,3263654
ktV7h(ktV7h)Adult (f)2,7937767
Z19UG(Z19UG)Adult (m)3,5493015
RXIrxHypnotic TenebraeAdult (m)6,83186513
ru257Elegant SkeletonsAdult (f)5,3838353
4fcUjLicorice and ChocolateAdult (m)4,2193944
OgslTSeeking AlternativesAdult (m)3,4152903
k44SMSmiling Ducess of BurgundyAdult (f)2,9753905
LAiKZMystical Missing ToeAdult (f)2,9083775
ICz7cBeryllonitesAdult (m)7,6931,1975
uCZnhSilver CrocusAdult (m)8,8791,15410
CDbLYAltered Chocolate ElementsAdult (f)5,1827315
8zpzKHonorable Duchess of BurgundyAdult (f)3,2313995
wtoyhChocoIate SymphonyAdult (m)3,9924311
1rDZ0(1rDZ0)Hatchling (f, F)2,6714313
hpHT4Fabulous altered ChocoladeAdult (f)5,9085383
t6XbGLantea's Altered KnightAdult (m)5,0674232
4ukZRo-SOULCHASER'S 2ND GEN PRIZES-oAdult (m)4,0524105
KqirYLucky Golden MoonAdult (f)6,8531,32213
smKFLBIood DiamondAdult (f)3,9291,35517
TOII2Miko Kikyo la arqueraAdult (f)4,7681,15415
N94V3Quantum MetalAdult (m)4,58995416
euJzJMort de RireAdult (m)4,0669036
tFYHpFirst Lady of WrestlingAdult (f)7,4551,3799
TBbjkYou're my WonderwaIIAdult (f)4,33493311
yIiWMQueen MillenniaAdult (f)5,4461,13910
IYMhkCaith  SithAdult (f)6,5151,2294
vnT47Pavlov's DragonAdult (f)5,2481,19110
D6fzkFreakin' AwesomeAdult (m)6,9671,3057
f4GEIElrohir of ImIadrisAdult (m)6,93392510
XfYuJTwenty-nine Knuts to a SickleAdult (m)7,6118605
mxHwK404 Not FoundAdult (f)5,7021,27412
4s6BhCut me for the Lion's ShareAdult (m)7,7408258
4LlBACassandra's GlowAdult (f)9,00683814
wSUzrGenerosidadAdult (f)4,7851,2508
3JAwxT h a n k    Y o uAdult (f)8,09889512
xXBcmDawn's Silver GenerosityAdult (m)4,10885416
qjvOzGestiefelter KaterAdult (m)8,61480811
ujuVFI want to beliveAdult (m)8,3511,2697
3hbtJMorning G1oryAdult (f)10,2616859
UQYpmSilver IvyAdult (f)4,6651,14911
0gG4pCelestial LightsAdult (f)5,7801,2045
QHtV8DebtsAdult (f)8,1721,46211
MMIrTVeilchenAdult (f)7,0578714
oihgQThe Sacrament of WildernessAdult (m)8,3607759
xR9ZbKyllion's PrinceAdult (m)4,90992711
XKKkQMaster of PuppetsAdult (m)5,9481,4024
8o1U0o----- Silver Prize-kins -----oAdult (f)6,4374562
daXs2Lucky Silver MoonAdult (m)7,7261,2568
0MmaUSylverZAdult (m)4,8131,0515
JqwetYoukai Sesshomaru lo inabordableAdult (m)4,7401,2849
THLewFamily Scrolls matterAdult (m)4,3906048
ARrKXArktox DrakontosAdult (m)3,74352715
nQkWVLuxurious GiftAdult (m)5,1441,1736
J4R3zSunshine JarezAdult (m)6,9041,2616
VFhiKSquaII LeonhartAdult (m)4,1094543
AFyxgRiddler'ZAdult (m)4,5204778
rFgwhLex LugerAdult (m)6,4261,1696
Vs38m43 with MilkAdult (m)4,0287783
aDcWpGilded Snow CrystalsAdult (f)5,9951,1376
4Qgn7Dawn's Silver GiftAdult (f)2,2215309
v3PpyGlowing PuppyAdult (f)4,31646913
iYnfGMystical SwordtailAdult (f)4,55488613
Vb6TABronze GentlemanAdult (m)3,8231,0357
5PJbdThe Sacrament of WiIdernessAdult (f)9,3351,1505
1ZV3KSylverscaleAdult (f)6,3331,1638
wsLD4o----- CB dedicated Mates -----oAdult (f)6,3184702
qSTZGMystic Fire TopazAdult (m)3,70630717
fd4jPWhat's the StoryAdult (m)5,70340613
SEvG1o---- Other 2nd gen Mates ----oAdult (f)6,2314291
Y3KpnWhat's the St0ryAdult (m)3,48662511
LJ1pWkernel panicAdult (m)6,3557066
n1z2KSilver MarchesAdult (m)4,3223666
cmfuVdon't D-1337 my nameAdult (m)4,8963634
1VasHo----EG lineages----oAdult (f)2,4684742
HLgXro----EG perfect checkers----oAdult (f)5,9444569
BemtmTable Cut DiamondAdult (f)4,2081,2678
p5FXn(p5FXn)Adult (f)5,63875230
mSCrIAmira el poderoso DemonioAdult (f)7,1441,2467
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