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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “soulchaser,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iH9MU(iH9MU)Adult (m)3,5618814
Y86Wa(Y86Wa)Adult (m)3,6238644
dBWKNymphomaniacAdult (f)3,7474387
Yyuj5(Yyuj5)Adult (f)4,0678964
HVh3K(HVh3K)Adult (f)3,5078604
olZVA(olZVA)Adult (f)3,5298524
OTKkU(OTKkU)Adult (f)3,5536841
dUkEP(dUkEP)Adult (f)3,0337634
Oc6kKillswitchAdult (m)3,9504419
8Pf2Bullet for my ValentineAdult (m)3,6254146
5Rfl2(5Rfl2)Adult (m)3,5088915
QBBuy(QBBuy)Adult (m)3,5278434
tX2Wj(tX2Wj)Adult (m)3,4807614
Uuivc(Uuivc)Adult (m)3,9337584
2J4hh(2J4hh)Adult (m)2,3885702
4tgJHSilver Dragon's ShadowAdult (f)4,3303365
h6QgAlearn from my failAdult (f)5,2813535
kbAe0I fell in love before I was bornAdult (f)4,0503284
JQeJeObscure SpiritAdult (f)4,6663184
XJ5WNn0 mercyAdult (f)4,6633645
dcVjrSome might sayAdult (f)3,0851,1124
v433jGhost Rider's GhostAdult (m)4,9953344
LgqCDLunar CurtainAdult (m)4,1442994
jPbTdBitterSweetSymphonyAdult (m)5,2813535
qgr9hin dubio pro reoAdult (m)5,5813734
HHlqcdon't de-1337 my nameAdult (m)4,5083294
aFoI7Silver StarsongsAdult (m)5,1123424
TK9tJGloomy SundayAdult (f)6,1909024
u0DXPThe Monster from under your BedAdult (f)6,2909037
JXJUIMispeling VyrusAdult (f)4,2124066
JuKAoBlack Widow of DoomAdult (f)4,3873384
15oMEILOVEYOU virusAdult (f)3,7753503
LN0eDMagenta FeelingsAdult (f)3,8624606
QXpZoLurkin' around in the CaveAdult (f)4,0584396
A7QUOSzomoru VasarnapAdult (f)4,2974499
sm1MCLeitmotivAdult (f)4,0464616
ONs8ureal NightmareAdult (f)4,2963934
sE9gUkill me softlyAdult (f)3,3644356
oFjd7ArocknophobiaAdult (f)3,7444636
l918eClick MonsterAdult (m)3,3691,01657
A6OdnWarriors of the World unitedAdult (m)4,08544810
MYgvcPure HateAdult (m)5,0793964
dZLBKRealm of the mad GodAdult (m)3,0594267
ccXtsTrollin' in the DeepAdult (m)3,0454344
VhROHWedged DragonAdult (m)4,2654566
YORGSArockalypseAdult (m)3,9413554
LPZYRskipping Star to Scar to StarAdult (m)4,6964104
SCDiKThe FuriousAdult (m)3,9077083
LRONaI used to dream about VeronaAdult (m)4,9443685
5lCZiYou're a Beauty - I'm a BeastAdult (m)5,0071,4209
rOZiIChainsaw BuffetAdult (m)3,0814465
5eI30GraveDragonAdult (f)2,3515904
AGfsjScary GazerAdult (f)2,7634845
7ctlrStaring Dragon is staringAdult (f)2,4615813
P97P7scary Dragon is scaryAdult (f)2,6675574
N2L43staring PumpkinAdult (f)2,5544833
przs4This is no costumeAdult (f)3,1134752
VXyTSTwisted CreatureAdult (f)3,3525507
oq8EYEver-burning LanternAdult (f)3,2605003
J7rWw(J7rWw)Adult (f)2,4986243
GONkqLoolAtMyHorseAdult (f)2,5855133
o9jKV(o9jKV)Adult (f)2,2458418
PaDnsElements of ScarinessAdult (f)2,6404924
bcv7n(bcv7n)Adult (f)3,1705313
NFa8qSpooky Grave LightAdult (m)3,2935813
3sTqCStaring Grave DragonAdult (m)2,3116127
VgXo4plz stop staring at meAdult (m)3,1055414
nob29Evil GrinnerAdult (m)2,9444833
iuhWhNlGHTMAREAdult (m)3,1875525
T0pb0Fearsome CreaturesAdult (m)3,1805114
P3sRFSpooktacular VibesAdult (m)2,9114914
ipVk5This is a morbid JokeAdult (m)3,9481,1071
U6xxRFollow me this WayAdult (m)2,8994907
zTA2UThis is not a CostumeAdult (m)2,9195354
ZFMykMaster of SpookynessAdult (m)2,4945404
Yhp48(Yhp48)Adult (m)2,9435063
BcGOxOut of here this WayAdult (m)2,4854934
C6GdR(C6GdR)Adult (m)2,4926163
DUt4PPennies for the FerrymanAdult (f)2,9544162
xozxY(xozxY)Adult (f)3,2493812
xMDD9(xMDD9)Adult (f)3,0134314
6ci73(6ci73)Adult (f)2,4664363
uBHJB(uBHJB)Adult (f)4,1777426
gLoXq(gLoXq)Adult (f)2,3214974
05gyK(05gyK)Adult (f)2,4745003
Rc6VoInvincible Skeleton WarriorAdult (f)3,3474763
0K8Bp(0K8Bp)Adult (f)2,7234823
oxfrZ(oxfrZ)Adult (f)2,2554456
jNIqfDanger of DesipisAdult (m)3,1713792
co9CV(co9CV)Adult (m)2,9683693
J9Jj1(J9Jj1)Adult (m)3,0004062
8ZeVS(8ZeVS)Adult (m)2,0534693
IV7E7(IV7E7)Adult (m)3,5747762
sYlaW(sYlaW)Adult (m)3,4823714
EKRb5Cursed DragonflyAdult (m)3,4203563
BTsx9Bitter Sweet ApocalypseAdult (m)2,8823863
q5wrnNight's CurseAdult (m)2,6824243
Yu5FW(Yu5FW)Adult (m)2,4423923
1w47nDark ShivahAdult (f)2,1186271
cM09pDark ValeforAdult (f)1,6175011
bZcRCBelieve me I'm DarkAdult (f)2,0186061
cMOXqCommon Dark CloudAdult (f)2,2614820
Z1HspDarkness 4 everAdult (f)1,6895262
kFufeCali NichtaAdult (f)2,0945001
Kypb2(Kypb2)Adult (f)1,9804911
j5EYW(j5EYW)Adult (f)3,4543841
AxVbH(AxVbH)Adult (f)2,2064911
clke9(clke9)Adult (f)1,6175382
StCi3Dark BahamuthAdult (m)2,3724752
EfLr3Dark IfritAdult (m)2,1496371
UNUC8Dark IxionAdult (m)1,9264871
1roHyIrohnyAdult (m)2,2224900
g5lDvCome to the Dark Side 4 CookiesAdult (m)1,9614732
K3FqAC0me t0 th3 d4rk Sid3Adult (m)1,5094781
951lTCagliarriAdult (m)2,3396651
qgQD3Calig' Uhl AmigosAdult (m)2,2094890
1WGm5(1WGm5)Adult (m)2,0784691
3IQfB(3IQfB)Adult (f)3,7264252
yD9ro(yD9ro)Adult (f)4,1804244
VNEEAValhalla of the FallenAdult (f)4,7134701
B1F2WProud Demon HeartAdult (f)4,5434712
iZvIhUnsichtbares rosa EinhornAdult (f)3,0894451
kKdr7lnvisible Pink UnicornAdult (f)3,5284081
j18z0(j18z0)Adult (f)3,3524281
LrRLm(LrRLm)Adult (f)4,1484232
8y4aB(8y4aB)Adult (f)4,1774612
i3ALCRemember your FearsAdult (f)3,8934331
Tv2D3Scary ShineAdult (f)3,9044221
pmsZPJoin the dark Side - got CookiesAdult (m)4,6994583
Sjhr0(Sjhr0)Adult (m)4,5994061
qG7ZT(qG7ZT)Adult (m)3,4903882
IuZud(IuZud)Adult (m)4,3984403
m39CB(m39CB)Adult (m)2,3823572
UUDRQ(UUDRQ)Adult (m)4,4834131
HsHT0(HsHT0)Adult (m)4,2024621
elLO1Be careful what you wish 4Adult (m)3,8634172
8uaLK(8uaLK)Adult (m)3,8054061
oESxV(oESxV)Adult (m)4,1394333
DMlfHN'Omen est OmenAdult (f)2,0486124
tWHDnShut up and take  my MoneyAdult (f)4,2947994
oOMus(oOMus)Adult (f)4,4058594
rqvi1Think about the  OmenAdult (f)2,0456084
MvelrThink about the OmenAdult (f)2,1116194
k6641Does this count as a nameAdult (f)3,6398614
lZ0Z9(lZ0Z9)Adult (m)2,0796225
Ixeji(Ixeji)Adult (m)2,1456074
9Igrc(9Igrc)Adult (m)1,9855884
Wa3KU(Wa3KU)Adult (m)5,4897174
pWMENNom'en est OmenAdult (m)4,0699254
TRUH1(TRUH1)Adult (m)4,2878614
zADV9(zADV9)Adult (f)2,6927521
zelLh(zelLh)Adult (f)2,7558091
zAb34(zAb34)Adult (f)2,8318062
ZbIfe(ZbIfe)Adult (f)2,8648271
zpbl3(zpbl3)Adult (f)2,6857491
ixxit(ixxit)Adult (f)5,6011,5221
ISO47(ISO47)Adult (f)5,5961,4791
ZAIeq(ZAIeq)Adult (m)3,2078171
evY1I(evY1I)Adult (m)5,6791,5071
ZNLlmTeufelskuecheAdult (m)2,6698271
Z59si(Z59si)Adult (m)2,9748261
ZtpqC(ZtpqC)Adult (m)3,0068531
ZMH6D(ZMH6D)Adult (m)2,8407902
Z3lWy(Z3lWy)Adult (m)2,6827831
SHXxY(SHXxY)Adult (m)2,1489081
dSyxx(dSyxx)Adult (m)2,1499181
IPBTH(IPBTH)Adult (m)2,8968553
NZSPI(NZSPI)Adult (m)3,0528521
lzBU9o-2nd gen holiday x metallics-oAdult (f)1,6357152
iVupZLuxury ValentineAdult (f)2,7144546
fdZLXSub-LoveAdult (f)6,5596512
buc7TSilverado ValentineAdult (f)2,91050310
V6Yp4Pure Desire of IgaAdult (f)3,9213902
gPuO3Imperial  ValentineAdult (m)7,7596737
ecaluEcalu LoveAdult (m)7,0186412
33uSbNakase's DelightAdult (m)4,9403577
5EbruAltered EbruAdult (m)3,7135863
RQ3gYSubverxion's prettiest FlowerAdult (m)2,00742615
6RPpZYou left no Valentine's CandiesAdult (m)8,1955652
rYpSyRhypseyAdult (m)6,6474531
ZPHG3Faithful Golden ChocolateAdult (m)3,13655411
xZVODSweet  SaccharinAdult (m)2,7893727
fsRqaPolynesian LoveAdult (m)3,9725059
7ESXfCadeau de JoieAdult (m)5,8689906
vFRsgSweet Sugar ElementAdult (m)4,1734711
RM4SCFading Rose BlossomAdult (f)3,0884657
ZUaHpReflective Rose SnakeAdult (f)3,3524123
Hub58Lovely PerfumeAdult (f)3,0913853
NuzQDPrecious Feathered FlowerAdult (f)4,3893502
XPutnShirley RosebudAdult (f)2,3186092
fI9FRLucky Golden AmorAdult (m)7,3267572
4WbsQCosta ConcordiaAdult (m)7,7036922
v9Xvthiroki C cordalisAdult (m)5,0407564
r66sVChoco TangoAdult (m)3,8625463
nJtd4Sweet Bean KissAdult (m)4,1354222
HRiHwAn Exclusive ValentineAdult (f)2,5265037
7iAe1Jiadel PeiAdult (f)3,5034064
SQVa6Avatar of Broken LoveAdult (f)3,9763212
dxhEUPrecious Gifted FlowerAdult (f)6,7148645
MM79TFading Flower PetalsAdult (f)5,4188242
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