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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sonickun,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
DuNR(DuNR)Hatchling (m, F)1,47145716
HZOp(HZOp)Hatchling (F)71014310
fD5I(fD5I)Hatchling (F)70915016
KVP4(KVP4)Hatchling (F)84715412
POc9(POc9)Adult (m)4,16578148
ATKf(ATKf)Adult (m)1,6004556
8uZD(8uZD)Adult (m)2,29937443
Ne9r(Ne9r)Adult (m)2,16436224
LdzH(LdzH)Adult (m)1,15826220
B1hh(B1hh)Adult (f)1,0894697
xBF9(xBF9)Adult (f)2,74032213
SmD4(SmD4)Adult (f)1,39063922
6gKn(6gKn)Adult (m)1,2516517
aNtj(aNtj)Adult (f)1,02446531
iNjL(iNjL)Adult (f)3,11588114
1uaR(1uaR)Adult (f)6,80774519
ufGO(ufGO)Adult (m)8,2781,28423
NrUR(NrUR)Adult (f)7,0971,29113
RXXw(RXXw)Adult (m)8,7901,59811
qawD(qawD)Adult (f)9,0411,6309
o2TC(o2TC)Adult (f)7,0127939
JwMV(JwMV)Adult (f)4,9785726
OKhp(OKhp)Adult (f)7,00774113
0CvY(0CvY)Adult (m)4,54545221
WSMa(WSMa)Adult (f)6,95871612
QWDc(QWDc)Adult (f)7,83079210
891Y(891Y)Adult (f)6,1976769
iCzO(iCzO)Adult (f)5,65646812
PJBJ(PJBJ)Adult (m)5,61580418
nYHm(nYHm)Adult (f)5,5581,13610
ACb9(ACb9)Adult (m)6,8331,2955
QsAp(QsAp)Adult (m)4,64379224
3GY5(3GY5)Adult (f)3,1134207
LEKN(LEKN)Adult (f)2,6793713
oi0j(oi0j)Adult (m)2,3924513
l8EQ(l8EQ)Adult (m)1,5496852
h4zn(h4zn)Adult (m)1,5329645
jSMu(jSMu)Adult (f)1,6311,0238
BdAD(BdAD)Adult (f)1,6111,0108
CAkK(CAkK)Adult (m)1,1297965
Jpfu(Jpfu)Adult (f)1,12584113
DCaE(DCaE)Adult (m)1,0207608
xNHE(xNHE)Adult (f)9397084
crGC(crGC)Adult (m)9086638
1ruU(1ruU)Adult (m)1,81448725
kOjP(kOjP)Adult (f)2,0534869
mPLE(mPLE)Adult (m)3,5105712
nmDj(nmDj)Adult (f)2,4544865
Ihgh(Ihgh)Adult (m)2,7495784
HZn1(HZn1)Adult (f)2,2515674
963l(963l)Adult (f)1,8794954
bloU(bloU)Adult (m)2,0465183
l5pv(l5pv)Adult (f)3,88944613
5AQb(5AQb)Adult (f)2,5873938
YQ47(YQ47)Adult (m)2,6121,0098
2lq8(2lq8)Adult (m)1,7214584
WGsA(WGsA)Adult (m)1,7154574
7d9u(7d9u)Adult (f)1,6874492
tBhm(tBhm)Adult (f)2,5298304
CMaT(CMaT)Adult (m)1,8684721
gBJB(gBJB)Adult (f)2,98541912
47O5(47O5)Adult (m)1,6774323
sGo3(sGo3)Adult (f)1,7104393
P32K(P32K)Adult (m)1,8264533
hB4l(hB4l)Adult (f)1,7124032
oX58(oX58)Adult (m)1,9304814
sncY(sncY)Adult (f)4,1651,0617
6oDT(6oDT)Adult (f)1,5675082
BnIi(BnIi)Adult (m)1,5073991
OMYp(OMYp)Adult (f)1,5103992
t5U4(t5U4)Adult (m)1,6754083
jaAs(jaAs)Adult (f)1,5594053
7HCb(7HCb)Adult (f)1,5604070
KBBe(KBBe)Adult (m)1,3763843
iD7D(iD7D)Adult (m)1,2833803
XUVf(XUVf)Adult (m)11,76278614
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