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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “soguem,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Gjga(Gjga)Adult (f)2,16018746
albo(albo)Adult (m)2,48731450
bDsZ(bDsZ)Adult (m)2,44019748
bWMv(bWMv)Adult (f)2,23119048
gWU9(gWU9)Adult (m)1,99232749
QXVg(QXVg)Adult (f)1,63850011
8FQn(8FQn)Adult (f)1,60249111
f2j5(f2j5)Adult (m)1,5454738
Ciup(Ciup)Adult (m)1,5654708
Ub4O(Ub4O)Adult (m)1,5814835
QrOH(QrOH)Adult (m)1,5244842
WjsX(WjsX)Adult (f)1,5904843
tlAX(tlAX)Adult (f)1,5284893
Hqmk(Hqmk)Adult (m)1,6094827
I6PZ(I6PZ)Adult (m)1,7294739
XRmL(XRmL)Adult (f)1,5754715
4anT(4anT)Adult (f)1,6014668
tat9(tat9)Adult (m)1,9655224
1mkX(1mkX)Adult (m)1,8424662
McCT(McCT)Adult (f)1,8324792
kZir(kZir)Adult (m)1,8804872
J8di(J8di)Adult (f)1,6804571
QODk(QODk)Adult (f)1,4304613
GUtX(GUtX)Adult (f)1,5264951
71kI(71kI)Adult (f)1,5394712
KPWX(KPWX)Adult (m)1,5694662
3lBq(3lBq)Adult (f)1,3034437
DObD(DObD)Adult (m)1,5444744
5dLu(5dLu)Adult (f)1,4784572
aHUN(aHUN)Adult (m)1,5054992
mle0(mle0)Adult (f)1,5444911
JEcL(JEcL)Adult (m)1,6045012
fJ2F(fJ2F)Adult (f)1,4754607
EX2V(EX2V)Adult (f)1,5864888
XSqQ(XSqQ)Adult (m)1,61750110
vihl(vihl)Adult (m)1,6905024
sTW6(sTW6)Adult (m)1,6324973
cCqW(cCqW)Adult (f)1,5075032
vvJH(vvJH)Adult (f)1,5794822
uc3n(uc3n)Adult (f)1,2995133
aF6P(aF6P)Adult (f)1,2905072
FkmR(FkmR)Adult (m)1,2704762
rXlm(rXlm)Adult (m)1,3314714
2AmO(2AmO)Adult (f)1,5385002
F0Bv(F0Bv)Adult (f)1,6795273
odf6(odf6)Adult (m)1,6705243
22VT(22VT)Adult (f)1,5854882
iepd(iepd)Adult (f)1,4855724
HkrX(HkrX)Adult (f)1,6255947
gsDO(gsDO)Adult (m)1,4805782
PUpa(PUpa)Adult (m)1,3505711
EDn1(EDn1)Adult (f)1,3655371
0Aaj(0Aaj)Adult (f)1,3745360
WBSM(WBSM)Adult (m)1,3945221
PQV6(PQV6)Adult (m)1,5425639
r2SH(r2SH)Adult (m)1,4905626
H2mW(H2mW)Adult (m)1,5095675
N6Of(N6Of)Adult (f)1,4575687
068v(068v)Adult (m)1,2064821
f8mi(f8mi)Adult (f)1,4625881
lUbp(lUbp)Adult (m)1,2555331
KLu3(KLu3)Adult (m)1,4265421
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