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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sobeom,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
g5q9mAbbey Abril so DuosnakesAdult (f)2,2616060
EOx8LAnguem so AnguemAdult (m)3,0365024
iq8f3Ian Kal so NilamAdult (m)1,6386990
DuOwPMeira Mona so CehennemAdult (f)4,3647430
ZoAIYNaraid Moa so CehennemAdult (f)4,5967891
Z8YM8Kalus Epikuros so CehennemAdult (m)3,0956360
LB4ThSolia Luna so CehennemAdult (f)3,4327010
hhkBSLaerys Naheys so CehennemAdult (f)3,3196230
93MRVNovem Merv so CehennemAdult (m)5,2451,0370
Pe0WbMalina Melina so InfernaswatcherAdult (f)1,7957950
3MnkJHaiua Morena so CehennemAdult (m)1,7587721
2L30nMirra Mia so PodsvetiAdult (f)2,3508541
0jH3bMai Calgeon so UnderjordenAdult (m)2,0787391
68iU3Mabella Milys so TwilightwatcherAdult (f)2,6049031
FKsFAMae Melisandra so SoirAdult (f)2,6597291
XbVTNMahdi Markov so AnochecerAdult (m)3,2796302
TFiJfMoris Moe so AnochecerAdult (m)3,4437390
lj9dAMaurai Molck so AnochecerAdult (m)3,9109760
Vv2EwAemarys so AeousAdult (f)3,3756860
Z5paKArbitus so AnatemaAdult (m)5,4169776
Xp3g6Aemon so AeousAdult (m)2,7426401
Bt52QArmalan so AeousAdult (f)4,4368722
a2U3zAnne so AeousAdult (f)5,4148411
dqxan(dqxan)Adult (m)2,7098050
WEqTO(WEqTO)Adult (f)2,6557771
48M4J(48M4J)Adult (m)2,7036380
iGAm9(iGAm9)Adult (f)3,5928950
GKPUi(GKPUi)Adult (m)3,1498031
7nX78(7nX78)Adult (m)3,7169370
iChDu(iChDu)Adult (f)3,0486911
73hZG(73hZG)Adult (m)3,3807044
Lp7iMEtheria so ItherionAdult (f)4,0889240
evZRqAetherissa so ItherionAdult (f)4,2119140
2hVerEmpedoclas so ItherionAdult (m)3,3637441
UTqm9Aristos so ItherionAdult (m)3,4187440
aHFEpTelos so ItherionAdult (m)3,5437471
Et1V2Elissadar so ItherionAdult (m)3,8918290
STdvRSvetlana so ItherionAdult (f)4,0158210
nA2kZ(nA2kZ)Adult (f)4,7351,1080
3szN5(3szN5)Adult (f)4,1399661
NV0jcKwendearga so na PalcrunirAdult (f)1,5235733
ucM2NRuvitino so na PalcrunirAdult (m)1,7437730
4v94aMorrighan so na PalcrunirAdult (f)2,0147520
L5RFyDandellar so AlbusangusAdult (f)2,8269280
az6jtMilena so PalrinirAdult (f)4,2427570
NfyLASia so AlbusangusAdult (f)3,0666060
6zP1oFingen so na PalcrunirAdult (m)4,2947530
A1DDKGal so PalcrunirAdult (m)3,3185681
KmONnMacha so na PalcrunirAdult (f)2,2096732
vWogyTallya so AlbusangusAdult (f)3,1706583
iwwQPNuada so PalcrunirAdult (m)3,9947004
2SxmgBadb so PalcrunirAdult (f)2,5214941
pXHkLAlbert so PalcrunirAdult (m)4,0858411
zhD3PAslaug so AlbusangusAdult (f)3,4177970
A5NBhDanann so PalrinirAdult (m)4,4218436
ZZL91Erin so PalrinirAdult (f)3,4297441
1KqbmArtoria so PalcrunirAdult (f)4,2228650
QH30HFram so PalcrunirAdult (m)5,3181,0101
ihMBzArianel so PalcrunirAdult (f)3,3997371
yA3o9Yaorose so AlbusangusAdult (f)5,1649281
pmrAREbbia so AlbusangusAdult (f)5,2379492
06qEAOquia so AlbusangusAdult (f)5,1559380
KeNlhKennech so AlbusangusAdult (m)3,0777260
bkXNmBreinnre so AlbusangusAdult (f)3,3398080
OuDMBConner so AlbusangusAdult (m)3,6866702
Sy7vFShawn so CaillteAdult (f)3,2757052
WP3XzPaden so TristanAdult (m)3,2927231
dcRf4Pallidaia so Chead-cheannAdult (f)3,3097022
tTM3yTeagan killy TuathanachAdult (f)3,5136591
trRn9Albesson so AnatemaAdult (m)2,7227393
cnZkUNithairban so na PalcrunirAdult (f)3,6718162
LqeXNNiamh so AlbusangusAdult (m)3,0587242
6LwqfAoibhe so AlbusangusAdult (f)4,8239700
azMRKOisin so AlbusangusAdult (m)3,3047581
ppvMQKalyah so AlbusangusAdult (f)3,9517040
j0KlGZ'Randomi Nyxulanya GyujtofyAdult (f)3,3926871
9hpw9Nolan so AlbusangusAdult (m)3,9778321
acgSPBrielle so AlbusangusAdult (f)2,5236391
M96aJYung so EmeraudeAdult (m)3,2316741
2QscuLyoung so EmeraudeAdult (f)3,1306350
eBOBsHun so EmeraudeAdult (f)3,7587453
3T6dzHorace so EmeraudeAdult (m)4,0917541
LyvZcHoron so EmeraudeAdult (m)4,3008381
HAvW7Hannah so EmeraudeAdult (f)2,8965760
Cax57Cerdic so EmeraudeAdult (m)3,3957350
iiP2VZabel so XiangAdult (f)3,4776881
Wf8LCZahara so AromeAdult (f)3,0287450
ijfFqZadok so InciensoAdult (m)3,6518421
cF5eLZakara so GroteAdult (f)3,1315950
uaC2IAtrite so KamityneAdult (m)4,0158220
CM2SkArrea so KamityneAdult (f)3,8647820
Q4omVAnsa so KamityneAdult (f)3,8348180
qUMagAnastasya so KamityneAdult (f)4,0978210
SdqETArron so KamityneAdult (m)3,9578470
qq22XAltria so KamityneAdult (f)3,1335631
w6VftAriea so KamityneAdult (f)4,0667760
KkzvFArien so KamityneAdult (f)3,5885120
PCgXfArryn so KamityneAdult (m)4,4747490
9PfVPAttros so KamityneAdult (m)4,5167840
8FSWVAtrys so KamityneAdult (m)3,6386720
ePJf2Arthur so KamityneAdult (m)3,2607180
gNcHKAtros so KamityneAdult (m)3,0536691
glsLQAries so KamityneAdult (f)3,2557051
YCqgl(YCqgl)Adult (f)4,0977321
Ru0Pa(Ru0Pa)Adult (m)3,9397420
5qlF0(5qlF0)Adult (m)3,7296491
EYb3Z(EYb3Z)Adult (m)4,1851,0161
Cen3l(Cen3l)Adult (f)3,3268500
gCBcD(gCBcD)Adult (m)2,6266581
Pz6t5(Pz6t5)Adult (m)3,8961,0411
1TqX1(1TqX1)Adult (f)3,8701,0362
DGGxR(DGGxR)Adult (m)3,0237201
kP5b1Arios so AmorAdult (m)3,5646063
n67lfNhillius so AmorAdult (m)4,3187070
rToRkAedonaina so AnatemaAdult (f)5,1077632
qYKY4Freude so A'Unrihtcyst RozeAdult (m)4,6146933
rbQ02(rbQ02)Adult (m)4,8069552
TBzsn(TBzsn)Adult (f)4,1137290
urksiUrkisa so AescenAdult (f)4,1608421
VmAVoVariua so AescenAdult (f)4,2218640
71DfsIdius so AescenAdult (m)4,2458741
DWsMADomia so AescenAdult (f)3,3596700
NjzIYHugh so de LochAdult (m)2,5777520
48vrYHuaris so de LochAdult (f)3,1056800
NGcETHerrot so de LochAdult (m)3,2697042
A5hk4Hue so de LochAdult (m)3,2356541
JuqQjHoare so de LochAdult (m)4,1817531
0leHNHaerys so de LochAdult (m)3,7178000
7cY00Huerys so de LochAdult (f)3,1866910
9ihEoRihedo so de LochAdult (f)3,2707251
TpMJWTimaul so de LochAdult (f)3,9518130
nEYviHoffmani Taiwha so MosasauridaeAdult (m)4,2258891
fTR0tCarso Comen so MosasauridaeAdult (m)4,1788770
mwE2ZHaasia Rusell so MosasauridaeAdult (m)5,1178450
eRlc9Mosa Globi so MosasauridaeAdult (f)5,3959401
EcsNzEzkal Mann so MosasauridaeAdult (m)3,7517542
4l8K2Bubblous so BubblingAdult (f)3,7327701
qD50b(qD50b)Adult (f)3,6278870
ahGz8Bia Beronica so BautaAdult (f)6,4387901
oDY6ZBhei Bei so BautaAdult (m)3,9599401
st4wd(st4wd)Adult (f)3,9466710
p6zrk(p6zrk)Adult (m)4,1161,0030
O67ufDafne so A'Unrihtcyst NiaureAdult (f)1,4485122
iDcwPFilius so NoctisAdult (m)2,6407182
OkUh3Dacia so AnatemaAdult (f)2,4725163
Es3rFDagur so AnatemaAdult (m)2,6534645
Za09pDai so AnatemaAdult (m)1,3624491
NcmPJDarion so AnatemaAdult (m)2,3966482
EFVm5Darius onine A'Unrihtcyst ArgniAdult (m)2,6406513
ozZFVDarko so AnatemaAdult (m)1,9106571
Flj3mDarya so A'Unrihtcyst SabelleAdult (f)2,7226726
yWvF5Dassah so AnatemaAdult (f)2,6186552
fWnTSTartaros so CinisAdult (m)3,2635633
tJ1JZTitania so CinisAdult (f)2,1768480
QwzSxTemperance so CinisAdult (f)2,3188573
qL014Arensia so CinisAdult (f)2,3898491
4b4qhKillian so CinisAdult (m)2,0227461
JZpJPThais so CinisAdult (f)2,1587750
9fbY8Deacon so AnatemaAdult (f)1,6997590
sSJ3oTerenti so TenebrisAdult (m)1,2226660
72HEdThyra so TenebrisAdult (f)1,9418521
MaWfLDarleen so AnatemaAdult (f)1,4317721
2wy3OTacitus so CinisAdult (m)2,3988100
NJDfgMoira so CinisAdult (f)2,7356893
NAA6KThabitha Endragon NahuaAdult (m)1,7956830
95Yx2Semina so CulpaAdult (m)3,3015965
KF18qTadala so NigrumAdult (m)2,3178450
2AkZnTadeas so CinisAdult (m)2,9789041
25fq4Tadeu so AtricolorAdult (m)2,3296821
2ejT8Taguhi so PullejaceusAdult (f)2,2027120
OS0rdTafari so PernigerAdult (m)3,1087561
RnBrYDaina so AnatemaAdult (f)2,7567694
TxrTkTarik so CarboAdult (m)2,0387842
4i7oHTariq so AterAdult (m)3,3296147
1mbMETarmo so CaligoAdult (m)3,4558662
n2725Taskill so NoxAdult (m)3,1479973
wyWzWTatenda so UmbrariAdult (m)3,1066692
2gpOdTatienne so NubisAdult (f)3,8018500
fq5O5Kakapo so CinisAdult (m)3,8887100
4BR7ISarah so NoctisAdult (f)4,5327110
9plyROgier so CinisAdult (m)3,8518942
ZyPAfAife so CinisAdult (f)4,9947720
2Sun5Finn so UmbrariAdult (m)3,1725760
0UVRfCailin so CinisAdult (f)4,4336580
LoNxcSisuile so UmbrariAdult (f)4,8197290
l1wBoAngus so UmbrariAdult (m)3,7126801
xa9MNLerthan so CinisAdult (f)2,6385901
ZwVDZBlathmac so AnatemaAdult (m)3,1966060
3zijdNuala so UmbrariAdult (f)2,8136970
mviQcHerrah so Insitus'CinisAdult (f)3,1246471
soVALOhrys so CinisAdult (m)2,8785542
UK7pSRoanna so CinisAdult (f)3,2206184
FIoSlAdeodatus so AnatemaAdult (m)5,9571,1971
KUrHhRia so CinisAdult (f)4,5307362
5vS5tNacsos so UmbrariAdult (m)4,6876871
E9oCoLynna so UmbrariAdult (f)3,36159112
Ity6xTargon so CinisAdult (m)7,7299270
FX1DxSothoris so UmbrariAdult (f)6,8998372
NVRDjTriston jasypoo A'Unrihtcyst ZyuAdult (m)4,6807442
N387qNyxia so UmbrariAdult (f)4,1526250
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