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You pick up the scroll labeled “snrnwl,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pFnf(pFnf)Adult (m)1,7508000
seni(seni)Adult (f)1,7317882
kSeY(kSeY)Adult (m)1,7767903
vB2V(vB2V)Adult (m)3,8111,0324
3ZlB(3ZlB)Adult (f)1,1986822
3HJc(3HJc)Hatchling (m, F)1,6029082
20sr(20sr)Adult (f)1,8441,0462
kiQm(kiQm)Adult (m)1,3567460
VumX(VumX)Adult (f)1,3357314
TJIK(TJIK)Adult (m)1,3577611
LWOD(LWOD)Adult (m)1,3417482
IZDk(IZDk)Adult (m)1,4027975
YaQV(YaQV)Adult (m)1,3737841
pBBH(pBBH)Adult (m)1,6779597
0eGl(0eGl)Adult (m)1,4758440
OQfN(OQfN)Adult (m)1,3687842
mfmD(mfmD)Adult (m)2,2666522
7t5r(7t5r)Adult (f)1,9641,1711
s2HW(s2HW)Adult (f)1,7151,0561
KQjs(KQjs)Adult (f)1,5989801
nhGJ(nhGJ)Adult (f)2,0151,1632
OXF4(OXF4)Hatchling (m, F)1,5098641
r23t(r23t)Hatchling (m, F)1,4577194
v4dr(v4dr)Adult (m)1,4657264
XPNB(XPNB)Adult (f)2,8491,3522
bXpv(bXpv)Adult (m)2,9081,3433
A66v(A66v)Adult (m)2,1189931
50ds(50ds)Adult (m)1,9449125
ggrk(ggrk)Adult (f)1,8189142
fs8t(fs8t)Adult (f)2,0709084
hSfA(hSfA)Adult (m)2,1189043
3kf1(3kf1)Adult (m)2,1309074
7X5d(7X5d)Adult (m)1,2607443
pgnU(pgnU)Adult (m)2,0792901
SKVc(SKVc)Adult (m)2,0792903
PCGg(PCGg)Adult (f)2,2582931
Iqjg(Iqjg)Adult (m)2,1262843
UAUF(UAUF)Adult (m)83274313
SBV1(SBV1)Adult (m)79469346
9eeu(9eeu)Adult (m)87977537
3P4e(3P4e)Adult (f)1,08580332
7FBQ(7FBQ)Adult (f)1,1844287
SvPG(SvPG)Adult (f)1,27647212
J3IZ(J3IZ)Adult (f)1,91871512
XtT0(XtT0)Adult (f)1,75666415
I8T7(I8T7)Adult (m)1,59359917
e7X4(e7X4)Adult (m)1,92778410
UkO6(UkO6)Adult (m)1,4427609
SWU0(SWU0)Adult (m)1,64764811
iHRa(iHRa)Adult (m)2,32088014
ZC5e(ZC5e)Adult (m)1,60052914
0tCv(0tCv)Adult (f)1,59351915
GN2S(GN2S)Adult (m)1,54191539
E6h5(E6h5)Adult (f)1,64594726
fKL8(fKL8)Adult (m)2,40053523
dmCc(dmCc)Adult (m)1,52052313
9MIf(9MIf)Adult (f)1,67848115
1WSe(1WSe)Adult (m)98447931
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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