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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “smith7430,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yfBb(yfBb)Adult (f)1,3056875
y45O(y45O)Adult (m)9214614
R6X7(R6X7)Adult (f)2,2871,14410
gfmb(gfmb)Adult (m)1,3999709
tEEY(tEEY)Adult (m)1,4229902
pRq0(pRq0)Adult (m)1,2558076
js49(js49)Adult (m)9496843
UyhQ(UyhQ)Adult (f)2,3931,4598
sgLy(sgLy)Adult (m)3,2011,42717
j5CF(j5CF)Adult (f)6,46573910
CC5Y(CC5Y)Adult (f)1,0176856
70xH(70xH)Adult (m)1,3378603
rvay(rvay)Adult (m)9667172
8RDr(8RDr)Adult (f)1,1408082
elvA(elvA)Adult (f)1,0285731
GXlg(GXlg)Adult (m)1,4899896
Ualt(Ualt)Adult (f)3,1391,12619
Okrc(Okrc)Adult (m)1,0044234
qQQS(qQQS)Adult (f)1,2278765
QTXw(QTXw)Adult (f)1,0898283
AiVl(AiVl)Adult (f)1,1298191
R43h(R43h)Adult (f)9136841
S6x3(S6x3)Adult (m)1,0618332
Rdjt(Rdjt)Adult (m)8414271
D3sY(D3sY)Adult (m)7935479
JRtF(JRtF)Adult (m)1,0918161
89CO(89CO)Adult (f)7925602
SKFN(SKFN)Adult (m)2,1981,3953
Sf8i(Sf8i)Adult (f)1,4661,0265
Bt29(Bt29)Adult (m)1,1868194
nZdS(nZdS)Adult (m)2,0101,2827
0GEM(0GEM)Adult (m)1,7131,1196
OwDT(OwDT)Adult (f)7275681
aky3(aky3)Adult (m)1,5711,1225
xrCM(xrCM)Adult (f)9416209
tHzb(tHzb)Adult (f)1,6328796
PSa6(PSa6)Adult (f)8834152
MTE4(MTE4)Adult (f)1,0067522
JZtu(JZtu)Adult (f)1,0578303
AOUg(AOUg)Adult (f)3,6891,7155
UDGk(UDGk)Adult (f)1,9011,1115
H3hN(H3hN)Adult (f)1,8127708
PC8G(PC8G)Adult (f)1,3669574
HhCX(HhCX)Adult (f)1,0297861
yjXD(yjXD)Adult (f)1,0166789
0KYm(0KYm)Adult (f)1,1397914
e3Mi(e3Mi)Adult (m)1,0796353
o2Gc(o2Gc)Adult (m)8564971
kdtN(kdtN)Adult (f)1,3465748
Vr0k(Vr0k)Adult (m)1,1197743
vibD(vibD)Adult (m)1,0218062
QDBu(QDBu)Adult (f)9817094
culO(culO)Adult (m)1,3139422
g7Am(g7Am)Adult (f)8046081
tVmN(tVmN)Adult (m)1,2208615
qgFm(qgFm)Adult (f)1,4794886
1tBF(1tBF)Adult (m)1,5625264
e9nS(e9nS)Adult (m)2,1781,2477
RLVN(RLVN)Adult (m)2,0935779
PgsI(PgsI)Adult (m)9526894
PkKH(PkKH)Adult (f)1,3559432
nOyD(nOyD)Adult (m)1,0187282
rcFn(rcFn)Adult (f)8986466
W4eJ(W4eJ)Adult (f)1,1877867
Jhxm(Jhxm)Adult (m)1,2679414
CyID(CyID)Adult (m)2,4233748
Rd2w(Rd2w)Adult (m)1,1468343
sRtE(sRtE)Adult (f)1,4309545
HPJU(HPJU)Adult (m)1,18441311
uRT9(uRT9)Adult (m)9875531
BUez(BUez)Adult (f)9176365
gDWG(gDWG)Adult (m)8486127
nruq(nruq)Adult (m)1,44649115
K6PG(K6PG)Adult (f)1,1577798
dfsI(dfsI)Adult (m)1,1538832
ec0x(ec0x)Adult (f)1,3229222
CNi9(CNi9)Adult (f)2,55691420
PcdR(PcdR)Adult (m)8284222
0St7(0St7)Adult (m)9737064
Mzxu(Mzxu)Adult (f)1,6501,0315
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