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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “smiget,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GvJI(GvJI)Adult (m)1,5626245
J28M(J28M)Adult (m)1,45881420
u9so(u9so)Adult (m)1,46981840
gcKW(gcKW)Adult (f)1,4615876
njSO(njSO)Adult (f)1,5416174
f1sT(f1sT)Adult (m)1,7457384
v5NG(v5NG)Adult (m)1,3754937
MDR0(MDR0)Adult (m)1,1305417
AJML(AJML)Adult (f)1,2235776
XQdD(XQdD)Adult (f)1,1365445
cnJE(cnJE)Adult (m)1,1135336
HopD(HopD)Adult (m)3,2051,0869
0oEf(0oEf)Adult (f)1,7895552
oYPM(oYPM)Adult (f)1,7685433
pBXt(pBXt)Adult (m)2,1056915
louc(louc)Adult (f)1,8586238
HcCL(HcCL)Adult (f)7923737
qDr1(qDr1)Adult (f)6094961
kLjC(kLjC)Adult (f)6505291
HLrX(HLrX)Adult (f)9047235
SRpg(SRpg)Adult (f)8186664
apPa(apPa)Adult (f)1,0398436
GkQP(GkQP)Adult (m)1,1599756
t8Ao(t8Ao)Adult (m)1,1129395
rJmB(rJmB)Adult (m)1,0158595
Vleo(Vleo)Adult (m)8657074
Tpf9(Tpf9)Adult (m)3,9201,61414
W2q1(W2q1)Adult (f)1,44545210
xAVr(xAVr)Adult (m)1,7404578
RD6x(RD6x)Adult (f)1,07844613
Pek0(Pek0)Adult (m)9085665
Z6wT(Z6wT)Adult (m)1,28358610
s8wa(s8wa)Adult (f)1,28458811
40QX(40QX)Adult (f)2,05634734
V155(V155)Adult (f)1,5831,1255
kSOm(kSOm)Adult (m)1,5871,1235
SpUA(SpUA)Adult (m)1,8631,3095
xrEF(xrEF)Adult (f)1,8611,3082
7Kdf(7Kdf)Adult (f)1,54781513
IwBf(IwBf)Adult (f)2,09296016
E7pD(E7pD)Adult (f)6465264
kEW4(kEW4)Adult (m)1,3329821
S3vS(S3vS)Adult (m)8717203
5hgO(5hgO)Adult (f)6495275
xkTW(xkTW)Adult (f)9017535
2fFu(2fFu)Adult (m)6235412
2RuI(2RuI)Adult (f)1,32987410
9f4S(9f4S)Adult (f)7335447
qt7B(qt7B)Adult (f)8576895
KUPi(KUPi)Adult (m)9967974
Z1Jw(Z1Jw)Adult (m)1,2619856
Vmof(Vmof)Adult (f)1,0198143
6ckO(6ckO)Adult (f)1,5021,09113
hsrU(hsrU)Adult (m)9817095
FzUK(FzUK)Adult (f)1,67977310
IbbT(IbbT)Adult (f)2,32690014
KoPg(KoPg)Adult (m)2,47392914
s4id(s4id)Adult (f)2,50996815
YSfS(YSfS)Adult (f)3,4171,08315
ESxC(ESxC)Adult (m)2,9441,27416
ziUY(ziUY)Adult (m)1,36996716
rvjO(rvjO)Adult (m)94068514
THjn(THjn)Adult (f)2,86272444
mzCI(mzCI)Adult (f)2,94776649
WSfr(WSfr)Adult (f)2,89876044
UAyv(UAyv)Adult (f)2,97176147
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