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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “sleumas2000,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    b28PdCerulean GaleAdult (m)3,2303916
    3osG8Silver CloudchaserAdult (m)3,3084004
    5hCPbInked WhisperAdult (f)3,2153865
    9M0CdGolden WispAdult (f)3,2444034
    TPUAwGolden HooktailAdult (m)3,3524214
    DtH9KGolden HoundAdult (m)3,4294282
    TbgZpMini DiscordAdult (f)3,2994073
    5pyq3Darkened CrackleAdult (m)2,4524402
    nvINUCrimson Shadow CrawlerAdult (f)2,8855212
    DCm2gBurgundy GargoyleAdult (f)2,8925212
    nhkPcClouded WispAdult (f)2,9475262
    Sp6lmCerulean Ice ShardAdult (m)1,7174601
    bbUbVBlue EelAdult (f)1,9094701
    eKWhoVerdant LizardAdult (f)1,8054671
    DHmimElectric UnderwingAdult (f)1,6934461
    PKbC2Royal Swirled WispAdult (m)4,4374952
    ItpRWDark Ionic CrackleAdult (f)3,8444481
    zr5z3Ivory CloudchaserAdult (f)3,7734421
    f4mhyGolden Sphinx PharaohAdult (f)3,7864433
    mmNDASilver Crested CoppertailAdult (m)5,6435394
    s6e67Great Yellow UnderwingAdult (f)5,4565212
    663P5VerdantiorAdult (f)5,4475193
    RzRh3Gh'whyn Th'lAdult (m)5,4885233
    tJENxAkh'talAdult (f)4,5713793
    kJMNnBr'msnAdult (f)4,2993652
    zfFgYBru'nflamenAdult (m)4,5013751
    xM8QaFrozentiaAdult (m)4,5243761
    vO37gTh'ariun hil'htAdult (f)3,0303291
    AJVYsChi'linAdult (m)2,8353050
    AuNVnBr'nst'neAdult (m)2,9843230
    GGrj2S'vre'brnzAdult (m)4,9094682
    ZK7MAAkh'sen Sil'briunAdult (f)4,3905172
    lZfUuTil'brhy'tinAdult (f)3,6504571
    L8GM8Sla'enAdult (m)3,5064331
    ygNZ7Fl'fellAdult (m)3,3874171
    27SaDAhk'TrylAdult (f)4,1493931
    x5ly6Gryl'he'htAdult (f)4,3623991
    SMy5zTh'rlAdult (m)4,5334011
    9YEe3The Great and Noble GrundflammeAdult (f)3,9153721
    wDvCBStyl'hetAdult (f)6,0755761
    x1jF7Ahek'tryAdult (f)6,0925752
    UoUcsAhek'TrylAdult (m)6,1165771
    Lzuy1Hrun'tekAdult (m)6,0905772
    SzIcu(SzIcu)Adult (f)4,8596353
    0IkAq(0IkAq)Adult (m)4,8486354
    ENDN3(ENDN3)Adult (f)4,8816352
    mtOcI(mtOcI)Adult (m)4,8796352
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