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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “skripka,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    AwcL(AwcL)Adult (f)980306124
    jt9p(jt9p)Adult (f)977309115
    dw86(dw86)Adult (f)975305110
    Hg6I(Hg6I)Adult (m)1,863914131
    4XW8(4XW8)Adult (f)1,790873121
    XamO(XamO)Adult (f)1,788871123
    KUaB(KUaB)Adult (f)1,788871120
    BzDe(BzDe)Adult (m)2,1921,05276
    vQdO(vQdO)Adult (f)2,1201,05566
    ESO6(ESO6)Adult (f)2,1181,05065
    5oks(5oks)Adult (f)2,1871,05067
    ri7L(ri7L)Adult (f)1,57698851
    47l7(47l7)Adult (f)1,58098445
    rSnl(rSnl)Adult (f)1,57198249
    1rpM(1rpM)Adult (m)1,56998047
    zWxn(zWxn)Adult (f)1,56998246
    mATz(mATz)Adult (f)1,75179676
    B766(B766)Adult (f)1,74779474
    ckR8(ckR8)Adult (m)1,74679376
    q13K(q13K)Adult (f)97265626
    iqUE(iqUE)Adult (m)1,55045849
    FUtf(FUtf)Adult (m)82646322
    nCUe(nCUe)Adult (f)62944320
    YwqR(YwqR)Adult (f)62543919
    6HAQ(6HAQ)Adult (m)2,21420864
    mzCF(mzCF)Adult (f)2,22520963
    FR2s(FR2s)Adult (f)1,11032440
    QMSX(QMSX)Adult (f)1,2896356
    oHuz(oHuz)Adult (m)2,60931928
    Fi36(Fi36)Adult (m)2,13732636
    LasQ(LasQ)Adult (m)2,13030631
    XQ4Q(XQ4Q)Adult (f)3,62531232
    lT5i(lT5i)Adult (f)8236506
    5H3X(5H3X)Adult (f)8336596
    8IiG(8IiG)Adult (f)8286576
    prTi(prTi)Adult (m)8216517
    18hs(18hs)Adult (m)1,64066029
    6gd5(6gd5)Adult (m)1,51165224
    dtNr(dtNr)Adult (m)7015406
    Itwr(Itwr)Adult (f)1,6438298
    UJDu(UJDu)Adult (f)1,9869087
    7ZCq(7ZCq)Adult (m)1,8498906
    iptD(iptD)Adult (m)1,8348756
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