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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sixskins,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rUUPcalm down sybilAdult (f)3,84950424
UVkWCo-operation is KeyAdult (f)5,4891,16447
17HwTBH One Head is Too ManyAdult (m)3,63077617
Da3tOS-N-A-R-TAdult (m)6,1325861
dKcHhVegan BakeryAdult (f)5,8344355
YYsXZLauchlinAdult (m)2,3556701
RpvVsKabuki TheatreAdult (m)2,7468291
e1rJRYou LurkAdult (f)5,1571,0392
IC8q8Platonic SoulmatesHatchling (m, F)4,74176411
N3ZsIStrapping Young WhatchacallitAdult (m)2,6871,0301
o8HfNThat's Two Of UsAdult (m)5,6158651
y3hYOLives In AustriaAdult (m)5,1991,2131
Z5AdlComing And GoingAdult (m)6,0831,1516
NLsbSCave GrannyAdult (m)4,5301,0192
5jely(5jely)Adult (f)3,7181,1223
tH5UcNever Meant NothinAdult (m)2,8871,0702
gvFiyA Burning ZooAdult (f)3,8031,1741
BlUPqTwoHeaded GambogeAdult (m)4,0291,3312
qJFXWMemorable AfternoonAdult (f)3,8111,1322
vCBb5RebuffingAdult (f)5,3731,2861
9l4hCDiminshing ReturnsAdult (f)5,5678941
XXCft(XXCft)Adult (m)4,8271,1453
jRfzj(jRfzj)Adult (m)4,7551,1032
XO1bY(XO1bY)Adult (m)4,9321,2232
DzKun(DzKun)Adult (m)4,5811,2325
n5Ft9GynarrrghAdult (m)4,3411,2021
4SEUCreepy McSkinlessHatchling (f, F)1,1823177
IQWQbShark RewardHatchling (F)1,9561962
70sXgGrody Boiled ShrimpAdult (f)3,2685017
M9IdQKill me RipleyAdult (f)2,6505862
IufFIuffAdult (f)3,7801,41315
ZebJI DIDNT WANT SALMONAdult (f)2,4781,03213
OLAbOlabAdult (m)7,2081,41515
nMQBMother Nature's PhlegmAdult (m)5,2901,15314
69syMephisto's TailAdult (m)7,1011,36014
pRyUBehold the power of my loinsAdult (m)6,7941,28713
1SGWTonights the NightAdult (m)6,9971,30915
uFwpThings that want to kill usAdult (m)3,93693613
RGalHelp I lost my shoeAdult (m)5,1131,57310
lBAHMambo YeAdult (f)4,8371,20210
Xl2uEasy ColonelAdult (f)4,3868978
jW5HIs anyone hereAdult (m)4,7739659
xaqhWhats the matter boyAdult (m)5,5121,0098
JXKEBuffalo MilkAdult (f)8,8741,43216
EANP2 Shots of Slippery NipplesAdult (m)7,1271,14110
FzEaInhuman PretzelAdult (f)8,32699911
Zs5UDemonic LuchadorAdult (m)7,3321,0979
vDEhPatchouli and DepressionAdult (m)7,1069719
WDNULocal TaxidermistAdult (m)6,17186815
lTnSA Hissing NoiseAdult (m)6,8361,04715
zCvOTTLY Bite-FreeAdult (f)4,03059931
vZO8Penal Code 1118Adult (f)2,35230513
cokLChef LeoAdult (f)3,64363612
KgOmScrew The SharktopusAdult (f)3,32035812
villVill I AmAdult (m)1,73335818
arZ3Youre My Main CourseAdult (m)10,07091521
cyenCyenAdult (f)11,1961,02419
88ymGood Job Im Not FussyAdult (m)5,4138186
L0YCRaging Ovaries in ActionAdult (f)7,17984712
Px6KStage 4 CarcinomaAdult (f)8,8331,02213
3MW2Combo PlatterAdult (f)2,1113516
0KC2Collateral DewAdult (f)5,2386006
2dw3Mongoose LiverAdult (f)3,6924674
2mwJDog on Sort-of DogAdult (f)5,4266807
3CYHDont Make Me Lick Your FaceAdult (m)6,1538126
upbRLiftoffskiAdult (f)6,1239819
ExH1Back Off Tofu-BreathAdult (m)7,0391,43011
ey3xI barfed in your back seatAdult (m)6,1811,33413
QpzkI Miss My FleasAdult (m)4,57498012
aJI4All Jacked Up On JuiceAdult (m)1,96382419
WURICant Reason With CrazyAdult (f)2,40092816
mvIlMevillAdult (m)2,6571,09614
pJ7vOnly Humans Can Be GingersAdult (f)4,2031,2815
DzdHEarth-Shattering ConsequencesAdult (m)4,0201,52815
TLwzThe Coming of the Red HeiferAdult (m)3,8381,49416
2SzhOH MY HOLY SCHMEARAdult (m)2,6491,16112
0vMBMcGlaughin TiresAdult (m)2,0088775
LoGQArmageddon Terms CommiteeAdult (f)2,0038074
rWfCDragons Wearing TightsAdult (f)3,8342,00252
mIMvNon-Ballistic Nuclear WeaponsAdult (f)2,3769975
8jTtSatans TypewriterAdult (m)1,9877362
pRYJAnderson 360Adult (f)1,8406893
K0k2This booty belongs in a morgueAdult (f)2,9221,4429
GjFmPeace In The Middle EastAdult (f)2,0271,2376
HKNxWell thats kind of oddAdult (f)2,2421,4595
ty4nTY for NowAdult (f)2,1611,2944
twvfHELLO ISREALAdult (f)1,9241,1934
ERM8Ten Years of Van HalenAdult (m)2,4481,5346
sqhOThai TimeAdult (m)1,9631,2204
SFU5Isreal Freaking RocksAdult (m)7795762
mNZcPlane Leaves TomorrowAdult (f)1,4009673
LYyNSulfur PoisoningAdult (m)1,3209342
Sqj4Previously on The MentalistAdult (f)1,2758197
A0D3Three DotsAdult (m)1,3819593
shyn2-42 AMAdult (f)1,1638425
dXnkYou are lost andAdult (f)8494627
o7gpgone forever ohAdult (f)1,3796646
NfzXmy darling ClementwineAdult (m)1,4286899
fHaSOne Cream One SugarAdult (f)68141043
FADqYou know how I am about heightsAdult (m)1,17048812
wkZrThis is not a passingAdult (f)1,58381319
kteBBut a departureAdult (f)81651422
nZfiTurn The Romance Down A NotchAdult (m)1,04262324
LsFiWhats a sea planeAdult (f)1,9711,09410
FL4ZGood Old RudyAdult (m)1,6321,00512
ItNLIm Not In The AirAdult (f)8624137
DejgPut Some Lotion On ThatAdult (m)9904644
gliqBetter Than BreadsticksAdult (f)9084081
sWVqSee You In Hell RogerAdult (f)1,2205271
K880Upskirt KurtAdult (m)1,1455051
mu2DThat Bird Likes To ChirpAdult (m)1,6156516
uQIhSprout It All OutAdult (m)1,9517871
0dPfMake-Out IslandAdult (f)1,3406144
1tsUCoal Mine Worker No 42Adult (f)1,4416358
tHCHControlled DiveAdult (m)1,9296432
cFSuQuackity QuackityAdult (m)1,1424165
WVcsSkirt SupplierAdult (f)2,2825538
NQ5K527 users onlineAdult (m)1,2004192
5KcIBoat For HireAdult (f)1,2534441
csMLHey Look A LuteAdult (f)1,1523961
qAtSDaiquiri ZackeryAdult (m)1,2354341
HUnpCanoodlers and GropersAdult (m)1,1854122
EWWbEWW BeeAdult (m)1,4046412
vTTrThe Heat of The EngineAdult (m)1,4667013
qlfCMy Endorphins Wanna Go HomeAdult (m)1,4566973
jeXFNOT Cleared For LandingAdult (f)1,1144233
YVRQPGood Day For NeckingAdult (f)8,7801,2415
Mln4fWanna Read Some MailAdult (m)3,4653815
5Z5SVYOU PUNCHED MY BUTTAdult (f)3,9568172
M1caBYou Look MacaroonedAdult (m)2,8286932
lX0VRBottomless Salad BowlAdult (f)8,0721,1013
shp0XEarly AdmissionAdult (f)4,5695231
5MnLMHOW ARE WE ALIVEAdult (f)3,6457131
gmgOuVery RudeAdult (f)3,6867192
pXDToNot Considered ValidAdult (f)3,7027281
cEaChDeuteronomy 22-13Adult (m)3,3666781
AzzHZWINGS LIKE WHAT WHATAdult (m)2,8756742
887wADRAGON MOVE YO BUTT BUTTAdult (m)1,7586451
tFdimALL NIGHT LONG UHAdult (m)1,3995921
Y6VMYLET ME SEE DAT WONGAdult (f)1,7525602
k9DuKAmy Wong I meanAdult (f)2,9629092
SRMc8Attention Maury ViewersAdult (f)5,2971,5413
p2zT1Out Of Control ChildAdult (f)6,1191,5762
Veoa4Ven ConmigoAdult (f)5,3701,3233
h9bzdA Beer With Your Name On ItAdult (m)2,4295601
uTdlXI Dont Feel Like DancingAdult (m)2,2987771
5rV1pSomeone's In A MoodAdult (m)2,5938052
Y7blYJewelry Is A GiftAdult (m)2,2627561
o9FfmGot Any PlansAdult (m)2,6037902
5VcnrCrane And MillsAdult (m)2,6877902
Hf8fYMacy Is HereAdult (f)2,8997791
ecpNMMy Little BeanAdult (f)2,9697891
n0TPNLena GilburpAdult (m)2,3235141
W7yaiSANCTUAAAARYAdult (m)2,6587761
WJ7ikFace The HorsemanAdult (m)3,2417222
JOXuCFlaming Space StationAdult (m)3,7781,0434
795LmPiece of Scale-CakeAdult (m)3,7481,1004
YAO3USatellite DebrisAdult (m)3,7281,0443
vbQo4Shaking DustAdult (f)3,3841,1583
t2HEHHard Luck RecentlyAdult (m)3,1561,0651
Ef9VwLike You Aim To Hurt MeAdult (m)2,9151,0351
mlpcLSeal In The JuicesAdult (f)2,3917541
G29vJLess-Than-Prodigal SonAdult (f)3,8697642
j8qurShall WeAdult (m)4,2891,3491
DEYaaHoly Water Can't Help YouAdult (m)3,9141,0492
I4p5zCome Sit With MeAdult (f)4,9538880
vbgpuA Few QuestionsAdult (f)4,9428860
XtzYVA Tudor TutorAdult (f)4,6811,0081
qKEMRHi CaptainAdult (m)4,4739500
QL5TXHalcyon PaintsAdult (f)4,6559410
IAUTAAn AbductionAdult (m)5,4578641
f1BaaSit TightAdult (m)5,5851,4574
DQpyOInteresting BlackoutAdult (f)5,1418173
hJ7nFWhy Take The RiskAdult (m)5,9541,3742
8ciTXMeatingAdult (m)4,9351,2943
Aa86mOnly ComparativelyAdult (f)3,0077841
EzNEmSit This One OutAdult (f)6,2537581
mozMyInadequate GearAdult (f)4,5481,0891
tKb5PAnger MontageAdult (m)3,7891,6013
130cmMulti-Ranged MasterAdult (m)5,7981,1821
FyEK8Epic HailAdult (f)5,4881,1642
xrnAPPremiere Psychic DetectiveAdult (f)5,6329091
vkIB1SharksplosionAdult (f)4,2251,0642
9nRccDeath AmnesiaAdult (f)4,4221,3203
mWdmoDramatic EllipsisAdult (m)4,5351,0911
YmSM6(YmSM6)Adult (m)4,2708661
2Cj4u(2Cj4u)Adult (f)4,8818542
1gKea(1gKea)Adult (f)3,9871,0932
i86rl(i86rl)Adult (m)5,5148001
i5WJg(i5WJg)Adult (f)5,1068321
i8whu(i8whu)Adult (f)5,5197991
bIjDG(bIjDG)Adult (m)5,6438111
syxa5(syxa5)Adult (f)4,0451,0110
vBurb(vBurb)Adult (f)5,4608332
AI98U(AI98U)Adult (f)3,9259272
fmjof(fmjof)Adult (m)4,4488831
Pc1jS(Pc1jS)Adult (m)5,8197471
QFftY(QFftY)Adult (m)4,1671,1172
xR2uK(xR2uK)Adult (m)3,9517717
1w5xP(1w5xP)Adult (m)5,0161,0151
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