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You pick up the scroll labeled “silhouetta,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
IaV0n(IaV0n)Hatchling (m)4,9944952
AFzqtAntarean RizmaAdult (f)2,4665904
lwbK3Azure MistelAdult (m)3,5927012
EvPPsAzure NorAdult (m)3,6096831
ZHEZVBlackTea BergamotAdult (f)5,7866744
pz5iHBlackTea MatteaAdult (f)5,6006420
4VVRWBlackTea RoibushAdult (f)5,3546342
WR9fOBlacktip LooliAdult (f)5,3126923
bnG0NBlacktip MopAdult (f)5,6596402
MTKOvBleedingMoon GregAdult (m)5,5636667
WqXZtBolt BeimaAdult (f)1,6914334
o6knCBright Breasted ElAdult (f)3,0996141
cZlidBrimstone LemonaAdult (f)6,6497433
9dWHNBronze Aalin LomaAdult (f)3,4021,0044
bj0p0Carmine FanlaAdult (f)3,1226620
J2hh7Carmine MoimaAdult (f)3,1106281
NrQ7QCelestia Fridrih-JaaAdult (m)6,2026370
h3w97Celestial CitsaruAdult (m)5,4936892
ja1QuCelestial Jaa CitrilanAdult (m)1,8804716
vMMXTCelestial Jaa KnoraAdult (f)6,8735082
nse52Celestial NanaAdult (f)7,3955132
wecfvCelestial NemnaAdult (f)7,2775231
grBj3Crowned ViviAdult (f)5,2716382
SyxL5Diamondwing AaboAdult (m)3,5677326
Pwy6YDiamondwing AacraAdult (f)3,4507300
55lphDiamondwing AadejiAdult (m)3,4907242
0tyBIFalconiform BehvuraAdult (f)3,4877153
Xlr9MFell BonnyAdult (f)3,6247186
SoCsJFlamingo KlubnikaAdult (f)5,3706901
KLufGFlamingo MalinkaAdult (f)5,4306911
PzPjdFrostbite EveningAdult (m)7,2525214
HnJjzHoliday AakkelAdult (m)3,3815529
aJO3VHoliday CiscinAdult (m)4,3186624
MLY6zHoliday CitilionAdult (m)4,3796581
wid5dKyanite ArinetAdult (f)3,2116651
Ow9OyLumina NekushAdult (f)5,7137522
anr3LMagelight NittelAdult (m)1,8414692
hjkggNebula Alfatlar LomaAdult (m)4,79437611
DCsqqNebula Alfenar LomaAdult (m)1,59242210
XHAknNebula Alfilus TilaAdult (m)3,6533716
XC3SwNebula Beh Tahti-LomaAdult (f)4,4886181
bnmu4Nebula Behala TahtiAdult (f)3,2058578
G34BYNebula Po AlfoorAdult (m)3,6047351
LKKhsNebula Po BehvinAdult (f)3,5507273
TQnGiNebula Tacktolnoor TahtiAdult (m)4,4353596
pW2J4Nebula TackushAdult (m)3,6027262
o6keqSapphire AafaiAdult (m)5,4917011
SyyNKScimitar Chon ArthurAdult (m)5,2456322
AYJ1kScimitar Chon MollyAdult (f)5,2186352
rf10YSiniiKrai BertAdult (m)5,3606901
VuQShSiniiKrai NoraAdult (f)5,8086752
1OGM2Spotted MeimaAdult (f)3,5307301
a7gqnStorm CanuriAdult (m)2,2145573
6vSDUSunsong Ailada TilaAdult (f)3,2801,1853
AI8Y2Tarantula AalimoAdult (m)2,3285603
5vJBHTarantula AfeliaAdult (f)5,4736662
xgCZeTri-Horn NeklarAdult (m)2,3865794
v7ltpTurpentine BoltAdult (m)5,5106380
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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