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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “sidsel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EhinvStarhaven's Aether EvinAdult (m)3,9824214
v2MJStarhaven's Albino CB MajaAdult (f)5,27385923
o6NLStarhaven's Albino CB NielAdult (m)2,41082716
D6D5Starhaven's Albino Dee DorkfaceAdult (m)2,25792530
5C1eStarhaven's Albino CieAdult (f)3,12569317
lV6sStarhaven's Albino ViesAdult (m)1,71184723
HnkDStarhaven's Albino HankHatchling (m, F)91355517
VIJ3Starhaven's Albino JiveHatchling (F)1,1795604
052MTStarhaven's Alcedine CB MootAdult (m)3,5794122
OY65UStarhaven's Almerald OyuAdult (f)4,5184282
1pRGdStarhaven's Almerald CB PergaAdult (f)4,0014463
2NEa6Starhaven's Almerald CB NeaAdult (f)4,7315006
KoCSdStarhaven's Amarignis CB CozyAdult (f)4,7835643
KgGRiStarhaven's Amarignis CB GrinsAdult (f)5,0615903
Q1mEhStarhaven's Anagallis AraAdult (f)5,1177471
jJlo0Starhaven's Anagallis FleuryAdult (m)4,2983963
coqIHStarhaven's Anagallis 2g CollAdult (f)4,0384135
hiDGxStarhaven's Antarean CB GhidaAdult (f)4,0594924
69y8rStarhaven's Antarean CB YaraAdult (f)3,4714345
zi1q1Starhaven's Antarean ZiqiAdult (f)3,6844052
6ogrStarhaven's Aria CB AidaAdult (f)3,2011,06926
d7gNStarhaven's Aria La BohemeAdult (f)1,88191320
7nnWnStarhaven's Aria Othello ThuwedAdult (m)3,6024163
mh0dStarhaven's Aria baby AnnieHatchling (F)5532643
0K1UuStarhaven's Arsani KiuuAdult (f)3,61844719
9EZf2Starhaven's Ash CB FezigAdult (m)3,8354282
WZ0cVStarhaven's Ash WizoAdult (m)3,7984243
CLZE6Starhaven's Astaarus CleeAdult (m)4,2713743
yyb0LStarhaven's Azure FrostAdult (m)4,3084082
15uVStarhaven's Balloon SamAdult (m)1,42060519
Ut26IStarhaven's Balloon UtinAdult (f)2,47367510
gVPIKStarhaven's BlackCap CB VikiaAdult (f)2,1049922
RcWLlStarhaven's BlackCap CB RowlAdult (m)2,1821,0090
WqxUlStarhaven's BlackCap CB WixiaAdult (f)4,5454510
c8MSIStarhaven's BlackCap baby MisiHatchling (m, F)3,3843636
gCznStarhaven's Black CB CezenaAdult (f)5,8711,38941
v5PHStarhaven's Black PahaAdult (m)2,09324442
kUYmStarhaven's Black Ky of DorkfaceAdult (f)1,83194419
idDEStarhaven's Black CB DideeAdult (m)2,3699828
I95QStarhaven's Black Qul DorkfaceAdult (f)2,2991,14132
LB5nStarhaven's Black BalenAdult (m)1,1745753
T4SZStarhaven's Black TazaAdult (m)2,4007802
8MrXStarhaven's Black MarxAdult (m)1,12963827
hfpqMStarhaven's Black FepemAdult (m)1,02939230
4VgZYStarhaven's Black 2gGold VygAdult (f)3,6834271
hf1aStarhaven's Black little girlHatchling (f, F)91949316
RlNgStarhaven's Black babyHatchling (F)49524113
G6BdStarhaven's Black little boyHatchling (m, F)2,82827827
RYKMStarhaven's Black inbred MessHatchling (F)86712737
BAX2Starhaven's Black disapointmentHatchling (F)3842276
kqvgStarhaven's Black little girl2Hatchling (f, F)84643214
WUAnStarhaven's Black inbred Mess ExHatchling (m, F)1,46485313
qE5hStarhaven's Black little boy2Hatchling (m, F)3,31332815
TIkKStarhaven's Black baby 2Hatchling (F)7382309
HlBIStarhaven's Black Im so InbredHatchling (m, F)1,3085623
Nz0PStarhaven's Black PoenzAdult (f)2,3591,15815
02o6Starhaven's Black inbred OodAdult (f)3,2101,07024
GYgcStarhaven's Black GyciaAdult (f)1,85345918
Yad8aStarhaven's Black pure 2G altAdult (f)3,1884111
3HZnStarhaven's Black little AltHatchling (f, F)2,02566724
UOsGOStarhaven's BlackT CB OsgaAdult (f)1,6968102
TMAGyStarhaven's BlackT CB MagytAdult (m)1,4446930
GBYGzStarhaven's BlackT CB BygAdult (m)4,0514846
GyYSxStarhaven's Blacktip CB GuyAdult (m)1,2215691
pn1W5Starhaven's Blacktip CB WifeAdult (f)2,3133950
BBg5RStarhaven's Blacktip CB BBGAdult (f)9,2261,75126
muEFsStarhaven's Blazeback CB MufAdult (m)4,3694763
ZTqonStarhaven's Blazeback CB QonAdult (f)4,3084713
z4cxBStarhaven's BleedingM CB BezAdult (f)4,5954142
coJtuStarhaven's Bluebanded CB CorAdult (f)9,4311,77017
Bi8mPStarhaven's Bluebanded CB BiaAdult (m)5,3207442
EUEIoStarhaven's Bluebanded CB EloAdult (m)4,1075124
Ia50Starhaven's BrightB CB LanaAdult (f)2,3031,03939
YTgiStarhaven's BrightB CB TygiAdult (m)9286526
EnaMStarhaven's BrightB CB ManeAdult (m)8785622
IJR8Starhaven's BrightB CB JiriAdult (f)8815972
Zd10Starhaven's BrightB CB ZedAdult (m)1,0125523
j9AdStarhaven's BrightB pure 2G JaadAdult (f)2,4057583
lcjNHStarhaven's BrightB CB NeisAdult (f)4,0404871
YbLDlStarhaven's Brimstone YuleAdult (f)3,2135291
a6qa5Starhaven's Brimstone of CaveAdult (f)5,0597572
wno0IStarhaven's Brute Win of CuthAdult (f)4,6344106
oIhAStarhaven's Canopy CB OlhaAdult (m)3,6231,46427
PlvCStarhaven's Canopy CB PelevAdult (f)1,0825041
PXMdStarhaven's Canopy CB PexaAdult (f)4,5691,03211
XfBrStarhaven's Canopy CB XefoAdult (m)2,41382812
RhMIgStarhaven's Canopy CB RhemigAdult (m)3,12663111
KU1dIStarhaven's Canopy 2g KuidAdult (m)2,3446354
kfB2eStarhaven's Canopy CB KefibAdult (m)2,42763511
G4eq5Starhaven's Canopy CB GeqAdult (m)2,76363510
I3eHVStarhaven's Canopy CB LeheAdult (f)2,4566230
v0G37Starhaven's Canopy CB VogAdult (f)2,1746141
2afmaStarhaven's Canopy CB AfmaAdult (m)2,6486291
NWgqGStarhaven's Canopy CB NewgAdult (f)1,6445900
chCcStarhaven's Canopy BabyHatchling (F)6453043
cpajStarhaven's Canopy Little GirlHatchling (f, F)1,36668510
0QtWjStarhaven's Cantormaris 2gStri QAdult (m)4,4824702
SnbaZStarhaven's Cantormaris CB SnibsAdult (m)3,9354246
QTyOCStarhaven's Carmine TyCoAdult (f)4,2844343
VWsOPStarhaven's Carmine CB PowsAdult (f)3,9224773
vSPQwStarhaven's Carmine CB SpeqAdult (m)4,0954552
9L2sfStarhaven's Cassare CB FlintsAdult (m)5,0587421
VtGzhStarhaven's Cassare VitigoAdult (m)3,6314491
nAj19Starhaven's Celestial CB NajaAdult (f)3,9774294
KVFbStarhaven's StiltonAdult2,22684021
vJ90Starhaven's BrieAdult1,3446427
AS4JStarhaven's Little BabybelHatchling (F)83442515
V8A4Starhaven's Little ParmesanHatchling (F)1,07955218
S6l52Starhaven's CloudP CB SiveAdult (f)4,2374395
l3C2Starhaven's Coastal CB LeeceAdult (m)9295791
9PVdStarhaven's Coastal CB PevaAdult (f)1,0086031
goJQStarhaven's Coastal CB GoAdult (f)1,0535602
PD7NStarhaven's Coastal CB PadawanAdult (f)1,0365211
Ol0FStarhaven's Coastal CB OlofAdult (m)1,16561520
EolFStarhaven's Coastal baby EolfHatchling (F)5503282
hV40Starhaven's CPygmy CB HevaAdult (f)2,27083221
6LGJStarhaven's CPygmy CB LigaAdult (f)1,77887823
8SlUStarhaven's CPygmy CB SiuAdult (f)1,77392018
3SQ1Starhaven's CPygmy CB SquireAdult (m)1,95497732
mpC9Starhaven's CPygmy 2g MepaAdult (m)2,2971,11233
I7TYStarhaven's CPygmy 2g TiyAdult (f)2,3873109
AYl3Starhaven's CPygmy 2g AyaAdult (m)2,05490922
OSnMStarhaven's CPygmy CB OsnoAdult (m)1,6045135
3dsvUStarhaven's CPygmy Crimson DusAdult (m)3,9234073
Kn30Starhaven's CPygmy Little GirlHatchling (f, F)2,16670722
khE8Starhaven's CPygmy Little BoyHatchling (m, F)1,0115106
WAUoStarhaven's CPygmy Little Girl2Hatchling (f, F)69041830
mSuUStarhaven's CPygmy BabyHatchling (F)92453516
Zf7QPStarhaven's Copper CB ZaquiaAdult (f)1,0666096
l7fWZStarhaven's CrimsonF 2g FiwAdult (f)2,6476817
BGuUZStarhaven's CrimsonF CB GuuzAdult (m)2,2957148
7HYZ5Starhaven's CrimsonF CB HyzAdult (m)2,3776558
GnQ0HStarhaven's CrimsonF CB GnuqAdult (m)3,17862710
i9oviStarhaven's CrimsonF CB NoviAdult (m)1,7755931
SSWdrStarhaven's CrimsonF CB SsewdrAdult (m)1,5456030
O36PoStarhaven's CrimsonF CB PoeAdult (m)2,9474391
MOpiRStarhaven's CrimsonF CB OpirAdult (f)3,9344441
qfn64Starhaven's CrimsonF CB QafAdult (f)2,7321,1102
AoU5uStarhaven's Crystalline CB AuoAdult (f)3,9034365
ahq0aStarhaven's Crystalline AhqaAdult (f)3,6504331
bKNcStarhaven's DarkGreen KenecAdult (m)3,26897637
YfVjStarhaven's DarkGreen 2gSilv FyAdult (f)2,66879111
7KMJStarhaven's DarkGreen KemejAdult (f)2,3767507
DgOsStarhaven's DarkGreen inbr DogAdult (m)2,31088410
Ut6DStarhaven's DarkGreen Uta ThuwedAdult (m)1,4695616
C1Q9Starhaven's DarkGreen CB CiqoAdult (f)1,4506103
Y5MLStarhaven's DarkGreen 2g MilyAdult (m)1,11563518
UdPMStarhaven's DarkGreen PadumAdult (m)1,02363525
PidBfStarhaven's DarkGreen CB PidAdult (m)2,28270714
dANJPStarhaven's DarkGreen CB AnjaAdult (f)2,0897809
BRPQUStarhaven's DarkGreen 2g RoqAdult (f)1,99268520
ntZGgStarhaven's DarkGreen 3gSpirSilvAdult (m)4,0364131
mc5K(mc5K)Hatchling (f, F)1,1016505
hnoi(hnoi)Hatchling (m, F)1,00646911
NL1x(NL1x)Hatchling (F)6112871
ZYXQ(ZYXQ)Hatchling (F)98412210
ecnJ(ecnJ)Hatchling (m, F)94357315
G3Cx(G3Cx)Hatchling (m, F)1,5075607
aQTj(aQTj)Hatchling (f, F)8223663
KLai(KLai)Hatchling (F)92610910
wg1N(wg1N)Hatchling (m, F)1,6244983
XV3A(XV3A)Hatchling (m, F)2,0341,0097
XVs5(XVs5)Hatchling (m, F)1,4213724
pdj6(pdj6)Hatchling (f, F)1,2803184
97as(97as)Hatchling (F)5982573
psVL(psVL)Hatchling (F)1,1982054
oeBK(oeBK)Hatchling (m, F)1,7615614
sQLC(sQLC)Hatchling (m, F)9904545
ZsI5(ZsI5)Hatchling (F)6942913
B0E3(B0E3)Hatchling (F)6192005
uZAb(uZAb)Hatchling (m, F)1,2144907
DN85(DN85)Hatchling (F)5552344
YkaK(YkaK)Hatchling (m, F)1,7663603
JgCPStarhaven's Alt Green inbred JagAdult (f)79544747
AEKgStarhaven's Alt Green DorkfaceAdult (f)2,14286234
8HYnBStarhaven's Alt Green 2g pure HyAdult (f)1,24747213
tQjRStarhaven's Alt Green babyHatchling (f, F)2,60334510
9u1JvStarhaven's DarkMystP CB JuvAdult (f)2,1146892
rbPP6Starhaven's DarkMystP CB RobAdult (f)3,5664632
0h7A0Starhaven's DarkMystP CB OhaAdult (f)3,0744331
cJUSStarhaven's Daydream CB JusAdult (m)2,6651,33638
nVvEStarhaven's Daydream Vena CBAdult (f)1,4005488
ltWMStarhaven's Daydream 2gSilv WimAdult (f)2,0571,01731
kEDuStarhaven's Daydream 2gSilv KeduAdult (f)1,6406925
ICE6Starhaven's Daydream hm DorkfaceAdult (m)6,5321,04624
7DqiStarhaven's Daydream hm ThuwedAdult (f)2,26187812
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